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  1. Small Wonder Guitar Parts http://www.smallwonder-music.co.uk/ All hand cut
  2. I've never lacked for volume at any gig we've played in the years I've had mine (without an extension cab). Either it will be loud enough on it's own, or you'll be DI'ed into the PA and you'll have to turn it down anyway to give the engineer enough room to work in
  3. I play mostly 70s rock. As the post above says, modern amps are so much better than they used to be. A few posts have recommended the Fender Rumble 500 v3 combo, and what's not to like? It can go anywhere between clean and filthy, has a lovely valvey tone with acres of bottom end, is plenty loud enough for any gig you're likely to do without PA support (and has built in DI if you need it) and is a one-hand lift (unlike pretty much any 70s amp, let alone the cab!). It also won't upset your bank manager. I have a grin on my face every time I fire mine up and get busy
  4. Absolutely. My Indonesian Squier P-bass Special has been my main gigging bass for the last 3 or 4 years. Upgraded with a set of SD quarter pounders, a Kiogon loom with series/parallel switch and a Hipshot drop tuner. The P-bass Special has a jazz neck, and mine's like a matchstick. The expensive basses stay at home Ignore the name on the headstock. Find a bass that feels and sounds right to you
  5. It was certainly good for blowing out the oil galleries in my crankshaft, and you don't get much more metal than that
  6. I've played in bands for the last 34 years. The last 18 months have been the only time we've actually had public liability insurance afaik. Then, it's not exactly that expensive - about 1 hour's worth of gig money per year
  7. Gah! Beat me to it. Mine does 18.5cfm though (and actually really is a recent acquisition) Edit: As for bass playing, just learn to pluck the strings consistently
  8. Norris

    Damaged Head

    Has the tuner location screw sheared? From the jaunty angle of the tuner I suspect it's split the headstock in line with that screw. Take the strings off, and the dislodged tuner. See if you can remove the broken piece. If you can it will be easier to repair funnily enough - you'll be able to get glue in. If the screw has sheared, remove the remaining piece. Then some titebond (normal type 1 is best) on the headstock pieces, or use an old credit card to squeeze glue right into the split on both sides if it won't come apart. Clamp it back in place good and tight. Don't rush getting it to line up nicely as you have a few minutes before the glue starts to go off. Use some shaped packing so that you can apply maximum pressure with your clamps, and use as many as you can fit in. Wipe the excess glue away with a damp cloth and leave for 24 hours. Next day remove the clamps. If there's any glue line left it can be carefully scraped back with a razor blade. The screw hole may need some packing if it's been gouged out in the tumble. A cocktail stick would be ideal, knocked in while the glue is still wet if that's where the split is. That will then need trimming and drilling out again when the glue is dry Reassemble. There will be "mojo" crack remaining, but hopefully not too big or obvious
  9. Well I'm flipped if I can find it! I wouldn't have thrown it away... The usual stashes of musical stuff have been searched
  10. Your Fender Rumble and a set of rounds (d'Addario prosteels are my particular choice) and your P pickup should get you the sound you're after. Crank up the gain a bit - the amp has a lovely, natural valvey sound. Dial in a bit of overdrive maybe. The tone controls do a lot of work for a little tweaking. Control the overall volume with the master Have fun
  11. Thanks @Chimike for bringing this zombie thread to my attention, and apologies to @SVTony for not noticing his reply in 2010. I had completely forgotten about the circuit. I still have it... only not in the place I thought it was. When I find it again I'll post some photos and the instructions - which is what Chimike was after. Then they will be shared with everyone I plan to build myself a bass soon and it might just find its way into that if it's decent Thanks for the info @Chris 1
  12. The 210/2 is the one I bought a few weeks ago. I've only gigged with it a few times but it has been very sturdy so far. The cast base boss means it has a little weight to it - not too much that it's a lug to carry it, more that it won't go flying with the slightest knock. No boom droop either, it's rock solid.
  13. I'd think that would tick a lot of your boxes Blue. Except the frequency of gigs is maybe a little low for you. They are stating pretty clearly their expectations and commitment
  14. I saw them at a festival last year. Fantastic performance, so tight and looked like they were having fun
  15. There used to be some graffiti in Leicester that said "Ish Must Fall". I have no idea who Ish is/was or indeed why he needed to fall, but it would probably make a good band name in the obscure category
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