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  1. 1960s/70s CLARINET for sale Please excuse my ignorance here. I have inherited a Clarinet, and don't really like selling via Ebay etc, so I hope a listing here might lead to a sale to someone who will make use of this lovely instrument. I have inherited this, and as a bassist, I know very little about it. Any wider info would be appreciated. I am not even sure of its value; I have found a wide range of similar instruments from £250 to £500 online. I am happy to sell at £180, if it is going to be put to good use by a member of the BassChat family. If not, I will wait until an upcoming specific musical instrument auction in the summer. I have popped the instrument together. The connecting cork is a little tight, so probably needs re-hydrating/lubricating. No evidence of other damage that I can see. I am based in SO53 / Winchester / Southampton
  2. This has been on loan to a student to help during his final year studies. It will now be back with me in a couple of weeks time (happy to arrange for anyone to come and test from 1st July onwards).
  3. MuddBass

    Feedback for CBD

    Chris purchased an EBS Octave pedal from me. Nice easy sale and great communication too - thanks again! Enjoy Best, Greg
  4. It may sound somewhat harsh, but I rarely re-hire musicians (permanent or dep) who don't turn up suitably prepared. When I 'hire' professional musicians, I expect a professional approach; excellent musicality, good personal hygiene and suitable appearance, spare equipment, good time keeping, clear communication skills etc. For me, professional musicians should have the 'tools and a spare' to cover for most reasonable eventualities.
  5. Purchased some lovely CD's from Mike, who was a pleasure to deal with. Package arrived swiftly and well-wrapped indeed! Cheers!
  6. Having a bit of a clear out. I have a single Thomastik Single Flat Wound String B .136 round steel core, nickel long scale 34" JF34136. Packaging with some slight creases, but unopened. I tune my fretless bass E to C, and have to buy a 6 string set for this, so the B string is not needed. £20, posted 1st class [please add £3 for signed for delivery if required].
  7. Having a bit of a clear out. I have one set of DR Legend Stainless Steel Flatwound Bass Guitar Strings 45-105 Long Scale. Packaging with some slight creases to box from being in gig bag, but unopened. I no longer own a 4 string fretless, so these are no longer needed. £38, posted 1st class [please add £3 for signed for delivery if required].
  8. Having a bit of a clear out, and I have two sets of Rotosound Bronze Roundwound Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings 45-130 5-String Long Scale (same as RS445LD) for sale. Old packaging with some slight creases to box, but unopened. I no longer own an acoustic 5 string, so these are no longer needed. £22 - per set (or £40 for both), posted 1st class [please add £3 for signed for delivery if required].
  9. Lovely looking bass. Is this a 34" or 35" scale length?
  10. Dougie sold me his Quilter Bass Block, which arrived very quickly indeed and very well-packed too. Thanks again, Dougie - top man!
  11. It's an expensive, but fab power supply, isn't it. Mine seems to run quite 'cool' too, which is useful, and it's very light. It just fits under the DUO 2.1, although I had to cut the plug off to feed the cable through. I'm going to drill and mount a USB panel mount on the side so I can wire this into the Ciocks when I get time; that should make it a bit easier to acess that handy USB. The EBS SC is great. I've not gigged it yet (for obvious reason), but I have used it for recording both arco and pizz upright bass on a couple of recent sessions. It's very handy having the phanton power option alongwith the HPF etc. It produces a nice transparent sound when run 'flat'. For me, the big bonus is that it replaces several other pedals into one portable unit. Previously, to achieve a similar result as the EBS SC, I'd run: a bright onion A/B/Mute pedal + a Rafferty HPF + Fishman preamp + electric bass pre-amp. For me, it will make doubling gigs less hassle in equipment terms, and as a bonus the pedal is very useful for recording etc too. I'll provide more info / feedback once I've used it 'in anger' at a gig.
  12. I've posted this on the effects section, but this might be useful here too.... This is my recently reformed 'doubling gig' pedal board. This enables me to process and quickly switch between double bass and electric bass mid-gig, but is also used for a variety of other situations. Signal chain is: EBS SC Pre-amp (tuner out into Korg Tuner) > Seymour Duncan Compressor > DOD Chorus (selected via Bright Onions switch for true bypass). As you can see, the only ‘special effect’ is the selectable Chorus. However, the board has two hidden extra power cables to facilitate the temporary adding of extra effects to suit the requirements of different gigs. All powered by the wonderful Ciocks DC-7 power supply (hidden underneath). Most bits are secured with dual lock. Board is a RockBoard DUO 2.1.
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