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  1. Another one for the Chilis I'm afraid. This time at Coventry Ricoh Arena in 2006. First problem was that it was the Stadium Arcadium tour, in hindsight that was the point I lost interest in the band, so any set showcasing songs from that album was never going to be great for me. Second problem was that the band just didn't seem into it at all. They were barely interacting with each other let alone connecting with the audience. I think at that point in the tour John Frusciante had already decided to leave so I suspect relations within the band may have been somewhat strained. The third issue was that I'd seen them on fantastic form at Slane Castle in Ireland a few years before, playing what was basically a greatest hits set, which just made the Cov gig seem even more disappointing by comparison.
  2. With regards specifically to Fender I spoke Andertons a few months back about a skinny stringer I wanted to order. They told me that during last years lockdowns Fender sold out just about their entire planned 2020 production run of instruments across most of their lines over the course of just a few months. In terms of numbers of instruments sold 2020 was Fender's biggest year ever since they started as a company. Andertons have been unable to get more stock for 8 or 9 months because there was no stock to be had anywhere in the Western hemisphere. Fender have now completed extra runs of part of their 2020 catalogue so some of those have started to trickle in to UK retailers and more will arrive over the next few months, but combined with the whole shipping container shortage, which is another issue, supplies are likely to remain intermittent for some time. I'd guess production of the 2021 catalogue may also have been delayed. I'd imagine all the big guitar manufacturers are in a similar position.
  3. I was never that keen on the body shape but I've been intrigued by the 3 pickup configuration since I saw this a few years back.
  4. The really odd thing is that this isn't a one off novelty item. The company behind it makes a fairly extensive range of acoustic and electric double neck body shapes in various colours based on the same principle. Which sort of suggests that there's some level of demand for these things. Or the whole thing is some sort of ingenious loss making money laundering scheme. Scroll down the home page for the full parade. https://busuyiguitar.com/en/
  5. About £7,500 for the ones that aren't listed as 'price on request', that's puting them well into Fodera territory.
  6. The Chili Peppers turned up before they were famous in 1986's Tough Guys with Kirk Douglas.
  7. Apart from promotional work I doubt 'Mr 335' Larry Carlton will be seen playing his recent Sire skinny stringer range that much, particularly not the HSS Strat or Les Paul inspired versions. I don't think it's that kind of endorsement. It's more of a 'I'm happy to put my name on Sire guitars because they're a quality brand' than 'I could play any instrument I want and I choose Sire' kind of deal.
  8. Of course there's plenty of 'old school' Metallica fans who hated the original 'Enter Sandman' and the entire Black album as the moment Metallica 'sold out'. I think it's inevitable that 'classic' songs are going to get reworked and reinterpreted into other styles and genres. It's hardly a new phenomenom. I remember going through my my parents record collection in the early 80s and finding this absysmal swing cover of 'Mrs Robinson' by Frank Sinatra complete with altered lyrics.
  9. Marlin basses and guitars from the late 80s/early 90s weren't great instruments, quite a few lads I knew had them as starters when we were at school. Today's budget instruments are in a different league. As others have said find out if he has any idea what style of bass he likes, aesthetics are important, of he likes the look and feel of the instrument he's going to be more inclined to pick it up and play. There will be a good budget option available on most styles of bass.
  10. Always liked the look of these and this looks like a particularly fine example. Enjoy.
  11. I quite like the idea of the acoustasonic, I can see it coming into it's own for people who like to make loops. But at the same time you could get a lot of the way there with a solid body electric with EQ and drive pedals.
  12. Different topic but I think sometimes you get a band or genre that gets huge success after a few releases that not many people noticed, not because they've sold out, but because the 'mainstream' itself shifts to embrace them. I'd certainly put Nirvana in that category.
  13. GAS is a funny thing. I've been happy with my bass set up for a few years, it covers everything I'm ever likely to want to do. But recently I've been thinking about getting a Mustang and putting flats on it. I already have 3 basses I could put flats on, not including the fretless which already has flats and there's an unopened pack of Labella James Jamersons sitting in my spares box. I also have no need for a shortscale bass, none of my current basses give me any reach or weight problems. But part of my brain is still telling me to buy a Mustang and a £50 pack of special Labella Mustang flats.
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