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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    XTC - Nonsuch
  2. Hi, I have a fault on my newly purchased 1984 Aria SB1000, the seller has agreed to pay for any repair and ideally I am looking for someone in the Cambridgeshire area who can carry out a repair and a set-up on the bass. The PUP was replaced aboout 2 years ago and it seems to be working perfectly in active and passive. The issue is the 6 way selector, that when in active mode makes no change to the tone, and with each turn of the switch I get a loud crackling sound, it has been suggested it could be anything from dirty contacts to a capacitor leak, I have had a look and all seems visibly ok - but as a non techie would rather have a professional review and repair it. Anyone know of a good repair tech that could do the job for me? Cheers, Steve.
  3. Fender P Bits 'n' Pieces - £125

    Price reduced to £125
  4. Fender P Bits 'n' Pieces - £125

  5. Fender P Bits 'n' Pieces - £125

    [quote name='Bass_Guardian' timestamp='1501230887' post='3343404'] Was a poor attempt at try to turn the famous "Bits n pieces" techno song into lyrics. Apologies for the de-railment. [/quote]Lol, not to worry I will now check the song out!
  6. Wow that's cheap!

    Worth a punt at that price...
  7. Wal 4 string - £3750 - looks clean

    Mmm, looks nice. Decent price.
  8. Divorce - You Have Been Warned

  9. Basschat used to be a great place to buy or sell gear 8-10 years ago and I made a lot of bass playing buddies through sales but as it grew in popularity, so did the amount of time wasters and jokers who think helpful comments about the gear your selling flourished. I used to buy and sell a lot on here about 7 years ago but just got fed up with meaningless messages and comments that potentially scupper your sale with personal unhelpful opinions. But having said that it's still a great place for more realistic prices as opposed to eBay.
  10. Fender P Bits 'n' Pieces - £125

    [quote name='Bass_Guardian' timestamp='1501167302' post='3343022'] Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo (Increasing pitch) doo doo doo doo doo doo doo (Decreasing pitch) [/quote] Sorry, you have lost me...
  11. Classic 80s pop basslines play-along...

    Wonderful slapping! and you have a fully equipped wife escape den!! I salute you, sir!!!
  12. Fender P Bits 'n' Pieces - £125

    For sale my old "Japanese" clone Fender P in sunburst. I bought this as a back up to my old Fender P on Basschat about 8/10 years back. Possibly the lightest bass I have owned and would suit a youngster or anyone with back problems. The previous owner informed me that the original owner had tried to build a Fender P with some old Fender parts and some more dubious pieces including the neck that proclaims to be a Japanese build and indeed the serial number matches a mid nineties Japanese Fender P, but it most certainly is not - although he did a great job with the decal and the staining on the neck. She has some skuffs, scratches and marks and I have tried to photograph most of these. A lovely warm tone coupled with a decent growl if the mood takes. Not looking for a kings ransom, [s]£150[/s] [b]£125[/b] will make her yours, but I would prefer not to ship due to a lack of case so it will be pick up from me in sunny Ely, Cambridgeshire.
  13. Feedback for -- Bassclef

    Just bought an Aria SB700 from Graeme, top bloke, super smooth transaction!
  14. G&L Tribute M2000 Bass. NOW **SOLD**

    Absolute bargain price!!!! Should I....?
  15. SOLD ** Aria SB-700 with Hiscox case ** SOLD

    Thanks Graeme, good dealing with you mate.