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  1. Know Wonder

    I'm gigging with a new Stevie Wonder Tribute band called Know Wonder started by Dennis Seaton, ( Musical Youth), at the Jam House Birmingham on Thursday 17th May. http://www.thejamhouse.com/birmingham/live-music/event/4794/know-wonder-may-2018.htm
  2. I have to head out at 14:00 for a gig at The Avenue in Chesterfield with Musical Youth. If anyone is up that way and going to the gig, feel free to come over and have a nerdy basschat. I'm tame and approachabe even though I look serious when on stage.
  3. Mesa Powerhouse Standard 1x15

    Wow that one in the link is the one I was selling.
  4. What bass would you get for your 50th?

    Well isn't that interesting, I prefer the those very ones that fit outside your rule. So we won't be in any competitions for 5 string basses anytime soon. :-). But I've run out of GAS now so no new gear for me anytime soon apart from replacing anything that gets broken or worn out. If I was going up to sixers I'd go for a 4 + 2 on an angled headstock or 3 + 3 on a non angled one.
  5. I was hoping to get there again this year but earlier than last time but have just had a gig come in for that evening. No idea what time we start or where it is yet but if there is time before I have to head off for gig or if it's on the way I will drop by with my Alembic Series I 5 stringer.
  6. East Pre-Amps

    I'm greedy I have two sets of ACG EQ02's in one of my basses, one set for each pickup with an overall master volume and pan. Though now that I'm more used to two filter based basses I'd like it modified to have a volume for each pickup and possibly if there is space, a master volume. To be honest I don't gig with it but do use it a lot for rehearsals and jam sessions. For me this would have been the ideal setup for reggae since the bottom end control is RIGHTEOUS!!! clear deep and heavy. Unfortunately any cab I tried it through couldn't handle this amount of bottom end at anywhere near gigging volumes. So for that use it was useable only via DI into FOH and eqing the heavy bottom out of my rig. Now I have Barefaced cabs..... this could change things!!!!
  7. Heads and Cabs - surprising match up

    I'd like another for a backup. I love it, it gives me a great sound and I like really simple tone controls. Win win for me.
  8. Heads and Cabs - surprising match up

    Yep for me Walkabout with Barefaced Big Twin II is an incredible match made in sonic heaven. You are right the BF Twin cab delivers in bucket loads. I did a gig with that setup last weekend and the boogie was on about 1/4 on the input and 1/4 on the master and that was filling some space sound wise.
  9. What Should I Replace My Wal With

    If you like filter based basses like the wal, alembic would have been a good choice but the models with filters are quite heavy which is something you are trying to avoid. Like was mentioned above, the ACG filter based basses would be good alternative and the weight is a comfortable.
  10. A new bass for dub reggae

    A local bass player I've seen many times uses a really old stingray tuned BEAD and it sounds HEAVY!!!
  11. A new bass for dub reggae

    This will give you some righteously clean and deep dub bass sounds. They are not cheap new but occasionally they come around used on ebay. http://www.alembic.com/prod/sf2.html I use mine only if I'm using decent cabs that can deal with heavy bottom end.
  12. Barefaced Cab price hike

    Thankfully i got my bb2 order in before the end of feb so getting the old price. Now i just need to convince myself to get rid of my boogie powerhouse 1x15 i’d be fully lightweight gigwise.
  13. Releasing a cover as a single?

    Great interpretation of that classic Stevie wonder song. No idea of the licensing but if you send me a cpoy when its released i will give it airplay on my notstrictlyjazz radio program up here in Birmingham. Cheers
  14. What's not to love, jazz bass style and same number of knobs and switches as strings. . :-)