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  1. For sale is a mint condition Badass II Bridge with factory slotted saddles, 5 mounting screws and Allen key. It's chrome with the heel of bridge string mounting. These are getting rare now, especially wit the factory slotted multi spacing saddles and I bought this for a project which didn't materialise. I paid £100 posted and would like that back.
  2. @onehandclapping (Terry) saw my wanted ad for a Fender Jazz pickguard and got in touch all the way from Australia. We landed on a very novel way of doing the deal, which included me sourcing and sending a care package for an elderly relative of his in England in exchange for him sending the pickguard to me. All good fun and it was great to be able to help spread some much- needed love at this time. The pickguard arrived in record time and was even better than described. All in all a very pleasant deal. Highly recommended and absolutely no issues at all with the geographical distance.
  3. Hmmm, after listening to all the sage advice I've received on this thread, I clearly have been delusional for which I blame lockdown. Looks like I have some way to go before I can declare a full house. My wife will be delighted...
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Well, I started the year with seven and am now down to five. That's good, right? Today I received a beautiful Stingray Fretless via a lovely chap on EBay. He ordered it from Music Man in 2015 and described it as being in very good condition. He undersold it: it's spotless and plays beautifully. So that leaves me with a P with rounds, a P with flats, a Jazz, a Stingray Special and a Fretless Stingray. I'm really not a 5 string player, so that's a full house isn't it? Surely that means I never need to buy another bass. Surely?
  6. I recently bought a stacked pot set for my Jazz Bass from John and am a repeat customer of his. As always the quality is faultless and even a buffoon like me was able to install it without setting the house on fire using his very clear, easy to understand instructions.
  7. I've got a guitar with it. I wouldn't use anything else now
  8. Just ordered an Alder bodied Fretless P7 Series for a decent price from Andertons. It'll hopefully arrive Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to trying it out (yep, bought blin, again). I'll post a review if anyone is interested.
  9. Such an engaging and humble bloke too. He comes across as a guy you'd happily have a pint with. God I miss pints...
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. My wife says I'm a latter-day Robin Hood, Lozz.
  12. This was unexpected indeed, but hey ho; it sort of gives me the full set now (one P Bass with flats, One with Rounds, a Stingray and a Jazz Bass). I don't think I'll need a fiver (I've managed so far for 30-odd years) and I have a fretless I can borrow as and when. A friend if mine bought this new thinking that it was a 70's Jazz as he wanted the 70's pickup spacing (don't hear much difference myself) and after carefully installing the bridge cover etc. realised he'd made a mistake. Coincidentally, I'd always fancied a CAR Jazz and so a deal was done, just to help him out you understand. Having sold an Alto Sax and a few Basses recently I was in a position to do so. I've fit it with a set of TI Flats, just to mellow it down a bit and go the action nice and low for me (took a while with the 9.5" radius, but nowhere near as painful a process as a 7.5" radius) and it plays beautifully. It's very well built and put together nicely, but you don't half notice the difference when compared to a Music Man which is on a whole other level of quality to my eyes at least. I'm usually a fan of tortoiseshell pickguards but I really fancy a white one on this. Strange times...
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