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  1. Great gig, poor turnout

    If I had a quid for each time, I could retire now. The number of times we played to the three bar staff cos some local had a birthday/anniversary/whatever going on. Paid rehearsal I always say.
  2. installing new bridge

    Make sure the bare earth wire is tucked into the little slot in the body before you screw down. I've done exactly that before!
  3. Oooer - not for me

    Nearly as mind numbingly sh*te to look at as Windows 10.
  4. Quick neck relief question

    True dat, MBA!
  5. Action!

    Haha!! What I'm saying is, I wouldn't go near a bass with say low rattly action which the owner thinks is fantastic but I'd rather play one with my ideal setup. Happy Sunday!!
  6. Action!

    This totally. Mate of mine's girl is dog ugly and if she was single I wouldn't do the deed if I was drunk AF but he loves her to bits and she's perfect for him. 😂
  7. Flats question

    Bummer. Just curious, never had flats in my whole life. I'll fiddle with the frets sometime. Cheers ET.
  8. Nut cut too low

    This. Simple and quick to do then sort the nut grooves.
  9. Check out YouTube, there are a couple of vids on there where a guy is plucking strings while moving a pup up and down the body from bridge to neck and even sideways just for good measure. Very interesting.
  10. Quick neck relief question

    FWIW, I had a brand new cheapy Epiphone Toby as a gigging spare and even after getting it set how I wanted there was one buzzy fret. Had a fiddle with some fine emery and wire wool and it nearly disappeared but showed up when I was digging in. I don't know what strings it came with but I chucked on a set of Rotosounds when they died and straight away the buzz had totally vanished. Could well be the brand of strings you had fitted.
  11. Flats question

    Got a couple of buzzy frets on one of my herd and looking at flats for a change anyway. Just wondering if they laugh at the odd iffy fret or do they make things worse?
  12. I must admit I'll fiddle for ages to get the sound that's in my head, but as soon as we kick off and I lock in with the drummer it's all immaterial. If I'm watching a band I'm more likely to listen to the overall sound and tightness more than the bass tone which gets lost anyway.
  13. Out of your depth.

    All depends if you're a tribute or a covers band. If you're Green Day, Queen or Chic, those little essential twiddles are 100% important for the song. Covers are simply covers and you can play your own version which is sometimes more satisfying when you put your own slant on things. Basically, relax and be confident and fluent, not anal.
  14. Precision Bass E String Tension Issue

    IMHO you can't go wrong quality or price-wise with a Wilkinson bridge with brass saddles. Got them on two Precisions and they enhance the tone and even everything out nicely. (And NO, I have no affiliation with Wilkinson whatsoever before you ask!! They just supply really decent gear at nice prices).
  15. Is it a done thing to search out the band you're supporting at a venue to introduce yourselves? Here's what happened Friday..... Turned up on time at venue before soundcheck. I saw the singer mooching around and said hi to him and had a quick chat to the drummer who appeared next. Had a laugh with both guys about pronouncing Scottish place names where they were due on their 'tour'. Great, friendly and warm. Both disappeared somewhere behind stage/venue while we sound checked. Time soon came, went on and did our 35 minutes. Nice, good reception. Main band eventually went on. Punky Clash/Ramones middle aged bunch, sounded amazing. Towards the end, singer thanked us by name and then amazingly SLATED US ROYALLY in front of everybody for being rude and not going to say hello to them!!!! So what should we have done? Only second time we'd played there, had no idea there was a green room. Suppose we'd burst in to their cosy little snug and be told to F off/who do think you are etc? Apparently the rest of the band were quite embarrassed for him for being a small penis with an inferiority complex. Shame, I thought they were otherwise bloody brilliant, powerful and sounded great.