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  1. The Eastwood Warren Ellis tenor guitar has picked up a bit of a cult following over the last few years. Maybe this is Fender grabbing a bit of that action?
  2. You've just reminded me of this one note wonder.
  3. Just about every Ramones tune is made up of two or three simple riffs that repeat in each section of the song.
  4. Roundwounds, mainly clean with lots of treble will get close to early Anthrax and Megadeth bass tones, I suspect that both Dave Ellefson and Frank Bello also tended to lean heavily on the bridge pickup for their sound on the early albums. Ellefson is a pick guy but Bello plays fingerstyle as well. Other bass players of the era such as Cliff Burton tended to go heavy on the overdrive, which, combined with poor production is why it can be difficult to hear what the bass is doing on a lot of early thrash, it just gets lost among the distorted guitars.
  5. As a fellow sufferer, this is the best stuff I've found. https://www.amazon.co.uk/OKeeffes-Working-Hands-Hand-Cream/dp/B00121UVU0 It definitely helps with the discomfort and it seems to help the split heal quicker than just leaving it alone.
  6. Anyone fancy £600 off a USA Jazz Elite? https://www.andertons.co.uk/fender-american-elite-jazz-bass-ash-natural-maple-board-0197002721?lgw_code=16284-0197002721&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-4nuBRCnARIsAHwyuPr_WlXBYjcsOpMdI5JM_BtAb5RLK1sRlVpXi_Je1m_3Z_Ce_ZrgZBoaAlOcEALw_wcB
  7. The Fender group has Jackson and Charvel covering the shredders and the metal fans and Gretsch to cover the (dare I say it) Gibson style solid bodies and semi-hollow market. Their Fender branded guitars are never going to stray too far from the traditional models that people expect. Apart from anything else whenever they try a bit of departure from the classics, from the Katana and the Performer to the Dimension, it inevitability flops.
  8. He doesn't come across as a particularly likeable bloke. I also got the impression, rightly or wrongly, that since Hillel Slovak died Kiedis has basically thought of the Chillis as himself, Flea and the hired help. He basically says that he barely knows Chad, and he always thought of John Frusciante as Flea's mate.
  9. On the plus side when the Elite range came out retailers started selling off the old USA Deluxe stock with £500 discounts so if the Ultra range is replacing the Elites there might be some real bargains on the way.
  10. Have you considered getting a pair of these?
  11. I've not actually watched this properly but it's been regularly cropping up in my YouTube suggestions for a while. I know from looking at something else that the Rift combo comes in at about two grand, but I think the other amps they cover are mostly under the £500 mark.
  12. I didn't watch Jools on Friday but I got a text from my mate on Saturday morning asking if I wanted to go and see Amyll and the Sniffers (who I'd never heard of) , followed by another one a couple of hours later telling me that their shows in the Birmingham/Coventry area had sold out so we'd have to wait until next time.
  13. Did the guitarist have that Red Special already or has he also taken advantage of the situation to treat himself to a new guitar? Is there a suspiciously new AC30 somewhere out of shot?
  14. I was really liking the look of that Acinonyx bass until I realised that there are a load of tone push switches right underneath where my right hand/wrist would be if I was playing it.
  15. Much as I love the aesthetics of Ritter basses, to me they look like they belong in the hands of one of Prince's sexy backing bands and the like. Personally, I reckon I 'd look and feel ridiculous playing one in public.
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