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  1. Just got a really nice Ampeg PF800 from Pete. Everything just as you would want it to be from start to finish, top Basschat-er! Amp was collected by a friend of mine, who reported back that I would certainly have enjoyed meeting Pete. Maybe next time 👍
  2. I'm deeply impressed by all this - what a fantastic example of the value of this forum and a credit to you guys!!
  3. Thanks for that Walshy, you've saved me - my willpower was crumbling too 🙄
  4. Blimey - rare as rocking-horse poo! I'd be in there if I hadn't already acquired 2 amps this week ☹️ Don't see this one hanging around for long though.
  5. Just traded amps with Simon. Mesa delivered to his house yesterday, Darkglass arrived at my house today - one mint amp exchanged for another. This was the easiest and quickest transaction I've ever done on here - cashless too 😊 Mike
  6. I bought a used one, sold it to try other stuff, realised I'd made a mistake - and bought a new one 😬
  7. After reading the early posts on this topic I've just hopped back on at the end - so apologies if this has already been mentioned. I recently bought a new Genzler Magellan from Andertons for £749. This is a latest-generation, fully-featured D-class amp that oozes quality and sounds great. I take my hat off to them for bringing it to the UK market at such a reasonable price. Compare and contrast with the GK Fusion 800 (equivalent but around £220 dearer) and Mesa D800 (fewer features, a bit of a one-trick pony and around £120 dearer). I've owned both and they are great amps but not IMO good value for money and too expensive for me to buy new.
  8. Wow, that looks like a big bargain for somebody - wish I needed it! 😊 GLWTS
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