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  1. Thanks Jake. Just checking; this is Pro Bono advice, right?
  2. I'm not a lawyer, granted, but I'm pretty certain these straps can only be used with pointy headstocks. Otherwise you're looking a 10 stretch, personal shower-time with Big Bill and drinking hooch out of a toilet bowl, sorry.
  3. Thanks for the PM's so far. Unfortunately I'm not looking for trades and just to clarify, the purchaser HAS to take the studded leather strap. There's no negotiation in that point I'm afraid.
  4. For sale is a gorgeous 1988 Japanese Charvel 2B active pickup PJ Bass in a lovely metallic blue finish. It's 100% original and considering it's age, is in very good condition. These really were the bees knees in the late-80's/ early-90's and it's amazing to find one as clean as this not covered in hairspray It weighs in at just under 9.5lbs but a decent studded leather strap is supplied (non-negotiable). The electrics work fine but one of the pots is a bit loose and could do with a bit of TLC. It's actually pretty unusual to find these with all the knobs in place for some reason. Build quality is brilliant and it sounds absolutely epic. Yours for £350 plus £20 postage to ship fully insured.
  5. For sale is a super lightweight Jackson Eliminator Bass from the early 90's. Considering it's age it's in excellent condition and 100% original. It has active electronics with treble, bass, pan and volume (one of the knobs is a bit wonky but works fine). The neck is 24 frets and is ridiculously skinny front to back. It's an absolute dream to play and a pretty rare beast. They were considered top of the range for Japanese made Charvel/Jacksons and it's easy to see why given the build quality I'm either selling this one or my Charvel 2B Bass. Whichever one sells first I'll keep the remaining one. It will be supplied with a gigbag and shipped fully insured. Yours for £350 plus £20 postage.
  6. Thanks chaps, it really is the best 5'er I've played and I keep having that "Do I, Don't I" debate.
  7. I remember seeing Washburn guitars and basses in the most amazing crackle/lightning finishes on the back of guitar magazines when I was a youngster (late 80's?) I fell in love with them right there and then. I think if I saw one in that finish now I wouldn't be able to resist temptation.
  8. True. It's heavily discounted too Mark D Phillips I'm sure would turn it in to ta three string Bass for those poor afflicted people with extra large hands
  9. So I have a lovely Fender Japan Jazz unlined fretless currently wearing a set of EMG active Jazz pickups. I love everything about the bass apart from it weighs around 9 and a half pounds. As a result I've decided to find another body for it. While I'm searching however, I thought I'd see if there were any P Bass bodies that were routed for Jazz bass pickups: not PJ but JJ. I know there are companies such as Warmoth who could do this, but to avoid unplanned charges etc. I thought I'd see if there are any that could be sourced in the UK. Any ideas would be gratefully received. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but a nice lightweight ash or alder one would be my preference. I'm not interested in blanks that could be routed as I don't have the tools or the talent to do it myself! Thanks
  10. Dave was kind enough to send me a Jazz Bass pickguard. He didn't want me to pay him for it, but instead donate some money charity which I duly did. A top guy in anyone's books.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. It's one of the much-vaunted Mexcian Road Worn Series, similar to the Fender Flu Jazz bass and the Nelson Mandela Precision
  13. Just used my wife's digital kitchen scales (she's out, so please don't tell her! and it looks to be 3.8-3.9Kg. I'd call it 4kg to be sure. Certainly very comfortable.
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