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  1. I am a little tempted, any idea why the two holes were made in her?
  2. I think I may have been a previous owner of this bass, the grain is identical. Small world. Glwts.
  3. You have some lovely basses!
  4. Awesome basses for the money. GLWTS.
  5. Really lovely basses the 900’s, this is identical to the one I bought from ex Haircut 100 bassist Les Nemes, very tempting to get another…
  6. Thank you David, she is lovely!
  7. I keep being pulled back to this beauty, I do love an Aria.
  8. Sadly the potential buyer had to pull out so she is available again you lucky people.
  9. Just purchased a lovely Aria CB from David, who is a total gent, friendly and courteous. Kept me updated all the way with great communications, Thanks David you’re a total gent.
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