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  1. Just been emailed this from a friend in France featuring allegedly famous bass lines. Embarrassed to admit that I can only guess 5. Mind you, the average French muso's idea of what qualifies as popular music is somewhat different from my own and probably at least one of these was a Johnny 'alliday hit 🙂 Over to you. bass devinettes.mp3 Untitled attachment 00042.html
  2. The Cazpars are amazing! I've had 3 and if money was no object would have kept them all. Unfortunately, the basses I have at any given time are decided by the gigs I'm doing - or hoping to do at the moment!
  3. Despite being a short-scale-only player, I've only just found this topic. Thanks to all those who've posted some very interesting pic's so far. I'll add a few of my own when I get a minute. THIS TRULY IS THE GOLDEN AGE OF SHORT-SCALE BASSES!
  4. Yep, 'Impulse Buys R Us'! If this were a short-scale, I'd probably be doing it right now 🙂
  5. Dan just bought my BF Two10 and it's been a pleasure dealing with him. No hesitation in recommending this top Basschat-er to others.
  6. A real beauty that one! What a Christmas present will that be for some lucky new owner. GLWTS
  7. Thanks for looking but now sold pending the usual stuff.
  8. Cab and BF cover both in A1 condition with no dings/scrapes or Tolex peel. This 'S' version is switchable between 4 and 12 ohms and spec'd at 600W, though Alex at BF says they're good for 800 clean watts. I've gigged it in a rock covers band at 4ohms with an Eden WT550 Traveler and 12ohms with a Mesa Subway D800+ - both plenty loud enough for me! Collection only or happy to meet anywhere within a half-hour drive from J25 M5 when covid rules allow.
  9. Yes, you'd need a 28-metre-long racing 8 for that - provided, of course, the rowers and cox are wearing the PPE needed for 1m distancing. If they want to maintain the recommended 2m distancing, they need a 36m-long boat. Sorry... I'll get my coat. Wait a minute - I can't leave the house!
  10. Latest forecast/prediction/target/guesstimate/lie (delete as appropriate) from top gov't adviser (!?) over the weekend was that everyone over 50 will have been vaccinated by Easter - hopefully that's 2021!
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