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  1. Lemon oil on ebony?

    Alrhough it will have a cleansing effect because you're wiping the board down I think the main reason to oil a fretboard is to stop it drying out, if you just want to clean it a damp cloth will do the trick just as well.
  2. Things not to do in a music shop?
  3. Thinking of trying guitar again

    I'm sure you already know this but if, he accepts your offer, try it first, just to check that it's playable, and plug it into an amp if you can, although there's not much that really go wrong with a tele's electrics that can't be fixed pretty cheaply Good luck.
  4. Thinking of trying guitar again

    A bit outside the budget but this might be ok. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/fender-squier-classic-vibe-telecaster-can-post-/1287139602 I've not tried a Harley Benton model but telecasters are quite hard to get wrong, the only problem you may find with the cheaper models is that the pickup noise might be quite loud. All proper (2 single coil) teles hum, my Baja Tele hums, but it tends to be a bit louder on cheaper guitars.
  5. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy in the US doesn't necessarily mean the end of the line. If Gibson file for Chapter 11 they'll be protected from their creditors while they restructure the business, which could include selling off some of their subsidiaries and intellectual property rights from companies which they've acquired and ultimately wound up. It also allows them to seek new finance. Even if restructuring fails and no new finance is available then the creditors have the option of acquiring the company and it's assets in lieu of the debt. The chances are in that scenario the debtors would attempt to sell the Gibson brand and production facilities to a third party who could then acquire them without taking on the current debt. Even if Gibson has to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which basically means the complete liquidation of all assets, the brand and production facilities would still likely be sold as part of that process. Gibson may be doomed in it's current form but I'd put money on the brand and the classic designs being in production, one way or another, for a very long time to come.
  6. Ash or Alder

    Not being a believer in tone woodsl I went for Ash because I like the grain. Although if your'e going for a solid colour I'd probably go with whichever is lightest.
  7. Convertible Fretted to Fretless Bass

    Tempted to have a go?
  8. What are your bass care tips?

    I use lemon oil on my rosewood boards if I think that they're looking a bit dry ,maybe once a year. I also clean and polish my natural finished guitars and basses with Dunlop 65 if they're looking a bit grubby. For the solid colour finishes I just use a damp cloth.
  9. Quincy - Oh dear!

    Here you go Blue.
  10. I've got a 2016 Deluxe Special in white/rosewood. I love it to bits, it's pretty much all I play these days. I've not tried the US Elite, I'm guessing it has upgraded pickups and preamp, but other than that I have trouble thinking what improvements they could make for it to be £1000 better. I've got the MIM Deluxe PJ and two Mexi Telecasters, all three of them are superb instruments.
  11. Cricket was intentionally designed to be overly long and intricate and difficult for outsiders to understand, in order to deter the rest of world from wanting to beat us at it. That plan didn't quite work out.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    Chvrches. Great band. Terrible name.
  13. On stage gimics

  14. NB and Amp day.

    Nice score.