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  1. Thanks. Is that not modelling which I don't like? Modelling sounds quite fake (to my ears) in the upper register, and has poor tracking in the lower. Even at its best there's a lag, although it may be better now since I last tried.
  2. These are perhaps the answer I was expecting but didn't want to hear. I was hoping that technology was advancing enough that a conventionally shaped pickup could pass as a piezo these days (and I wasn't prepared to hack up the Streamer, that's why I'm asking for conventional pickups!) For what it's worth, I probably would have bought an Ibanez by now, but space is at a premium here and the upright bass is already already taking up a fair chunk of our living space. As for swapping, yeah I may be up for that, but I've been on the same two electrics (other is a fretted Sandberg in case you wonder) for over 10 years now and have grown somewhat attached. Just to throw it in here, after some searching I've found an Ibanez with both magnetic pickups and their aerosilk piezo system: the Ibanez SRF700. If it's close to the SRH500 when on piezo that would be a killer versatile bass. Thanks all for the very helpful replies.
  3. I can't see a cable coming into the cavity from the bridge directly. My guess without removing the pickups is that the earth is daisy chained from the bridge pickup.
  4. Thanks. Even with a Warwick-made part it would still be quite an invasive procedure no? I'd rather swap pickups than route wood.
  5. My only thought was that there's some form of capacitor there. It does say it needs charging. I'm not sure which pickup I'm supposed to be looking at on that page though...
  6. That would have been an obvious thing to post. When I've been in a shop (remember those?), I tried the Ibanez SRH500F. That thing was amazing. I could get an acoustic bass with the treble up, and something approaching a double bass when you rolled the treble off, across the entire fingerboard. I think the following post covers what I'm after. I can always roll-off the top when I want so it's the last section from 2:08, although all the tones here I wouldn't say no to: Less for tone, if you could tell me how to play like Marco in the following solo, I'd be much obliged Warwick PJ, similar to the one pictured below. Even if I was brave enough to try a piezo pickup on it, the procedure would be quite invasive on this bass because of the bridge system.
  7. Agreed, an amp does go a long way, but my amps are about as good as I can get it and they still aren't good enough in my opinion. If I played a short passage on my bass and uploaded a clip, I'd be genuinely interested in how close people could get to an acoustic sound on EQ alone. Maybe I don't need to do anything more than twiddle knobs, but I've been twiddling a while now with no joy. I've never heard of them, thanks! The words on their website talk a good game, but the clips they post aren't exactly helpful to me in making a decision. I'm not one for playing an entire piece using just harmonics, nor distortion.
  8. Greeting basschatters. There seems to be a market for magnetic pickups, each with their unique sounds and tones. There's also a (smaller) market for piezo for their large frequency response and acoustic-like sounds. I would like to retro fit the latter's sound to one of my basses, but I don't have the brains to retro fit a piezo pickup to my bass. So, in short, is there a magnetic pickup (single J coil, or split P coil) that even approaches an acoustic-like tone? The Fishman Fluence look like manufacturers are starting to look at augmenting the humble magnetic coil, but nothing that I've seen outright says it can give a wide and reasonably flat response. The Fluence is also frustratingly humbucker size. I'm aware of modelling, but this isn't really what I'm after and I've been disappointed with the results of that in the past. Any help appreciated!
  9. @Joebethell Sorry to take this thread off topic, but did you order your come with tweeters? Is that a possibility? I was originally in the market for a GSS cab with this speaker and tweeter, but they're based in France and so it's harder to order them in the UK now.
  10. Not quite true I'm afraid. Prices on Thomann are now excluding VAT and import fees. Right off the bat that's an extra £32 bringing it to £191. When I purchased from Thomann I was further slapped a "brokerage fee". I don't know why there's any brokerage fee from the EU but there you go. The page I linked to says that there's a paperwork fee of 2.5% and an admin fee of minimum £11.50. My purchase doesn't reflect that (it was more).
  11. chyc

    Which DAW?

    I'll put in another vote for Reaper. One thing that separates Reaper from the rest, at least in my opinion, is the collection of top quality video tutorials on YouTube. I've watched them and come away with tricks that I didn't even know I wanted. At the same time I've never encountered something I couldn't do with Reaper, although my needs are modest. I'd at least give it a spin. It's free to try so it's only time you'd be wasting. Even when the trial expires you are free to continue using it. All that happens is that a pop-up appears when you start the program asking you to puchase. You can close this pop-up after 5 seconds. To boot there's a free-to-use licence valid until 1st April 2021.This has been extended multiple times already so 1st April may not even be the end date.
  12. That's true, but I don't see the relevance here, unless you think the cabinet isn't designed around the speaker. If that is what you're saying, how do you know that?
  13. There are two 2x12 cabinets on their website, including one containing a pair of BN12-300S https://www.zillacabs.com/bass-fatboy. Now that speaker seems to polarize opinion here on BassChat as to whether it's appropriate for bass, so much so that I contacted Celestion about it. This was their response: I don't think I've come across anyone on this site who owns these speakers and dislikes them, so there's that in their favour!
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