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  1. I prefer natural wood colour like this burl redwood bass with ebony and maple neck.
  2. Richard Cousins of the Robert Cray Band. https://knowyourbassplayer.com/2020/08/23/richard-cousins-robert-cray-band/
  3. I can understand the interest in vegan straps but at the moment I have no interest them or any straps containing plastic. In the past, the ones I have bought containing plastic coatings end up cracking along the edges and then being scratchy on the the exposed skin of my shoulder or side of my neck. Leather ones just seem to get softer over time so tend to become more flexible and softer as they age. Also I don't trust plastic fittings that hold the tabs as my basses are pretty heavy. My straps are all leather no plastic or metal except for the straplocks.
  4. I wouldn't mind one of those in my garden for the summer.
  5. Aston"Familyman' Barrett's Fender Jazz ( though i've never wanted to own one) Stanley Clarke's Alembic. (I had to get one of those.)
  6. From where didst thou recognise the said bass?😂🤔
  7. I did a gig yesterday with a Brazilian Jazz band out back at a small pub near Birmingham City Centre. By mid way through the second set we had most of the audience up on their feet dancing.
  8. I'm now the happy owner of this sub, and it's going to have a multi-purpose use. But the first outing was on a double bass gig yesterday afternoon to add some meat to my Schertler Unico which is a bi-amped 180w acoustic instrument combo and has a sub output option. At home and small low volume rehearsals the Schertler is fine but at soundcheck in outdoor/undercover gig it was not up to the the drummer and keyboard player, I got the LF800 out of the car and plugged it in and it really worked well and added enough bottom end to keep the songs bouncing along. An indoor gig may have been a bit too heavy on the bass.
  9. I think you will eventually have to scratch that itch and find one. If I'm ever gigging in your neck of the woods I will be sure to bring it.
  10. I think that may be dependent on the room. I have used mine on large stages and once in an outdoor gig and it sounded fine. I have never heard any mud or boominess. The band I play in, do classic reggae from late 70's early 80's and so I whilst the cab is really heavy on the bottom end it's probably too much so for that era unless you are doing dub and not going through the PA. But there is enough low mids to keep the note clarity but as I mentioned earlier i think it is a much more balanced sound with a big baby II. Actually what Alex recommended was putting my power amp into bridge mode and put them both on the same channel and they will blend nicely. I did that and it does work well but having the two cabs on different channels means I can control the volumes independently and adjust the Dubster so that it does not overpower the overall sound of the bass. To be honest if you A & B'd it side by side with a Big Twin 2 with the tweeter off, the amount of low end difference I hear is not that dramatic.
  11. Actually the Dubster 2 is passive cab and I have used mine as a stand alone cab on reggae gigs but prefer using it with my big baby II.
  12. Depends on how much your neighbours love bass!! 🙂 I hope you find one. I don't use mine a lot but when I do it shows it's worth.
  13. Yeah, sound guys don't tend to like too much sub bass on stage so not using mine as much as I had hoped but these days when I use my big baby II and Dubster II, which is like a passive FR800 and passive LF1400, :-), I use them on a separate channel on my power amp and just put a bit of the dubster it in to add to the low end density without it being noticeably loud or over powering. It makes the low volume sound much fuller.
  14. I have just picked up a Peavey Minimax 600watt for a relative just starting out on bass. I was pretty surprised how nice it sounded in the shop without twiddling any knobs. Anyway I took it home and plugged my barefaced cab into it and it still sounds fine but not as good as it sounded through the ampeg cab that I used in the shop. I have an old mesa boogie cab which is going to a new owner soon so I will try it with that later. Maybe it will sound better with a "voiced" bass cab rather than the FRFR barefaced. So far few a couple of niggles which would annoy me but may not faze my relative as he is a new player. 1) The fan is pretty loud. 2)The buttons for the presets make an audible click through the speaker when pushed on or off. 3) The labels on the controls are inset into the front of the amp which makes it hard to see unless the amp is close to eye level. But I guess after you get used to the amp you will be familiar with the controls by their position rather than the labels. Any views on this amp? Good or not so good.
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