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  1. The Jazz pickup is a mod, right?
  2. Curiously it states £129.99 in the description! The higher price plus 9.99 postage elsewhere...
  3. Tull's latest box set - four CDs comprising album (CD1), out-takes/bonus tracks (CD2) and a previously unreleased 1980 concert (CDs 3,4). Then two DVDs with the obligatory SurroundSound etc mixes. Not to mention the heavily illustrated mini hardback book. Here's all the bells and whistles... https://burningshed.com/jethro-tull_stormwatch-fortieth-anniversary_boxset New, sealed copy. £22 posted this weekend only.
  4. I had a fretless Gherson Jazz as my first ever bass!
  5. Metal-fronted Super Compact with Roqsolid cover, blue trim. It’s in immaculate condition, gigged but never pushed. The ideal one cab solution... has never let me down, but my needs have changed. Pictures tomorrow, when I shall also be putting my Markbass LM800 up. Will be coming up to south central London (Putney) Saturday if you want to meet.
  6. Tried one in a shop last week, but didn’t rate it as highly as the GK MB200 I own. Theres s difference in size, but I go for the GK sound any day.
  7. Never. He’s the best TV host, ineee?😂
  8. Cheers, my friend. 🙏 I will be using the Guild B301F fretless for my sins, which I have only ever played once in public. Wish me luck...😬
  9. Not quite the same, but I remember Gary Rossington tell me that Lynyrd Skynyrd (who Quo recently supported) have to make something like 125 per cent of the gross every night to pay the widows and orphans of the deceased originals who gave them permission to re-form. That’s one heck of a lot of t-shirts...😈
  10. That’s why he often wears a hat, Keith! 😈 And if we are going back that far, do people know the song was an attack on the Sutherland Bros for trying to steal Ace’s bass player? Hence a very appropriate choice by the OP.
  11. If you consider it took five musicians to record the original, why did it need more people to create less?
  12. Sure you’re right, and they’re good, but the irony is Andy Fairweather Low is still alive and touring. He is exceptionally good, and an ace guitarist (of which I was ignorant for ages). He is not keen on outsiders using the name...
  13. The Bootleg Beatles have been together far longer than the real thing were. And they’re very good. The Feelgoods relaunched with the last lineup that backed Lee. He wanted them to continue, and given the number of tributes - many of a high standard - why shouldn’t they? Also, every member of Dr Feelgood still earns from them thanks to ‘fifth member’/manager Chris Fenwick. That can’t be bad...
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