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  1. I would have heartily supported a reissue more faithful to the original, or at least with a pickguard which doesn't look like "that'll do".
  2. I know there's a whole thread started up about these but I think it's worthy of discussion in the context of this thread too... I'm all for reissues, but that pickguard is a mistake imo. Looks ill-thought out and home made and especially out of place seeing as the originals had no guard and rear routed controls. Don't worry though, it's currently only available in Japan.
  3. Yeah, why is the pickguard rounded when everything else about this bass isn't? Doesn't really work for me. EDIT: I know why I'm finding it so weird - the originals didn't have pickguards and controls were rear routed. Cost saving to front rout it, done in a really clumsy way?
  4. The BC Rich Eagle is positively mundane compared to some of their output though. I think it would fit in anywhere in the sense of someone who's dressed a little out of the ordinary but you have a pint and a yap with them and they turn out to be sound as a pound.
  5. You're a bit too late, BRX has been and gone - couldn't even be bothered posting pics (mic drop)
  6. No, a production model from the mid 80s. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fender_Performer_Bass
  7. I don't want to see anyone complain about the titchy little pointy bit on G&L headstocks now that we've seen that, thanks
  8. For someone who finds aesthetics "kind of irrelevant" to them, you sure kick up a big stink about it in a thread that's purely about aesthetics. You like Fenders, and people slagging them off irks you, I get it and it's OK.
  9. I never said there wouldn't be an impact. I'm saying that if it had gone down this way or that way, we'd know no different. Also, who apart from you mentioned removing Fender from history? A couple of us said we don't find them aesthetically pleasing and you take it to revisionist time travel? This got really deep for an "ugly bass" thread. Can we please just get back to good naturedly critiquing basses we find less than pleasing to the eye? Turn about is fair play - take aim and fire at a Gibson, or all of them. You're entitled to your opinion after all.
  10. There would be no such void. They would have used something else, it probably would have sounded bassy and we would be having this conversation about something else as we wouldn't have known anything different. A parallel universe where Gibson got there first? Sign me up, there might not have been a 9/11 or Covid either
  11. I have no beef with any Danos - I love their quirky looks and those lipstick pickups. I had a 3 pickup Hodad back in my bass butterfly days. The only reason I haven't had a Longhorn is the scale.
  12. Thank you for your restraint and brevity. While I am not quite as Fender averse as you, the Jazz bass can do one as far as I'm concerned. While the P bass may be uncharitably described as "agricultural", the Jazz is way worse to my eyes - big, fat, melty lump of a body with a skinny neck, so ungainly looking - I get nothing of the "upscale" model that Fender was going for even back in 1960. I don't get why they're so revered, I've owned one (when I was figuring out what I wanted from a bass), I've played several and I just don't get it. I have never seen a Jazz which makes me think "I must have that". Hard no from me. True boring = everyone liking the same things.
  13. I have a lot of love for G&L basses but the Interceptor? Hmm, an acquired taste that not many people acquired, I suspect.
  14. EB-3 is out of budget (in that you'd need to buy a Gibson SG or a very hard to find Epiphone Elitist EB-3) and despite the modern "mudbucker" in an SG being a TB+ in disguise it doesn't sound much like a Thunderbird with that neck pickup jammed up at the neck heel. Epiphone EB-0 I wouldn't recommend because all you have is a very neck focused humbucker and that's it. In my experience, it's a very limited tone pallette.
  15. For written works, copyright expires 70 years after the author's death.
  16. As a previous Tribute L-2000 and current L-1000 owner, I can confirm that
  17. If you save up another £100 - G&L Tribute Fallout bass is a possibility. I think you need to try them if you can though - they're very different beasts in terms of layout, body proportions etc. But man, that MFD pickup is sweet sounding
  18. "I'm currently the lead guitarist and primary composer/songwriter for an indie pop/rock band based in Glasgow called "Stolen Years" Not any more you're not
  19. You got me - a couple of washers did the trick.
  20. All this did was make me miss the BB450 I rebuilt a few years ago from a body and a neck with no nut and a maxed out truss rod. Actually reunited it with some of its original guts and it ended up playing at a festival. Maybe I'll try and track it down...
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