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  1. It's as if @Ashdown Engineering reads basschat/my mind! Thank you Ashdown, your new Bluetooth Tone Pocket is the product I've been waiting for. Once I am unshackled from lockdown's restrictions I'll be heading to my local music shop to try this out, and let's be honest I'll probably buy it. https://ashdownmusic.com/collections/new-for-namm-21/products/tone-pocket-bluetooth
  2. Ashdown Ant seems to fit your bill, but for the power requirements. I'm just throwing this in here just in case anyone searches the site for a pedalboard amp. I don't own one, but I definitely want one Totally anecdotally, I was able to keep up with a savage drummer with 150W, but I did have a 15" cone behind me. You could replace your cab, but then you're trying to cut down on gear. Guess there really is no such thing as a free lunch https://ashdownmusic.com/products/the-ant
  3. I've always been a fan of GSS stuff based on the one I own. Unfortunately I'm not really in a financial position for this, but I wish you GLWTS. One question that's nagging me though: what's on the link-out socket? I cannot make it out and it's not there on the official photos on the GSS website. All the best Hellzero. Who knows, if it's still here in 2021 I may be tempted. That's the UK I'm talking about, not the cab
  4. Thanks both of you. I've tried all pemutations I can think of from your suggestion, putting it in another room, another power supply etc. It still persists, *except* on one amp. When I run through an Acoustic Image Coda R there's no buzz! I cannot explain that unless there's some amazing wizardry inside the Acoustic Image that doesn't feature in other amps. I've opened the bass up to look for loose cables. It looks very clean and nothing jumped out as being wrong. While she was open I tried some contact cleaner on the volume pot. Did nothing. As you suspect touching the strings does make it better, even if not completely getting rid of the problem. While open I plugged the bass in to play. I wasn't able to make the buzz go away by wiggling any cable. However, I was able to make it much worse by just touching the white cable leading from the volume pot direct to the jack socket. This was touching the outer sleeve rather than the copper, which surprised me a lot. I should have said in my first report that the bass is dead silent at both 100% volume and 0% volume. It's around 50% that it's at its worst. I don't have a multimeter to hand so I think it may be starting to get to the point I need to bring it into someone who would make it better by inspecting it rather than me who's making it worse. I tried to take pictures but nothing came through with any clarity that I think anyone would find useful. Thanks for your suggestions so far. Very helpful.
  5. Thanks. This only happens on the one bass and I'd be surprised if it were outside the bass if turning volume to 11 makes it disappear but anything under that makes it buzz. It's an active bass but has a passive bypass. Both buzz at lower volumes. I've had buzzing issues before but nothing like these symptoms.
  6. Hi everyone, As I progress and learn the nuances of playing bass guitar, after 20 or so years' playing I have come across this knob I believe people call "volume". Now my bass may have had this from day dot, and I'll never know as I've only ever started fiddling with this control, but when I dip the volume down I get an annoying an audible hum. Full volume and zero volume are dead silent. At this point I would usually take the bass to someone more qualified, but I'm kind of stuck at home with nothing better to do, so I'm asking for help here. Is this a common occurence and is it an easy self fix? I see general hum issues, but not related to when the volume is only partly engaged. The offending bass is a Sandberg California which I've owned from new around 10 years with no mods. Any help gratefully appreciated.
  7. If FRFR is your bag, then ask him what he thinks about the Double Six and how it compares to his Single12 for your needs. He can fit the Double Six with the coax 6.5 driver, which is amazing (speaking as someone who owns and has gigged with it) but you may not even need the coax. As @Hellzero says, there are good videos of the cabinets online. Most useful to you probably is the one which compares the single12 to his Four6.
  8. I don't see anyone arguing here, even on rereading. Apologies on my part if I wrote something that came across as that and I'm too tone-deaf to notice. An argument was not my intention.
  9. You'll have to fill me in. I don't understand.
  10. I don't feel there's any dishonesty on Celestion's part. They publish the spec of their drivers after all (typos and all!) Are there other drivers that absolutely demolish the BN12-300S in terms of low frequency output purely by virtue of their lower Fs, ignoring the xmax? I think there's no doubt there. Can you put a HPF on these others drivers and get a cabinet that can do what the BN12-300S does, and more? Again yup. I agree with everything you say, but the reason I'm still tempted by the GSS Single12 is that I wouldn't call myself an electric bassist. Given I HPF around (I don't know the exact frequency; I twiddle a knob until it sounds good) 80Hz, I'm grateful that there's a cabinet that does something different by being smaller and lighter than the competition, at the expense of things I don't care about. I used to walk two miles twice a week with a double bass and combo, and still walk to rehearsals and gigs, so those things matter to me. Pretty niche and mad granted, but just to say there are mad people out there.
  11. There's a typo somewhere however you slice it, be it in the wattage or the weight. With the FTX1225 listed as 14lb the full cabinet weight should be ~10lb heavier than the BN12-300S loaded cabinet. The coax loaded cabinet is in fact listed as 7lb heavier, which is pretty much how much heavier the TF1225CX is to the BN12-300S. The 63.5Hz, whether you think it's too high for electic bass or not, is very similar to the BN12-300S's 62.1Hz so the cabinet sizes should be similar if designed properly, or at least more comparable.
  12. Hmm, after a bit of digging I'm not sure it is the FTX1225. The TF1225CX would make more sense if, as the images seem to imply, the two drivers are put into the same cabinet. The weight differential then lines up as well.
  13. Nothing wrong with it if you prefer it, but I'm not one of them. It annoys me when volume controls make no difference to my ears past the halfway mark. This is more pronounced on my TV and Hifi than anything else. No log taper pots in those, just cynical marketing (IMHO).
  14. Absolutely true. GSS (and Celestion) seem to be chasing different goals, and I'm glad they are.
  15. I should have carried on with the email Didier sent me: Best of both worlds, albeit worlds involving a thinner wallet . You'll have to contact GSS how much that will cost, or even if he's still offering it. I own the 06B400MKD, and it's amazing. I was going to add the Single12 underneath it, but those 6.5" drivers sounded so good I started looking at the 2x6.5". Unfortunately the GBP then proceeded to tank against the Euro and I've been waiting for it to recover ever since .
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