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  1. I ordered 3 sets, they are on their way from England to Italy...
  2. Here we are!! I like it a lot. I found the neck superb, much more than my Rick 4003 from 2017.
  3. No, this is my first BB! And yes, Santa allowed me to play, even because it is a self-present!
  4. Santa came yesterday in Italy with a brand-new BBPH! ☺️
  5. I use horse riding leather tan to "ebonize" rosewood fretboards
  6. G&L L-2000 1984 made in Fullerton, California. Serial number B014299, swamp ash body and "bi-cut" maple neck with 1 3/4" nut and 7.25" radius (like a good P-Bass); powder-coated aluminum “black crinkle” hardware (only present until 1988). NOS item, with no signs whatsoever. Perfect tuners, perfect original electronics, truss rod absolutely in working order and with plenty of adjustment space. Original G&G hard case included. Weight: exactly 4 Kg. True classic of the late Leo Fender! Please, no trades! Shipment to be paid by the buyer. You will not find another one in these conditions!
  7. Any news regarding the Peter Hook signature model?
  8. What a beauty! Is your dad signature at the fingerboard?
  9. Not interested into a bolt-on Hooky bass. Only a NT makes sense, for me. There are excellent active basses with bolt-on design, out there.
  10. I questioned directly a well-known-British-reseller...
  11. The Hooky bass will come in autumn. It was planned a big showdown during the Manchester Bass Day in march. Street price would be around GBP 1.500
  12. The bass is coming in autumn 😫
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