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  1. The first Ramones album was a perfect place for a young punk wanting to play bass to start. With the bass panned to one side of the recording and guitar to the other on my old record player, I could have one or the other faded out so I could either learn the part listening to Dee Dee and then progressing to playing along with Johnny's side up and Dee Dee off 😊
  2. Our singer does the list and he generally get's it right. He does always pass it by us though, just in case there's one or two which maybe are wrong 'uns for the gig. This works well for us.
  3. I'm using my fretless and a sansamp but not quite right. The bass sweeper might be fun, is that the Mooer? You didn't happen to sell your Bass balls on here did you? I'm sure I got mine (a big old Russian one) from on here a few years back. 😃
  4. Had to get me a Bassballs when I found out what made this glorious sound! As is, I still can't get it right, close but no cigar
  5. How about just slipping a pick under the other 3? You know, if you're a pick player, like you do anyway at home when finished noodling. I would expect it to deaden the strings enough for them not to ring too much sympathetically.
  6. I have reasonable success and get a fair amount of brightness back in by soaking them in a big bottle of meths for 24 hours. Obviously not as good as new but I've rarely had any problems.
  7. Let's not mention the "sock"!! 😂
  8. I saw them on Sunday. They are sensational. I just love the punchy, riffy, catchy tunes. And Electric Eel Shock supporting.. what just happened!?!?! All added up to one of the best nights out of my life!
  9. Ashdown - All heft, no cleft. I think I'll let them have that one for free 😂
  10. I love my Ashdown kit. I gig my rig most weekends and it's rock solid. I have the Neo 210 and 115 cabs which make shifting them about easier. The head, a Klystron Classic 500, probs needs a service now, but it's just arranging it around down time. I also still have my old original first series ABM 115 200W combo. That needs some work, occasionally get a really loud buzzing when you turn it on and sometimes not. Got a couple of other bits n bobs too! Anyhoo, I just see myself ever changing from them 😊
  11. JJB, massive inspiration to me. The aggressive sound way up in the mix and the great bass lines, brilliant. Listening to Stuart Henry's punk show on Luxembourg 208 on Sunday evening in my dad's car, hearing Neat Neat Neat by the Damned and Peaches turned me on to music and made me want to play bass. Playing along with The Ramones showed me that I could do it too! The Stranglers were so beyond the usual punk ethos, clever songs with tricksy timings, jagged guitar parts, flowing keyboard, great drum patterns, monster bass. At the time, I bundled them in with all the other punk stuff I was listening too as it came out but it was obvious they were different. Yes, that Golden period from Rattus up to Gospel are my favourites, with the odd one or two from after.
  12. OMG! It's Paul Gray all the way!! I guess he's an endorsee, certainly should be. Used Rotosounds since year dot! Eddie & The Hot Rods, The Damned, UFO and a load of other incredible projects under his belt. He plays with such fluidity, style and passion. A true inspiration.
  13. And with Paul Gray back on bass, they have really lifted themselves up in the last couple of years. He takes them back to their best level of musicality. Oh and apparently they played a blistering set in some tent in a corner at Glasto at the weekend. 😃
  14. I'm sure I read somewhere that Norman played quite a lot of the bass on the earlier Clash albums. Slight off topic but still Norm related 😄
  15. You beat me to it! Paul is such a fluid melodic bass player 😃
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