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  1. Thanks. Times are hard all round. Hopefully someone will want it one day.
  2. Sold Shug some Gotoh machie heads. Top chap, easy transaction. 👍
  3. Francis purchased some Black Hipshot tuners from me. Easy transaction. Highly recommended.
  4. Alain purchased a Gotoh bridge from me. Easy transaction. Highly recommended.
  5. Haha, delete it if you want and pm me. They are yours if you want them.
  6. Sorry, I have no idea. I got it from ebay or Basschat a few years ago. There are no markings. It was quite plain when I got it but as I sanded it the flame in it become more and more pronounced.
  7. Sold EMG BTS 2-Band on-board EQ The BTS Control is a 2-band equalizer for Bass guitar. The BTS features single-pole filters for broadband equalization. Often the broader single-pole filters are preferred for musical instruments because they are less selective, easier on the ear, and sound more “musical”. One of the features of the BTS Control is a 2-position dip-switch that controls the slope of the high frequency response. By choosing one of the four combinations the high frequency response can be tailored to your liking. The BTS Control has a high input impedance and can be used with active or passive pickups. Bass and Treble controls are mounted on a concentric shaft and knobs are included. £45 posted
  8. Sold Kent Armstrong Hot Vintage Jazz Pickup Rear - Code: JBVR-1 Kent Armstrong Hot Vintage P Bass Pickup Alnico - Code: PBV-1 £sold
  9. Jazz Bass neck refinished in gloss nitrocellulose. Beautiful flame maple neck Rosewood finger board Good frets. No wear. Truss rod works fine. 38mm nut. £140
  10. P/J Jazz bass body. Black nitrocellulose. Bare body nothing attached. Copper sheilding. The finish is not perfect. Routed for P/J pickups, x4 pots, rear cavity and side jack. £140
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