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  1. ACG Krell 30.5" scale headless ( I also have a 26.5" Krell)
  2. Higham Ferrers Town square, Sparkle ...Christmas lights...cold but great fun ...huge sound ..over 500 people ...
  3. Quilter Bassliner 2x10W & cover Purchased last year from our one and only TheGreek on BC , in excellent condition, have used exclusively with a Quilter Bassblock 800 (which fits in the rear recess) in a smoke free studio & rehearsal room (never gigged) These don't come up very often so I was very lucky to land it for this project, I and my band have been delighted, especially the portability! It is a great sounding cab with high quality components and build, you will not be disappointed…check out reviews Only trade : Wilcock short scale or Serek cash your way…collection please Quilters description The modern bass player demands full range audio response. Meet the Bassliner 2x10w, a 2-way wedge-style cabinet with dual 10" Eminence Deltalite II neodymium drivers, paired with a BGH25 horn with crossover voiced for sparkle without harshness. Drivers are front-mounted behind an aluminum grille, in a one-piece pro-audio cabinet built with specially sourced light-core plywood, to cut every ounce of weight without sacrificing power or tone. The dual 10-inch speakers emphasize mid-bass punch without losing low end response. The rear mounted BassDock accepts the mighty Quilter Bass Block, which can drive one or two cabinets to full power. Even with head installed, weight is under 34 lbs (15.5kg) for easy portability. Wedge "tops" can be stacked on ported "bottoms" for a neat-looking and potent stage rig. Includes nylon dust cover with pouch. SPECIFICATIONS Sealed Wedge Drivers 2 x Eminence Deltalite 2510 Horn Eminence BGH25-8 Power Handling 450 Watts @ 8 Ohms Weight 30 Pounds (13.6Kg) Dimensions H13.5", W24", D13.5" Dimensions Metric H34.3cm, W61cm, D34.3cm Manual https://www.quilterlabs.com/manuals/49/quilter-bassliner-manual.pdf https://www.quilterlabs.com/index.php/product/bassliner-2x10w
  4. I have been using the WJ pre amp for 2 months, after trying 5 other brands inc Avalon 5 (which is very heavy & limited/to subtle). It is amazing…sound, set up..rich accurate & dynamic response ….NO going back I have use in pop, rock & acoustic band’s …with passive, active & acoustic basses You wont regret grabbing a unique & rare bass rig
  5. Mike introduce me to these basses a few years ago…I purchased the 4 string fretted (slim) The design, quality, ergonomics, playability & wide acoustic sound is amazing. The amount of work and detail makes this an expensive build, so you are getting a bargain and from a great guy who know his stuff I have been using this in a pop band, acoustic duo & new 4 piece acoustic …all need different sounds from rich piano string to double bass I have also a 6 string electric/acoustic in Rocklite You won’t regret buying this unique and rare bass…B
  6. I agree that you should try and invest what you can on a high quality IEM. Some great recommendations above. I would like to share my IEM journey which started with 64 Audio A12’s which were a huge investment. But the price is forgotten because the sound quality and separation is astonishing even at low volume and we are now hooked. So we started looking for low cost spares for emergencies I purchased Weststone AM pro 30 which are excellent and a great place to start your IEM journey…they need more eq adjustment because they cannot seal as moulded. But great value for money…check out reviews…I also like using them for long period listening as they have an ambient sound valve (this is my description)which lets more outside into the mix when you play quietly or stop. They are very comfortable. https://www.bassgearmag.com/westone-am-pro-30-in-ear-monitors/
  7. Hi, looks stunning. Have you had this from new, what year? What is the condition & actual weight? Best… B
  8. That is a fab bass! Please could you check the weight and what is the 12th fret width....thx....B
  9. Should have added they are light & have the option of a slightly smaller body size!
  10. Dave,I would highly recommend Mike Lull as a P alternative...I have the 30" scale (pic above) but they have a number of scale/fret config's, the build, ergonomics & sound is excellent....good luck....
  11. Great gig ( & food) last night in Carlton le Moorland...2 1/2 hrs of 60 & 70 pop nostalgia...raising money for a local cause...pic of set up after sound check...I know I keep banging on about a silent stage...but we wanted to rehearse a new encore medley...so we did this with FoH muted so the organisers could lay out the room.
  12. What a perfect outdoor cover....now who can I task to carry?
  13. Whats a record player...ha
  14. Stings "Shape of my heart" acoustic version with Dominic Miller...(very controlled) &...Whitesnake's "Is this love" the HSCC version
  15. The Blade is an understated gem
  16. I have always liked the Danelectro body and that looks stunning....but the headstock! especially surrounded by class
  17. Not a brand I know...can see the vintage....is it just a modern build? I have gone light weight short scale: 26.5" for cramped rehearsals & 30.5" for gigs
  18. Good move...did the same but no van as we only need a PA for max 250...I really enjoyed researching/ experementing and trying all the PA & IEM components
  19. Totally recognise the picture you describe, we have been motivated to find a way to continue as we are retired, in our 70's with back issues but are determined to make it to our 50 years, with the same band & members (remaining 3) which is 2022. The other band I play with are as you describe!!!!...ha
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