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  1. Have we just seen the perfect double bass for metal? 😂
  2. This is a video we had filmed early last year (2021). It's not recorded with the double bass, I just thought it would look better on the video..
  3. Yeah I found a bass that is perfect for me, (maybe slightly different meaning to the OP). What I like is that the pickups have a really even sound throughout the sound spectrum. Whilst i can use it successfully for all genres I get to play, I am particularly choosy about when I take it to gigs. Like someone else pointed out perfect is not a static thing. So while this one is the most perfect of my basses, there are others that i choose when I want a different kind of perfect :-).
  4. If the DI in the pedal is uses an isolation transformer, then you won't fry it as the DC won't transmit through the transformer to the pedal. Might be worth browsing this article on DI's it refers to stage DI's but the principle is the important thing. I just looked up the pedal pdf on line and it does not mention much about the DI but since it has a psu i guess it's an active DI. Maybe a recording guru will enlighten on the best line of action. Prepare to DI! (soundonsound.com)
  5. I recall seeing two alembic series basses in the window of a shop in Birmingham called Woodroffe's, just after the first Clarke Duke oproject tour came to town. I think this was some time in 1981 or early 1982. Both basses were up for sale for £3000 one was the large classic body shape and the other was the short scale series bass.
  6. The tone was in the mittens unless they were fingerless. 🧥
  7. I had to make a version of that. I once turned up to a gig without any strings on my bass. Could not get a decent sound, no matter how I tried. I've been told that the tone is all in the fingers, but I also remain unconvinced. I'll get my coat 🙂 🧥 😂😂😂😂
  8. Almost every gig I've been provided with a bass rig that all the bands use, or festivals I have been to watch the bass rigs have mostly been some kind of Ampeg, next popular would Ashdown with about equal measures of Eden and Markbass. So I would say Ampeg rigs are still the standard for most genres. As for instruments FSO's are still the ones I see mostly on stages, on tv concerts or videos, regardless of genre so I would again think they are still industry standard. That said there are obviously individual variances and my setups are far from industry standard.
  9. I had a dep gig with an acoustic instrument/vocal band called Eeek, at a club in Wolverhampton last night called "Georgeous" doing Christmas Carols. It's been decades since i have played any of those kind of songs and back then it was on guitar. Nice gig and really nice band to play with. I think this is the third dep i have done for them.
  10. I have a Schertler Unico that I bought for my EUB and recently got a Barefaced LF800 powered sub to use via the schertler's aux send. It has an LF switch to set the crossover with it. I was not looking for a loud sub, just something to add some weight to the bottom end. So far I've used it on one outdoor under cover gig and it was fine. I have an indoor gig on Wednesday and if the sound guy wants it off. I will go along with that.👍
  11. They are not currently in production and I don't think they made many. Mine is a pre-production model without a serial number, bought from a bass chat member.
  12. i had regular failures with plannet waves cables until i replaced the jacks with neutrix ones. Same with Fender ones, the jacks look sturdy but Neutrix are much more reliable in my experience.
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