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  1. Epiphone EB-3. Cherry red. I sold it. I don't miss it. I didn't really know what I wanted from a bass at the time, I got it because it was kinda what Jack Bruce played. Very kinda as it turns out. Would be interesting to go back and see how it feels now that I know what's going on On the plus side, it put me down the Gibson side of life rather than the Fender way and gave me a taste for crown inlays, flower pots and 2+2 headstock, so it wasn't all bad.
  2. Big mistake by Epiphone not using the bat wing when they reissued the Embassy bass. The simple 2+2 they used put me right off. Academic now, as I think they've binned it
  3. Neither. Unless I now live in a world where they're the only two government approved types of basses, then Precision. Until then, I'll enjoy one of the freedoms I still have at the moment and play my T-bird
  4. Epiphone Jack Casady. Don't even need an amp if you're in a quiet place and CBA plugging it in
  5. Yup, plenty of songs to learn, plenty of songs to learn how to play better too
  6. Aw well, that's the next gig I was planning to attend cancelled...
  7. Presumably the old holes will be coverered by the replacement pickguard? If so, I wouldn't use filler, I'd use hardwood dowel of the appropriate diameter for the screw holes, glue them in and trim flush. I wouldn't trust filler when drilling new holes if the new holes are close to the old ones, drill might wander into the filler.
  8. Currently, 3. Has been as high as a dozen before.
  9. Another potentially jammy solution is to try the equivalent sized torx driver in there. Worked for me one time with a stripped hex - the points of the torx reached parts the hex key couldn't reach and turned it.
  10. Yup, still used today on Epiphone Jack Casady Signature and Allen Woody Rumblekat, also Gibson Thunderbird and SG. Yup, still pretty awful
  11. The three point bridge was introduced in 1973. Before that there was a two point bridge (1967-73). Before that there was the simple bar bridge which was referred to earlier in the thread. All genuine. The separate tailpiece is aftermarket, but not an awful thing to have. Keeps those silks/windings off your saddles Pretty sure the tugbar isn't factory issue either, I don't think they fitted them beyond the sixties. In any case, if it was a Gibson one it would have been slightly curved and a bit more dainty than the chunky, straight one fitted here. Neck pickup position is correct for a post 1972 EB-0, should be slightly less muddy there instead of jammed up at the end of the neck... Best of luck.
  12. Keep your mitts off of mine. Other than that, best of luck finding a good 'un.
  13. Might explain why I like Marmite then
  14. I think people are jumping on your use of the word "can't" when perhaps "shouldn't" would have been more appropriate.
  15. I don't have anything rare at the moment, but here are some rarities I've owned in the past: 1. Guild B402-A - one of only 335 ever made. 2. G&L El Toro - don't see these very often 3. G&L Tribute M-2000 - wait, what? These aren't rare! Not normally, but the one I had was rare in a sneaky kind of way - it was part of a batch which was supposed to be the GTB model (white body with black binding, matching headstock) but the factory messed up the first batch and forgot about the binding - they flogged them off cheap. 1 of 24-36 ever made - in this particular esoteric finish combination
  16. If you don't want to/feel confident to fit straplocks then you could always buy a couple of bottles of beer with the flip top (do you still get Grolsch in those big glass bottles?). Consume beer then get the rubber/plastic washers off the tops. Fit strap then push washer on top. Not a straplock per se, but it will make the strap more difficult to get off the strap button.
  17. Stranger and stranger considering Epiphone did an actual EB-1 a while back (even with the stand to play it upright) which seems much more in keeping with things but that got binned a long time ago.
  18. Pretty sure this topic is a straw poll looking for personal opinions about what we personally consider "heavy" and I responded on that basis. Sorry if my post came across as one of those "opinion as fact" pieces. I am indeed fortunate to not be too concerned about weight and I sympathise with anyone who has been forced to make physical compromises on account of back or other health issues.
  19. They haven't binned the Thunderbird, it's under the "Inspired by Gibson" section - https://www.epiphone.com/Guitars/Collection/Original-Bass/Epiphone Split it into two branches - "Inspired by Gibson" and "Original" (and one bass under Kramer). They do seem to have binned the bolt on Thunderbird and the Classic Pro (can hear bigredx cheering from here ) and are only doing the Vintage Pro. I think it's a bit daft - the Jack Casady Signature is hardly an Epiphone original - it's heavily derived from the Gibson Les Paul Signature bass, so technically it should be in the same "Inspired by Gibson" bit as the Thunderbird, no? Maybe they're cooking up new stuff (like a more authentic EB-3 like the Elitist models from a while back)...
  20. 12lb seems heavy when you pick it up, but I agree with what has been said before about balance being more important. I've owned 2 12lb+ basses (Gibson RD Artist and Gibson Victory Artist - maple behemoths the pair of them) but I had no issue with playing them because they balanced well and I used a nice wide neoprene strap (Neotech). I wouldn't reject a bass immediately simply because of its weight - there's more to ergonomics than just weight.
  21. Might be instructive to build a kit. Look for FuzzDog online. https://shop.pedalparts.co.uk/ I put together one of their Wooly Mammoth clone pedals (full kit with enclosure) and despite several cockups (like soldering the pots the wrong way round and having to desolder and redo and I seem to remember a ballsup with the foot switch too) it worked!
  22. They're never going to be forgiven for designing musical instruments as musical instruments rather than engineering projects/pry bars/battering rams, are they?
  23. +1 for nothing wrong with dipping a toe in the water.
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