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  1. Very cool, buy with confidence......GLWTS....B
  2. PM'd...sorry meant to ask the weight...thx...B
  3. BCH


    Fabulous bass...glwts...B
  4. BCH

    Feedback for BCH

    Thank you guy's....B
  5. Thank you to all the team...great basses & good to meet fellow BC's
  6. Midlands bass bash...Has the opening time been finalised?...can we unload before?...do you need any help setting up

    I have found all the raffle prizes, do you need info for listing?...best

    1. jebroad


      Opening at 1 but you can really turn up from 12:30. I should be good for set up.


    2. BCH



  7. Has the opening time been finalised?...can we unload before?...thx
  8. Will be taking this bass to the Midlands Bass Bash
  9. Will be taking this bass to the Midlands Bass Bash
  10. BCH


    Will be taking this rig to the Midlands Bass Bash
  11. I have some books for the raffle...Rock Hardware....The Bass handbook...Totally Guitar (definitive guide) still looking for others!..I would like to bring for sale...Enfield Cannon & Nathan Shepard 4 string bass..Aguilar AG700 & SL112 ltd
  12. Just spent time with Andrew Taylor-Cummings of Anaconda basses, spec'ing my next 4 string. The Ultra J4E Elite with a vintage sunburst finish. The bass quality is outstanding a combination of design, skill & materials. Andrew helped with all the decisions to achieve what I am trying to achieve & need. Very confident about the outcome....but the wait!!!!!...lets support our great British luthiers.
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