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  1. Breath-taking - and that's from an apprentice!
  2. Just as an aside, I find that my life as a total flats player is made much easier because my basses have 3 pickups (selectable singly or in any combination) and my amp has 2 channels. I don't do pedals but my set-up gives me a massive tonal palette without ever losing that more substantial/thicker/rounder/warmer/fatter (pick your own word!) character that's built in to flats.
  3. That's one very lucky potato! Speaking of just sitting and gazing adoringly at basses, I've always been like that with Rickys. Started the first time I saw Pete Quaife of the Kinks playing his, so it's strange I've never even tried let alone owned one after all these years. Always out of my price range back then and I'm a short-scale/compact/lightweight kinda guy nowadays. Still top of my eye-candy list though, always will be.
  4. Hi Rich! How strange, it's just the opposite for me. Maybe half-rounds or I seem to recall GHS Brite flats had a kind of semi-rough feel.
  5. Never tried Cobalts but I wouldn't say my TI flats are "brighter and closer tonally to rounds". The GHS Brite Flats I tried a while back are nearer what Linus27 is after but I seem to recall they were high-ish tension. I don't think 'bright' and 'low tension' go together.
  6. Thanks enjoyed that. Nice bass playing and tone.
  7. For me, the perfect bass is the one that means I have no need to keep looking for anything better. Mine started life as a Fender Rascal and what made it perfect was having it re-bodied by our Andyjr1515. Apologies to those of you that I've already bored with this on other topics. My only excuse is that it REALLY IS my perfect bass and I just can't shut up about it 😐
  8. These look drop-dead gorgeous and amazing value for money.
  9. Just sold my Sandberg Lionel to Ade and we met-up at lunch-time for a handover, cuppa and chat. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, proper Basschat-er.
  10. ... and we're not too sure about Keef.
  11. Well done Bernard, I love these 'continuity' stories! I'm still in touch with the guitarist from the 3-piece band we started while at school in Rochdale back in 1964. When I moved down to London in 1970, my two buddies kept the band going and went on to greater things. That's my 'nearly became a bit famous' story ☹️
  12. I have one of these - among others from Spector, Maruszczyk, and Atelier Z - and would highly recommend it. Good quality / price and you can be sure it's going to fit your Mustang.
  13. La Bella 760FS-S flats are a great choice and work fine on my s-s basses drop-tuned to Eb.
  14. Darn! Half-price, no neck-dive, decent weight... I've always had a soft spot for Gibsons - it's between my ears where my brain should be 🙂
  15. Thanks. I think I just spotted the other reason for no neck-dive - the body's mahogany and the weight (albeit inc. packaging) is quoted as 7.1kg. Anyone know the nett weight?
  16. Do you get neck-dive with these? I'm guessing better than the SG but still significant. That's why I ended up selling my otherwise amazing SG re-issue.
  17. Thanks for that. I'm familiar with the difference between standard and short-scale. It's the difference between this Ibby and other s-s basses I need to understand. This one has its top strap button around F10 as opposed to the normal F12, which should bring F1 even closer.
  18. I'm interested in these but just trying to understand your comment re offset as positioning on the strap is important to me. So, compared to a normal s-s bass, does the offset shift the bottom end of the fretboard (i.e. F1) further out to your left - meaning a longer reach for your fretting hand - or bring it closer in towards your body for a shorter reach?
  19. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Mike, Gabs & Team Scrumpy 🥳 - see you in October!
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