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  1. ACG with MC and new East preamp (DFM) will give you that sound for a fraction of the price. And way more.
  2. I had it in the late '90s, here in Italy, bought from Music Ground as I read the ad in a paper bass magazine.
  3. what a magnificient form of beauty!
  4. Well... Actually I'm playing New Orders songs, so I took the bass to have that signature sound. I also have a very faithful Clone Theory replica made by a firm here in Italy and based on an old Reticon SAD 1024 IC. I have rather small hands (like PH), so I feel really comfortable with the bass set like him.
  5. My question could be silly, but I set up my bass like Peter (using that heavy .060 G string) and I put the neck dead straight by tightening the truss rod. I also reverted all the saddles on the "edge" side and went with thru-bridge stringing. I experience a little fret buzz, so I'd like to have the opinon of the others...
  6. Calling all the BBPH owners (but for the others, too 😁 )! How do you set the action on these? What's your favourite settings?
  7. Unsigned? You are talking about a real PH signature, not the one on the rear, right?
  8. Pretty good results after the second hand of ink: However, despite the heavy masking with vinyl tape, I suffered some smearing, very hard to remove: I don’t recommend this!
  9. I used genuine Fiebing's Leather Dye. I'm going to put a second coat in these days
  10. Ebonizing the fretboard on my BBPH:
  11. Thank you Hooky6... I suspected that going thru-bridge would allow a little less tension on the G string. I'm going to buy a couple of single .060 Rotosounds (someone suggested me they are the same of Elites...) and change stringing in that way. Looking at Hooky's personal bass, seems to me that the G string is not the same set of Elite signature set.
  12. hello guys, I have an issue with my BBPH that only YOU, fellow BBers, can solve... I bought 3 sets of Peter Hook stainless steel strings from Bass Center (the are just .040-.105 with a .060 for the high G string...). I strung them through body, but broke TWO Gs as I tried to setup the bass (mine came with a nice flat neck but a high action...). Could be an issue with the string length? I noticed that the string retainer stay on the silk but when I see Peter Hook with his own bass I see and unwound G string. Could be this a custom made for the string through body?
  13. I ordered 3 sets, they are on their way from England to Italy...
  14. Here we are!! I like it a lot. I found the neck superb, much more than my Rick 4003 from 2017.
  15. No, this is my first BB! And yes, Santa allowed me to play, even because it is a self-present!
  16. Santa came yesterday in Italy with a brand-new BBPH! ☺️
  17. I use horse riding leather tan to "ebonize" rosewood fretboards
  18. G&L L-2000 1984 made in Fullerton, California. Serial number B014299, swamp ash body and "bi-cut" maple neck with 1 3/4" nut and 7.25" radius (like a good P-Bass); powder-coated aluminum “black crinkle” hardware (only present until 1988). NOS item, with no signs whatsoever. Perfect tuners, perfect original electronics, truss rod absolutely in working order and with plenty of adjustment space. Original G&G hard case included. Weight: exactly 4 Kg. True classic of the late Leo Fender! Please, no trades! Shipment to be paid by the buyer. You will not find another one in these conditions!
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