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  1. BCH

    Feedback for mrtcat

    Tom, the proud owner of a Greenboy...enjoy...fast smooth transaction....B
  2. Christmas heads up, for those who know this 3 way cab!!! https://www.bassplayer.com/gear/greenboy-audio-fearless-f112-cabinet-reviewed Pick up..No trades...Happy Christmas
  3. I use all varieties of s'locks...have just fitted the new S ( to ACG Finn), all good great design easy on/off...thx guy's for raising awareness
  4. BCH

    Feedback for TheGreek

    Thank you Mick...dream transaction............. the Quilter cab has mated with a BB800, everybody is happy...we know TheGreek is a trading gem....B
  5. Its a view!...I had loaned out my rig so for a rehearsal & gig used a SansAmp pre amp & PA cab...very Hi Fi I added hoping to provide PA & monitors for the bands we play the HD 12A's provide a great bass sound FoH....lets not try to fill the room with our backline...a mantra I repeat to lead guitarists!!!!!!!
  6. GK MB Fusion 800 + footswitch & GK bag... (used) http://gallienkrueger.mivamerchant.net/manual/mb-fusion-owners-manual/
  7. Thank you, thinking about selling the Ritter!!!! with the case.....I have been exclusively using my new Anaconda https://www.anacondabasses.co.uk/Basses/featured-bass---1 with an ACG Finn as back up...what to do?
  8. BCH

    Modulus sold

    Update, should have mentioned its fitted with Badass Bass 2 bridge which is an upgrade option If you are unable to try/collect..payment by bank transfer & buyer books collection & insurance. When I have done this before its cheaper for the Europe buyer.
  9. BCH

    Modulus sold

    Aguilar OBP-1 , the PU has no marking so I have assumed it is the standard unit fitted in 2008...but as you can see in the pic's it dose not have the Modulus logo on the PU......best..B
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