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  1. This is the greatest music video that will ever be made.
  2. I'd heard a few Arlo Parks tunes on the radio, all very polished musical accompaniment with highly processed vocals in a similar vein to Billie Eilish, so I was quite surprised to come across this strip backed live set and discover that behind the processing is a very pleasant natural voice.
  3. There's been a couple of times that I thought I was playing something the same as it was on the original record, only to realise a fair bit later on listening to the original again that I wasn't.
  4. Does the P at the bridge overcome the problem with some passive PJs where the J is noticably quieter than the P?
  5. Fair enough. It'd be ususual to see one on a bass, although I've noticed that Serek have started using their own version of a P90 on some of their shortscales. I can't think of any other examples.
  6. Very nice looking bass. Is that a p90 in there or just a single coil in a big casing?
  7. Aren't Danos made from some sort of lightweight composite material rather than solid wood? There's a possibility that it might not hold the screws too well on a different type of bridge. @Maude modded one a while back He might have some insight into how feasible it is.
  8. My Washburn Status has some sort of carbon fibre wrap over a wooden core. Not sure if actual Statuses are solid carbon fibre.
  9. You might want to check whether it uses double ball end strings or standard strings clamped behind the nut. There's less options on the market for double ball end end strings but there's stil a reasonable amount of choice. Some headless basses, like my Washburn Status, can accomodate both types of string, but the grub screw clamp on the A string on mine wore out/broke years ago, so that's maybe something to look out for.
  10. I have an organically growing pedal arrangement on the floor in the guitar room. Started off with a Zoom B1on, which because I found the looper function so useful/so much fun got upgraded to a Helix Stomp + Boss RC 30 looper. Just added my 20 year old Cry Baby Wah to the end of the chain and would like to add a dedicated volume/wah for the Stomp and a Strymon reverb unit in the near future. Oh and a Beat Buddy or equivalent to take over drum duties from the somewhat basic beats on the RC30.
  11. To be honest I fast forwarded through most of the sax stuff because it was drowning out the bass on my tablet speakers.
  12. I follow the drums. If the drums are losing time or slightly erratic I'll still try and follow the drums. At that point things get messy. So, I suppose what I'm saying is, that it's always the drummer's fault.
  13. Cato


    Sounds like a bass. Mission accomplished.
  14. With specific regard to changing bridges I suspect that increased sustain is something that's easy for manufacturers to claim precisely because they know that unless you record before and after samples, it's not actualy an easy thing to test and most bass players have probably never really investigated how much their instrument sustains prior to fitting the new bridge anyway.
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