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  1. jazzyvee

    5's and 4's

    I think it's rare to find a reasonably priced alembic for sale outside the USA.
  2. jazzyvee

    5's and 4's

    I'm curious about grasping the 6 string bass and I have put my hands on one maybe a handful of times. I have thought that if I ever went down that route I'd get a fretless one. But somehow I can't see that happening anytime soon as i'm still finding the 5 string enough of a challenge. 🙂
  3. jazzyvee

    Class D power Amps Advice

    Hi Challxyz, yes I have used it on my 4 ohm Barefaced Big Twin II a few times and it has been fine. I emailed Synq to see if I could safely use the amp bridged into a 4 ohm cab and they categorically told me NO. I haven't tried bridging it into an 8 ohm cab yet as I mostly gig reggae and I think I would probably get more meat out of the Big Twin at 4ohms than the BB2 bridged. I might try it with the my 8ohm Dubster 2 just for fun though. Yes the amp delivers about 500w into each side into a 4 ohm load, so If I wanted some weight on an outdoor gig with no PA support I could put the BT2 on one side and the Dubster and BB2 (both 8ohms) on the other and turn the thing on full....!!! I have dropped in some pix. The Sync with either the BB2 or BT2 is in mono mode, the crown xls1502 with Dubster and BB2 is in bridge mode but after doing a couple of gigs with that setup I think I need to use it in Mono mode so that I can balance the Dubster with the BB2 as it is really dominant. Hope that helps.
  4. jazzyvee

    I don't use effects on bass. How common is that?

    I wouldn't describe a tuner as an effects pedal. I use one in my guitar effects board and not noticed any detriment to the signal but with bass I found the clip on to be easier to use as I have a standby switch on my bass so I can tune up in silence. The plus was also that I could then bring just two cables ( one spare) instead of 3 cables to have one spare. You are right the Clip-ons can be fooled by other vibes in the room.
  5. jazzyvee

    I don't use effects on bass. How common is that?

    Makes good sense to me. 🙂
  6. I don't use effects at all in my bass playing and I don't also have any axes to grind with those who do. Most of the gigs I have been to these days there is some kind of effect pedal(s) being used by the bass guitarist and to be honest it works well with their music. So far in my gigging I have not found a need to nor been asked so I just wondered how common this is these days for bass players to go clean. I'm sure the sound guys would add some compression to most things going through FOH but I think that is his/her call and something different. Who else is into the naked sound of their bass through their amp.
  7. jazzyvee

    Class D power Amps Advice

    I've recently found my self a great lightweight, shallow rack mountable 1u Power amp that I pair up with my F1-x pre-amp. It's a Synq 1K0 https://synq-audio.com/digit-1k0 It bridges at 8 ohms. I used again this past weekend with my barefaced Big Twin II on a reggae gig and the whole rig sounded big Phat and clean toned. I have also used it with my BB2 cab for travelling light to gigs and it is a great amp. It bridges at 8 ohms only but I haven't had a need to do that yet. Something from the Crown XLS Series is a good option too. I got the XLS1502 on recommendation and it's great.
  8. jazzyvee

    5's and 4's

    I tend to play 5’s mostly. Though if im playing basslines for covers that i think were played on a 4 string bass i tend to stay away from the B string for tonal balance. There are times when i use the 5th string for emphasis if the song needs the extra weight of bottom end.
  9. jazzyvee

    Bass through guitar gear...myth?

    I recorded Stanley's School days solo and he users a JC120 as party of his bass rig it is fed from the high frequency output of the crossover on Alembic pre-amp. In the past I have seen him live with a small Fender Combo in place of the JC120 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tlmgkAqcGU&feature=youtu.be Admittedly he uses a tenor tuned bass ADGC so and using PA so less likely to blast heavy bottom end or volume through that guitar combo. Sounds sweet to me.
  10. jazzyvee

    Does it really matter what gear you have??

    Yep I totally agree, although we buy for ourselves it does feel good when you get feedback like that because you know they are really listening to how you sound as well as what you are playing.
  11. jazzyvee

    Does it really matter what gear you have??

    Well that is a simple question without a short answer. To me it matters in the same way that "Does it matter what car you drive?" matters. If the gear meets the basic requirements that it can be used to produce/reproduce the sound of a bass, then that is all that should matter. However what sits on top of that is whether I/we want to have more than that basic requirement, refinements, ergonomics that suit us, practicalities of one bit of gear over another etc etc. If we do then what gear we have matters to us. Same as we can go on auto trader or whatever and find for example a basic Ford car that will get us from A to B, and some will want more than just that and so choose a different model or manufacturer's model with all options bells whistles but it still just a tool to get us from A to B just a bit nicer. Though some may find a really nice old Austin allegro that is great to drive even though a bit beat up and dubious reliability. 🙂 ( not offence meant to anyone driving a ford or Austin car). I have never been into changing gear a lot or swapping bits in and out and I tend to do a lot of procrastinating before buying any of my gear and rarely buy on impulse. I also accept that my experience with bass gear is severely limited to a few brands. I have settled on one brand of bass now and have amps and cabs that I love and get me what I want. It's not that they are better or worse than any other gear but they work for me. Whether the sound the audience hears or understand is as different from any other bass sound doesn't really matter to me as long as I can hear what I want and they hear a bass that sounds like it fits with the rest of the music.
  12. jazzyvee

    Who did you see live last?

    Stanley Clarke last week Wednesday in Bristol. https://youtu.be/7tlmgkAqcGU
  13. jazzyvee


    In case anyone is wondering what pre-amp to use with this, I can recommend the ACGEQ02 ( I guess the newer versions will work fine too). I had John East install a couple of those modules into my Alembic Europa bass. It's a good match.
  14. jazzyvee

    Musical Youth At Mirth, Marvel & Maud

    We are gigging at the Mirth Marvel & Maud venue on 10th November 2018 Has anyone here played that venue as i'm curious as to what it is like. It looks an interesting building and venue. https://www.facebook.com/events/1032415726951757/
  15. jazzyvee


    Nice, I hope you find a buyer, those are great pickups.