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  1. jazzyvee

    Bridges - Do They Make a Difference

    The idea behind the alembic bridge is not as much to do with tone but to keep as much of the energy you impart on the string as possible, in the string with less of that energy being dissipated and absorbed into the body of the instrument. Hence the use of a heavy dense brass construction for the nut, tailpiece and the machined brass bridge on some models mounted onto a large heavy brass sustain block. This should help sustain. I think many things about bass design and construction affect how the bass guitar will sound and perform. Some are like the emperor's new clothes, some have extremely marginal effects and some have a big effect many are hard isolate individually and may not even be noticeable in the context of a gig. But a number of items in the right places will most likely be noticeable. Sustain is not the be all and end all of a great bass sound but I'd rather have it and learn to control it rather than have hardly any and try to find a way to get more. Here is a vintage bridge with the block mount. A more modern Chrome plated version
  2. jazzyvee

    NBD - Alembic content!

    Good to hear you had a good experience on your first outing with your alembic. I was out on two festivals with mine this weekend too. There are some similarities with the series II and the SF-2 but the SF-2 is more featured. Low pass, High Pass and band pass modes and the frequency control goes down I think to 40hz. I've had one for almost as long as I've had an alembic and rarely use it, but when I do it's usually for a heavier bottom end on reggae gigs If I have cabs that can take it. It's a great bit of kit and gives you access to that series bass sound. .There are a few basses that alembic have made with one or two channels of the SF-2 built into the bass.!!!
  3. jazzyvee

    LED fretboard markers

    I think putting the battery behind the headstock is a practical non invasive strategy and I can't imagine how it would be done on the body without getting in the way or requiring mods/routing to hold the battery and cable. It's a very lightweight plastic battery holder and uses those coin sized batteries so is very light. those short scale alembics are noted for nose diving but I haven't noticed any increase in that from the installation. I personally have not had any problems with this type of fret led. The previous version of the Fretfx held two AAA or AA , ( not sure exactly), batteries and had two switchable differing brightness levels. I've had that on one bass I think since about 2007 ish and the plastic that goes over the nut has gone brittle and broken away leaving the wire exposed and sometimes it shorts out on the nut/ I used to put some tape over it but it looks fugly! But the type I have on now is fine.
  4. jazzyvee

    LED fretboard markers

    These were taken in a room in the daytime with curtains closed so subdued light and the battery is about 18 months old.
  5. jazzyvee

    LED fretboard markers

  6. jazzyvee

    LED fretboard markers

    Yeah it is a sticky backed led strip which is slim. I use my thumb round the neck sometimes to silence open B and E strings when slapping so that extra couple of millimitres are noticeable at first but soon you get used to it and it's not a big part of my playing so they have never been a problem.
  7. jazzyvee

    LED fretboard markers

    Sure thing, I will see if i can get some time today to tale some pics.
  8. jazzyvee

    LED fretboard markers

    I think mine were about £90 each.
  9. jazzyvee

    LED fretboard markers

    For anyone looking for after market side LEDs then I can recommend Fretfx. have them on all my basses that don't have led's installed at manufacture. Other than that Simms do them at far greater cost but I hear good things about his work.
  10. jazzyvee

    LED fretboard markers

    I think I know who that bass player is and if I'm right I have played that bass too. 🙂 LED's are available for all their models and the series II they come as standard all others are optional. I have side LEDs on mine and whilst they are a great asset, after a while you kind of forget they are there, until someone points them out. Front ones are more for show in my view and I personally wouldn't spec them as the cost would be better spent on the sound and other ergonomic preferences on the bass. However if i found a great bass, having front LED's wouldn't stop me buying the bass but i'd keep them turned off.
  11. I prefer analogue however, I don't use effects on bass at all but the guitarist side of me does. I have always preferred the analogue effects. Not because they do their sound changing job better than digital but because the natural tone of the guitar is less compromised when the pedal is on or bypassed/off than with digital. I have found if I plug direct into my amp with nothing in between, that gives me the best sound and is what I do mostly, if I plug into an analogue pedal with it off, then there is sometimes a slight change the tone of my guitar and I guess that is less with a true bypass pedal. However, Digital effects to me seem to remove a lot of the tone out of an instrument especially bottom and lower mids and seem to accentuate the highs and hence sound thin. When I was touring the band leader wanted lots of effects on the guitar as it was Indian/reggae fusion so after trying a few multi effects pedals I settled on a boss unit first and after a day trying it out at home and at rehearsal i hated it and swapped for a Line 6 XT-Pro which was marginally better. Unfortunately both of them stripped the life out of my guitar tone and when I called both companies for advice on why that was I was told that even with everything off the signal still goes through the ADDA converter and if you want to keep your natural tone you need to programme it back in using the EQ settings!!! In the end i got an AB line switcher and only switched in the digital unit when I needed those effects and kept it out of the loop most of the time. I appreciate there may have been a huge improvement in the technology now as the two guitarists in my main band use Boss muiti effects units and swear by them but there is still a big difference between their natural guitar sounds and the sound through the pedal with it off. They are both good players and the pedals are part of their sound and it works for them. If I end up using pedals on bass it will be analogue unless the digital technology has improved massively. Either way I think I would prefer to have some kind of blender so I can always have the dry signal and add as much or as little of the effects to it rather than have the whole bass signal with the effect on. LONG LIVE ANALOGUE!
  12. jazzyvee

    I've had a P-bass moment!!!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not suddenly going out to buy a Fender P, it's just that this was the first one that Ive heard live that had a sound I could recognise from what people on forums have described as a classic P-Bass tone. In actual fact I have had my own Alembic P-style bass for about 11 years and it sounds awesome, but when I bought it I was more of a guitarist and wanted a bass for writing and I knew nothing about P-basses and their distinctive tone. I've done a few gigs with it and used it on jam/open mic sessions but I have to say it gets the least playing time since it has a particular tone that for me doesn't fit with most of the stuff I do. http://club.alembic.com/Images/411/35752.jpg
  13. jazzyvee

    I've had a P-bass moment!!!

    In the past I'd never really paid much attention to P-basses, when I'd heard them on gigs they pretty much didn't move me at all, but on Saturday night I had a gig at a 60th birthday playing bass with a Stevie Wonder Tribute band. The birthday boy played in his trio before we hit the stage and had a well used and loved i guess Fender P-bass and man...... the sound was incredible. Full warm and punchy just the kind of sound I read that so many on here love about them and not the dull thud I'd been hearing a lot in the past!
  14. jazzyvee

    Which bass to sacrifice.....???

    At the risk of exposing my ignorance about these two basses, I'd be inclined to swap the necks and get the maple neck on the jazz bass then sell the P bass. 🙂