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  1. Ebs HD350 blew

    This. There will be a fuse specific to the amp. Usually mounted on the rear chassis but sometimes inside the amp (I'm not familiar with that particular amp). The amp fuse will usually be a fairly low value compared to the one in the plug.
  2. Sound Help

    Have you tried changing the strings?
  3. Or a cheap map reading compass?
  4. Posters - photoshop etc aargh..

    Yep, vector graphics... and free! A combination of Gimp and InkScape cover most bases and don't cost a penny. They may have their little quirks, but it saves paying a mortgage to the Adobe money machine
  5. Posters - photoshop etc aargh..

    It might be worth checking out InkScape. It's quite good for laying stuff out. Similar to CorelDraw! if you're old enough to remember that
  6. The nadir of my musical career...

    I have a couple that it's difficult to choose between. We were booked to play in a night club on a Tuesday night. We didn't get very many Tuesday night gigs so took it. When we turned up the place was empty apart from bar staff. However we were assured that a coach party were on their way. Sure enough a coach eventually pulled into the car park and disgorged a crowd of middle aged/elderly folk. We thought it a little strange that most of the women seemed to be clutching plastic bags. They marched into the room, sat around the edge of the dance floor and got out their silver dancing shoes. Yes, we had a party of ballroom dancers! I'm still quite proud that we managed to blag our way through an evening of quicksteps, waltzes and foxtrots - we all had "showband" experience. Certainly not the night we had anticipated! The other was the time that we played at a wedding. Towards the end of the night there was a bit of a kerfuffle. It turned out that the brother of the groom had beaten his father unconscious. Police and ambulance were called and the whole venue was in lock down for a couple of hours. Oh, and the wedding we did where the only people to turn up were the bride, groom and maid of honour! Our trio were in danger of outnumbering the guests!
  7. F****r AE Precision build

    That's a bizarre site bug. I just checked out the latest updates in this thread and at the top of the page are the poll results from the red pill/blue pill thread from the off topic forum. Weird! Anyway you're creating a gorgeous bass. Keep up the good work
  8. I don't know if I'm the only one affected by this or not. Fantastic as the site revamp is, it no longer seems to take notice of the accessibility settings in my browser. Being of a certain age I now need reading glasses. I could get away without using them for my mobile by setting the Google Chrome text scaling to 130%. While the text is large enough to compose a reply in the editor, the text in threads, and especially on the sticky notes is tiny. I suppose there isn't much that can be done about that? I can zoom into the page, but that then involves scrolling left and right to read the text. Damn getting old!
  9. DIY Guitar kits

    If I costed my build out in labour alone I'd never be able to afford it! The Squier should hold it's value of thereabouts. It was around £300. I spent that in wood for my build, not including any hardware. There again spread over two years and paid mainly out of gig ("pocket") money, it's not too noticeable. The building forum seems to have opened up a bit recently. When I started there were no guitars, or I'd have done a thread
  10. Riverboat song - fingering help

    I use 3rd finger on the B, 1st on the D and 4th on the E
  11. Beyond your technical ability

    One thing I've found is that you can always improve your playing. I've been gigging regularly for over 30 years and think that my playing and technical ability is better now than it's ever been. Songs that I really struggled to learn and play all the notes in time a few years ago, I can now play with ease and even think about nuance too. If you stick at it, without going overboard so that you get fed up & frustrated, it will come.
  12. DIY Guitar kits

    About 2 years ago I bought the wood to make a telecaster from scratch. Around about the same time I bought my lad a Squier strat. They cost the same. Two years later my telecaster is nearly finished. It has bought me a lot of enjoyment making it, and to be fair it's not your average telecaster either - bookmatched and carved flamed maple top, chambered ash back, birds eye maple neck, etc. It's been a labour of love. However I can fully understand that people don't have the time, patience or skill to make a guitar from scratch (and believe me I had very little skill when I started! ). A kit is an ideal way to make a guitar your own, to put your stamp on it. It's not always about the end result either - it's the journey and sense of achievement. I will post up some pictures of my guitar when I'm done. I know it's not a bass, but I thought I'd gain some skills on a lesser instrument first. I have my bass in my head and it will be made from scratch - but I can't say when I'll finally get to play it - when it's ready
  13. F****r AE Precision build

    A micro fibre cloth is good at removing dust. My local supermarket sells packs of about 5 in different colours for a couple of quid
  14. Stage gear

    I usually wear jeans and a shirt. However with my "wild man of rock" hair (I'm lucky enough to still have a full head, so exploit it) everyone knows I'm in the band
  15. Dance yourself dizzy?...blimey.

    [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1509712690' post='3401099'] The drummer's stage wear is memorable... [/quote] I once met him in a pub and rather immaturely ripped him to shreds about it He's more famous than I am though