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  1. No, same bridge/tailpiece. Some people said that they thought the bridge was mounted too far forward, making intonation impossible. I would be very surprised if this was the case and if it was then there should have been a recall. Sounds like user error to me.
  2. Could you maybe source one of these single bass bridges then butcher it for the insert? https://www.northwestguitars.co.uk/individual-bridge-saddle-for-bass-guitar/?sku=BB114-CR
  3. Jack Casady and his Epiphone signature bass. But you knew I'd say that
  4. If I reserve a space in my memory for Airdrie's location, I'll probably forget part of a song I'm trying to play during a gig. Can't take that risk, sorry, Airdrie
  5. No, there was a regular scale version of the Embassy with alleged bridge issues.
  6. Tort pickguard is correct for an early Gibson Ripper. Corroded, unpotted pickup windings are also common in early Rippers when the pickguard decomposes. Noice. This is/was a pretty competent copy, I'm especially impressed with the pickups - that is how earlier Ripper pickups mount with the two screws through the pickup into the body. Later ones had a three screw arrangement which were on lugs sticking out from the pickup body and attached to the pickguard instead.
  7. One day I'll have a picture like that but with Epiphone Jack Casady Signature basses instead of Performers
  8. I wouldn't be able to accurately pinpoint Airdrie on a map, and I've lived in Scotland my entire life...
  9. I would have heartily supported a reissue more faithful to the original, or at least with a pickguard which doesn't look like "that'll do".
  10. I know there's a whole thread started up about these but I think it's worthy of discussion in the context of this thread too... I'm all for reissues, but that pickguard is a mistake imo. Looks ill-thought out and home made and especially out of place seeing as the originals had no guard and rear routed controls. Don't worry though, it's currently only available in Japan.
  11. Yeah, why is the pickguard rounded when everything else about this bass isn't? Doesn't really work for me. EDIT: I know why I'm finding it so weird - the originals didn't have pickguards and controls were rear routed. Cost saving to front rout it, done in a really clumsy way?
  12. The BC Rich Eagle is positively mundane compared to some of their output though. I think it would fit in anywhere in the sense of someone who's dressed a little out of the ordinary but you have a pint and a yap with them and they turn out to be sound as a pound.
  13. You're a bit too late, BRX has been and gone - couldn't even be bothered posting pics (mic drop)
  14. No, a production model from the mid 80s. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fender_Performer_Bass
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