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  1. Thanks for the support guys I now seem to have the same gas for Synths as I have for Bass... Well almost! I have approached a fairly local repair tech Synth Prof, lots of high recommendations.
  2. Probably, but they are as rare as hens teeth and I have been searching for a year for one, the price I paid wasn't too bad. I don't mind paying for a service and repair if required, just trying to find a reputable repair business that can return her to better days. 😉
  3. Hi All, I am recently started going back to the analogue eighties and purchased a couple of old synths. Unfortunately an eBay punt for a 1985 Roland JX8P has slightly backfired, and despite assurances of no issues and complete working order this is not quite the case having taken delivery of the keyboard, apart from needing an overall service there is a slight issue with a couple of the key's sticking (possibly internal dust and grime?) - I'd rather not attempt an amateur repair. Does anyone have any recommendations for a reliable repair business, possibly based in the south? (one that doesn't hold on to them for months on end without actually working on them!) Kind Regards, Steve.
  4. For sale a beautiful, somewhat rare Sterling Ray 35 in trans white with hard case The Music Man® designed humbucker, equipped with Alnico magnets is paired with the award winning Music Man 3-band active preamp. Onboard controls for volume, bass, mid and treble. The heavy duty 3-way switch offers series, split and parallel tones. Lovely condition, no marks or scuffs - awesome Ray tones, a real lovely old slapper! 5 strings just not for me. Price includes courier cost - sale within UK only.
  5. How does one amend a price on a for sale posting? Hitting edit doesn't seem to give me an option? Thanks, Steve.
  6. For Sale Top of the shop US Fender Precision (Maybe trade for high end fretless?) please note also now being advertised for sale elsewhere. She is in wonderful condition, no marks or scuffs to speak off, the only ‘man made’ blemish is the autograph that the previous owner obtained from the bass player with Aussie Floyd which resides on the back of the tuners (as pictured) I didn’t see the point in removing she comes with an upgraded Babicz bridge (original Fender bridge also included) all the usual Fender Candy and black leather Fender Strap, also comes with the original hard case. Currently strung with flats - Price includes shipping cost within the UK, UK only sale. I am saving for a high end fretless so if anyone with a fretless Wal wants to a part-ex do let me know 😉 Regards, Steve.
  7. PMs replied to, please note as stated she is no longer active. Ta
  8. Hi, Having a bit of a cull and next to go is my Fender Japan Marcus Miller Jazz. She is in lovely condition with wonderful Jazz tones and we all know the Japanese Fenders are as good as the US ones ;o) also comes with a nice flight case to keep her safe. Currently fitted with flats, but please note that the former owner removed the preamp so she is now passive, hence the lower price. Bass Direct still have the MM01 east preamp in stock and will fit for the cost of the preamp plus £50 should you want to turn her back to active. UK Sale only, can be picked up from me in Ely Cambridgeshire or happy to courier - assuming I can find a box ;o) Please also note that I am now advertising the bass elsewhere. Steve.
  9. As of July 31st sold... With a heavy heart, I must move on my beautiful natural Aria SB1000, almost as new condition with no obvious marks or scuffs. Happy to send by courier, at cost to me. Apologies, but would prefer a UK sale having had a rather bad (and expensive) experience a couple of years back. Comes with a sturdy flight case. Currently being advertised on Ebay for £850 - so £50 off for fellow basschatters!
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