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  1. I kind of expect it to be disappointing, but live in hope. I'll be watching it when it comes out anyway
  2. Rautia is apparently the more authentic replacement of the two (and what I put in my SB1000, but only because the original pickup stopped working). The Armstrong is a soapbar in the right sized cover Lovely bass btw
  3. 37 years of cover band service and counting...
  4. I can't believe no-one has mentioned Terry Scott's My Brother. Frequently played on Ed Stuart's Family Favourites
  5. A punter said tonight "It's so nice to hear some different music: not Mr Brightside, etc." Our work here is done 👌
  6. When you've just finished playing a song in drop-D tuning, remember to disengage the Hipshot before playing the next song in E. ...far too many times!
  7. For your first ever gig, if you got to the end of it without being paid off, that's a result! Don't beat yourself up, but take some glory out of the fact that you did it. Well done! Save the self critique for later
  8. Squier pickups -> SD QPs Knackered original pots -> KiOgon loom with series/parallel switch Original tuner -> Hipshot drop D tuner All upgrades imho Don't get upset though, 'cos it's never going to appear in an advert until someone prises it from my cold, dead, rigor-mortised hands 😀
  9. Life is short. Enjoy yourself and try not to fosters anyone else off while doing so. Any disaster that befalls you will be an amusing anecdote given enough time. That's about it.
  10. XTC are/were fabulous wordsmiths, and many of their songs make me smile
  11. One night after downing a few sherberts, I was packing the kit in the trailer. Loading my Traynor head, which was heavy enough to have it's own gravitational field, I didn't quite take the usual care and managed to squash my finger. That spilt a fair bit of claret, caused a night in casualty and three stitches in the tip of my main plucking finger. It took months before I was able to use it again and I still have a scar 30 odd years later
  12. If you're really of that persuasion to have to try to conceal such things, the conversation goes thusly... "This old thing? This is the one that I've been saying I need to upgrade to a better bass for years. I thought I'd give it just one more try. You mean to say you've not been listening to me all this time?"
  13. Recent Discogs purchases include Liquid Tension Experiment, John Martyn and Prodigy albums. They all get ripped and go into the iPod mega-shuffle
  14. I stopped coming on here for a while. I'm back to lurking and the very occasional post now
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