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  1. Megathread on Talkbass, megadeath on here. Somebody's taking the p*ss with UK pricing! Shame as Mesa make such good stuff 🙁
  2. Short-scale Sterling by MM Stingray also announced! That looks very nice but likely to be around £2k - which is the price a near-new personal import is up for on here. Don't forget the various Maruszczyk s-s basses that have been on offer for a while btw!
  3. That body looks like it's been sculpted out of solid marble!!
  4. Best small amp head I've tried (and owned for a couple of years now) is the Eden WTX264. No longer available new but there's been one hanging around on here for a while (may be gone now). For me the tones thru my BF One 10 are sublime, and I speak as one who gigged nothing but TE stuff for most of my playing life.
  5. This is what I'm currently gigging, 800+ is switchable down to 2ohms btw. You would have to be careful running it through a single 4ohm Two 10 though.
  6. OK, so we finally know why the Neanderthals looked like that and it was called 'the stone age': rock-'n'-roll lifestyle and too much dope 😁
  7. I like this! Anybody know about pricing?
  8. Does this adjustable Tonepump stuff apply to my Bantam? It has a couple of EMG 35DC pups and BTS EQ (allegedly 🙂).
  9. She's got a decent bass groove going there. Only really know her first 2 albums but that that muddy, semi-acoustic, old-school bass tone works really well on those.
  10. Cripes, my 'pay up front' appeal has already generated £30! If money keeps coming in at that rate between now and April 5, I'll be sunning myself somewhere in the Caribbean while you lot are standing outside our village hall 😎
  11. As in previous years, just a call for willing parties to pay up front so we have some money in the kitty to cover hall hire and other advance expenditure. (If you do this then can't attend, your money will be refunded after the event.) Just PM me and I'll send payment details. THANKS!
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