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  1. Yeah, I think it is 19mm. Only the later model is 18mm. Thanks anyway.
  2. Guys, thanks for the inputs. Muziker has sent a courier to pick it up now. They can sort it out or my refund!
  3. Does anyone knows if Ibanez has a repair service centre in UK? I have got a Promethean bass combo that needs to be looked at as it's under warranty. Thanks.
  4. Do you still have the original box and does it comes with a cover?
  5. Anyone knows where can I get the Rotosound Monel flatwound for 6 strings bass? No one seems to stock them in the UK! Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Beautiful bass I must say but the spacing is just too narrow for me. Happy selling! 😑
  7. Hi, are you sure the string spacing is 16.5? Seems awfully narrow to me! Thanks.
  8. May I ask what are the strings spacing at bridge? Thanks.
  9. I just bought a bass from Ben last weekend. Spent over 2 hours there and tried out 11 basses. Ben is a very nice fellow and knows his stuff well. And yes, do bring a tuner as you need to bring it to standard tuning.
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