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  1. Edens are great sounding amps. I have a WT-550 Traveler. GLWTS.
  2. Time for a bump on this exotic beast!
  3. I had one of the 2014 SG re-issues in black and loved everything about it - except the slight neck dive. Gigged it for a few years before selling and now wish I'd kept it!!
  4. Sadly you're right, as it's become clear within the last 24 hours that we're heading towards a second wave. I've already decided to talk to the hall manager on Monday and will then post a selection of available Sundays in May/June next year so we can collectively decide what suits us Bashers best (my feeling is that the usual early April date might be a bit too soon). In the meantime, we can all proceed on the basis that, regrettably: The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash is off until further notice!! ☹️ The good news is that I'll be able to bring my Mesa TT-800 that's due for delivery at the end of October 😎
  5. That 'piano ring' Bernard describes comes when you fit the acoustic steel round-wound strings he uses. I have them on one of my fretted Contours and it's sublime - come to think of it, they would probably sound amazing on a fretless. Also, the unique way these basses are designed (specifically the ingenious internal bracing) delivers incredible sustain.
  6. I'm putting this one from my collection of Gilletts up for sale as I'm not really a fretless player and got it for a one-off project. It's impossible to overstate just how impressive these extremely rare, UK-made electro-acoustic basses are - IMHO nothing else comes close and other owners say the same. Suffice to say that, at the last Summer NAMM in Nashville, Bass Gear mag declared the Contour 'Best Bass in Show' despite never even having heard of Gillett Guitars before they visited the company's stand! This one is in excellent condition with only a few faint witness marks but nothing you could call a ding, scratch or scuff. Price includes a reasonably durable gig bag and I'd strongly prefer either for the buyer to collect (we're 10 min's from J25 M5) or meet me for handover somewhere between Bristol and Exeter. However, if a buyer insists on shipping (UK only) and is willing to arrange/pay for carriage, I will look at getting a hard case at extra cost. Here's a short-list of key features: Rosewood body; maple ‘C’-section neck — 41mm (1.6”) at nut, 54mm (2.13”) at 12th fret; sculpted ergonomic recesses for fore-arm and rib-cage/beer gut; single active neck pick-up; thru-body stringing; adjustable nut; medium scale length = 31.75"; weight = 3.75kg. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  7. I have 4 BF cabs - 1 x One10, 1 x Two10s and 2 x SC3s. They are all brilliant (for me anyway) and I've stopped looking at other cabs. My view was endorsed by one of the Basschat self-build cab team, who told me at the end of the last S-W Bass Bash that the sounds coming from my Eden WT550 Traveler thru the SC3s was the best he'd heard.
  8. Perfect beginner bass - amazing what you can get for so little money nowadays. GLWTS. In the meantime, keep eating the Farley's Rusks!
  9. Bugger! Just heard our only remaining gig of 2020 has been cancelled by Minehead Council - Saturday 29 August outdoors on the big bandstand in Blenheim Gardens. I'm guessing they're anticipating a local 'spike' following the re-opening of Butlins ☹️
  10. Don't worry guys, unless the risk is manageable to the point of being practically negligible we won't be going ahead. There is NOBODY more risk-averse than me and Mrs Scrumpy when it comes to covid-19. We're moving forward on the basis that it's still on unless/until it's called off, and the only reasonable approach is to decide closer to the time, say around the end of August.
  11. I'm not a P-bass guy myself but I'd say it could go somewhere in that direction especially with flats. Others please correct me if I'm wrong. Trouble is the only thing that does P-bass convincingly is - a P-bass.
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