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  1. Bugger! If sale falls through please message me mate. If not... Enjoy em Mikey, they're amazing pickups!!
  2. bright clangy bass sound !?

    I've had Elixirs on my main basses since 2017 and theyre still bright and clangy. I'm gonna find a few older posts and mention it in there too.
  3. How do you pronounce Epiphone?

  4. bright clangy bass sound !?

    Passive bass, preferably with single coils, steel roundwounds, low action, and a decent drive pedal. Sansamp will do the job easily enough!
  5. Bass players still poor relations in a band...?

    To be fair, standing in front of the guitarist during a solo is like standing in front of the vocalist during the choruses haha
  6. Compressors - Do I need One?

    I play passive basses with my fingers and play quite hard. I definitely need compression!
  7. NAD

    I wouldn't even be mad
  8. NAD

    It's difficult to imagine Peavey making lightweight gear. Maybe it really is that small but still weighs like 40lbs!
  9. NAD

    Nice! Hows it sound compared to, say, the old Max / Firebass series amps? I've had Markbass for years but compared to old Peavey stuff it's kinda thin sounding
  10. New Shizz from Markbass

    Glad to see them bringing back sealed cabs! The Classic series cabs are my favourite. I notice that the 4x10 is smaller than mine though, I'd be interested to hear the difference
  11. Entwistle Neodymium pickups

    I forgot to reply here sorry dudes! I received the pickups in the end. Interestingly the pickup covers are no longer removable like on the other two sets I purchased. They might just be glued on but I'm not brave enough to rip them off just yet! The PBXN I bought was the last one the guy had. I spoke to someone at Entwistle to ask if they had been discontinued and I got told "definitely not". They just don't have enough demand currently to make more but they will be coming back!
  12. Entwistle Neodymium pickups

    I thought it was just the plastic covers that were oversized. Couldn't you just buy smaller ones on eBay for a pound and use those?
  13. Entwistle Neodymium pickups

    He says he's sent me a replacement. If it arrives and is actually a PBXN, he either forgot to send the original order, or there is more than one left. I'll post here when it comes. Even if they aren't available in any shops, they may still be possible to source. I managed to buy a pair of neodymium humbuckers by going direct to Entwistle
  14. Entwistle Neodymium pickups

    Wrexham Guitars. Guy said if it doesn't turn up today to let him know so I'm just waiting on Mr Postie with my fingers crossed!
  15. Entwistle Neodymium pickups

    I bought that "last set" a couple of weeks ago and it never arrived. He says it must have been lost in the post.. Lame