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  1. We just did business and he was absolutely on the money. Model Basschatter.
  2. Just done business with this fella and it was smooth as. A credit to the BC community...
  3. You’re quite right Hooky... ta. But this is, despite my dumbness, sold!
  4. New and unused as per title. Price includes UK postage. SOLD
  5. Having traveled fairly extensively I found that folk Down Under were very generous in letting me participate (even having to borrow a bass) while in the US you were rarely even called. Exception was Hawaii, where I had a warm welcome and was called first!
  6. From ToP to Tourists! So what next? Uriah Heep to UB40?😂
  7. Fair do’s. I have to say I had a soft spot for the Tourists! Something Annie Lennox would rather not remember.
  8. But if they’d played to backing tracks would you have been happy? Interesting question... i have tended to enjoy bands who improvise, hence you get a different show every time - well, to an extent.
  9. Thanks. As it happens I was due to go to the ToP gig but was diverted by Robert Plant playing a secret gig in a small theatre up the road... and he had no bass player whatsoever!
  10. So did the bass player show up for the Albert Hall?
  11. Ah, but it ain’t technically a selfie!😈
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