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  1. Both shirts also work well as a base layer worn with other garments. Then you just print the front and back images of the shirt design that I posted above and pin them onto your outer garment.
  2. T-shirts appeal!! Christmas is coming (allegedly) so just a little reminder to those who didn't make it to the Bash that we still have combat-green T-shirts for sale in sizes M, L and XL for £20 inc p&p. We got stocked-up based on previous years' attendances and are currently still massively out of pocket as a result. Obviously, we accept that the risk was ours and we're not asking anyone to buy something they don't want. However, if you REALLY DO want one, just ping me a PM 🙂 I'll wait a while and then see if I can post the remainder FS under 'other items' but not sure whether brand-new stuff can be sold on there - any idea Richie?
  3. Just had a cuppa and nice chat with GrahamT. We met up to exchange a large T-shirt for an XL - not saying which way round 😉. Let's hope we get a spell of weather next year like the one we're just enjoying so we can have lunch al fresco.
  4. OK, so just started a new topic for next year's Bash with a post confirming details of date and venue. The formula will be more of the same - including the rhubarb crumble 😋 Over and out!!
  5. OK, so this is me starting a new topic for next year's Bash ☺️ The hall is booked for Sunday, October 9th, 2022 - so get that date in your diaries! The Memorial Hall, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Rowford, TAUNTON, TA2 8JY https://www.cheddonfitzpainevillagehall.co.uk/ (The picture below shows the entrance to the hall driveway but the old lodge is a private house)
  6. Jabba's Build Diaries are enjoyed by many on this forum and his beautiful creations are always a big draw at our S-W Bass Bashes . His basses with their distinctive headstocks are easily recognisable to those in the know and the quality of his work is just stunning.
  7. That's a tasty piece of hardware.
  8. Wise move - I've found that weights do often vary from spec 🙂
  9. It probably doesn't, and if they don't that's what I'll do. Just saying that in the past Sylvia has beaten me to it 🙂
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