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  1. Mickeyboro

    End of an Era

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery...
  2. Mickeyboro

    Limelight Coming Soon

    No you didn’t!
  3. Mickeyboro

    Cairo East - Madness Tribute - 22nd Feb

    Wish I was closer! Have fun🙏
  4. Mickeyboro

    Feedback for Painy

    Richard bought a recorder from me - a stress free transaction! Deal with confidence.
  5. Mickeyboro

    How was your gig last night?

    Yeah we had one of those. Said we hadn’t brought enough of our own crowd to be asked back. Then sent a minion over with the money... A tad ungrateful given the £1000s worth of gear we brought to earn £250, I thought. And I brought eight people, four others succumbing to the flu. Serve her right if she gets it too!
  6. Mickeyboro

    Sold; Countryman Bass Ukulele

    I have one and it’s really good! GLWTS
  7. Mickeyboro

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Mine’s here! Ordered 25 Dec at £22.18, Amazon have kindly refunded a dead fish(sick squid). Result...
  8. Little Feat Hotcakes & Outtakes 4Cd - still sealed Buffalo Springfield 4CD box set - still sealed The Enchanted Works of Stevie Nicks - new but unsealed £25 each or £50 for all three, UK postage included. All are currently unavailable and collectible.
  9. Mickeyboro

    Here's an advert you don't see every day

    A mod band with a difference... Wonder if they do Tin Soldier?
  10. Mickeyboro

    Bruce Thomas Profile

    Keeping mine nekkid!
  11. Mickeyboro

    kala u sub bass

    The above post nails it!
  12. Mickeyboro

    The Searchers - best ever covers band?

    I think he might have been joshing, Nigel... It does give me the chance, though, to mention that Sonny Bono has a statue in Palm Springs, where he was latterly mayor. Needles and Springs? 😄
  13. Mickeyboro

    The Searchers - best ever covers band?

    Needles and pins and When You Walk In The Room always get a big response when we play them live.
  14. Almost. Nick Lowe released his ‘Bowi’ EP in response to Bowie’s ‘Low’...😆
  15. Mickeyboro

    Gibson EB3 1969 Slot Head SOLD

    I had a bound 69 - great bass.