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  1. You've got a real proud dad look going on there! Lovely photo
  2. Caption Competition

    "You want to start a Glee club?!"
  3. Caption Competition

    "There's a lady who knows all that glitters is gold"...
  4. Caption Competition

    Dictator: "The Americans battle with these?!" Lackey: "They make you squeal like a pig, sir"
  5. Wingnut

    That sounds pretty good. I bet it's a great sofa noodler
  6. Pine bodied Streamer style build

    I was gutted when I dropped a tool on the top of my meticulously prepped guitar, creating quite a large dint. It steamed out eventually and required only light sanding afterwards. It is surprising.
  7. Swift Lite 2 (sorry, another electric)

    I'm now eyeing up that tin of high VOC hardglaze that I have sitting in the garage. There must be at least a litre left in the tin. I wonder how old it is, what state it's in and how much it might be worth to someone
  8. Swift Lite 2 (sorry, another electric)

    A kitchen towel is likely to shed fibres that will end up in your finish. Microfibre cloths don't shed fibres. I imagine that @Andyjr1515 is well practiced in avoiding streaks
  9. Pine bodied Streamer style build

    If you put a few drops of water on the ding, put a damp cotton cloth over it then gently use your steam iron to get it nice and hot, you'll probably be able to steam the ding out. Edit: That's assuming it's still bare wood
  10. Thunderbird is go

    I've just bought myself a Makita RT0700CX4 (which they describe as a trimmer) for that same reason. The lighter weight and adjustable speed is far better for hand-held guitar building purposes. Also that particular model comes with side bearing guide that is ideal for routing the rebate for binding.
  11. Great gig, poor turnout

    Gigs like that happen. We've had weekends where we've done a couple of gigs. One has been a brilliant, buzzing event and the other has been completely flat. We've not done anything different. Often it's the gig you're really looking forward to is the crap one and the one that you're not expecting much from is brilliant. Mark it down to experience and march on. If a particular venue is consistently poor we do discuss if we want to continue playing there. It's certainly beyond comprehension if a venue doesn't do any promotion and quite frustrating. In years to come it's the really poor gigs that will give you a laugh when you look back at them - wedding reception with only one guest apart from the bride and groom anyone?! Don't let it put you off
  12. Thunderbird is go

    One bottle of dye should be plenty, unless you are doing a lot of sanding back and re-dyeing as you might when popping grain on figured maple, etc.
  13. Thunderbird is go

    Looks like Dartfords have changed their colour charts recently and only display a single shade now. Rothcoe and Frost use the old 2-tone colour guide but don't explain the difference between the shades. I have an old colour chart downloaded on my work computer but won't be back in the office for a few days. If you're really curious and I can remember to look for the download when I get back to work, I'll confirm the difference in shade. Having said that, it's only a guide and will probably look completely different on your bass rather than the sample wood they used anyway
  14. Thunderbird is go

    I think one is raw and the other is with lacquer iirc. It does say on the site/pdf somewhere
  15. Building a Precision Bass

    I've only used lacquer so far, and then I used sanding sealer after grain filling and dyeing. I think you'd grain fill and then use primer if you're painting it