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  1. Dag nabbit! My timing is very poor for a bass player...😬 Thanks and best wishes Pete!
  2. Enjoyed the clips on Facebook. Would love to be in a band like this!
  3. Re Alan Hull: I thought there was a telling comment from Ray Jackson about only the songwriter making enough money that crosses over with another thread on the forum… That said, hats off to Rod Clements - the bassist, no less - for penning the breakthrough single!
  4. Nice to see you back, says this 66 year old. You’ve been missed!
  5. Saw them at the BIC supporting Def Leppard before they released a record. Couldn't believe they were a serious band!
  6. I have a Roland bass combo that runs off 6xAA batteries…as well as mains of course. EDIT The same as this (no affiliation to seller).
  7. My first band included three Lloyds Bank computer operators. It ended badly...
  8. Of course the fascinating thing is that Alec John Such didn’t play in the studio, so presumably Hugh McDonald?
  9. Great book just published by the man who pioneered the Southern rock genre. Gritty, first hand stories that’ll make your hair curl! Cover price £14.95, yours for £10 posted!
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