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  1. Hampshire Bass Bash

    7 Mickeyboro
  2. Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    I got the Fleetwood Mac Chicken Shack John Mayall Can’t Fail BCR Blues...
  3. ForbiddenWytch feedback

    Bought a Hipshot tuner from me, and was the perfect person to do business with... Deal with confidence.
  4. This is a major thread resurrection I know, but has anyone heard of a metal bracket you can fit on to the existing button to provide a more suitable playing angle? O am I hallucinating?
  5. Fender Precision Bitsa - Jazz neck. £400

    Whete are you based? Looking on phone...
  6. Sending money to Canada

    You lovely people! Thank you, and Michael I will take up your kind offer.
  7. Sending money to Canada

    My nephew's getting married and I'd like to give him some dosh to pay for the wedding band (Ontario's a bit too far for my lot to travel!) He doesn't do PayPal and the means he suggested (Interact) doesn't seem accessible from the UK. My bank want to charge £22, which I would rather goes to him. Anyone any experience to share please?
  8. *** SOLD *** Barefaced 610 "the 69-er"

    Stunning, Jack. If only...

    Sold to a very nice chap!
  10. Feedback for Grangur

    Bought some CDs off him. Well packed, great nick, bargain. Many thanks!
  11. Feedback for Knicknack

    Helped me out with transporting a bass from A to B, which was no mean feat. Nice fella, deal with confidence!
  12. Messaged you earlier re more stuff... Chicago F Mac Clash stranglers (I think, from memory!)
  13. Stevie Meatloaf Ziggy U2 Hits Police Hits Seger Motown Prog Kind of Blue Jaco (self titled) please!
  14. Hello from South Africa

    Hello and welcome! Much to learn here☝️