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  1. Bash T-shirts Just confirming that all mail-order T-shirts were sent out today by first-class post. If you're expecting one and it hasn't arrived by Friday, ping me a PM.
  2. So now we can start looking forward to the next one 😊 The hall is booked for Sunday, October 9th, 2022 - so get that date in your diaries! Mike and the Scrumpettes
  3. MAIL-ORDER T-SHIRTS For the info of those who've ordered, we plan to start posting T-shirts out next Monday. Mike & Gabs
  4. Looks like I'm doing that single-handed. Such a quiet, shy, retiring guy normally 😉
  5. Here is the link to the FOC website our friend Richard created for the last Bash, which now contains yesterday's pic's as well. He hasn't had time to do an edit and is away for a few days now so everything is there - including some blurred images where the autofocus on his camera has focussed on the wrong thing. You can view and/or copy whatever you want from here: https://bigfatswbassbash.weebly.com/
  6. The raffle is always a major contributor to Bash revenue. Yesterday we averaged 5 tickets per attendee and that money is clear profit. What a generous bunch we are 😊
  7. Most kind Stew but honestly no need. Despite the lower than average turnout, today's event broke even because we made enough money in 2019 to cover the hall booking for 2020 and then the hall didn't charge us anything for postponing until this year.
  8. Well, Gabs and I have just finished unloading all the stuff, putting everything back where it belongs and had a slump on the sofa with a cuppa. It was another great day for us too! Thanks to all of who attended, and we are looking forward to seeing the regulars who couldn't make it next time 😊 If everyone's agreeable, we're going for early October next year as it's between the holiday season and the winter bugs. Watch this space for today's pic's and confirmation of 2022 date! Special thanks go out to those who helped in any way and to Phil for putting the home-build cab session together single-handed AND at short notice.
  9. Pic's taken by helper Richard. I'll post as soon as I get them
  10. ...AND A FEW MORE THINGS PPE - there are hand sanitizer dispensers in the hall but please bring whatever else you think you might need. Bass stands - don't forget them! Cash - there are no ATMs near the hall so bring cash if you're buying. Ear plugs/defenders - no compensation will be paid for hearing damage sustained at the Bash 😉 As before, there's a separate Quiet Room suggested 'noisy time' in the hall will be between 10-to and 10-past every hour. Covid tracing - Graham on the door will have a list of everyone present but please give him your contact phone number on arrival (plus your post-code if you want to enter 'furthest travelled')
  11. Sabby (Mrs. Woodinblack) has kindly offered to do a vegan quiche, pizza swirls with home-made pepperoni and lotus biscoff cake (wowzer!!). We'll also bring some falafels and vegan cheese. Re PPE, I think we'll all just be doing what feels appropriate - including anyone who feels the need to be fully suited and booted. We'll make sure there's good ventilation and there are hand-sanitizer dispensers.
  12. I had a gig the night before the last Bash in 2019 - I wasn't there at 8am either 😊
  13. Definitely of interest so bring if you can. Also, if you can get up to the hall early (we're there from 8am) that would be appreciated. No pressure though 😉
  14. This is my second bass-guitar transaction with Loz (this time I'm the buyer) and only good things to say about this top member of the Basschat community.
  15. We've got from M through 3XL... so you'll either have to add or lose some weight to bring yourself in range 😊
  16. MORE LAST-MINUTE STUFF!! 1) Call for mains extension leads As in previous years, would you all bring whatever you've got to help us distribute mains power to the tables across the hall. Long, chunky, 4-gang cable-reels will be particularly welcome. 2) Early-doors volunteer required to replace Monsieur le Blanc on set-up duties. If you live locally and are happy to do this, just ping me a PM. In terms of qualifications, all you need is a pulse and the ability to walk and kneel down (mat provided 🙂). 3) Paid your £10 entry but can't come? I know there are a few of you, due largely to circumstances beyond your control. Some have already said "just keep the money". That's most generous but I have an alternative that means no one loses out and I won't need to give any/as many refunds. My suggestion is that you send me an extra £10 to buy yourself a Bash T-shirt (£15 plus p&p). We have laid out nearly £900 on shirts based on the expectation of a record-busting post-lockdown turnout this time. The shirts will sell eventually (hopefully 😐) as they are not specific to this particular place and time but a few extra sales would help with our short-term cash-flow. Of course, anyone who prefers a £10 refund can have one after the Bash. If you're one of the pre-paid absentees, just confirm your preference via PM.
  17. I'd personally be comfortable with that but perhaps you would also consider wearing masks. Again, though, I would leave that entirely up to you.
  18. COUNTDOWN NOTICE, WEDNESDAY 15TH Here is Mrs. Scrumpy's menu to get the tastebuds going for Sunday. As usual, much of the content is good for vegetarians and there will also be vegan content. We think we remember who you are but, just in case, could our vegan friends and anyone else with special dietary requirement please make yourselves known to me - either on topic or via PM. Mrs Scrumpys menu.docx
  19. Nothing special - just turn up with your £10 entrance fee (covers your food and drink all day) at Cheddon Fitzpaine Memorial Hall, Rowford, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton TA2 8JY. The hall is in a rural location with a large car-park - see start of this topic for a pic of the entrance gate and hall website link. Feel free to bring any of your kit with you (or not) and call me on 07770 946135 if you need to. The event runs from 10am to 4pm. Hope to see you on Sunday - you'll be more than welcome!
  20. Thanks - and you're not the only one who will miss Frank.
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