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  1. Disgrace Of Bass Feedback

    Had the pleasure of buying Phil's US Fender Precision, was a total gent and a very smooth transaction.
  2. SOLD - Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass Black/Maple

    Thanks Phil, looking forward to picking her up from you!
  3. Fender American Professional Jazz Bass - *SOLD*

    Now that's nice!
  4. Aria SB1000 JT

    Now that's nice! Sorely tempted....
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    XTC - Nonsuch
  6. Hi, I have a fault on my newly purchased 1984 Aria SB1000, the seller has agreed to pay for any repair and ideally I am looking for someone in the Cambridgeshire area who can carry out a repair and a set-up on the bass. The PUP was replaced aboout 2 years ago and it seems to be working perfectly in active and passive. The issue is the 6 way selector, that when in active mode makes no change to the tone, and with each turn of the switch I get a loud crackling sound, it has been suggested it could be anything from dirty contacts to a capacitor leak, I have had a look and all seems visibly ok - but as a non techie would rather have a professional review and repair it. Anyone know of a good repair tech that could do the job for me? Cheers, Steve.
  7. Fender P Bits 'n' Pieces - £125

    Price reduced to £125
  8. Fender P Bits 'n' Pieces - £125

  9. Fender P Bits 'n' Pieces - £125

    [quote name='Bass_Guardian' timestamp='1501230887' post='3343404'] Was a poor attempt at try to turn the famous "Bits n pieces" techno song into lyrics. Apologies for the de-railment. [/quote]Lol, not to worry I will now check the song out!
  10. Wow that's cheap!

    Worth a punt at that price...
  11. Wal 4 string - £3750 - looks clean

    Mmm, looks nice. Decent price.
  12. Divorce - You Have Been Warned