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  1. This has dipped into Mexi Jazz price territory. This bass will be well-made, with levelled (Plex’d) frets. The neck are always tremendous. ive owned a number of Skyline Lakland. They are consistently US Fendet standard. Bargain!!!!
  2. All items sold. Squier VM jazz bass parts for sale: 3TSB Body: Few surface scratches as per pictures, but in great nick. Can't see any dinks. £75 Set of tuners and ferules. Clean and dandy. £15 Bridge: Mixed saddles - 3 brassy replacements. £5 Seymour Duncan Design pickups - Nice and clean, with long leads: £20 VVT Control plate as pictured: SOLD Tortoiseshell Pickguard as pictured (with screws!): £10 Or the whole lot for £120. Happy to answer any questions. Mark
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Sorted. Secured an immaculate EBS MicroBass. lovely. Thanks
  5. TC Corona chorus mini, with box. Bought, used a couple of times. Great...but I just don't use it. £50 and its yours....or swap me your boxed TC Electronics Sub'n'up mini. (I really don't want any other pedals thanks. Gotta play Sledgehammer & Playhouse when we get back to giggin'!) Okay? Mark
  6. Hi Interested in a Clean & boxed TC Corona Mini for a straight swap. Mark
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. okusman


    The necks on this vintage of Squire are fantastic. I have built a whole new bass around one, they are so spot on. GLWTS
  9. TBH. A featureless DI would probably be fine! Me sound is in me fingers!
  10. Like the Eden.... but doesn’t work off Phantom Power
  11. Hello All Need.....or perhaps....want a DI pedal. In the past, when called on, I have just used my Genz 9.0 as my DI for ‘those’ sort a gigs. To hell with it. Let’s leave the amp in the case and have a pedal do the job. It must: Be able to work off Phantom Power Have some basic Eq. Be a ‘quality’ piece of kit with a ‘quiet’ and un-knackered signal. It doesn’t need Any Drive/Grind/Fuzz/Gravy - always clean as a whistle, me! Realise I can just not use the Dirty functions...but if they weren’t even there - that’s even better! That’s it really. £200ish Max Input required. Mark
  12. I did go on a Saturday afternoon... Anyway, not a big story here, but it was a welcome surprise.
  13. A nice surprise. Tin Pan Alley Shop happy for you to touch and play kit. Friendly and honest. Well done gents. (nice 66 Jazz...£6.5k just saying)
  14. I transport my amp, foot switch and pedals in a Pelli type plastic case. All great...apart from the top layer of ‘pick and pluck’ foam which is falling apart. Where can I source much ‘tougher’ foam. The sort I have to cut myself, and won’t just fall apart after 10 gigs. Any thoughts or recommendations. Mark
  15. Can’t get away from playing a Jazz, but mine bear little resemblance to their original spec. Left: Roasted Alder Body in Daphne Blue, Babicz Bridge, EMGs (18v) and 80s Squire neck. Right: Mexican Alder body in Midnight Blue (special edition colour in 2003), Babicz Bridge, Bartolini 9Js with Richter passive plate, Status fretless neck. Love em.
  16. Sincerely not been something I’d considered or actually been aware of! The relicing is where wear would happen over time. It is definitely not an issue gigging and is where your thumb would naturally anchor. I’m at work right now, but would say 5mm? All the best Mark
  17. 4000 - Gigged one for years. Quite heavy resin body, and limited tonal change with Vol/Pan/Treble electronics... but a big sound! It’s got the Status punch with a single coil sound. They seem to be quite expensive these days and I wouldn’t pay more than £700 for one. Make sure the neck isn’t chipped!
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