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  1. Those strings are just the best - for me and you at least ☺️
  2. VERY interesting! Same electronics package as the excellent SBMM s-s 'Ray. Had one, moved it on, now maybe regretting it a bit.
  3. Now £395 collected!! IMHO a real bargain for this example that really is good as new apart from the small blemish pictured above. Already packed in its original box for collection right now - my buyer got to the point of paying me and when I sent him the dim's and weight decided it was too heavy (12.5kg net). Not exactly light-weight but these things are bullet-proof and supported in the UK by one of the best companies on the planet.
  4. There's an emerald green Wattplower in stock at Merchant City Music in Glasgow... 🤐
  5. Lucky it wasn't one of those that fell on his head.
  6. My big question is how does it balance on the strap with the top button on the back of the body? As some of you may know, I'm a big fan of 3-p'up basses but ruled this one out due to its neck-dive potential and the fact that it's pretty much impossible to try one out. Sorry, just seen the previous answer to this one - dohhh! Given where the top button is located and the light-weight body, this seems to defy the laws of gravity - nice trick if you can do it! Very nice sounds btw, but I think you do right fitting the La Bella flats, I love 'em.
  7. These are such great basses - I've got the fretted version. GLWTS
  8. Trying to add a pic to my ABM 600 EVO lV FS ad. Doing what I normally do but instead of getting an image I get a link that just takes me to the top of my topic. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  9. Just bumping this with a close-up shot of the Tolex blemish just in case it's putting anybody off buying. It really is minor and I managed to hide it quite well by carefully building up layers of some fairly thick satin-finish black Hammerite. As my old mum used to say: "A man on a galloping horse won't notice." 😊 How strange. I've done what I've always done to post a pic and it's not working. I'll have another go later.
  10. Thanks sPiKi, great selection you've got there! Changed my order with Merchant City from Triad to Sentinel this morning. Best part is that they've got a couple of black ones already in transit. They've got a Mulberry Mist in stock but not sure about the colour and waiting for the black ones gives me time to sell my Lionel if that's what I decide to do. All good again 🙂
  11. Just checked again - and you're right! All I can say in my defence is it's an age thing - and I'd like 23 similar offences taken into account before sentencing m'lud. Seriously though, thanks. I'll maybe change my order to a Sentinel that has 3 switchable 'voices' (who knows, that might arrive before Xmas) - or perhaps it's another order for Andyjr.
  12. Well, that's it. Deposit down on a Korina Burst Triad. Delivery in time for Xmas!
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