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  1. The phrase that springs to mind is: "Why can't you just take 'no' for an answer?!" - only in this case it's a double-no!!
  2. I just LOVE a good serial! Can't wait for the next episode 😊
  3. I have owned 5 Maru's and they are generally great basses. My advice is: if you and your friend have played each other's basses and both of you are happy, then why not? Maybe also check out the market value of both and one of you pays something if there's a difference. However, I think the Fender will probably depreciate in value less than the Maru' over time.
  4. Lovely bass that, Silvia - enjoy! (I think you already are πŸ™‚)
  5. Pleased for you Stew! Look forward to seeing and hearing it at the re-scheduled S-W Bash!
  6. You can buy this with confidence - I've owned one of these great amps and dealt with this top Basschat-er.
  7. AFAIK what's dangerous is any machined particulate that's small enough to breathe in - provided you don't eat it of course πŸ™‚
  8. I loved my SWB-1 - except for the neck-dive. I think the body of the latest ones from India is heavier, so maybe that helps with the balance.
  9. … or maybe 'senial' - mixture of senility and denial ☺️ Ringo still seems in pretty good shape.
  10. Macca should have stopped a while back, it's getting embarrassing. It's not like he needs the money!
  11. Interesting that you didn't cut all the ones Ringo takes lead vocal on. Back in the day, my mum used to think he had the best voice - which is probably what put me off.
  12. Drop-dead-gorgeous! There's a lot of lovely basses out there but IMHO Mr Cringean can bring wood to life better than anybody.
  13. I did actually manage to gig it before the world shut down. Much admired by my bandmates!
  14. For me at home it's always this little beauty - ACG Border Reiver. Light as a feather, plays like a dream, big sound and no awkward headstock to bang into stuff πŸ™‚ Short scale too! http://
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