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  1. Thanks mate. It’s (stay with me) probably the least Jazzy Jazz I’ve played. The neck is quite deep (not particularly wide) and the pickups are definitely a bit darker and more mellow than I would have expected. To me, these are both wins, being a P Bass player predominantly. It it may be that the last few Jazzes I’ve played have been Geddy Lee Signature models, but this one definitely feels more substantial.
  2. I picked this up on Thursday and haven’t been able to put it down since (including last night’s gig). It’s a 2018 Fender Professional Jazz Bass, now restrung with Ernie Ball Super Slinkies. The pickups sound amazing and although I’ve never been a fan of maple fingerboards on a Jazz Bass, it just works for me with the natural ash body. This bass belonged to the bassist from Funeral For a Friend who I bought it off (nice chap) Here it is alongside my trusty P Bass wearing the obligatory TI Flats.
  3. Hi.  Can do a loaded plate with texas specials for £100 delivered.  Chris

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  5. Managed to get the Disco lights working on my P Bass again after about a year of fretting about them. With a bit of luck, a few prayers and a soldering iron all is well :)

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    2. Old Horse Murphy

      Old Horse Murphy

      And here it is. Still working 24 hours later!


    3. SpondonBassed


      Nice.  I like that it is the side dots that are lit and not the main ones.

    4. Old Horse Murphy

      Old Horse Murphy

      Thanks. I couldn’t go the whole way with front LEDs, certainly not on a P Bass. They’ve got me out of a bit of bother when I used to sing and have to look down on a darkened stage. 

  6. That’s a real head turner. One for the wish list
  7. I’ve had a couple of Charvel/Jacksons of the Pointy variety: in fact my main gigging bass is a Charvel 1B. Build quality is easily as good as anything else I’ve owned (if not better than most) and the versatility of the reverse P Pickup is remarkable. I’d highly recommend them.
  8. Mike Lull does a modern Jazz bass with a smaller body and it is super ☺️
  9. I managed to rehearse last night through my gigging rig and the pedal certainly didn't disappoint. The Compressor is very decent indeed and seems to work equally well at both ends of the sound spectrum (low and high), so really evens out the notes. The EQ is good too and I use it to alternate between different sounds depending on the requirement for the song. It really adds something to a P Bass with flats and tone turned down about 1/3, without having to fiddle with the amp or tone pot each time. The Overdrive is lovely and creamy and gives some really rich harmonics. I only dial Overdrive in a little bit, but this one seems to hit the spot nicely I never would've thunk (thought) Fender would be "up there" in terms of Bass pedals but I've been pleasantly surprised.
  10. It runs off my One Spot well enough but it really is a bit of a Battleship!
  11. As part of my ongoing search for a decent Overdrive pedal (ie a warm, slightly overdriven sound rather than a dentist’s drill), I decided to pick up one of the new Fender Downtown Express Bass pedals incorporating and Overdrive, Eq and Compressor. Build-wise this thing is high quality and a really substantial bit of kit both size and weight wise. It was apparently designed in conjunction with Mr Aguilar and I can well believe it. At just under £150 the quality of the Compressor (analog) and the really meaty Overdrive (all the way from thick warm valvey sounds through some serious dirt) as well as a decent eq and a DI, it really seems to be very good value indeed. Granted I’m not a massive user of effects, but it really is a good (in essence) multi-effect pedal as one that is very intuitive and easy to set up. The LEDs are something else too!
  12. Amen. Been there seen that, done that x 1,000. In fact, the only thing I've never done after a bad gig (other than replacing everything I own), is: a) Practice more b) Change me I really am the living definition of a poor workman...
  13. For sale is an Ampeg Bass Scrambler Overdrive in excellent condition with original box and manual- £60 inc delivery
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