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  1. Not cheap but i can highly recommend PJB Briefcase. Thankfully I got mine when they were about £300 odd. works great with a low B too.
  2. I have barefaced covers for mine and they look exactly the same as the Hotcovers ones that I later bought for my JC120 and PB Briefcase. Plus you can have your own logo put on the cover too. The Black 600D Canvas ones seem the most hardwearing. They don't list barefaced but If you gave the measurements I'm sure they could knock one for you or just use the barefaced template if they are the same company that makes the barefaced ones. https://www.hotcovers.co.uk
  3. jazzyvee

    Show us your rig!

    An interesting setup, have you considered how you will transfer that sound you see into the FOH so the effect you are seeking is getting is heard by the crowd. I have had a dabble in bi-amping a few years back when gigging at a venue run by my band's sound engineer so we had time to get it all set up and it sounded great. I was/still am trying to get the cleanest HIFI sound from my gear, i dont use effects yet and i have separate pickup outs so each went to its own cab through individual pre amps and a stereo power amp. Two DI's from the bass and each cab mic'd up and It sounded great in the venue. Next time i try it i will be using my barefaced cabs instead of mesa boogie PH cabs and a roland Jc120 on the HF crossover output of one of the preamps. it would be good to hear how your setup works live.
  4. Seems like short scales have become more and more popular in recent years.
  5. I have recently joined a band that plays Brazillian music, they have sent me the set list of about 30 songs to learn and we have a rehearsal next week. ( My first with them). I have decided that I want to play double bass in this band using my EUB as a way of forcing my learning of it and reading music. My progress is slow at the moment and whilst when I listen to the tracks I can hear the note to go for but can't always find it because no frets and different scale length to my electric basses. So I wonder if anyone here has any experience of playing this music and can pass on any practical tips, good practice routines, some music and bass players in that genre to listen to. I'm still a complete novice on DB so advanced stuff will just go over my head. I am slowly working my way through the Simandl book which was recommended to me by a few DB players when I first got my bass.
  6. Someone on here is selling a100w Phil Jones Briefcase which would be fine for small gigs.
  7. Everything he said.... although I have a bass with separate pickup outputs and have been tempted to get another one just for that reason but that would be a nice to have rather than a need. Great little amps though even with a low B. I have used mine with great results for regular acoustic-electric guitars, electric guitars with active electronics and also double bass.
  8. if it was a good many years ago then it was most likely Alvin Ewen. He is an incredible musician and plays a lot more than reggae on bass. He used a Jaydee Custom for many years then Yamaha Nathan East basses. i did a gig playing guitar with him about 5 yrs ago doing Stevie wonder covers. Awesome player. The current bass player is another superb bass player and also a Brummie , Amlak Tafari
  9. The new bass looks great. I look forward to your views on it after you do some gigs with it. 👍
  10. jazzyvee

    Show us your rig!

    I wish one of those turned up as a hired backline for one of my gigs. :-)
  11. My thoughts exactly. I don't recall ever seeing a 5 string Spyder.
  12. Great looking bass. It must sound as amazing as it looks. Im glad everything worked well for you. Welcome back to the alembic experience.
  13. I'd love to see a complete picture of that bass if I may.
  14. Thanks, it's a pleasure to be able to help. I know from experience that it's a scary leap of faith into the expensive world of alembic basses especially when there is no real opportunity to try before you buy. 👍
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