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  1. Nah. But then no-one would want to borrow it, being a bitsa P that has it's own character. As for #2, again they certainly wouldn't want that! It's almost unplayable, unless it's in my hands, when it becomes marginally playable 😁 Both are like my actual childern, difficult, challenging and each special in their own way but I love 'em.
  2. Am I the only one who really has absolutley no feelings for Queen? 97% of their output just passes by me. Also.. Fleetwood Mac. Why are they constanly touted as some great rock band. It's all MOR AOR to me.
  3. Oh this is fun! As I read through the comments I can't help but.. "oh yes! Them too.. and them!" and the very occasional.. "Ohhhh.. no, really?" I can not stand Adele. I don't think she has ever written/sung a happy song. I don't particularly enjoy Amy Winehouse's output. I don't get Tom Petty and that whole raft of what really is just soft Americana. I really don't get the love for Metallica. I get wound up when a DJ/Producer is labelled a musician. I do really enjoy terribly cheesy pop.. and... Ted Nugent's guitar tone back in the day was sublime. He was of course, and still is, an utter bell.
  4. I have one of those as well. 200W. It's in need of some serious servicing but the cost of shipping and that fact that I don't really use means it's a bit of a dust gatherer now.
  5. Oh! I thought in that pic he was the front bottom.
  6. The Presidents of The United States of America did a great version of Video Killed The Radio Star, which we've done live in our band for ages now and it always goes down well
  7. I just heard it on the radio. I know I'll burn but it just reminds me of an average new country entry for Eurovision, which I imagine it would actually win. I agree with why their reason for doing it though (if that saves me!).
  8. Like a Terminator chasing a box of spanners that have been thrown down a metal drainpipe.
  9. Had a flippin' great gig last night! Just a local covers band but the pub was full and not withstanding the odd one or two infractions concering playing the correct note (which only we ever notice), the punters loved it. Our natural exuberance normally makes it rock all the harder!
  10. Just got Tobie's pedal board from him. It's like new and came with a whole ton of patch leads and spare power cables (the power block was included). It also came in it's original packaging which is the sort of think I like! Super smooth and easy communications. I can totally recommend Tobie. Cheers mate! Mark
  11. And that's as it should be.
  12. Our drummer seems to think he HAS to count every song in. Unfortunately he doesn't often get the tempo right. One song we do, he hammers out a 1,2,3,4 at the start, first verse fast, then chorus slows down and then that's the tempo from then on. He has no idea he does it. I have the delight of bringing up that at the next band camp! (And much more too!!)
  13. Well, good on them. I do hope they did enjoy themselves. The old lad with the rock band certainly knew how to engage with the crowd though he was still a bit pub singer. I cringed at the transition in to No Woman No Cry in the reggae thang and Bette, I guess she did her best but she's no front woman. No energy and she walked around so gingerly it was like something was about to fall out. I think she did hit a couple of notes right and as for the rendidtion of Don't Let Your Son Go Down On Me.. ouch! How she sang it is now well and truly stuck in my head!!
  14. Me too! What do we have so far? Rebellion - must have a punk edge to them. Big in the 80's and 90's. Likely a London band. Hmmm...
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