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  1. Please tell me why I should avoid Ashdown amps?

    That certainly is the best way to do it - bet you can't wait to get the new 'black beastie'.
  2. Dream bass!

    Unexpected news - first dream bass, now dream project! Turns out that Gillett are really busy and need some extra resource in the months leading up to the London Bass Guitar Show. Also, they're based just up the road from me. SO, to cut a short story even shorter, I’ll be doing some sales & marketing for them including attending the show. First thing I’ve done is persuade Michael G to support this forum by taking a banner advertisement - watch this space!
  3. Genzler Magellan 800 and 350 bass amplifiers

    PS Don't know if they still are, but Bass Direct were offering the 800 at £699 - very reasonable compared with US designed and built alternatives that are IMHO less capable and of no better quality.
  4. Genzler Magellan 800 and 350 bass amplifiers

    Well done Osiris! That is indeed a great review of a great amp; I've got one (the 800) and can't fault it - or the review. (Can't believe my luck to find a mint/boxed example at a reasonable price on this forum.) Like you, I got a personal reply back from Mr. G - with an apology for the couple of days delay as he'd been away.
  5. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!!

    Thanks mate - glad to hear you're double-handed now!
  6. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!!

    Thanks Rich - you beat me to it!! Will you be able to lend a hand as you did last time? Nice to see the interest building already - and it's only half-past November
  7. To the dark side Build One - Alembic-esque Electric

    That's exquisite!
  8. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!!

    Agreed! That's already a dozen plus me - which covers the cost of hiring the hall for the day plus £50 towards the food
  9. scrumpymike's (a) Rascal

    That's a nice contrast to the walnut.
  10. scrumpymike's (a) Rascal

    Nice work Andy! That matched head-stock capping certainly balances the bass visually. Re physical balance, I was wondering whether we'd need to resort to light-weight tuners after the re-body so I'm pleased that's looking unlikely.
  11. SOLD Trace Elliott AH300 SMC GP7 & 115 cab

    If it helps, and you're happy to buy unseen (see scrumpymike topic on feedback forum), could deliver to m-way services anywhere between here and Rochdale (M5/M6 that is).
  12. scrumpymike's (a) Rascal

    Cripes - that's even thinner that a 'waffer-thin mint' (but not as easy to bend)!