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  1. dropped bass

    I'm totally paranoid when my bass is on, always holding the neck ALL the time. Once in a blue moon I might clap above my head to get the crowd going but I'm ready. Must get some strap locks sometime. Or bottles of Grolsch.
  2. OLP pickup size problem

    Has anyone upgraded their 4 string OLP Stingray pickup? I'd love a Nordstrand but I'm looking at a Wilkinson at £20 first to see how much difference there will be. However, looking at the dimensions of other MM pups it appears that they are a bit larger than the OLP jobby and I don't see them fitting the existing cutout in the pickguard. I'm wondering if I'll buy one and get a replacement MM type pickguard possibly made for a 'proper' pickup?
  3. Gizmodrome

    Total waste of valuable studio time and money. The album SHOULD be good but it just isn't. Shame. It's like putting Slash and Shirley Bassey into Abba and expecting the album of the century - all good artists but not in the same room.
  4. WARWICK 115 PRO cab

    Just a quickie - got my eye on one of these for a bit more oomph against drums, two pop/punk guitarists and a brilliant girl singer. This one's 8 ohms and 400 watts and will be using a Hartke 350 watt head maybe with an Ashdown 1 X 15 or 2 X 10. Opinions please? Cheers in advance.
  5. increasing the output of a bass

    [quote name='Bassassin' timestamp='1508760095' post='3394178'] Might be worth experimenting with different pot values - if it has 250s (which I'd guess it probably does), maybe swap for 500s, which will tend to let a little bit more level through. Plenty of info out there if you google 250k vs 500k pots. [/quote] Careful, 500k's will also add possibly unloved harsh middly tones which means a new lot of amp fiddling.
  6. Do certain basses suit different strings?

    Definitely a thing. EB's on my MM OLP sounded clangy and didn't do it for me. Put on a set of Elixir Nano's and it was like having a perfect steak in a restaurant.
  7. Bass you just couldn’t get on with?

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1508314091' post='3391217'] Squier Vintage Modified Fretless Jazz. I was playing in a band whose music was calling out for some fretless bass and to that end I'd bought a cheap Acrylic Bodied Wesley that had already been de-fretted for £70 off eBay to get me started. I'd seen nothing but positive reviews for the Squier both on the bass forums and in the musical instrument magazines, where the overall tone was that the VMJ fretless was just about the best fretless bass you could buy for under £500. One Saturday I spotted a Squier in a local music shop, and after half an hours playing I paid my £209 and went home with my new bass. Unfortunately playing in a music shop for half an hour is not really a decent real-world test for any instrument. The first thing I noticed when I got it home was that it didn't hang comfortably on the strap, and I had to pull the whole bass over in order to reach the G string machine head - something I never had to do with my 36" scale Overwater. Next I discovered that in comparison with all my other basses including the cheap Wesley, the Squier sounded thin and weedy, and in rehearsal with my band I really had to pump the volume up when I used in order to be heard. So I embarked on a round of upgrades. First came the Badass Bridge which made a slight improvement, followed by a J-Retro pre-amp, that allowed me to overdrive the input to my amp in all sorts of new and "interesting" ways, but still didn't make the bass sound as full or fat as my other basses. Finally a set of Bartolini pickups which were supposed to be darker sounding than the standard J-style models started to get me into the right ball park as regards sound, but by that time I'd get fed up with all the other short-comings of the bass like the huge (in comparison to my other basses) body and the awkward neck joint that seemed to be constantly in the way when I was playing up the neck, and the fact that for me it just didn't hang comfortably on the strap, and so I went back to playing the Wesley until I go the opportunity to buy a second hand Pedulla Buzz at a very attractive price. I'm sure that there's nothing actually wrong with the Squier, but 3 decades of playing basses that owed very little to Leo Fender's designs - Burns Sonic, Overwater Original and Gus G3 - meant that I wasn't ready to step into the past and put up with design issues that even the Burns, originally made in 1960, had improved upon. [/quote] Have to agree. I had a Squier VM Jazz 5 string. I tried to love it but everything about was just horrid and wrong for me. Waste of wood and wire.
  8. Stripped pickup screws

    [quote name='Funky Dunky' timestamp='1508365216' post='3391788'] I have buggered heads on the pickups of my Sterling. Most annoying, I have tried umpteen methods of getting them moving and none have worked. Short of shelling out for some kind of Dremel, I'm.....screwed.... [/quote] Can you press the pup right down into the cavity to allow the screw head to be proud and grab-able and get pliers or small mole grips on and turn it bit by bit till it's moving freely enough to tweak out?
  9. Amp/Volume/Rehearsal conundrum

    [quote name='casapete' timestamp='1508248929' post='3390822'] I can't help thinking the easiest solution would be trying to get the level of the guitars and drums down. Having to mic up for a [i]rehearsal [/i]does sound like hard work to me, and if it's that loud you're going to need some ear protection too. Sorry to sound negative, it's just I've been there with a big loud band and it's not conducive to rehearse that loud, and it's certainly not a lot of fun either. [/quote] I can't agree more!!! Who the heck rehearses at stupid volumes? (I've been there too!) You don't benefit in any way whatsoever. Whoever's singing is going to struggle and as just mentioned, there's the ears 100% to protect. Just say no, kids!
  10. Speakon cable problem

    [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1508088310' post='3389672'] Return them and get some from our own Obbm. Top quality cables, so I've heard [/quote] I have two from OBBM and after four years they're still perfect and have never let me down.
  11. Extension Cab Connecting Query

    Get a quality jack to speakon from a guy under the name OBBM on here. The best will never let you down.
  12. [quote name='Al Krow' timestamp='1508089198' post='3389677']I tried the cabs out in seller's houses before buying but as usual you can't really turn up the volume or hear it within the full band scenario. Fortunately I managed to move them on or in the 8 X 10 instance actually swapped it for the said 1 X 15 which came in much more useful. I, like most people, have always gone for 'name' gear because we foolishly think they're the latest Holy Grail. Right now I've actually got my eyes on a Harley Benton 1 X 15 cab for £129. It looks fantastic and has some good reviews. If it sounds good to me then that's the main thing. Ouch! Definitely a wise warning to "try before you buy" when it comes to cabs (or any major piece of bass gear, I guess?). Out of interest how many of these cabs did you buy without having had a chance to first try out? Were you able to return any of them and get a refund? [/quote]
  13. I've tried quite a few amp heads in my time and I've found it's not always the head that can sound rough. I had a good old workhorse Peavey 4 X 10 that filled most venues with an Ashdown Mag 300 head powering it. Then I saw on here a Hartke 2 X 15 cab going for a good price. Bought it but wasn't exactly filled with butterflies and bullets. Bought an Ashdown 8 X 10. I won't even go into that, just say that I could have farted louder and bassier. Bought a Hartke 350 watt head. Very nice with an Ashdown 1 X 15 and 2 X 10 stack. Took the head to a rehearsal room recently where they had a Peavey 4 X 10. Right then, stand back....half hour of tweaking every knob and slider simply could not stop the cab from sounding like a metal dustbin hurtling down concrete steps in a block of flats. Plugged it into a no name badge 4 x 12 in the same room and THERE was the sound. Stood there with a semi for the rest of the evening. Happy hunting .
  14. Slap bass - no longer mainstream?

    The odd little riff in a toon adds colour and emphasis if done tastefully, other than that it's a bloody annoying noise you wish would stop, a bit like bagpipes. 5 and 6 string basses will die out next. Waste of wood and strings.
  15. Pre amp volume boost

    Looking at making my old style 100watt 1 X 15" Ampeg BA-115 combo a smidge louder when required. It copes reasonably well at smallish venues but slightly larger gigs it runs out of breath when nearly max'd out. Would a volume hike at the front end (say an Ampeg Classic Analogue pedal) push the amp/speaker towards eventual doom or would things be fine long term? I have a Hartke 350 head and two cabs but the combo is just so handy!