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  1. @4000,absolutely correct. I have had one since 2002 and it does neck dive plus the top leans away from your body. I didn’t want to sell what was my dream bass at the time so i got used to it and found a way of playing it that didn’t bug me . Now i just naturally adjust it. But i havd read many threads stating neck dive as areasom to offload it.
  2. I have two sets of ACG EQ02 filter modules in my beater bass and I would like to have them put into a pedal instead so that I can use it as switchable eq.
  3. Over the pst year, there have been a lot of used alembics for sale. More than I have seen in a long time, and most have been priced sensibly so if you are interested this is probably a good time to keep your eyes open and maybe take the leap. 🙂👍
  4. This must be really rare as I can only recall seeing that particular EVH body style as a 4 string. Every now and then I entertain the thought of a 6 string and this one stirred them up again but I have enough trouble with a 5 string so this is one string above my level of competency. All the best with the sale I hope you find a good. home for it.
  5. i think a really good place to also check out to get the lowdown on your questions would be the alembic web site forum. www.alembic.com as that is a more focussed group, and many also use non alembic basses too so you would find more views relating to the different alembic models in their range, both vintage and current. There are many members from that forum who participate in BC too. I hope you find one.
  6. As it happens 2yrs ago i did a gig with my band at a big garden party used my BTII for my bass and Dubster added to the keyboard players small pa for the rest of the band and sounded great. Afterwards my mate who is a reggae DJ was doing his thing with his cabs inside and outside the house, so i suggested using my cabs instead so we had the BTII outside and dubster inside and it sounded incredible, full, clean with lots of bottom end. i think two BTII's and a dubster would be a fantastic quality lightweight pa, Not that you'd really need a dubster with two BTII's but can' hurt.
  7. Have you considered a separate preamp and a class D power Amp as an option as that would give you more options with different cabs. I play reggae too and I use one with my barefaced cabs and having a Dubster II (18"sub), on one side of the power amp and a BBII 12" + tweeter on the other gives a heck of a lot of chest rattling bass and I can control what I deliver to each cab.
  8. I had two which broke in around a year, jack brock off and headphone socket stopped working. I decided to get something more robust. The tascam GB10 is a good little unit as you can speed up/slow down parts to help with learning and also change key, but those things reduce the quality if you go too far but still really useable. The loop function is a godsend.
  9. A friend of mine is looking for a bass rig on a limited budget for reggae and im thinking of showing her this one. She plays a 5 string so i to enable me to asses it based on my own bf cabs i wonder if anyone has first hand knowledge how this cab would compare to a BB2 or BTII? Sonically, does it sit between the two soundwise or is it less powerful than the BB2. thanks
  10. More gigs than i've had in 2020.🤔
  11. Michael Kelly Dragonfly 5 string strung with labella nylon deep talking flats. I'm not keen on flats but these seem to work well on this bass without the clatter I experienced with the phosphor bronze strings that came as standard.
  12. I don't have an absolute favourite but I will post some that are up there. There are a few, the last one is the one that made me want to play bass. I don't know specifically what it was about that track when I first heard it but listening with more musically educated ears, it may have been that it is more melodic nature and the way it flows with the lyrics without ever losing the groove and still sounds like a reggae bass line. I have met Aston a few times over the years and thanked him for bringing me to music.
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