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  1. FWIW, I've had a year out of a set and then transferred them to my old trusty 'go-to' Toby Deluxe (for the odd moment and CBA opening a case!) and they still sound and feel good. It is a bit of a wrench shelling out nearly fifty vouchers but equate that to half a dozen sets of medium quality wires and it's a no -brainer. (They do record well too and always EQ nicely in the mix).
  2. Okay, I understand that when skin and other unmentionable crud gets into the windings it hinders the natural vibrations, but how does my Elixer coated E string go dull after a while if it can't get dirty? I'm contemplating cutting a bit of the coating off that goes over the saddle to see if the zing comes back for a while. Anyone tried this?
  3. Is there any harmful difference in pedal power supplies? They're all 9 volts but seem to have all varying amps ratings, 1 amp, 100 milliamps, 1700 milliamps etc. Would any harm come to a 9v pedal with the wrong Amps rating as long as it's still 9v?
  4. As it happens, they're 40-100's Fenders and the Warwicks I went up to 45-105's for a try out. Weird, rattled in very odd places.
  5. Out of curiosity I tried a Warwick red set 45-105 nickels offered on the bay for 8.99 buy a well known dealer I have bought from regularly so deffo not knocking them. Rattled like a spanner in a saucepan despite relief up and down and action way past normal. Even buzzed up the dusty end. Rapidly fitted the old Fenders back on and reset everything, sweet as a proverbial once more to my relief (no pun intended). As the old saying goes 'you get what you pay for'.
  6. Tort. Also, your pups look really low. What gap you got there?
  7. Looking at swapping out the pots in my cheapy project Jazz. At present they're full size, but is there actually any audible difference in mini pots? I'm going to fit 250k CTS's so quality-wise things should 'probably' sound better than what's in there right now. Also, views on audio taper for the volumes and a linear for the tone?
  8. She's an awesome bass player with apparently a lovely voice and I love her playing behind Jeff Beck but I'm sorry to say that whole 5 minutes and 18 seconds did nothing for me whatsoever. It was like trying to watch telly and someone won't stop chatting to you. Know what I mean? So much was going on but, it was for me, musically annoying. Each to their own I guess. Sorry TW.
  9. TBH I've never really found a great sound with anything active. It just seems to ruin any natural signal to the amp and then you still end up fiddling with the EQ. You want a bass that sounds like a P or a Jazz, then plug in a P or a Jazz! We've all heard that tone for years on the radio, stereo or telly without realising it as unwittingly it's subliminally in our heads and we look for it.
  10. Good point about efficiency. I think I ignored the real benefit of mine because anywhere on any fret it sounded like a wet rubber band. I imagine a decent bass made for a B would have made me use it more.
  11. How many times in an evening's gig does anyone use their B? I had a five string once and I think used it in about three songs. I quite honestly couldn't find a use for going down there except for Brick In The Wall and Summer of '69 (I know, but punters liked it) and maybe the fact that it was there and ought to be tried out now and again in a number for the hell of it. I've played a four string for the last ten years and haven't missed it at all. Was it just a new fad once that has in all honesty died off and people still think they need it 'just in case' or 'look at me, I got a five string'?
  12. I'm normally okay with that. My problem EVERY freakin' time is the guitar stand coming with me when I lift my bass to start a set....
  13. Damn fine instruments. I picked up a 'Legend' budget end cream jazz on Gumtree for £60, set it up just right, chucked a pair of Wilkinsons on it and Wilkinson bridge, did the series/parallel mod and gig with it all the time. Does what it says on the tin perfectly well for me and sounds awesome on phone recordings at gigs. Got a mint pickguard coming as I write this too as it happens. (confession - I had to sand off the Legend logo as it felt a bit 'eeewww' and put a F*nd*r vinyl on to make it feel better)...I know...but we've all done it.
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