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  1. How far away from Orba are you? Cancel that. Just seen... Madrid
  2. Now £399. Great bass, needs a new home with a Bass Chatter or she's off to eBay.
  3. Check that there is a clear / firm bend in the string at the bridge saddle point.
  4. Try your double-glazing keys.....
  5. Looks like Grey 13 so that by the looks of it is used to bypass the EQ if a switch is provided. Perhaps that's why it's loose as no EQ bypass option fitted.
  6. Thank you very much. I will have a good look through this when I am home later on. Extremely useful.
  7. Thank you. Is that to be wire 6 from the volume pot side?
  8. Hi All, Any Schack pre-amp users here who can help? Before I take this Sei to the Gallery (quite a trek for me), I was wondering if anyone can help with this loose grey wire. I can't see to see where it's popped off from, and everything 'seems' to be working ok, but I don't want to leave it loose. Can anybody compare their Schack wiring with mine or help at all? Thanks in Advance, Greg
  9. Indeed. Ciocks DC7 for me for similar reasons.
  10. It was these types that I was refering to https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_powerplant_iso_5_pro.htm Can't cut the Euro plug off these.
  11. Ciocks DC7 would be great for that, or similar. Go for isolated power outputs if your budget can stretch. Lots on the market. Be careful with the cheaper range from Thomann as may need a euro to GB mains adaptor.
  12. Still available and looking to be played lots in 2022
  13. I posted my other pedal-board some months ago (for doubling gigs: double bass and elec bass), but here is my mini & light-weight board for straightforward electric bass gigs ( e.g. bigband, jazz sets, singer-songwriter style gigs etc). On the occasion I need a bit of warmth, I use the tone feature on the Empress and/or the pre-amp valve on my Mesa WD800 head, or I add-on a pre-amp. For power, underneath this one I use a Cioks ADAM. The board is a Rockboard Duo 2. If I need a couple of extra effects, typically I'd 'add-on' something like my OC5 Octave and Raffery Fuzz, which I keep velcro'd to a stand-alone riser plate (but power using the remaining power outlet from the Adam).
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