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  1. I tend not to change gear often and do a lot of research before buying so that I get what I think will suffice for the long term. In the past three-ish years I have replaced my three Boogie Powerhouse cabs 2x10, 4x10 and 1x15, that I bought new around 2004, with barefaced cabs, BBII, BTII and Dubster II and couldn't be happier. I have all angles covered for gigging and I can't see any reason to go looking elsewhere although there is no harm in window shopping. They are lovely and light and have a sound I prefer to my boogie cabs.
  2. I tried some Labella Deep talking flats but the black nylon coated ones for a few reggae gigs but didn't like the tone I was getting from them. They are now on my acoustic bass guitar which seems a better match. I'm not averse to flats but at the moment I prefer rounds maybe I will try them again in the future but just plain flats not coated.
  3. I tend to re-string my reggae bass with used strings from other basses that I am putting new strings on. They are a bit more mellow in tone then and they usually last about a year before I change them again. Works well, recycling is good. 🙂
  4. Thanks reggaebass. I use D'addario Pro steels 45 - 130 and use them for everything including reggae, funk and slap and can get what i need from them. I did really like the sound of the D'addario NYXL strings which again are great strings and have a more mellow tone but bright enough for slapping etc. My fingers don't seem to get on with nickel strings so i don't use them regularly. I have one bass that i use mainly for reggae and would love to try an even heavier gauge string set but as I have a brass nut and saddles i don't want to open them up and find they don't suit me so i stick with the pro steels as they can go deep and mellow, punchy and i still keep note clarity. if it's any help, i spoke with Aston Barrett and he uses Fender Flats.
  5. Might be a good way to wind down after "Line of Duty" especially if we don't find out "Who are You"..... H.🤣
  6. I still use an 18" bass cab as a stand alone cab for some of my reggae gigs but prefer it with my 1x12" cab as it gives me a bit more detail whilst not detracting from the low end. I have used it like this on a few gigs and mainly on gigs without the bass in the PA.
  7. I watched some of that last night and I don't even play fretless electric bass as I thought it might give me some ideas that would translate to my learning double bass. I posted a link to the Slominsky's pdf book on the chat last night. I found it really informative and differing approaches to the instrument.
  8. A great local bass player friend of mine whom I played many reggae gigs with used the 5 string version of that bass and it sounds great. All the best getting your sound with it.
  9. I can recommend this one for a double gig bag. http://www.harvest-guitar.com/en/Cow-Antique-oxid-3.html If you want something more solid then these are good. I have a single bass version and it's tough and light and I use it when my bass needs to go in the back of the van. https://www.scottdixoninc.com/webshop/cases/double-bass-guitar-case/
  10. I'm learning Slam the Clown by Alain Caron. and Surreptitious by Jeff Lorber. Both are styles of bass that I haven't attempted before.
  11. I bought a 1x18 Dubster II a couple of years or so ago and teamed up with Big Baby II and a super clean bass head and it is a superb reggae bass rig.
  12. I saw that a few weeks back on the Alembic Web site forum and my guess was that it was probably converted to a lefty at some point in it's life and then back. Sorry state but I guess if someone was really good at woodwork they could shave the top half of the bass down about 1/4" and replace it with another tasty piece of the same kind of wood, (looks like Bocate to me), then put battery in the space it was originally placed, give it a sand and respray. Probably still sounds great as it is regardless. Not a task I would take on for that price. £500 maybe if it was in the UK as it would probably cost me the same again to fix it up.
  13. Not bad at all, I have to confess my knowledge of basses is limited to alembic really, bass electronics bass rigs outboard gear like effects and cabs is really limited and one of the reasons I joined this forum and Talkbass was to gain a wider understanding of the business of bass. Just recently I have been rewiring my bass rig and got issues with gain staging so that's still a work in progress. 😁
  14. I am sold on the versatility of active low pass filter based bass tone controls. It took me a while to be able to make repeatable tone choices especially since mine have independent filters for each pickup. 👍🏾
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