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  1. Hi, looks stunning. Have you had this from new, what year? What is the condition & actual weight? Best… B
  2. Thx guy's...if you can pls "check" the weight thank you...B
  3. That is a fab bass! Please could you check the weight and what is the 12th fret width....thx....B
  4. Should have added they are light & have the option of a slightly smaller body size!
  5. Dave,I would highly recommend Mike Lull as a P alternative...I have the 30" scale (pic above) but they have a number of scale/fret config's, the build, ergonomics & sound is excellent....good luck....
  6. Great gig ( & food) last night in Carlton le Moorland...2 1/2 hrs of 60 & 70 pop nostalgia...raising money for a local cause...pic of set up after sound check...I know I keep banging on about a silent stage...but we wanted to rehearse a new encore medley...so we did this with FoH muted so the organisers could lay out the room.
  7. What a perfect outdoor cover....now who can I task to carry?
  8. Whats a record player...ha
  9. Stings "Shape of my heart" acoustic version with Dominic Miller...(very controlled) &...Whitesnake's "Is this love" the HSCC version
  10. The Blade is an understated gem
  11. I have always liked the Danelectro body and that looks stunning....but the headstock! especially surrounded by class
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