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  1. Second the above. Minimax was an impulse buy that will stay, and the price quoted is a steal!
  2. Mickeyboro

    STRAY - UK Tour

    See you at Southampton on Thursday!
  3. Tell me what the Hairy Bikers (Bykers?) are singing again?😂
  4. Crazy low price for best practice amp on the market.
  5. Our band’s first gig for 18 months bar a short support show last October. Our singer has been very ill, so it was amazing to see her fully recovered and really bossing the crowd. The outpouring of goodwill was amazing to witness; sometimes music can do that. Only disappointment was the drummer, who clearly missed his kit so much during the hiatus that he bashed the hell out of it at every opportunity. Numbers were done 20 per cent faster than they should. This really impacted on my bass parts, making me wish I had not bothered with the fretless. Fortunately my attempt at recording didn’t work so my fumblings will hopefully be forgotten. Sorry to vent, but I really can’t say anything without spoiling the singer’s moment - and she deserves it. Play each gig as if it were your last...
  6. The Clash nicked it, but I heard and loved this version first. First band I was in had a great Jamaican bass player. The singer, rhythm (me) and lead guitarist are all now bassists!
  7. Any tips as to the cheapest method? Thanks!
  8. Well she has more hair than him, but in terms of talent... Ask me in 45 years😏
  9. I am selling a new copy of his book if anyone needs it!
  10. Horslips supporting Steeleye Span, 1973. Irish, immense, unsurpassable. Any other fans?
  11. Dave Pegg’s recently published autobiography is essential for any Fairport/Tull fan. New hardback copy saves £5 on retail price with UK delivery included. http://thegreenmanreview.com/books/dave-pegg-and-nigel-schofields-off-the-pegg/
  12. Now sold New book on Yes vocalist Jon Anderson. Limited edition signed hardback has just sold out, paperback to follow later this year, but I have a new signed hardback for sale. Look sharp and you can have the more expensive, now unavailable hardback for the price of the paperback ... UK postage included. https://www.loudersound.com/news/new-jon-anderson-book-for-october
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