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  1. This top-class amp incorporates a valve pre and should be good for another decade's service (or several) following recent overhaul by V Amps (Pete Searle). Delivers 550w at 40hms or 660w at 2ohms. There's been lots on this forum about the wonderful 'baked-in' Eden signature tone and this one with its valve pre-amp is a great example. Price includes the pictured alu case with one-piece fitted high-density foam insert or the Gator rack case in which it's currently mounted (no pic's here but will send if required). http://[/url] I don't want to ship this but happy to deliver/meet up anywhere withing 1 hour's drive from Taunton.
  2. Only 9 months old, not gigged so looks/sounds/operates like new. Comes with foot-switch and Gator bag. Will deliver/meet anywhere within 1 hour's drive from Taunton or package securely for collection is shipping arranged and paid for by buyer. Can send pic's if required.
  3. Hi everybody! Just realised that we're now nearer to the next Bash than the last one - less than 6 months to go and counting. The date for your diaries is: Sunday 5th April, 2020 Watch this space for details and have a great Christmas and New Year in the meantime! Pictured above: the motley crew that attended in 2019
  4. SOLD!!! - to one very happy Basschat-er from Cardiff (who I've hopefully also managed to recruit for next year's BIG FAT SOUTH-WEST BASS BASH on Sunday 5th April 🙂)
  5. Must be time for a bump!
  6. Very happy with the way my La Bellas have aged - gigged every weekend and still good 6 months down the line!
  7. Once again (and surely not for the last time) I take my hat off to you Jabba.
  8. ...and another go at posting the pic's... http:// http:// http://
  9. Unique and truly stunning bass (and I don't stun easily 😉) made by Maruszczyk's other brand Mensinger (the original one). I bought this off here from its original Basschat-er owner, who lives near the factory in Poland and is apparently their biggest private customer (Adrian confirmed this). This bass is very special indeed and the spec is as follows: Ash body with padouk-wenge thru-neck; 30" scale length with 22-fret wenge board; neck width 41mm at zero fret; 2 x Delano humbuckers with Delano Sonar 3-band EQ; LED dot fret-markers; weighs approx 3.8kg. This bass is a minter and comes with a semi-rigid case in decent condition. Price excludes delivery but happy to deliver/meet up withing an hour's drive from Taunton or pack for collection if buyer arranges/pays for delivery. Cazpar 1 Cazpar 2 Cazpar 3
  10. Grabbed some pic's - no close-ups of blemishes cos there aren't any 🙂 http://
  11. Not present in my limited skill-set 😄
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