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  1. There's your answer 😂 Thanks! It's a Peavey Zodiac. I've had a bit of a love affair with them for a while now!
  2. Every gig I do this, and I pull a bird every time. Might be a slight exaggeration...
  3. I always have the volume and tone full up as I've set my tone around that. If I need to adjust on the fly I just dial back to suit
  4. Sid approached me as I only owned five Peavey Zodiacs, and he knew this wasn't as many as I needed. He was kind enough to hold the one he owned for a couple of weeks for me, communication was very thorough and he even went to the trouble of arranging us meeting up at a fellow BCer's place near me as he was buying a bass too! Thanks again dude
  5. About half an hours drive to Birmingham
  6. I love Zodiacs, I have five of them now! Weirdly enough the white and rosewood ones are the lightest, have the thinnest necks and a less deep sound. The bridges are poor quality pressed steel which will eventually cause your strings to break if you play super hard like me. If you replace it with another metal it'll make the tone noticeably less bright. They look nice with hipshot kickass bridges, and if you get the steel saddle inserts it will sound very close to the original bridge
  7. Good call GM. It's a shame as they used to offer really good service, and were the only place I'd order from. I didn't actually realise they'd changed hands at the time but knowing that, and that problems are still ongoing, I'd never use or recommend them again.
  8. I had trouble with them last year after placing a £200 order which was never fulfilled. They ignored phonecalls, voicemails, emails and facebook messages, and only tried to contact me after a couple of weeks and a successful PayPal dispute. They phoned to offer an excuse and I told them I didn't want to know and hung up. flip those guys!
  9. Bugger! If sale falls through please message me mate. If not... Enjoy em Mikey, they're amazing pickups!!
  10. I've had Elixirs on my main basses since 2017 and theyre still bright and clangy. I'm gonna find a few older posts and mention it in there too.
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