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  1. I recommend having a peruse of the stock at RightOn! straps. I've been to the facotry whilst in Spain. Lovely people. Both Vegan and 'Meat Feast' versions available. https://www.rightonstraps.com/en/bandolera-correa-ancha-para-bajo
  2. Interested in the Power Conditioner. Will pm
  3. For me, for peace of mind and emergencies I always have a SWR amplite + DI pedal + other bits and bobs such as fuses, tape, tools etc, all in a small bag which lives in my car, beside the spare tire. Hidden under the floor. Also in the bag is a nappy; it stops things getting damp. I replace this once in a while, normally when I get my gear PAT tested. This kit has been very useful: I've leant bits out to other muso's over the years, and I like having the piece of mind that this offers. As an example: the SWR has been used in a past emergency to power a small vocal PA at a wedding; I was a dep bassist for that gig, and the band were grateful I had this to hand when their gear failed. I've played for this band many times since and it always comes up in conversation how I saved the day. For me, my 'mini emergency kit' is as useful as the spare tire it sits alongside; rarely used but nice to know it's there! I always take two basses in my Mono Dual bass gig bag; usually a four and a five, but depends on the gig. It's easy to swap basses if a string snaps mid-song; been there, done that. On upright gigs, I always carry a spare fretless electric - especially for weddings in marquees. I has amazed me over the years how low the ceiling height is where the band is asked to play; even if the contract stipulates 7ft clearance required. I am 6ft 3 and need a minimum of 7ft (ideally higher), clearance for upright bass. My fretless has been used many times in these situations.
  4. This old thread is worth a read through
  5. You will find a range of slight deviations from those sizes. Sometimes these are refered to in 8ths, such as 7/8ths, 3/8ths etc. What matters more is if the bass size suits the person.
  6. If you scroll down this page,there is a very useful chart for guidance: https://gollihurmusic.com/double-bass-sizing-faq/
  7. Design Retro Works http://designretroworks.co.uk/
  8. For me, the old versions became very squeeky in time. Fine for gigs, not so useful for recording unless DI only. The new ones are much better and easier to fit on the strap. Even thick leather is fine.
  9. Hi, I think I know what you mean... you will need a pick-guard as the routing is exposed. Best Greg
  10. Perhaps. Please PM me with what you have in mind
  11. On hold. Pending usual etc.
  12. Hi Oldham, did the google link work for you as there are other pics there. What's the trade details? Yes, 35 was a custom build. It was so the drop A would sound tight. Cheers Greg
  13. Hi Denis... Trades are possible, but only for a quality 5 string, unlined or edge-lined fretless with cash either way. Thanks, and nice bass btw. Greg
  14. Also plays like non-dairy based spread
  15. Currently this is now at Southampton Guitar Repairs for a full set-up, restring and polish. It will be back with me in a week or two, ready for the end of lockdown. It would make a rather nice Christmas for yourself.... Happy to wrap up so you won't spoil the big day 🤪
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