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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. For sale is a Pedaltrain Nono Plus complete with soft carry bag. It's in excellent condition and has Velcro fitted to it so it's all ready to go. I'll put pics up shortly but it in excellent condition Yours for £35 inc. postage.
  3. Thanks. I'll try and get some photos of it. The problem is, the truss rod won't turn any further and of you drop the saddles it chokes out.
  4. I've just taken delivery of a Fender Japan P Bass and the action is very high, especially from the 12th fret onwards. It's higher than I find comfortable on the lower frets too. The bridge saddles are high and any lowering of them causes choking and fret buzz after the 12th fret. The Truss Rod appears to be maxed out also. I've changed the strings that were on it as they were very high tension to something with less tension but it's not made any difference. I've contacted the seller to see if there were any issues they had experienced with the action but haven't had a reply as yet. I'd really like to be able to drop the action as at the moment, the strings are very "springy" if you try to play them above the 12th fret: in all honesty I'm stumped. Does anyone have any ideas at all? Thanks!
  5. I'm happy to include all the paperwork and if necessary invoke any warranty. I'm not going anywhere, so would be happy to assist.
  6. Well, I bought this lovely little Fender JMJ Mustang Bass from DV247 for £849 and it arrived today from their European warehouse. It's in "as new" condition and once I'd dropped the strings down a bit, I have it a quick play. As nice as it is (and it is nice) it's just not for me. I definitely prefer my basses to be a bit more bass-sized. So, do I return it for a refund or do I offer it up for sale to one of the Basschat posse for what I bought it for? I'll try the latter first. For sale is a virtually brand new Fender JMJ with gigbag, paperwork and hang tags.l, complete with original box. Yours for £849.
  7. I had one of these for a while a few years ago but sold it to Pete Gales. It was a cracking instrument and played beautifully. It took me a while to realise that it actually had a passive mode (d'oh!) but once I found it I used it all the time. The smaller bodies are incredibly comfortable too. Don suppose you fancy a Candy Apple Red Fender American Original Jaguar do you?! 😉
  8. Martin recently bought a Mark Bass amp I had for sale and as usual, the deal was faultless as you'd expect from a member Basschat Royalty A great guy and someone I'd highly recommend if you're buying or selling
  9. Does anyone have any suggestions for a set of roundwound strings for a string through body 30" scale bass? I am really not a fan of D'Addario as such as I generally find them quite high tension (my preferred round wounds are Ernie Ball 45-100's) but will be grateful for any other suggestions.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. They're practically identical apart from the control layout and that line above the bass-side of the pickups. Strange!
  12. I think there was a Fusion bass too which looked very similar to the Eliminator. Mind you, I thought a lot of their guitars looked exactly the same too!
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