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  1. I appreciate that. Sometimes a thread on here will take on something of an authoritarian tone - you know, the finger wagging "you're doing it wrong" kind of tone and it really winds me up. People expressing opinions as fact, pretty standard. I'll try harder to let it wash over me in future - there probably are more important hills to die on.
  2. I was bullied at school, and despite coming along in leaps and bounds in the intervening years, there will always be times where I read something and take it that way. Is that explanation sufficient for you?
  3. neepheid


    That Alan's a clever bugger - look, they fit together perfectly!
  4. Appreciated (and I'm with you on the 3 point bridge not bothersome enough to spend that kind of money on a replacement), but this is not about the 3 point bridge though. This is about repurposing a Hipshot 2 point replacement as a replacement for the two part bridge on an Epiphone VP T-bird.
  5. I don't really have one. I like trying different things. I've got a few "keepers" - as in the ones I would prioritise in a house fire... G&L L-1000 Yamaha BB1200 Epiphone Jack Casady Signature (20th Anniversary) But I'll keep trying things that look interesting to me, as and when I see them.
  6. Here's a picture of one on an Epiphone Embassy, which uses the same bridge as a T-bird Vintage Pro...
  7. It's not meant to be a drop in replacement for an Epi anything - it's a direct replacement for the Gibson 2 point bridge thus: I have seen it used on Epiphones, but it takes work to make it work properly. The holes in the base of the bridge are recessed because on some models, the threaded inserts sit proud of the surface of the bass. When fitted correctly, the bridge should be sitting flush on the deck, so tail lift shouldn't be possible.
  8. Your bass, your way. PJs exist, so why not oldP/J?
  9. It's all I've ever known! Seeing as I seem to be in the minority here, I can't deny I'm a little jealous of the extra free time and earlier finishes that some of you enjoy!
  10. I merely quoted Tim because he made an assumption about what I do and I was correcting that. The rest of it was general exasperation at the finger wagging and "you're doing it wrong" tone that was starting to develop, not at Tim specifically.
  11. I am playing in pubs. Will everyone please stop projecting their own experiences onto everyone like there's an effing rule book about this or something?
  12. I take exception to that. Don't tar everyone with the same brush because you had a bad experience. We play for 3 hours with a break because that's what we've been booked to do. I find it pretty annoying for you to sit there and call it indulgence when it's bloody hard work, not only in the execution but also the preparation and thought put into set lists which flow and create momentum. And if the audience is getting weary, then we're not doing our jobs correctly. I'll have you know that we have people up on their feet at the very end of most of our shows. Your experience is your own, and you're entitled to your opinion, but don't go calling out other bands, especially since your criticism does not apply universally. That's not cool. Don't do that.
  13. Yup, I just finished with it - had it most of last week. Get well soon, y'all.
  14. Last night Nine Lives played for the first time at The Tolbooth in Ellon. It was an interesting setup in the conservatory needing some creative ways of getting electricity to the left hand side of the "stage" (ie. area of floor we occupy). Nevertheless, we got set up and got going and after a bit of level tweaking had a great night. Decent crowd, had some dancers up for a fair few songs - held them there for three with Shut Up And Dance -> Bad Moon Rising -> then an impromptu set list change to Waterloo. Was pleased with the band doing that on the fly, especially as it wasn't me making the suggestion. We heard afterwards from the staff that even the shy folk up at the bar were singing along and enjoying it too - couldn't really see them as we were downstairs a bit. Got some great feedback, most importantly from the lady who paid us, so hopefully this will lead to repeat bookings at this venue. Very happy with how it went. Gear used - my G4M rat bass followed by the Sire D5 into the usual Markbass modular shenanigans.
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