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  1. I bought a Dubster 2 from a member on here last year and I think I've used it on about 4 gigs. Two were when it was twinned with a Big Baby II and powered in bridge mode from my Crown XLS1502. The sound density was ridiculously thick but the addition of the BB2 enabled more upper frequencies to come through. However but I think next time I take it out I will have the two cabs on different sides of my power amp so I can balance the sound between the two cabs better as in bridge mode the dubster does tend to over power the low end and I think it would work better if I was able to use the BB2 for most of my sound and let the dubster add heft without taking over the volume loud. The other two times, I have used it as a stand alone bass cab which was rather good. Just to add, all gigs were reggae which it is deal for. The only other time I think it would be suitable is if I was gigging outdoors. If you can find one, it's a great addition.
  2. We are at the Reading Readipop festival this weekend on stage about 14:00 https://www.readipop.co.uk/festival-line-up/
  3. Please remove my posting I deleted content after misreading.
  4. This is the same experience I have. At the moment I am completely happy with my gear and to be honest the only times I go in there is to get strings really, to look at what kind of gear is around these days or to assist a mate with a purchase decision. A second pair of ears.
  5. Papa was a rolling stone. Cantaloupe island haitian divorce stuck in the middle with you.
  6. Just got back from playing a really good set with Musical Youth at an Absolute 80's weekender at Butlins Bognor Regis.
  7. This gig has been rescheduled to 9th November 2019 and will be a joint gig with the Bob Marley Experience band. Not sure what the protol is as we have three Bob Marley songs in our setlist.
  8. I have met Alan a number of times over the years and he is a really good bloke. I wanted to get a bass made by him the first time i met him at a Bass Day in Manchester UK and tried his basses. I loved the sound of his basses and the workmanship is top notch but i wasn't keen on the body styles. I ended up buying some of his filter based tone controls.
  9. Had a really good gig headlining a festival last night with Musical Youth.
  10. I have never tried one but maybe one of these straps may help? https://slingerstraps.com/products/hip-strap-guitar-strap
  11. Thinking about it i'm sure I recall on fb that Marcus is now working for Simms in marketing so maybe it was his bass and interesting for Bass direct when he was working for them but less so now. https://www.facebook.com/SimsGuitars/
  12. Has this arrived yet?, I haven't seen anything on the site.
  13. I use mine with a Synq 1K0 power amp in bridge mode which gives 1080watts at 8 ohms. Never have it stupidly loud but its lovely and clean and can deal with a heavy punchy signal transients without struggling.
  14. Cancelled, no idea why.
  15. Seems like specsavers can do some good business here. 🤣
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