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  1. Then mic type XLRs should be fine in this instance. Powered amps going to passive speakers would need suitable cables for carrying such 'powered' signal - usually Speakons etc too.
  2. Is this for passive or active speakers??
  3. He said that he jumped ship 😂 Welcome Ashore...... 😁
  4. Lovely bass, what is the scale length, string spacing and weight please?
  5. Hi Steve. Yes, still here. Do feel free to send me a quick message if you would like them. Cheers, Greg
  6. Shame this wasn't closer. I had a four string Excess before and always fancied a 5 of the same. But I would need to check the B string first. Are you ever down Hampshire way?
  7. Looks like an original rather than a Flamboyant to me... not that it matters, as I own both an original and a flamboyant and they are both great basses. Enjoy!
  8. It's about in the middle of average weight for a Jazz bass. For me, it's a nice balance of tone / weight, of course this is subjective for others. Please do pop by any try out if you are interested. Thank you.
  9. Hi, 4.1kg on my bathroom scales. Cheers, Greg
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Another ACS hearing protection user here and long-term sufferer of mild Tinnitus. I use the 17s, as close to flat-response with Db reduction as you'll get (IMO): https://www.acscustom.com/uk/products/hearing-protection/pro-series/pro-17 I also (ordered using the same moulds) use the ACS Sleepsound https://www.acscustom.com/uk/products/sleep-sound These were purchased to protect from a loud snorer at home; equally as annoying as Tinnitus.
  12. GR AT Carbon 110 (4Ohms) - Ordered early last month from Bass Direct, arrived today! Although I use Mesa Subway 210's and Mesa heads, with lots of smaller jazz (Double Bass) and small ensemble work around the corner I felt the need for a very portable and light 1x10. Having read Jay's thread (@JayCarterMusic) and also hearing directly about his further experience of these new GR carbon cabs (thanks Jay) I sold some under-used pedals and some other equipment to fund this purchase. Although I won't use this too much for electric bass, I wanted to be able to fly with it as I have a couple of wedding gigs in Europe next year and the year after too, hence ordering a 4ohm version to ensure I can use as a standalone cab (I will continue to use my Mesa rigs for electric / larger gigs, festivals etc). From the few hours I have had with the cab today, it sounds tight but warm with double bass and it certainly can handle a low B string (rear port seems to help project well). I am really happy and my first impressions are great, but I will post more once I've gigged this a few times. I've included a few pics for ref. 1) Cab 2) Cab with my back-up Quilter head 3) Cab with my Mesa head (perfect width BTW) 4) Cab with my angled wedges normal used with my Mesa cabs
  13. Hello and welcome... enjoy the new hobby too!
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