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  1. It depends what he means by 'truly live'. I agree to the point that I don't want to see a band who are basically just miming, but I have no problem with those who incorparate samples or additional backing tracks into their show. I was a big fan of Cater USM in the 90s and before they expanded the duo to include other musicians about 70% of their live show was backing tracks and samples with only the guitars and vocals truly being live. They still put on a hell of a show. I suspect another one of my favourite live acts , Nine Inch Nails, despite a stage full of musicians, have also always incorporated a fair amount of pre recorded samples into their set. I see it as just another tool in the kit really. On the other hand I read an interview with Calvin Harris a while back and from what I could tell on the tour he was talking about he basically just pressed play on his laptop then spent the gig miming and waving from behind his turntables. For me that is just taking the pìss out of the punters.
  2. I've got no idea. I've heard the term applied to a lot of stuff, ranging from Napalm Death to George Michael.
  3. I think we need to decide on a comprehensive definition of 'rock music' before we declare whether or not it's truly dropped of it's perch.
  4. Not only is The Man with the Golden Gun by far the funkiest Bond song, I believe it's also the only one that includes key plot elements in the lyrics. If you listen to the opening song, you pretty much know all you need to know about the villainous Scaramanga's backstory before the film even properly starts.
  5. Cato

    First Pedal Help

    Zoom B1 multi FX. Will cost less than most stand alone pedals. As well as a shedload of built it in effects it has a tuner, drum samples and a 30 second looper and also works as a headphone amp for silent practice. Edit:should have read the thread, Al Krow beat me to it. It really is a great piece of kit though. If I ran a music shop I'd be bundling up the beginner basses with a B1 instead of the inevitably crappy practice amp.
  6. I liked the look of them but it was silly money for passive P and PJ basses. There's no shortage of well made basses out there that do the same thing for half of what Music Man were charging for these two models.
  7. A few years ago after 20 odd years I found me myself completely bored with bass and stuck in a deep rut. So I decided to finally learn how to slap properly (afer years of bluffing and never quite getting it right) to see if that would give me some new aspect to work at and sort of inspiration/enjoyment back. It did. I watched and worked through a whole lot of YouTube tutorials but it was this particular series I found by far the most useful. Top Tip: It's all in the ghost notes.
  8. In the future people will have a less romantic, more pragmatic view of vintage instruments.... Knackered old 1960 Precision Requires complete refinish, new wiring and pots, new pickups and a refret. Would make good project.
  9. Cato

    Cat pee

    You realise that the cat now legally owns the bass?
  10. Glastonbury is so huge these days, with so many stages and other things happening that the line up on the two main stages is only a fraction of what's going on. For what it's worth I reckon Stormzy will get a far bigger crowd for his Pyramid headline set than some of the more established headliners in recent years.
  11. I thought it was either a fretless with a touch of chorus or some sort of synth/sequencer thingie. You can get some of the way towards that sound with a chorus pedal and maybe some reverb but a fretted bass will never be able to produce the slides and vibrato that can be got from a fretless.
  12. I saw a Britpop band called Dodgy use one live years ago. The singer/bassplayer used to play the acoustic parts of some songs on a guitar attached to a stand at waist height, presumably so he didn't have to faff around with taking his bass off to swap over for those parts.
  13. There was the Precision Lyte released in the 1990s. They are lighter (I think they might have been chambered) but they're also quite a long way from a traditional P bass. The Lyte is a PJ with a skinny neck. I'm also pretty sure they had an active tone circuit.
  14. When I read the thread title I assumed something interesting was happening in Nottingham.
  15. Kurt Cobain. I was only about 20 and found out through Ceefax of all things.
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