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  1. Yes for the Barefaced Big twin II. Superb sounding cab
  2. Impressive set of basses to have owned. Over what period of time did you have these? and after all those what today is your goto bass?
  3. If I was to order a custom, from a physical playing aspect it would be exactly the same as my current bass, neck body pickups string spacing hardware etc. The only differences would be cosmetic such as different "Coffee Table" woods 🙂 and modifications to the electronics for quick tone changes but since I can get that mod done for my current bass, Having a custom just for those few things would not justify the cost. That said I can see the attraction for a custom bass and if I was able to afford one I'd go with a brand I was completely familiar with their basses rather than an unknown.
  4. I play my 5 string Alembic in a chart topping 1980's reggae band which is probably overkill considering back in those days musicians were using standard readily available basses. But I don't have any other basses that I would play instead and I'm not inclined to get any.😍
  5. Thanks that was a good read.
  6. What difference does fret height make to a bass? I saw a bass on ebay a while back and it was stated that it has tall frets so I just wondered what effect that has on playability, etc
  7. I don't because the one's I tried seemed to take so much away from the natural sound of my bass and I can hear them working so I leave that to the FOH who know more than I do how to set them up propertly.
  8. I have a short scale bass and just love it, playability and it's a sweet sounding bass. I wish I got more gigs that I could just play it all the way through.
  9. I replaced two of my three Powerhouse cabs 2x10 & 4x10 for two barefaced cabs Big BabyII and Big Twin II and I'm completely happy with my choice. I still have the 1x15 to get rid of at some point as of the three PH cabs it's seen the least live action but somehow got more tolex tears than the other two. In my experience of BF cabs they really deliver the goods, bottom end is spot on. Clear, dense and too loud to stand next to if you turn it up. I got a used Dubster II from a member here and so got all the bass cover I could ever want. If you want an honest sounding cab I'd recommend the BT2 or one or more BB2's. Even my band notice the difference and they know sound.
  10. I have a different kind if GAS....... Gear Abstinance Syndrome. I'm glad to say I'm pretty much done as far as gear goes unless it's replacing worn out stuff. Lockdown & furlough has given me free time to learn to play double bass.
  11. I did a few gigs with a Stevie Wonder Tribute band and this one was on the set list although the cover we did was based on the live DVD version not the single. It went down great
  12. I really like the outrageous look of these basses and a 5 stringer would appeal to me more.
  13. And how does the weight work for you?
  14. You are in good company.
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