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  2. [quote name='Kex' timestamp='1464339136' post='3058525'] As a kid I often saw Phil Lynott walk past my Aunts house in Walkinstown. Bit random, but it was Dublin [/quote] Lovely memories I guess... have you seen the tribute statue on a road in Grafton area?
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  4. [quote name='JCB' timestamp='1472815178' post='3124464'] If you are looking for trade then could I suggest you put your Squier Jazz in the subject line? Otherwise, perhaps you could/should post in the Items Wanted thread? cheers, JC [/quote] Go it, thanks for the heads up and sorry for the confusion. :-)
  5. Hello all. Anybody selling a Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass? Both butterscotch blonde and sunburst are OK for me, I live in Dublin and I may evaluate also trade [and money] with my current Squier Deluxe Jazz active bass IV Thanks
  6. [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1471532584' post='3113760'] Great news. That Squier Jazz should be getting a bit more love from you now! And you'll have to start saving for a bass amp [/quote] Yes sir... I think you are right... It is a brilliant piece of instrument ...
  7. Update, lads.... Tried another amp [forgot to take a pic and forgot type and model number etc...] from a professional bass player here in Dublin and the sound is totally different ... forgive my ignorance on this subject :-)
  8. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1471345521' post='3112278'] Just tell her casually that you're considering switching to accordion, or trombone... I suspect she will suddenly become more encouraging and helpful about your bass playing [/quote] LOL ... will do! :-)
  9. Thanks to all of you. I am playing now in each part and corner of the house [gf is not happy cause it's interfering a lot with her fiddle LOL] and then I will certainly change the amp [before we need to move to another bigger place] and that would take me to a better level of sound, after that [and after long practice time] I maybe tell the difference with new strings and pickups ... and maybe I'll enlarge the family after that... Thanks again!
  10. Hey guys thanks. I know there are few things I may do wrong, thanks for helping here... :-) [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1471257904' post='3111562'] Before changing the pickups or looking for a new bass, I would suggest trying some flatwound strings, which should get you a deeper, rounder sound without changing anything else. Fender flatwounds are meant to be good value, but something like LaBella are deeper and mellower sounding. And if you're not already doing this, make sure the blend control on the bass is turned towards the neck pickup. You may find that gets you closer to the sound you're looking for. [/quote] That's something I'll try then, I haven't thought about this, I left the standard strings that are coming with the bass [which is also a refurbished one], so I'll see and let you know [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1471258064' post='3111565'] How are you amplifying the bass? [/quote] OK, don't laugh loud here ... I am using a 15-watt Fender Frontman 15G amp the one I used for my guitar with treble at 0 [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1471258111' post='3111566'] How are you currently setting the 3-band EQ and the balance between neck and bridge pickups? Are you using the slap switch at all? What are you playing through? I've got the same bass and it's certainly not short of bass and I can cut the treble and mids too. The slap switch brings in a ton of bass and also boosts the high treble (and it might also cut some mids). The neck pickup offers a 'rounder' tone than the bridge - you might get closer to a P bass sound (if that's what you like) by favouring the neck pickup with the blend (say half way from centre detente to neck) and boosting the mids a little but only a P bass will give you the authentic P bass sound! You might also consider trying a multi-effects pedal with amp simulation modes and overdrives to fatten up the sound - the Zoom B3 is easy to use and good value. [/quote] Yes I use the slap switch and it gives more "meat" I would say. I am using two settings basically: [1] turning off the bridge pickup and turning on the neck, treble off totally and master volume 100%: this give more bass sound and round; [2] turning off the neck pickup and turning on the bridge, treble off totally and master volume 100%: this gives more sharp sound and precise .
  11. Hi All. I have a question since I'm not very experienced here. I started playing last year a squier deluxe jazz bass iv active [black model] which is OK for me as I am not a skilled nor experienced player, in my learning stage let's say. The bass is in its factory standard I am trying to get the following out of my bass: [A] more bass sound [B] fatter and more round [C] less treble and mid range Is there any suggestion from you about which pick ups I should use instead of the originals or if there any suggestion on another bass for example? Should I go for a P bass instead? Thanks for any suggestion AB
  12. Hi! I sent a PM, thanks. BR, Andrea
  13. thanks everybody... as a newbie I am looking to learn more, Dublin 4 I live and Dublin 2 I work [O'Connell Bridge] and I am regularly in Belfast as GF lives up there... :-)
  14. Hi Everybody Andrea here newbie on this forum and on bass guitar as well, which I enjoy a lot lately... former drummers and very good "under the shower" singer, I signed up mainly to learn few things form you and to exchange some experience on bass playing. Thanks A
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