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  1. Kinda putting a sell by date on yourself there, Old Yeller
  2. It may be all I need, but it isn't all I want...
  3. I don't play functions, but I'm willing to bet that Summer of '69 or Don't Stop Believin' will be on that list.
  4. Short of a screw slipping and causing damage, I can't see how they could tell if I had attempted to tweak the setup - especially if it was borked to start with. I was in the middle of editing, but I was going to say that I would expect a £1000+ instrument to arrive in at least a sensible basic setup. It may well need some tweaks to suit personal preferences, but I'd be pretty annoyed if it was as far out of whack as the OP is describing.
  5. He should spend less time moaning and more time turning some screws. Why does he still have it? If it takes a rank amateur like me 30 mins or so of fettling to set up a bass then a "luthier" should be able to do it in less, I would think. If he can't dial in a playable setup then maybe the bass is genuinely faulty. It can happen. In that case then obviously it's back to the retailer with it. My answer to your question is to pay nothing and learn to set up your own basses. I find it quite theraputic, as well as empowering and keeps more money in my wallet so it's a no-brainer for me.
  6. I thought this was going to be another G&L headstock thread
  7. That Oceanic Turquoise with tort pickguard combo is almost identical to the Emerald Blue G&L Tribute LB-100. Stopped me in my tracks because of the similarity! I usually prefer rosewood or darker over maple boards but that does look good.
  8. Anyone in/near Aberdeen need a box to ship a bass? The inner box held a G&L Tribute LB-100 and there's an outer box which it fits into. Any P bass or similar should fit in there no problem. It's been hanging around the house for 6 months. I think I'm keeping the bass
  9. They never really appealed to me. My subconscious kept me from trying them and I only recently began realising why: I don't like bridge pickups AT ALL (yes one can get an HH or HS model but does anyone have/play such a bass and ONLY use the neck pickup?) I've gone off active electronics in a big way. Only one of my basses is active and next year I am seriously considering making it passive again. I don't really like how they look. If I could describe P basses unkindly as the "agricultural" bass then in my world the Stingray similarly would be described as the "agricultural" active bass. No disrespect intended to Stingray fans, you're not wrong - this is just my personal opinion.
  10. A hot and sweaty one last night at The Rusty Nail in Aberdeen with my covers band Nine Lives. Good turnout with plenty folk getting up and having a dance/general move around to the music. Got saved by the singer from being completely wiped out by a drunk lady overestimating her powers of balance and toppling towards me fast. Singer grabbed her outstreched hand as she and gravity conspired to make me part of the table behind me. The perils of performing at floor level! She managed to stand on my tuner pedal as she bumped into me, briefly knocking me out of the game physically and sonically but we kept going. Still, she continued to be rather annoying througout the gig until some of the rest of the giggoers "suggested" to her that she leave. There's always one, right? Played really well and got a lot of good comments afterwards. Played the Jack Casady through the 2x1x10" frankenrig.
  11. If the Jolly Green Giant played bass ...
  12. Almost 11 year old Zombie thread - braaaaaaaaains!
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