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  1. For Sale: Brand New Unused Fender SKB Bass Case

    I've just found these measurements: [b]Intended Guitar Type: [/b] Precision, Jazz bass [list] [*][b]Int Overall Length: [/b] 46.5" [/list] [list] [*][b]Int Body Length: [/b] 16" [/list] [list] [*][b]Int Body Depth: [/b] 2.75" [/list] [list] [*][b]Int Lower Bout Width: [/b] 14.5" [/list] [list] [*][b]Int Upper Bout Width: [/b] 13" [/list] [list] [*][b]Exterior Length: [/b] 49.5" [/list] [list] [*][b]Exterior Width: [/b] 17.5" [/list] [list] [*][b]Exterior Depth: [/b] 5.25" [/list] [list] [*][b]Internal Materials: [/b] EPS foam with plush covering [/list] [list] [*][b]External Materials: [/b] ABS exterior shell [/list] [list] [*][b]Handles/Straps: [/b] Cushioned rubber [/list] [list] [*][b]Pockets: [/b] 1 x Ext. [/list]
  2. For sale is a brand new, unused Fender SKB Bass Case (suitable for P and J Basses) complete with keys. These are wonderful cases but it is surplus to requirements. Yours for £110 inc. insured postage.
  3. I'm looking for a decent US Fender P Bass preferably post-2007 that's lightweight (up to 9lbs) and in very good condition. I'd consider a Nate Mendel too if there's one out there.
  4. SOLD: Superb 1999 Fender USA Strat- Natural

    Off Hold
  5. For Sale or trade is a gorgeous 1999 Fender American Standard Stratocaster in a relatively rare Natural finish (factory finish, not stripped). The colour has aged beautifully to a dark natural tint. I have fitted it with a genuine Fender one-ply black pickguard and back plate. The original white ones are somewhere in the house too and will be included. Condition is overall very clean and there are only a couple of minor scuffs (pictured). It's recently been set up with new 9's and has a lovely fact action. The guitar comes with a Fender Deluxe gigbag and there is no tremolo arm (the trem is currently blocked up with a wood block which is very easy and painless to unmodify). I'm looking for £800 or would consider trades with a US Fender P or Jazz bass in similar condition, or a Gibson Thunderbird.
  6. SOLD: Music Man Stingray 5HH with case- superb

    I've had lots of PM's regarding trades and had some very tempting offers. I would consider a trade for a lightweight, excellent condition Fender American Vintage P or J Bass and possibly a R*ck*nb*ck*r 4003S or a Status S2 4 string
  7. Your Favourite Note- time to reveal all

    Mine is G. I feel empowered and strong when I play it. It makes me happy What's your fave?
  8. For Sale or trade is an immaculate condition Music Man 3eq Stingray 4 string from 2014 in stunning Black/Black/Maple. This was bought by me recently and had been sat in a guitar shop in brand new condition (still has the film on the pickguard and unopened Case Candy). It is in mint condition and comes complete with the original case. It plays beautifully and weighs just over 9lbs. Brand new these would set you back over £1,600. This one is in as new condition but for Sale at £1,200. I'd also consider trades for an American Vintage Fender P or J bass in equally as good condition, or possibly a R*c 4003S
  9. SOLD: Music Man Stingray 5HH with case- superb

    Another picture
  10. For Sale is a 2013/14 SR5 HH in absolutely stunning condition. It also comes with the case and unopened candy and weighs in at around 9.5lbs, so a decent weight for a SR5. It comes with the original black and an official Music Man tortoise shell pickguard. It is strung with Elixirs and plays beautifully. I'm looking for £1,200
  11. Best Strings for Stingray 5 String tuned down to Bb

    Thanks chaps. You're right. I did mean tuning the B down to Bb
  12. I've just been asked to join a superb 3 piece but unfortunately they tune down to Bb I auditioned with my SR5 and while it performed admirably, the low B was rather floppy handling the semitone drop. I current use Elixirs but would like some advice on a slightly higher tension string to cope with the down tuning. Thanks!