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  1. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    Thanks BreadBin - name the 'interesting' ones so I can add to the list.
  2. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    LAST CALL FOR T-SHIRTS!! I have to confirm order with my supplier first thing Monday morning so I need any more orders tomorrow latest and £12 payments (pm me for details) soon afterwards please (sizes are below pic's). http:// Available sizes are: Size: S M L XL XXL 3XL Chest (to fit): 34/36 38 40/42 44/46 48/50 52
  3. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Love it - that neck is just beautiful.
  4. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    CALL FOR RAFFLE PRIZES!! OK, this should get the ball rolling: A whopping-great 1.5l 'optic'-style bottle of Black Bottle scotch! The Whisky Exchange describes this unique blend as follows: "The island of Islay is renowned all over the world for its intensely powerful and charismatic Scotch whiskies. Black Bottle is totally unique in being created from whiskies from all seven of the famous distilleries on Islay. Its spiritual home is the Bunnahabhain distillery in the north-east of the Island." This was bottled before the brand re-launch in 2013, which reduced the Islay content. My Scottish pal, who really knows his stuff, rates this original blend alongside the best of the single malts. This and a lovely top-of-the-range leather strap from Adrian Maruszczyk have to be contenders for this year's 'Best in Raffle' prize. There's also a bottle of Gordon's gin up for grabs (take that home to the wife and all will be forgiven ) plus a couple of Bash T-shirts and mugs. What can you guys and (hopefully) gals bring to the party?
  5. Renault Laguna Mklll

    Thanks! Want to get some pic's up but needs a wash first and I haven't had time.
  6. Renault Laguna Mklll

    This is our handsome, metallic grey, 2-owner 2009/59-plate top-of-the-range 2l auto TD with 60k mls on the clock, everything working, no known faults, very good tyres & brakes, FSH (last service this Xmas) and MOT'd til Nov 2018. It's in excellent condition with no dings or scrapes. These cars have a sound reputation for reliability with those in the know (inc Honest John, Which?, me AND my son has one) as they were the first major model launch after the Nissan merger and Renault made sure they got it right. Unfortunately, the image had been irreparably damaged in the UK market by its crap Mkl and ll predecessors so it couldn't compete with the Mondeo and was withdrawn from sale here in 2011. This one has got all the bells and whistles inc sat nav, cruise, blue-tooth, full leather, parking sensors f & r, heated/folding mirrors, electric/heated memory seats, tyre-pressure sensors, split/folding rear seats, spare wheel - and even headlights that track with the steering like the old Citroen DS . I would sell this to my best mate - and if he needed a car he'd buy it!! Negatives: our average mpg is 36 and road tax is around £235 (can't remember exactly). BUT the money you'll be saving on anything even remotely comparable will buy you an awful lot of diesel. Pic's will follow tomorrow.
  7. 3-pickup basses

    Getting rid of all that excess body south of the bridge was a real game-changer. Before I decided to mod mine, I had it up for sale. The couple of people who tried it loved everything about it except that the bridge was positioned where their playing hand would normally be. That wasn't a problem for me but a lot of bassists play with their hand bent further backwards towards the elbow.
  8. 3-pickup basses

    This topic has made me realise just how much I love my re-bodied Rascal. The '3 x pups + 5-pos slider + push/pull pot' set-up is so versatile. So quick and easy to select from 7 distinctly different and really usable sounds on the fly. When I had my active Maruszczyk Elwood made I thought about speccing the same configuration. Wish I had now - I'd have an active and a passive version.
  9. 3-pickup basses

    Agreed - designing an 'alternative' headstock is a tricky business. It's really neat the way the 2 pairs of pegs kind of run parallel to each other and at an offset angle from the neck.
  10. 3-pickup basses

    Spectoremg: Never owned an Atelier Z but the word is that they're really nice. Bernard: Thanks, just read the review - KERRPOW!!
  11. 3-pickup basses

    Hey Bernard, is that one of yours? If it is, CONGRATULATIONS!! It's stunning and that sculpted back is a work of art. Almost forgot to ask - what is it?
  12. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    Just a reminder about the above and, especially, a LAST CALL FOR T-SHIRT ORDERS!! If you want one and haven't yet ordered (they're £12 each), please pm me your order with your size BY THIS THURSDAY 15th LATEST and I'll reply with payment details.
  13. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    On the slippery slope now - this is what I fell in to: http://
  14. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    PS Can't wait to see your pic's.
  15. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I can relate to that feeling - been there twice and got 2 straps to prove it