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  1. Remember the Peavey Palladium (Jeff Berlin?) Lovely passive honker!
  2. It will always be Jaco for me. The quacking bark as he bubbled a 16th groove had me hooked as a teenager. There’s no gimmick, no hyperbole and hype ; they just consistently work. Period. Sincerely I have used SM66s on all my basses. Yes, I’ve tried others, “they must be better, they cost more”. But they never are. Rotosound SwingBass all the way.
  3. Vanderkley cabs are excellent. Played a lot of brands!
  4. Found the Delanos in a JJ California really clacky and a touch unpleasant.
  5. Had mine 3 years. Done a lot of gigs. It sounds great, feels great. 0851043B-2525-4D9B-BF6B-2C40D792C069.MP4
  6. The Bridge. ( 4thebridge.com) is gigging in Belgium this weekend. The Irish Times Antwerpen Friday 22nd The Irish Times Charleroi Saturday 23rd Any Basschatters in Belgium?
  7. Quite a small venue. Brick room. Average house PA Tell me the date and I’ll see who is engineering.
  8. Wow...£109 6 months ago...Now £63... £50 seems fair
  9. Audere JZ3 Pre-amp. Been in my Jazz for a few years. Used, but working fine. These would cost you $199 to buy new. £5 postage Audere say this: Controls Volume Z-Mode 3 way toggle switch Mid Range Tone Control / Balance with center detents Treble / Bass Tone Controls with center detents Advanced LED Battery Meter Output Jack Features True organic sound with superb string touch response. Extremely versatile tone selection with Z-Mode, Active Pickup Mixing and Tone Control subsystems. Active Balance or Volume / Volume pickup mixing systems expand the useful pickup mixing combinations. Active Tone controls have a flat frequency response in the center detents and support both subtle and more extreme sculpting. Supports single coil and hum canceling pickups. Active pickups are not recommend with a Z-Mode preamp. The Z-Mode switch changes how the pickups electrically respond to string vibrations. The defaults are 1) Low Z - Deeper sound, 2) Mid Z - Passive sound, 3) High Z - Brighter sound applied to both pickups. Each Z-Mode switch position can be independently programmed into 1 of 9 Z-Mode configurations for more versatility. Replaceable High Z-Mode loading capacitors for each pickup that change the characteristic High Z-Mode peak frequency. Low Z-Mode gain adjustments for each pickup. Advanced LED Battery Meter informs you of your batteries charge condition. Easy to install in a standard Jazz Bass body with simple hand tools - no wood modifications or battery box needed. Battery box is not required but can be used if present. We designed our unique electronic circuits using high quality industrial components. We build our surface mount circuit boards in house and assemble the preamps in South Beach, Oregon, USA. Any questions?
  10. As new TC Electronics Sub’n’up. Used a few times, but in immaculate condition. Comes with cable and box. £5 postage Any questions?
  11. Thanks for all input so far. The issue is around the quality and style of HF reproduction. Im after smooth and clean HF. Another thread talked about clanky and harsh HF from some brands; which is not what I’m after. I know it’s personal taste/room or stage dependent, but just after your experience in this area. I’ve play thousands of gigs, to dozens, hundreds and thousand of people, but it still doesn’t mean I know what everyone else has in terms of experience. Mark
  12. Eden was my go to cab, but they are heavy and bulky.
  13. I, like many of you people, have spent too much money on impulse purchases. We've walked into a shop skint(ish) and walked out poorer, (but initially happy),. In the space of 10 minutes of overplaying and noodling in a shop surrounded by strangers we've convinced ourself, (or been convinced by others), that the cab/amp/bass on trial is what is missing in our lives. Quite often we've played a few gigs and thought, "hmmmm, I'm not so sure about my purchase"....and thus we have the BassChat Marketplace!!! I digress... With money in my pocket, and playing regular gigs, i have found myself without a cab for weeks now, and although i know what i like in terms of sound, i feel a touch cautious to spend and regret once again. " Go and try X and shop Y", I hear you say. "Make a decision with your ears, not through brand snobery etc...." and you are correct. i would however still appreciate your experience of products and input in to this commundrum. Bass: Sandberg Marlowe DK 4. Mainly set Bridge P/U heavy, with a busy style. I love a bit of Jaco honk, and have a lovely Status-necked Jazz for some gigs i do. There's a couple of slapped lines that i regularly play, but like most of us the meat and drink is performed with a couple of callous-ridden digits some where near the bridge. My 'sound' is mid heavy. My amp is a Genz Shuttle 9.0 which I love. Most of my gigs are with a FOH engineer and a decent PA into which I DI, so a new cab is mostly about my own monitoring sound. I want one, probably two cabs. I have just moved on an EBS Neo210. I was happy with its size and weight, and 90% with its tone, but found it a bit harsh at the top end. Previously I had a Bergatino HD210 which I found 'sterile' and exposed the inconsistencies of my technique. Before that, I was an Eden 2x10XLT man. I am currently borrowing some TC RS210s, and I really like their tone, (I'm sure someone will tell me why?) and certainly like the vertical stack option. At 6ft 4, with a single (even angled) cab in the usual 4ft behind your backside position, I sometimes struggle to pick out 'my' tone. To be honest, Im tempted to throw £1k at some TCs, but what do YOU think. I tried the EICH 1210, and its top end options were excellent...but its just quite big! I'd rather go with two smaller cabs. The choice should not be too heavy or big. I'd like cabs to be vertically orientated to allow me to hear myself easier. I'm never going to go IEM. GIVE ME YOUR BEST EXPERIENCE AND IDEAS. Thanks
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