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  1. Have chased John...schoolboy omission!!!!!
  2. Scott Dixon Lightweight cabs...12" 11kg ....10" 8kg...I have both...fab https://www.scottdixoninc.com/
  3. At Last....the Scott Dixon web site is live...have a look at the unique Guitar cases & bass cabs https://www.scottdixoninc.com/
  4. At Last....the Scott Dixon web site is live...have a look at the unique Guitar cases & bass cabs https://www.scottdixoninc.com/
  5. Model Micro Krell Headless Strings/Scale 4/26.5 Body core Alder Top/veneer ART Maple/Purple with black veneer Neck woods 5 piece Maple/Bubinga F/B wood AI Maple board 2 Radius 16’ Side dots Luminlay 3mm black/green Head plate/V N/A Back plate/V Top wood Bridge ETS 17mm black ACG Headpiece Pre-amp East Uni-Pre 3K B Series any combination. RFB 100 x 50 9 volt Yes Comments. 12th fret no more than 50mm. Loxx black
  6. Now I can join the SS club...just arrived
  7. Thank you, very helpful...I've opted for a low cost router as its only being used for FoH iPad set up on the M20X...before the crowd arrive with phones!!
  8. Very neat, what's your verdict on the Swissonic Professional Router 2?
  9. Its the new +Power plug in module that provides all the ultra-clean drive the most power-hungry headphones need....have also added V-Moda M200 headphones for rehearsals ...very impressed
  10. Update: We have upgraded our pa & IEM. We are now using a RCF digital mixer M20X, which is excellent( sound & functionality). A side effect is that; when we connect to our wireless IEM the latency and ground noise is much more noticeable. As we don't use any backline and we have a very high quality FoH, we want the best IEM, so we have decided to use studio quality amplifiers and have our in ear wired. I have been testing for a week and so far the results are very good, as a result the Co "DACS" is making a 1U rack for Fynnius Fogg. See page 1 for old rack pic, and new system below. The new rack contains a isolated/ stable power supply + the headphone amps + bass wireless unit with the mixer on top. We have a permanent set up installed in or rehearsal area, where we use headphones...For gigs we use high quality in-ear...hopefully:we will be setting this all up and fine tuning from 17th May...with our first open air gig 20th June. Hope this encourages others!
  11. Hi, we have been using 2 M18's since they launched...one: live (50+gigs), see pic. second: permanently in the rehearsal room ( the only difference is the IEM's are replaced with a 8ch headphone amp rack)...we think they are excellent, sound, UI, reliability...as the many comments...and great value...we are currently trying the M20X...arrived this morning...so far ...wow
  12. Progress of my "covid safe restricted space rehearsal room" bass..ha
  13. Some new pics.... for Scott Dixon's new website (coming soon)....I think one of them will cause some questions...enjoy
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