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  1. Hi, we have been using 2 M18's since they launched...one: live (50+gigs), see pic. second: permanently in the rehearsal room ( the only difference is the IEM's are replaced with a 8ch headphone amp rack)...we think they are excellent, sound, UI, reliability...as the many comments...and great value...we are currently trying the M20X...arrived this morning...so far ...wow
  2. Progress of my "covid safe restricted space rehearsal room" bass..ha
  3. Some new pics.... for Scott Dixon's new website (coming soon)....I think one of them will cause some questions...enjoy
  4. Hi, I started using the Scott Dixon 3 guitar case & asked John Dixon for a lightweight 12" wedge, which he developed & I ordered and subsequently added the 10"...pics below...I cannot praise them enough for tight clear sound, tough & lightweight. Will ask John for up to date info. BC thread
  5. I have the Scott Dixon single 10" ...fabulous
  6. I will be joining with a 26.5" scale new build...body slab, wip
  7. I agree...this is a good execution....I'm able to fit wireless jack transmitter or cable
  8. BCH

    Ritter R8 SOLD

    Hope you are well.......BTW the Demeter is awesome...thx...I'm using it with a 10" wedge in rehearsals & have a 12" wedge for gigs !!!!! As you know its a unique bass and I'm grateful for your vision in specifying this bass from Ritter. It has served me well, for years delivering any sound needed, so needs to be with a new owner to benefit, thats why I've added offers
  9. BCH


    Fabulous basses, quality components & build, the necks are a dream the design is very ergonomic..... mine arrived 2019....great price GLWTS https://www.anacondabasses.co.uk/Basses/featured-bass---1
  10. Understood, will let him know..... John is in discussion with a pro Web builder, to provide a full spec...but money is tight in this lockdown!...will see what is available...thx for interest
  11. Some pics from John ..10" British Racing Green!
  12. Also....the cab is so ridged no energy distortion or buzz...BUT light 10" 9kg + lid cover...John has the 10" & 12" in stock (message him as a member, I'm encouraging him to also join as a commercial supplier)...one of the 10" is in British racing green....John pls add a pic of this!!!!
  13. They are hand made to order or small batches...contact John Dixon (who is a member) 07964 948476..best....Bernard
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