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  1. This is my main gigging bass these days an Alembic Europa. All maple body with maple and purpleheart neck and ebony fretboard. A really versatile bass and a pleasure to play .
  2. I did my first full 2 hr rehearsal with the band a couple of weeks ago and it was fine. My fingers did tire on some of the faster paced tracks but i got through them by simplifying my playing, and suggesting not putting the faster ones together till i get more proficient. The band were happy and my intonation was close enough not to throw anyone off. So things are progressing well i think.
  3. Just measured it at 55mm x 38mm x 6mm. Which includes the sleeve it is contained in.
  4. I think way over 500 times as i use it most days for home practice and backstage to warm up. Is that 500 charge cycles some kind of norm for those types of battery then?
  5. Wow that’s a steal. I have used one of these for years. Recommended if you want a great sound without needing the bells and whistles. It is also great for guitars.
  6. True legendary bass and something to hold on to. If you don’t mind me asking, how did it come to be in your possession?
  7. When I use the search facility there are no items returned and also if I select Unread content nothing is showing in the results regardless of the criteria I choose. Currenty it is set to show everything but nothing is returned. Is there a reset option for my user account or is something wrong? If I just use the browse option then I can see there are new items appearing all the time.
  8. Sweet looking bass and hard to look the other way.
  9. Such a beautiful bass.
  10. I have had one of these for a few years now and the rechargeable battery will only provide about 20 - 30 minutes of playing time from a full charge. I have contacted the UK Distributor for PJB by email and phone and not had any response back from them. I haven't take the unit to bits yet to see what type of battery it uses. But has anyone else had the problem and can advise me on what replacement battery to use.
  11. How are you getting on with your Spyder?
  12. Absolutely, shipping and import duty and vat would add a few grand to that I imagine. However I don't have £25K burning a hole in a deep pocket. But it's a damn fine looking bass.
  13. This one is sweet! https://reverb.com/item/32333075-alembic-series-ii-walnut
  14. I've had mine for just over 2 years and still love the way my basses sound through it. I passed the link on to a bass player friend of mine who has been looking for a used one since he heard me playing mine at one of my band rehearsals.
  15. Buy what you like, can afford and what you enjoy. What matters most is that you make music with it.
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