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  1. For sale are a couple of overdrive pedals. The first is an Ampeg Bass Scrambler Overdrive in excellent condition with original box and manual- £60 inc delivery The second is an unboxed Boss ODB-3 in excellent overall condition apart from a few paint chips- £35 inc delivery
  2. For sale is a superb EBS Multidrive pedal (no original box or paperwork). It's in super overall condition apart form a few small chips in the paintwork pictured. I find these one of the easiest Overdrive pedals to dial in and use. Yours for £60 inc. postage Specs: The EBS MultiDrive is a Class A overdrive pedal capable of producing sustain, distortion, and tube-style overdrive effects. The mode switch selects flat, standard, or tube-simulation overdrive sounds while the Drive and Volume knobs control the amount of effect and output level. EBS bass effect pedals are designed to preserve the entire frequency range of your bass signal, use noiseless FET switching, are suitable both for studio and live use, feature robust construction, and are easy to use. EBS MultiDrive Universal Overdrive Pedal Features: * Class A overdrive and distortion effect * Standard, Flat, and Tube-simulation modes * Drive and volume knobs * Preserves entire frequency range of signal * Noiseless switching * Rugged construction
  3. And one final photo complete with the treble bezel surround I installed. This time I went for the chrome coloured one as opposed to a black one and am actually very pleased with the overall look. I do tend to wear them with a slightly higher strap position than (say) a P Bass but to me, the body position tucks in nicely and feels great. Very happy indeed and that sound....😍
  4. One of my mates actually managed to prise a Warwick Corvette 5 String from him once but I reckon they was a one-off. Interesting chap indeed
  5. This will be legit. It's a Guitar Shop owner in Bristol (Electric Ladyland) who when he's short of a bob or two, often pawns his gear. Remarkable but true: you should see some of the gear in his shop (Gibson EB1, Hagstrom 8 Strings, John Birch Rics, Jayden's to name a few- all of which he won't sell!) Kee an eye on Bedminster Cash Converters and you'd be amazed what ends up in there.
  6. It was a mixture of both. The neck pickup wouldn't adjust too much but the treble one adjusted nicely. I'm very pleased as I've managed to get the sound I always hear when I think of a Ric
  7. Well, it's my first New NBD for a while and I have sold a lot of gear recently.... I've had one of these before and as much as I loved it, I couldn't gel with it for some reason. Still, I had a Ric-shaped itch that I knew I'd have to scratch again one day. I knew the 4003 wasn't right for me as I struggle with the top bezel edge digging in to my forearm. The 4003S is a totally different beast though and actually sits very comfortably for me. I heard recently that Rickenbacker was not going to make any more instruments in Midnight Blue, which to me was a real shame as it's a colour I love. Anyway, after a few fruitless Google searches I managed to find one: brand new at a ridiculously low price. Given the likelihood of finding another one any time soon, I decided I'd take a chance and order it online. Past experience has told me that online ordering is a bit like a reverse version of Russian Roulette, in that five chambers are loaded with not particularly well set up or well cared for instruments and I generally always try before I buy, especially with Rics and their, ummm, folibles. In this instance though I was lucky: perfect condition and finish (no QC issues here), low action, no tail lift, quiet electrics etc. As always, the treble pickup was a lot louder than the neck one so after a bit of adjustment I got that lovely warm "fizzy" Ric sound that I love and that nothing else comes close to replicating. I put on a set of TI Flats and it's a beaut. Haters gonna hate and all that, but to me this is the best Ric I've played and hopefully we'll have a good few years together. Maybe I should call her Taylor...
  8. I had the pleasure of meeting Kez yesterday to hand over my Fender Geddy Lee Jazz. A lovely guy and highly recommended
  9. Hmmm, nice looking bass. Not for me though I'm afraid
  10. Treat it as an early Christmas present to yourself
  11. All sorts, including a few more pointy things! I hope you're well
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