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  1. Seems like specsavers can do some good business here. 🤣
  2. I'm doing a gig with Musical Youth in at the Kings Hall Herne Bay. There are two bands on the night, us and a Bob Marley & The Wailers Tribute band. https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/whats-on/herne-bay/the-kings-hall/reggae-night-musical-youth/e-javbva
  3. Better be careful post brexit then. :-)
  4. From a safety point of view i have never understood why an airline is allowed to sell you a seat to put your instrument on. The seats are not designed to hold securely them nor the seatbelt and in the event of severe turbulance on a plane you have potentially a heavy object bouncing round the inside the passenger compartment that could cause injury to a passenger or damage parts of the cabin. I have once been in a plane with really scary air turbulence where loads of stuff was bouncing all over the place off the trays etc. Ironically it was the first time i’d been upgraded free to first class.
  5. Ahaaa, nah im not a fan of that classic body style so my bank account is safe. Ive come to the end of my bass buying days anyway. I have all i want now.
  6. Maybe for the the buyer it's a keeper and they are not concerned about selling it on in the future. 🧐
  7. Surely, whether it is worth it or not depends on who is buying it. I'm confident BD have a buyer as can't imagine they would buy in a bass worth £22k bass in the hope of selling it.
  8. Had a good gig with Musical Youth at Pizza Express live in Maidstone last night.
  9. Well yesterdays experience was a good one. Whilst a few players came over and tried out two of my basses, the Classico and Stanley Clarke signature, I played only one which was one off the really short headless basses that sounded really good and the strings were not floppy like i expected. Its a bit of a long standing joke with my musician friends that I have never ever really been good at allowing others to play my instruments or playing instruments that are not my own, so i hope my reluctance to try more of your basses yesterday was not taken as a personal slight in any way. After yesterday experience i’m feeling a bit more comfortable in allowing others to play mine. Moving on, there were a lot of nice sounding basses i could hear during the day but I think the bass that stood out for me sound wise was the Enfield. No idea who was playing it or whose they were or what model. My thanks to the organisers for a well run event. Maybe you can branch out into putting gigs on there at some point too. ✔️👍🏿🎶🎵
  10. My Saturday plans have changed so i will pop down and bring a 5 string and a couple of 4 stringers long and short scale. Alembics. Im still not used to others playing my basses so please understand if i look paranoid whilst handing it over. I like to keep all my instruments in pristine condition so No picks please and no clothing or jewellery lanyards etc that may damage the finish.
  11. The only one I have recollection of playing is a vintage medium scale bass in the Stanley Clarke body style. I tried a lot of alembics when I went to their USA alembic gathering in 2012 but no idea what the rest were. Sorry I can't help more.
  12. Anyone got any experience with 5 string using nylon flats? I've never used flats on any of my basses but I want to see what flats do for my reggae sound. I want to try some Labella Deep Talking nylon bass strings https://www.thomann.de/gb/la_bella_black_nylon_760nb.htm However as I'm only trying them out I don't want to mess with cutting a deeper slot in the nut since it is brass. My usual gauge are roundwound 45/65/80/100/130 and they fit great. These labella I'm looking at run from 060 - 070 - 094 - 115 - 135 or .050, .065, .085, .105, .135 so I wonder if they will still fit the nut current slots or will this difference in gauge cause them not to sit comfortably in the nut and maybe the saddle and give me problems. I won't be using them as a general string, only for the bass I use primarily for reggae so it's a bit of experimentation. https://www.thomann.de/gb/la_bella_750n_b_black_nylon_l.htm https://www.thomann.de/gb/la_bella_black_nylon_760nb.htm Any advice gratefully recieved.
  13. Aston and Carlton Barrett Sly & Robbie Stanley Clarke & Lenny White Victor Bailey & Omar Hakim John Pattitucci & Dave Weckl Tony williams & Ron Carter Poogie Bell & Marcus Miller. Phil Lynott & Brian Downey
  14. Me too I love that short scale one. The reason for the pointy tail was because before Alembic made basses themselves they were a repair/modification shop and a lot of their work was repairing broken headstocks on basses because people didn't use stands so the point was to make it difficult to not use a stand. Further reading on the development of the body shapes. http://www.alembic.com/family/history_bodyshapes.html
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