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  1. Oh, and I forgot to add... Jon made a P and also a J neck for me. Long story, but essentially I couldn't decide what was the best option! Currently running it with the J neck.
  2. I purchased this little beauty a little while ago. I was in the market for a light 4 string bass to help my back endure long concerts etc. This "Supperleggera" is simply fab and is one of my favourite 4-string basses now. Full spec on the site: http://shukerguitars.co.uk/4-string-series-2-superleggera/
  3. MuddBass


    I recently purchased an Eden head from Martin. He was thoroughly pleasant throughout the process and the head was as described. He packaged the head securely and sent with UPS. Deal and trade with the utmost confidence. Many thanks Greg
  4. Does the rig behind fold down into the cases too? If so, I will buy one šŸ˜Ž
  5. Cheers for the reply. No, I'm not intending on using for a bass speaker, rather use them for PA for a small jazz band. I've owned these for years but not used them much. Hopefully the new crossovers I've ordered will help extend the life of these PA speakers!
  6. Thanks Bill, elecs not my strongest point so a ready made unit is best
  7. Cheers, many thanks. Looks like I've got a small project on my hands! šŸ˜
  8. Yes, they are working. They seem to have two jack inputs which seem to do the samr thing. Here is the other one..
  9. Hi, I have some old Carlsbro PA speakers. I'm trying to work out the ohms of each. The Celestion speakers are BL400x and are marked up as 8ohm. The tweeers are only labelled as APT super tweeer no. 0103. What I need to know is what each cabinet is in terms of ohms (combined tweeter and celestion). Cheers Greg
  10. Does anyone know of any Double Ball End (5) strings with tapered or exposed core B. For 34" scale. Cheers Greg
  11. Hi, If you make your main living through playing the bass, then feel free to like and contribute to a new FB page. https://www.facebook.com/ProBassUK/ The page is public resource designed to be an efficient and easy way to locate professional bass players (search by county). There are other 'groups' on FB, but these are either quite bady run, cluttered with other information or aimed at a wide range of playing ability. Hope this helps. Cheers Greg
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