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  1. This is probably the best photo I can get of it. By my eyes the headstock is in line with the outside of the back caster. There may be a mm or 2 in it but I'd say there's no overhang. There's also some adjustment at the bottom for the shape of the instrument too.
  2. I hope these pics help. There's one lockable caster each side to stop it moving.
  3. For sale is a super Line 6 G30 Wireless Guitar/Bass system in excellent overall condition with upgraded instrument lead. there's no original box but it will be well packed for delivery. Yours for £75 inc. postage.
  4. I feel your pain. I live in Monmouthshire and although we're not locked down currently, we will be from 6pm Friday. I've not played one of these but Ive owned a couple of the new US Specials and one is my main bass now. Music Man seems to have really upped their game recently so I'd imagine you'd get quite a lot of bang for buck from these.
  5. For sale are 3 Hercules Mini guitar stands in superb condition (no boxes though). These are the GS402B model. I'm selling all 3 together rather than split them out for £50 inc postage. Also for sale is a Hercules IPad/Tablet holder to be connected to the microphone stand. It fits tablets between 7-12.1" and comes complete with original packaging. Yours for £30 inc postage.
  6. For sale is a super condition Quiklok GS450 5 Guitar/Bass Rack, ideally suited for storing 5 guitars safely and tidily. According to the manufacturer's description: Lower cradles designed to hold either acoustic or electric guitars firmly in place and soft rubberized cushioning protects guitars from scratches and will not mar finish. Rear locking pin allows to quickly set the stand in perfect open position and fold it down to a convenient portable size for transport without need for tools. Equipped with casters for easy mobility. Quiklok GS/450 - 5 Guitar Rack Stand specification: Set-up depth: 42.5 cm (16.7") Set-up width: 83 cm (32.7") Set-up height: 79.5 cm (31.3") Cradle depth opening: 13 cm (5.1") Weight: 6.2 kg (13.7 lb) Colour: Black One of the rack spaces has additional covering supplied with the rack to protect vintage nitro finishes. For safety's sake as with any manufacturers' stands, I cannot confirm with any confidence whether the other rack spaces would be safe with nitro finishes. Nonetheless it's an excellent piece of kit and very sturdy. These retail at over £99 new. This one is as good as new and is considerably less. I'd rather this was picked up or a meet somewhere because it's rather large, even when collapsed but I am happy to post for an additional £10. Yours for £65 plus postage. I'll put more photos up shortly but this is what it looks like.
  7. Very nice. Here are mine: Trevor James Signature Custom Raw Alto and Tenor (sublime instruments) and my much loved Mauriat Baritone and Soprano:
  8. I just sold Robert a Stingray in an overall excellent and hassle-free deal. Highly recommended
  9. Choppers were a little bit before my time but I wondered where the "Chopper Blue" moniker came from. Spot on 😂
  10. Thanks chaps. This really is a stunner, but I have two of them and they're criminally under-used given the current circumstances. I'd be happy to listen to near offers.
  11. Thanks. I've always loved Takamines and find that their pickups and preamps work superbly live. Trouble is, I'm having a serious love affair with a Gibson J45 and it's proving to be expensive!
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