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  1. Hey Donk, Sadly I don't really want to ship it to Europe. Cheers Garry
  2. Same as this unit here: [url="http://allin.ie/assets/product_images/svp.jpg?1266853822"]http://allin.ie/assets/product_images/svp.jpg?1266853822[/url] Some minor scuffs and a touch of rack rash but well looked after. Spent years coupled with a power amp and used live, last couple years has been racked in my studio and used as a front end / di for Bass. Had new valves last year and a big service to sort out any little niggles. Looking for £250 ish, give or take. G
  3. The Electrix Filter is now sold. Everything open to offers. Great Compressor for bass, mic for double bass and outboard for the studio... G
  4. API EQ Pictures. [attachment=74186:api2.JPG] [attachment=74185:api1.JPG]
  5. All yours if you want it. Except you are currently 10,505 miles (or 16,906 kilometres) away... Catch you soon about it though. You got first dibs.
  6. I now have two API 560 EQ's for sale for £750. These are £780 new EACH so, two used for the price of one new. Also, I have an API 525 Compressor for £750 (£1050 new). G
  7. Selling on some studio gear to buy some new things. All in perfect working order and well loved and looked after. DBX 163x Compressor. Super simple little compressor. One dial for more or less compression. I use this one snare drum all the time. [attachment=73488:photo_6_.JPG] [b]£75 shipped.[/b] EV Cardinal (I know this is black which would make it a raven but it is 100% a cardinal condenser mic). Lovely warm sounding mic. Works wonders on cello, trombone and on occasion the right vocalist. This stopped getting as much use recently as I got a pair of ribbon mics. [attachment=73494:photo_4_.JPG] [attachment=73495:photo_5_.JPG] [b]£80 shipped.[/b] Alta Mod AM-20 EQ for API 500 series lunchbox. Super clean 4-band EQ. Does what it says on the tin and works well with anything you run through it. Great for notching out nasty stuff in a vocal or suchlike. I use this when I want to tweak but not colour the source. [attachment=73487:photo_2_.JPG] [b]£350 shipped.[/b] In the middle in this pic. Does not include power supply. I have lots of solid feedback and am a long time user of this forum. 100% eBay feedback as well. Get in touch with any questions. Garry
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