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  1. I had one of these back in the day and really enjoyed playing it. Foolishly though, I decided it wasn't particularly practical so moved it on. Fast-forward at least a decade and a bit, when this one came up for sale. It's a 2003 model (which I think is the first production year) in a lovely Lava Pearl, the same colour of the one I had before. It's a lot more orange in the flesh which I really like. It is virtually spotless and even the ubiquitous tip chip being less than 1mm long. It weighs in at sub-9lbs and I love it. Not sure is it's a forever bass but I'm planning on having it around for a while yet. I appreciate they're very marmite but I'm getting old and grumpy now, so I don't really care. I intend to play it and enjoy it as part of my ever-dwindling bass collection that has somehow gone from three basses up to six...oops
  2. Great to see a brand extending its roots in the UK rather than following the sun for cheaper production costs. Bristol-based too; what's not to like?! Once it's all up and running I'd definitely be interested in placing an order for one of the semis Here's wishing you all the very best in this next chapter 👍
  3. A sub-9lb Music Man SR5 Special with a few mods: 1mm wider nut (45.5mm) single H pickup lacquered Birdseye maple neck (as per the Classics) with rosewood board 2 band active eq (treble and bass) passive bypass with tone control instead of mid eq black hardware black pickguard Ash body transparent royal blue finish blue side LED's fretted and fretless versions available any commission/royalties to Cancer Research That would do me, until tomorrow
  4. I bought a Fretless Jazz from them earlier this year and found the whole experience excellent. I'd definitely buy from them again.
  5. Not personally. I don't like their sandwiches the problem is with these supplier systems being adopted is that they will push all supplies through it whether it makes sense or not and as such, there's very little leeway of doing it other ways.
  6. Cost of doing business I'm afraid, especially with the likes of Tesco etc.
  7. In the commercial world, believe it or not, a number of companies using these types of supplier payment systems have the nerve to charge their suppliers a transaction fee and/or an annual subscription for using the tool....
  8. The closest I've come was a Shuker P Bass and Ashdown rig excluding leads and a few pedals that were probably built elsewhere. It wasn't a conscious decision as my GAS knows no international boundaries The Shuker and a couple of Status basses are the only UK-built instruments I've owned. I've had some Brit-built Ashdown kit and Trace Elliot stuff too but it was never any reason other than I fancied trying it. That was all a few years ago now, so it would be interesting to see what rigs could be pulled together currently.
  9. These PO/Supplier management systems aren't designed for this type of transaction and (believe me) are even far worse in professional services' applications. If you were placing an order for (say) 10,000 iPhones or 60,000 toilet rolls it's a great way of raising PO's right through through to payment as it can really speed-up transactions and the whole procure to pay process. At the moment, it's seen as a very low-hanging fruit for an increasing number of companies to roll out without a great deal of thought as to how it's applied. It's going to get worse before it gets better, especially as companies will want to take the savings early in the process.
  10. A few kind Basschatters recently put my in touch with @Bonzo as I was looking for a Fender JMJ and he happened to be selling one. He was quick in replying and sent over many emails of photos and the deal was very quickly concluded (I paid Tuesday night and it arrived Thursday lunchtime). Highly recommended. Couldn't be more so.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. The 5 string could be the Morethan Freeman Sig!
  13. The lovely MB1 and I once drew up a list of "nearly but not quite" sig basses, including the Mandela. I recall we had the Lakland Clive Dunn, Lakland Daryl Hannah and Fender Roger Hargreaves amongst others.
  14. Hey, steady on now. There's no need for that type of talk...
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