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  1. I've only used a Sansamp a handful of times so I'm probably not the best person to answer that question, sorry. From memory, I find the Laney a bit more intuitive and find the "valve" a bit more valves than the Sansamp. The on-the-fly Tilt adjustment is quite a nice feature too.
  2. I would've been driven up the wall of that was me!
  3. I took delivery of one of the preamp pedals earlier today. Very well built and some very nice features, including the Tilt function. The Tube channel ( well, emulated Tube) sounds pretty good too and does what it says on the tin.
  4. I'm fortunate enough to have a Pro II P Bass and a Strat. I can't recommend them highly enough.
  5. I've got one of these. They're brilliant quality and even a Luddite like me can use it!
  6. I really like to look of these, but (always the small things) would be worried how it sat on a strap, given the placement of the strap buttons on the stock photos. How does it balance?
  7. I love the stylings of Reverends. They always feel reassuring familiar but strangely exotic to me 👍
  8. I've got the GR Bass 212 finished in the carbon fibre. It's a fabulous sounding cab and is unbelievably light. Build quality is great too. At 700w it's more than loud enough for anything I'm likely to need it for.
  9. My number one P Bass that I sold many years ago and regretted it immediately. Fortunately the buyer took pity on me and let me have it back. I'm pleased to say it's still with me after all this time.
  10. I'd go for @Sibob's Lakland P Bass he has advertised here. Seriously, for pretty much the same price as a US P Bass (which are excellent by the way) you'd be buying a sublime bass in the colour scheme of your choice. Alternatively, I'd go for the US P Bass. They're seriously good instruments.
  11. I've played Michael's Jazz and it's a super bass. Bang for buck it's decidedly right up there.
  12. Lovely. I need a P Bass with a maple neck in my life at some point, especially black and maple.
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