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  1. Fair enough - it's not for everyone! I don't know where you live, but as I am up in Aberdeen the local choice is pretty thin. Travelling to Glasgow or Edinburgh is no guarantee that I'll find what I'm looking for either. I would rather order a bass online (for the best price I can find) and pay the postage to return it if I decide I don't like it, it's still cheaper than travelling to anywhere with a well stocked bass department. Also, a couple of years back I found what might have been one of the last Epiphone 20th Anniversary Jack Casady basses for sale new in the country - in a Yorkshire music shop. I'm not traipsing all the way down there when I can get it couriered up to me for a fraction of that cost.
  2. Also, can someone please explain to me where the misspelling of neck as 'kneck' came from? I get that heel and heal get mixed up as homophones but kneck? That isn't even a word!
  3. Overuse and inappropriate use of the adjective "vintage"
  4. Agreed - loose frets is an absolute no-no, at any price. I'd say return it - and because it's faulty not because you've simply changed your mind.
  5. No, not everything is getting through QC. Recently bought an Epiphone Embassy in the same price range as this and its fit and finish were excellent - never mind loose frets, the fretwork was competent with no snaggy ends and the only dirt on my fingers was whatever nickel poisoning I'm going to get from whatever cheapass strings it came with The only niggles were a loose knob - easily fixable with split shaft pots and the tuners are poor quality - I will likely replace them. That's not because they're faulty, they do the job but they're just cheap and a bit jumpy with play in their movement. I'm not bothered about these things at the £300-350 price bracket.
  6. Big box shifters won't do anything to an instrument before handing it off to you. I would guess they don't have the time/staff to do it. So you're relying upon whatever was done at the factory - however long ago and however different the environment was in that time zone. That's why learning to do your own setups is an absolute must as far as I'm concerned. It's the second thing I do after the initial look over for any fit/finish issues. Then I play it.
  7. Almost every maple boarded black Gibson? It's not their fault they almost always have a black headstock, it's the Gibson way so it's pretty much colour matched by default.
  8. Beats me why G&Ls aren't more prevalent than they are. Can't all be down to headstock hate, can it?
  9. Ungigged might be a more accurate word as it has been to one band rehearsal but I'm looking forward to giving my new Epiphone Embassy a run out at a gig soon.
  10. I had to replace the headphone socket on my amp as the breaking connectors had lost their spring and were lifting by themselves, randomly muting the amp. Took a while to diagnose that one Replaced it myself, it was pretty easy. I see you've already done the most annoying part - removing the old socket, so it should be a breeze as long as you're replacing like for like.
  11. The Embassy has a set neck, not a through neck. Also, the Embassy's neck is one piece mahogany vs. the Thunderbird's 7 ply mahogany/walnut. Is the Thunderbird worth the extra £183? It is if you want something Thunderbird shaped. If you don't mind having the Thunderbird's less cool brother then save yourself some cash (and the latest metallic finishes do go some way to making the Embassy a more attractive bass) FWIW I had a Thunderbird Vintage Pro and I now have an Embassy. Ergonomically it's night and day different and better IMHO - even better balance, lighter weight, less reach to the first fret despite being same scale length.
  12. I've had the same drummer since 2009. He's mine and you can't have him!
  13. The 'Spoons had their first rehearsal in 14 months this week. I cheated and had a sighter session with my drummer the week before. It went pretty well, a few rusty bits and not as tight as we usually are but I forgot less than I thought I would. All in all, it's great to be back. Got a mate's wedding to play in October but dunno what's going to happen with gigs this year yet. Cover band likely to get started again week after next - a lot of swotting to do before I tackle that! Just great to be playing with other people again, I've really missed it.
  14. Give an Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro (now called Thunderbird 60s Bass) a try? Closer to the original Thunderbird than anything Gibson has done for a long time. Or save a chunk of change and get an Epiphone Embassy. Same pickups, same bridge, same scale length, same body wood. Set neck vs. neck through, mahogany neck vs. mahogany/walnut 7 ply, better ergonomics (smaller body, less reach to fret 1, better balance, lighter). But it's not quite as rock 'n' roll as a Thunderbird...
  15. Aaaand that's the price back up to normal. Hopefully someone got a cheeky discount while it was at £299.
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