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  1. This amp looks as new the only sign of wear and tear being a scrape on the top surface of the Tolex towards the back - see pic. The amp is less than 12 months old, comes with its unmarked padded cover, has done very little work (like its owner 😐) and everything functions as it should. Price is based on collection (I'm 10 min's away from J25 on the M5) or handover anywhere between Bristol and Exeter. Happy to pack in original box if buyer arranges/pays for courier collection. http://
  2. Just bought a Fender Rumble 800 HD from Doug. Smooth and fast dealings, mint amp, top bloke.
  3. Bought my Cali s-s from Jezzaboy on here and he's kindly just sent me a copy of the glossy A4 booklet 'A Day at Sandberg'. Had a proper look this morning and it does them proud. Great photography, top-quality print job that conveys the feeling of Holger's happy team of skilled craftsmen and women who look completely at home in a high-class production environment. For me it has definitely reinforced the feel-good factor of owning one of their superb basses. Should add that I used to produce this kind of promotional stuff for a living so it probably means more to me than most.
  4. Almost certainly anybody who's called Lionel - which lets me out 🙂
  5. I'm surprised - that's a stunner! If only it was a 30-incher...
  6. Hah! Little does SM know that I'm about to steal his market with my superior invention. It's a large helium-filled balloon tied to the headstock. It'll be out as soon as I've decided on a name. Head Zeppelin is favourite so far but I'm open to other suggestions.
  7. It's all down to the relative weights of the parts of the bass that are on each side of the body-waist pivot point. The problem with a bass compared with a 6-string guitar is the longer/heavier neck assembly and the exaggerated leverage that out-lying weight applies to the centre of gravity. The imbalance could possibly be designed out, but I think that a) increasing the overall mass by adding counterbalancing weight wouldn't be acceptable to most players and b) trying to move the pivot point would result in a pretty weird-looking bass.
  8. I had a GSRM20 for a while. Nice little bass but I realised that for me anything with a sub-30" scale was just too short.
  9. This balance thing only became an issue for me in recent times. For years my go-to bass was a Gibson SG with worse neck dive than the SWB-1 and I loved it! When physical wear and tear became an issue I decided that every aspect of my basses had to be optimised to extend my gigging life. Thing with me is that when I decide to do something I tend to get a bit obsessive! Don't let me put you off the SWB-1! Scott and then Chowny have sold a fair number of these - presumably to players who get on fine with them, as they don't often come up FS. It's also worth mentioning that Chowny moved production from China to India, where the bodies are made from slightly denser and therefore heavier wood, which helps redress the balance. Then, if needed, there's always the lightweight tuner swap that makes a big difference in my experience.
  10. Now that IS nice! New one on me, never heard of them. I'd love a 30"-scale version of that.
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