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  1. I have very vague memories of the guitarist in the first (very very poor) band I played in having some sort of very rudimentary drum machine in a pedal format (I think). I don't think it was programable and maybe had a few built in rhythms but I think you could change the speed. It had that very classic synth drum sound with the high hat like a fizzy tambourine maybe sounding a bit like the Roland CR-78. I seem to remember it being black and or green? It wouldn't have been expensive. Anyway, I'm just trying to confirm I do have a viable memory still and I'm not completely in fantasy world yet. Does anyone have any idea what it may have been?
  2. Ooh yes! I'll sign up for a pack I have a couple of difficult straps that need putting in their place!
  3. Hurrah for the love of 1mm picks! I just seem to have settled in to 1mm nylon picks over the years as they give me a little bit of flexibility that a solid (plastic?) one doesn't and works with my ham fisted technique. I've ended up using Wedgie 1mm nylon XT picks and they're perfect for me as they have a concave textured area where your thumb grips and they definitely stay put better than flat Dunlop style picks. https://www.stringsandbeyond.com/wedgie-nylon.html
  4. Marky L


    Bought a Sansamp Bass Driver Deluxe from Dave and he shipped it super quick and it was a fantastically quick and easy transaction. I now have to redesign my pedal board! Buy from this man! Thanks for your help Dave.
  5. I bought one of Alex's Gator 18 x 18 cases and it's excellent, fits my wonky homemade pedal board perfectly! Simple and easy transaction. Buy from this man!! Thanks very much
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Squier-Bass-VI-6-String-Electric-Bass-ex-Paul-Gray/184325288419 Well, I've sort of said it all in the title! Paul Gray, superb ex bass player of Eddie and the Hot Rods, UFO, still in The Damned and played with a myriad of other luminaries is moving on his little used Squire Bass VI. I was seriously tempted but July is car and house insurance time. I have a fence to fix, a leaking chimney and just grabbed Dave Griffiths SansAmp Bass driver deluxe to replace my BDDI that is not well! So no spare funds for me 😖
  7. Hi. Just to check. The top one is an 18"x 18" and is still available? How much would delivery be? (It doesn't have to be that fast at the mo!).
  8. The first Ramones album was a perfect place for a young punk wanting to play bass to start. With the bass panned to one side of the recording and guitar to the other on my old record player, I could have one or the other faded out so I could either learn the part listening to Dee Dee and then progressing to playing along with Johnny's side up and Dee Dee off 😊
  9. Our singer does the list and he generally get's it right. He does always pass it by us though, just in case there's one or two which maybe are wrong 'uns for the gig. This works well for us.
  10. I'm using my fretless and a sansamp but not quite right. The bass sweeper might be fun, is that the Mooer? You didn't happen to sell your Bass balls on here did you? I'm sure I got mine (a big old Russian one) from on here a few years back. 😃
  11. Had to get me a Bassballs when I found out what made this glorious sound! As is, I still can't get it right, close but no cigar
  12. How about just slipping a pick under the other 3? You know, if you're a pick player, like you do anyway at home when finished noodling. I would expect it to deaden the strings enough for them not to ring too much sympathetically.
  13. I have reasonable success and get a fair amount of brightness back in by soaking them in a big bottle of meths for 24 hours. Obviously not as good as new but I've rarely had any problems.
  14. Let's not mention the "sock"!! 😂
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