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  1. Yes, but how many sock players are there?
  2. If you're asking, then no, it's not worth it
  3. Call that creative? Not even trying
  4. Out of all the companies in the world making basses, Gibson probably give the least number of Fs what you wish for Just join the queue - people want a single pickup Thunderbird, an EB-2 (or even for Epiphone to reissue a Rivoli), or for them to return to their wacky days of the 70s/80s without sending out abortive half arsed attempts at it (like the Grabber 3 70's Tribute, the Moogless RD they did, the "posh" Grabber 2 that missed the whole point of the Grabber (that it was a quality, but inexpensive instrument).
  5. A fair point. But even that refinement of parameters which I outlined has curbed my bass wanderlust significantly.
  6. I'd say no. Nothing's perfect. All I've managed to do in around 15 years of playing is narrow down my parameters to 4 string only (the time to learn and get used to 5 string has come and gone) No skinny necks No Jazz basses No short scales Prefer humbucker over single coil Prefer passive over active Not upset if there's no bridge pickup (never use the thing anyway) That allows me to separate out wheat from chaff, but still gives me plenty to go "ooh" at. I kind of hope that I don't find a "perfect" bass, I quite enjoy shopping around and trying new stuff out even within the parameters specified.
  7. It's a combination of the wee body and the bridge being set relatively far in from the edge of the body to give that extra reach to the first fret.
  8. I think it depends upon what it is. Some things like links, prices, availability of things will be woefully out of date or long gone but resurrecting a thread dealing with hard facts or principles I don't have an issue with. The resurrection of a long dormant wanted post with someone having the thing the person wanted leading to a deal is a beautiful thing. I've been known to utter a "holy thread resurrection, Batman" in the past, but I don't mean any malice in it - I am genuinely surprised at the elapsed time. I usually follow it up with a tempering of expectations for the thread resurrector where appropriate.
  9. What's in a name? Unless it's your day job, try it out. If the X in the X and the Ys turns out to be a massive bell end then you can just leave, if X doesn't fire you first I'd say that being upfront at the outset is key. In my first originals band (not named X and the Ys, but a similar dynamic), the drummer and I were told straight at the beginning that we'd be sidemen to the singer and guitarist (responsible for words and music respectively). "If you want to write songs, go form another band" was pretty much what was said. I've probably shortened it and made it more pithy over time for amusement purposes but that was the jist of the conversation. Fair enough. I wasn't bothered - it was my first band, they took a chance on me and I was happy to take some direction.
  10. So I took it to band rehearsal (originals band, so ska-ish with no guitars) last week and played the LB-100 in a band context. Well, let's start off with the positives - lovely ergonomics here. It was very comfortable to play, the neck is just how I like it - wide and deep enough, the satin finish on the back is great (I didn't even notice the slight roughness around fret 1 I noted on arrival in the heat of the moment of playing with others) and it feels well screwed together but not too heavy - just that nice heft that gives assurance, not shoulder ache. Band members noticed I had a new bass and commented positively on it, so it's clearly got the looks down. How does it sound? Eh. It's a P bass. Is my hair supposed to be blown back by the unremitting okayness of it all? It wasn't bad - it was certainly clear and I could hear myself no bother but it was like I was just "there", existing musically rather than pushing things forward. Maybe that's the point of a P bass. I don't get why people get so misty eyed about it, it was just so unremarkable to my ears. When I play a bass live, I want to feel like I've sparred for a few rounds with it, to puff my cheeks out and say "that was phat!" I'm not saying it's bad. It's just not the sound that I look for in a bass, or more accurately not enough of it. I've yet to try it out with the rock band so I'll reserve ultimate judgement until I hear it in both of the musical contexts I exist in but on the strength of that showing, I've pretty much made up my mind that a split MFD pickup will be the reason I bow out of this years gear abstinence thread. The way I see it is if you're going to go G&L, you might as well go all in.
  11. Going in the right direction - I sold a bass this week. OR Creating a void that is dangerously vacant? With a trip to Glasgow a week on Monday? Dangerous...
  12. You don't need to justify yourself, particularly to a squeezed middle earner like me who is clearly not going to buy your bass and simply used your thread as a means to make a wry observation of how accurate I've had to become as the pot I have to p!$$ in seems to have shrunk over time...
  13. He's not giving up... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-59993244
  14. Try contacting Guitar Guitar directly - I got my Tribute LB-100 delivered on Hogmanay. I can't imagine they only ordered one in especially for me. They maybe simply haven't got around to listing them yet.
  15. G&L Tribute LB-100 if you want something similar to your P bass as a backup but just subtly different enough to justify itself in its own right?
  16. Purple L-1000 (as a standard factory offering) is no more for now according to the G&L website - it's been replaced with Matcha Green - a retrograde choice in my opinion, it's nae the bonniest finish in their catalogue! If it's got to be purple then you'll have to order one specially, or wait and hope on the second hand market.
  17. Price dropped to £3750? I'm somewhere between poor and getting by, so I nearly spat my tea out. Then I realised I could have bought my current car twice over for that and be left with change and it didn't help with the tea retention. Having said that, GLWTS!
  18. Ahh, too late. I've got some spares. Oh well, so do you now
  19. That's pretty good, or at least it's above the lower end of the scale I outlined
  20. Hate to say it because I wish it would change, but "welcome to the Internet".
  21. I don't think you'll find much help here - I think you'll need to start an entirely new site for this sort of thing!
  22. Just thought I'd check and take the opportunity to make the distinction - as I'm sure you're aware (not everyone is, it seems) it's wildly different for originals bands, you're minted if you "make it", but at the other end of the scale it's £50 after doing the promoter's job for them and expected to be grateful that your existence was acknowledged, nothing or even worse ... pay to play. I physically shuddered as I typed that last bit!
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