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  1. Another +1 for Sire. Mine's a PJ - a V7-5, although it looks like prices have gone up a bit since I bought mine and you might struggle to get a new one on your budget now
  2. Just got back from a lovely holiday in Florence and thought I'd share this beauty. It's a 5-string double bass from the Medici collection at the Galleria dell'Accademia, dating from 1715. The 5th string was actually added in 1901. In the museum it is standing next to a mid-18th century 3-string double bass. They are gut strings of course They have a fabulous collection of instruments, including several early keyboards, strings and woodwind (the serpent looked great). The gallery is the one that also hosts Michelangelo's statue of David
  3. Norris

    Sire V5

    I have a P7-5 (5-string P/J) and love it. Great bass for the money. Very nice pre-amp imho
  4. That's it. The postage is a bit high because he's based in Norway. You won't get a more accurate reproduction of Aria's original circuit anywhere else though
  5. I don't know if @Prostheta still comes on here, but he's your guy If/when he makes any black boxes he sells them via eBay
  6. There's not much to go on from your description, but just hazarding a guess - perhaps a machine head might be loose? Try wrapping an elastic band or a cloth around your tuners to see if that stops it
  7. I was gigging. Did I miss much?
  8. That's what put my lad off getting one. It nearly doubles the price!
  9. I have been wondering if the 800 is just a slightly more powerful version of the 500. There again not so much that I'd want to swap, because my 500 is plenty loud enough for any venues we play. Plus the speakers are nicely "played in" now
  10. You have a Sire and you've just bought a Sterling and you want other people to tell you which one you prefer?! Use your ears! ...and then keep the Sire. I much prefer my P7-5 to my Sterling sub 5 - much more punchy and articulate 🤪😂
  11. Ooh you don't see these come up for sale often. I love mine. It's been out for a while now, but still a great multi-fx at a very good price (If it wasn't 100% reliable ime I'd buy this as a spare!)
  12. There is no magic mojo in pots. They are variable resistors. As long as you replace them with decent quality ones, they are consumables as far as I'm concerned.
  13. The frets would have been originally levelled with no tension on the truss rod. If you want to level them again, remove the strings, slacken off the truss rod and then maybe wait a day or two for the neck to settle. You can then check if it's level via two methods: firstly with a long steel rule looking for gaps or high frets, and then various sizes of straight edges to "rock" over three adjacent frets
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