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  1. Much simpler for me. Short-scale is my only real option nowadays if I want to keep gigging.
  2. ...and anyone else who appreciates good music with a bigger than average dose of great bass vibes. Scott has been burning some lockdown hours on producing his first solo EP and this video is a taster. https://youtu.be/vsecejgH1HU I have no connection with Scott other than owning a few of his excellent SWB-1 basses and benefitting from his free advice and online tutorial stuff in the past.
  3. As you would expect from the difference in gauge and construction, the La Bellas are noticeably stiffer/more substantial. Should add that low tension and action (within reason) are top of my wish list to extend my active gigging life by minimising wear and tear on my hands. I seem to get that from the La Bellas with drop tuning and from the TIs drop-tuned. All very subjective though.
  4. Question for you Mustang lovers out there. I've never owned one but played in a band a few years back where the lead singer/guitarist insisted I tried an old Mustang that he'd rescued from a skip and brought back to life. It was such a nice bass and fitted in the mix so well that I carried on gigging it. The only thing I could fault for what I need now is that tonally it was a bit of a one-trick pony. What sort of tonal range do you get from the latest PJ Mustangs? I wouldn't want to lose that wonderful smooth, warm roundness, just looking for more versatllity.
  5. Just for info while we're on the subject of s-s strings, my custom-built s-s gig basses are strung with La Bella Deep Talkin' Flats. I absolutely love those strings and won't be changing them as my classic rock covers band plays drop-tuned to Eb and I think tension would be borderline with the TIs. PS The La Bellas are the perfect length for 30"-scale basses with normal bridges.
  6. ... and first post now updated - what a useful tool that strike-through option is. If what they're now saying about everybody being vaccinated by the end of July, I'd say Sept 19th should be spot on. Can't wait to demo my Mesa Subway TT800 and sell a few bits and pieces. BRING IT ON!!!
  7. Now this is shaping up as an international event, we'll sort out some B&B addresses for you guys.
  8. I see a plan coming together here... You buy the '58, decide it's no different from what you've already got - and then sell me one of them to me 😊
  9. OK, so the pup swap is now on the back burner. I was looking at a new Creamery '58 but according to their website there's a 45-day wait due to "covid restrictions causing limited access to the work-shop". If that's the situation, I wouldn't risk putting any money up front. Also, just fitted my first-ever set of TI Jazz Flats and am much happier with the way they sound.
  10. Fitted without any bother. Excellent strings that suit me and the bass really well ☺️
  11. Dohhh! Just realised that the clue's in the JF324 product code. A quick look at the TI website confirms that their definition of short, long and extra-long is 32", 34" and 36" respectively. How quirky is that? All my Maruszczyk s-s basses came fitted with cut-down standard-scale rounds but I wasn't sure how well that would work with the more rigid flats. Thanks for the feedback Paul.
  12. Just received a set and found that they are too long for my 30"-scale Sandberg Cali s-s. The fully-wound nominal-gauge section of the E string extends 5cms past the string post, which as far as I'm concerned makes them unusable. Can anybody tell me whether this a known issue with these so-called s-s strings? The only other explanation would be a mistake in TI's packing department.
  13. Thanks ead and Cuzzie - plenty for me to think about there. Mine's passive btw. I'll keep a watching eye on the FS forum and maybe post a 'wanted' topic.
  14. My short-scale Cali 4 has a Black Label P pup. Can somebody please tell me where these fit into the tonal spectrum of P-bass pups? Is there anything else out there that would give me a more suitable P-bass vibe in my classic rock/pop covers band? I'm new to Sandberg and have only ever briefly owned one P bass - a standard-scale Squier. I remember that sounding sublime with flats so I'm just about to replace the Sandy rounds with TI Jazzers.
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