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  1. Highly recommended...I have one and the band love to sound
  2. BCH

    Andyjr1515 meets his Nemesis?

    Andy, thank you for being a pioneer ...I tried it @ Gillett, ordered immediately! Have visited the CNC partner...wow...will be finished in a couple of weeks...cant wait ...I also have the 4 string Slimline Contour Bass, which I and my band love...check them out We bass players should take Rocklite seriously as a recyclable alternative...expect more innovation
  3. BCH

    Any Blue Basses Out There?

    Gone but not forgotten...Overwater...back of Enfield...Hoffner (+red & white)
  4. BCH

    SOLD!! Maruszczyk Elwood L s-s

    Very nice Mike...good luck
  5. BCH

    Mystery bass

    I recognise that bass!!!!!...ha
  6. BCH

    Nathan Sheppard NSB1 withdrawn

    Thank you both...needs a good home
  7. Nathan Sheppard 4 string custom bass guitar Withdrawn
  8. BCH

    Any Blue Basses Out There?

    Back is blue!
  9. BCH

    Any Blue Basses Out There?

    Gone but not forgotten
  10. Yes & still fab!!!..good to hear from you....B
  11. BCH

    Any Ritters Out There?

    Mine is Red Cedar ...2.7 kg..1426.pdf
  12. BCH

    Any Ritters Out There?

    wow..need one!!!!!!....any pic's of the back...whats the weight