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  1. I did go on a Saturday afternoon... Anyway, not a big story here, but it was a welcome surprise.
  2. A nice surprise. Tin Pan Alley Shop happy for you to touch and play kit. Friendly and honest. Well done gents. (nice 66 Jazz...£6.5k just saying)
  3. I transport my amp, foot switch and pedals in a Pelli type plastic case. All great...apart from the top layer of ‘pick and pluck’ foam which is falling apart. Where can I source much ‘tougher’ foam. The sort I have to cut myself, and won’t just fall apart after 10 gigs. Any thoughts or recommendations. Mark
  4. Can’t get away from playing a Jazz, but mine bear little resemblance to their original spec. Left: Roasted Alder Body in Daphne Blue, Babicz Bridge, EMGs (18v) and 80s Squire neck. Right: Mexican Alder body in Midnight Blue (special edition colour in 2003), Babicz Bridge, Bartolini 9Js with Richter passive plate, Status fretless neck. Love em.
  5. Sincerely not been something I’d considered or actually been aware of! The relicing is where wear would happen over time. It is definitely not an issue gigging and is where your thumb would naturally anchor. I’m at work right now, but would say 5mm? All the best Mark
  6. 4000 - Gigged one for years. Quite heavy resin body, and limited tonal change with Vol/Pan/Treble electronics... but a big sound! It’s got the Status punch with a single coil sound. They seem to be quite expensive these days and I wouldn’t pay more than £700 for one. Make sure the neck isn’t chipped!
  7. Sandberg MarloweDK California 4 string bass. Series 2. As original. Comes with the proper Sandberg soft case. No hyperbole needed. A quality bit of kit. Specs: Alder Body (Vibration treated), Maple Neck, Pau Ferro Board, Pearloid Inlays, Custom wound Alnico Pickups, Nickel Hardware, 38mm neck at nut, Weight: 8lbs 3lbs ’ish’ Condition is as ‘new’ 😂. It’s never ever been dropped or banged, and has been kept in a hard case when not being played. I’ve gigged it, but I manage not to fall over or fight with drum kits. Bass is in Cheltenham. Will come in the proper Sandberg softcase. UPS to mainland UK for £30, or arrange a local meet/collection. I’ve a proper bass box etc £950. I’ve no need to sell, so please no daft/disingenuous offers. Mark
  8. The vague comfort was the venue owner saying we were far better sounding than other bands. ”They always sound so noisy and muffled”. I didn’t bother explaining...
  9. Playing at a venue last night for a wedding. Played fine, but the room sound was utterly dreadful. Big concrete box with an added domed ceiling. Rumble, bounce, boing boing boing. Our engineer had smoke coming out of his ears. Almost nothing in the FOH mix in the end to make it as quiet as possible. We have a list is venues we just avoid playing, because the sound is always dreadful. Any one else avoid crap sounding venues!
  10. Remember the Peavey Palladium (Jeff Berlin?) Lovely passive honker!
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