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  1. I have had short scale since 2002 and whilst I also have a long scale 4 string I prefer the tone and playability of the short scale bass. I think I would be loath to go with 5 stringer and low B on a short scale as I like a bit of tension on the strings but I would still like to try one.
  2. i grew up listening to the wailers in luding Bunny & Peter Tosh. in my humble view I think Bunny Wailers's Blackheart man is one of the finest reggae albums ever.
  3. I sold my PLX2402 and replaced it with a lighter weight Crown XLS1502 which is a great sounding amp and much much lighter which encourages me to use that rack more. But...... of the two I prefer the sound of the QSC amp with my rig and bass but compromise had to be made so that I could use my rack more often. I have toyed with the idea of finding a QSC PLX amp again. Who knows.
  4. Acoustic/Electric guitars sound great through a bass amp. I used my Yamaha APX guitar through my mesa boogie walkabout and 2x10 powerhouse cab and that sounded great. For electric guitar, only my active ones seem to sound ok as long as i don't use any kind of overdrive/distortion. But i have a guitar amp so I don't need to double up.
  5. My favourite cab is my Barefaced Big Twin II. I go for a clean sound with the ability to handle a heavy bottom end and that cab does it with ease. For smaller gigs I have a Big Baby II and when I really want more bottom end I add the Dubster II to the mix.
  6. Looks like this one is a keeper.
  7. Here is a solution that appeared whilst browsing youtube this morning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N5ogvoKN1E
  8. I havent heard of those enki cases and they look pretty solid. I have a single bass scott dixon case and it’s great.
  9. Absolutely. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‚
  10. I'm not a fan of single cut basses to be honest but this one Stradii Symphony is the exception. I doubt if I would buy one but to my sense of aesthetics it looks the most elegant of the single cut basses I have seen.
  11. I wish mine had fallen out of a Christmas cracker, would have saved me a few quid. πŸ˜‚ πŸ™‚
  12. I decided on the Big Twin II as the best solution for my needs mainly because I wanted a cab that could handle the bottom end I needed whilst giving me a really honest hifi sound from my bass and rig. To mine and my band's ears It is a great sounding cab. I also have a big baby II and tend to use that on most gigs that aren't reggae and it's always been able to hold it's own even on a couple of non PA outdoor gigs with an instrumental band. You could always try a BBII and if you needed more sound then another in the future should do the same job as the BTII. The fact you can get the barefaced cabs on approval is worth taking up.
  13. Although I would never buy one, I admire the dramatic look of the buzzard bass. It looked correct on a big stage in the hands of John Entwhistle but I think would look out of place in a local pub gig or at a jazz festival. πŸ™‚ This is another one that appeals to me but again not something I would buy.
  14. Two awesome Series II Alembics, though since I don't play fretless the fretted coco bolo is more appealing to me.
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