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  1. I'm using medium-gauge, short-scale 760FS-S and they feel/sound great on my 30"-scale basses drop-tuned to Eb playing classic-rock covers. I'm a big fan.
  2. Thanks - certainly works for me even tho I can't take any credit for the design. Glad you didn't patent it - or did you? 😧
  3. Hi Stewie! Playability-wise, it's as close to Mervyn (my Andyjr-modified Fender Rascal) as makes no difference. Doesn't have the same 3-pup/7-position switching versatility though.
  4. Wot, no sofa shot?! http:// The 'official' Adrian sofa shot would have cost an extra 500 quid compared to what I paid J Jay for the above as advertised on the FS forum. Delivery time much better on this one too 😊 It's a short-scale Elwood with hi-mass bridge (not sure which) and SD pup upgrades btw.
  5. I've recently fitted a set of short-scale D'Addario ENR71S Half Rounds to one of my cheapie back-up basses (Squier Jag s-s). They're described as 'Warm/Bright' in 'Regular Light' gauge ( Didn't sound bad when I had to gig the bass for the first time last weekend. Can't really say more at this stage as my lack of outright enthusiasm may be down to the shortcomings of the Jag compared to my more expensive basses. You also have to take into account that I play s-s basses drop-tuned to Eb. First thing you notice is the slightly rough/sticky feel but either that wore off before the end of the set or my brain edited it out. In any event, that didn't slow me down. Interesting thread this - may have to give Status a try if they do a s-s set.
  6. That looks like a bargain for somebody on here - lightly road-worn at no extra charge too! Based on my experience, you can buy with confidence from this BCer.
  7. I've got a nice Squier s-s Jag that I'm thinking of upgrading to be a properly-giggable back-up bass. Playability is very good as received and I've fitted a set of Hipshot ultra-light machines I already had, which has improved tuning and balance. As you would expect, the basic OE pups and pot's are pretty limited in terms of the range and quality of sounds they deliver but, never having changed pups, I just don't know what's out there. Any suggestions as to what would give me a significant improvement at a reasonable price? This would be used for classic rock/pop covers, so I need some vintage tones on tap.
  8. Just in the interests of fairness, let's not rule out the possibility that his amp was running too hot. Had a fan malfunction on one of mine a while back and couldn't believe how hot it got in the half hour before I noticed.
  9. The other issue that's been touched on above is what (if any) prep you should do to the previously bonded surfaces to maximise your chances of a decent repair. In my experience, you would normally clean the old stuff off and maybe roughen the surface of the wood before you start again. Ideally we need to know whether the old adhesive was water-based or solvent-based.
  10. Only available in boxes of 20,000 apparently 😲 but I'll look some more.
  11. Don't believe so, as the hammer action of the gun would probably take the finish off - I'll Google it though 👍
  12. Another benefit of this and similar amps is that they can be serviced and repaired by any competent tech, so should last a very long time. Had some work done on mine by V-Amps and Pete said it was easy to work on.
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