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  1. Forgot to add this! https://www.public-peace.de/mensinger-guitars/m-basses/men-cazpar The second from top video in the left column shows Adrian playing this actual bass.
  2. Up for sale is my exquisite 'Cazzie' in high-gloss, natural finish made by Adrian Maruszczyk's other brand, Mensinger. These short-scale (30"), light-weight (3.0kg) basses are extremely comfortable to wear and play and this one is mint/unmarked. Here's the spec: Body: Mahogany with eye poplar top. Neck: Hard rock maple with ebony fretboard, 40mm wide at nut. Pickup: Domanski under eye-poplar cover with series/single coil/parallel mini switch. Strings: La Bella flats. Price includes gig bag and is based on collection from near J25 of the M5. Alternatively, for an extra £50 I can supply and pack in a nice Gator hard-case for collection by carrier arranged/paid by buyer. I still have the original documentation including Certificate of Ownership. Buy this one and save yourself around £350 and a 12-week wait! The following pic's are of this actual bass, which just oozes quality and was featured on their website. They are an accurate reflection of how it looks now: http:// http:// http:// http://
  3. Unique opportunity to own one of the two basses I commissioned from our own AndyJr and featured in one of his Build Diaries on this forum. It's a 30" scale passive with 3 lippy pick-ups and seven-position switching enabling any one pup or combination to be selected quickly and easily. I had this made as a clone of the original that Andy made me but I'm letting it go as my new stock-control policy is to not keep two basses that are essentially the same. Price is collected from near J25 M5 and including quality gig bag. Not prepared to ship in gig bag but will sell in Gator hard-case for an extra £50 and pack for collection by courier arranged and paid for by buyer. For full details see https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/380567-the-little-rascal/ http://
  4. Very special bass from top bloke.
  5. Eden have a great 'signature' tone with all controls set flat - I have a WT550 Traveler for gigs and WTX-264 for home use. GLWTS!
  6. I think my own high opinion of this amp has led me to overdo my asking price - so I'm reducing it to a very reasonable £450.
  7. Yes, these are superb - in a different league from yer average D-class amp.
  8. NOW REDUCED TO £450!! Offered in A1 condition with footswitch, cable and GK gig bag. These are amazing amps with valve pre and two channels. Price is collected but happy to pack for collection by courier if arranged /paid for by buyer. I'm keeping the rack case shown in pic but rack ears are available if required. Can PM more pic's but there are no defects to show. http://
  9. Five weeks down the line and I'm loving this even more than I already reported on here. These are fabulous basses! All the US owners on Talkbass reckon that this s-s version is tonally more versatile than the standard-scale 'Rays, i.e. it does the classic 'Ray sound and then some.
  10. Newtone are indeed very helpful but only make round-wound strings.
  11. Let's have a bump - a lot of bass amp for not much money!
  12. Interesting question, especially as the Fusion 800 has switchable clean/dirty channels. I've got one but obviously don't know how it will compare with the TT in actual performance terms. I also have a Subway 800+ and can tell you how those two compare: the Fusion is more mid-range-punchy with valve flavouring always present and sounds better through my BF Two10 cabs; the Subway has overall warmer, slightly darker tones and sounds better with the Bright switch on through my BF SC3 cabs. I love both combinations, but the Subway/SC3 stack edges it in my classic rock covers band. As I understand it, the TT is designed to function as two entirely different, switchable amps in one package while the Fusion is a two-channel D-class with valve pre-stage. However, given that both the Fusion and the TT have lots of sound-shaping controls, it wouldn't surprise me if there's a fair degree of overlap in the tonal footprints of the Fusion and the TT. On the other hand, each may be capable of making sounds that the other can't - and that's the part I guess we're all really interested in. Sorry if all that sounds a bit obscure but I did my best 🙂 I'd love to be able to do a back-to-back comparison to find out what the REAL difference is.
  13. Nice piece of kit from a top Basschat-er! GLWTS
  14. Me too! I recall the concept of building a 'classic' valve front end into a D-class package being promoted several times on here and/or Talkbass. Full marks to Mesa Engineering for doing that in such an imaginative way.
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