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  1. I wrote a book on Peel. Fortunately his manager, the recently deceased Clive Selwood, liked it, which cemented a nice friendship. Had to get help from specialist fellow writers to assess the different decades, as none of us had the expertise to cover everything. In my mind that says it all about Peel...he really was unique.
  2. And you just round the corner too...😁
  3. SALE PENDING is a Sandberg Electra VS4 bass in Tobacco Sunburst, in excellent 9/10 condition. Only the ritual headstock nicks and slight damage by the lower strap button, invisible when a strap is used, are worth a mention. Its slim, Jazz-dimension neck measures 38mm at the nut and is very comfortable to play. The pickup emulates a Precision when the volume control is pulled out to override the active circuit. This default is a good, punchy tone and you may find not a lot of EQing is needed. But with the active circuit engaged the world is your lobster! Fit and finish is second to none. The fretboard edges are smooth and, while you’ll notice there are no neck inlays, I have found the dots on the edge more than adequate for navigating. The bass only weighs about 8lbs, so is quite comfy for long sets. Hardware is good quality, tuners stay in tune and the patented Sandberg bridge is fully adjustable. A triple string tree holds A/D/G strings, while the strap buttons are compatible with Schaller straplocks if you use such things. Strings are brand new Labella Deep Talkin flatwounds, which need no introduction. The Electra series is Sandberg’s mid-line range, with bodies and necks made in Korea and assembled in Germany. The necks are Plek'd at the Braunschweig factory as part of the finishing and assembly process – unheard-of for a bass at this price range. In my view, this knocks a MIM Fender into next week. In fact, I owned a ‘full fat’ VM4 until recently and the Electra plays just as well. I’d compare it to a Lakland Skyline in quality/value terms. All in all, if you’ve wanted to join the Sandberg club this is an affordable way to do it! Specification list Neck: 6 x bolted / Canadian hardrock maple Fretboard: 22 frets Scale: 864 mm / 34" Body: Basswood Finish: Tobacco sunburst Hardware: Sandberg bridge Pickup: Sandberg-designed splitcoil Preamp: Sandberg-designed 2-band active/passive
  4. Long-scale hollowbody semi-acoustic bass guitar in black. 9/10 condition, neck pristine. Black finish means it looks mean and magnificent! The body is a lot thinner than you'd expect. These seem to have been the model for the Chowny CHB series. I have owned a Chowny and a Jack Casady and have found the Aria TAB-66 to be the equal of both. (The bridge and tailpiece beat the Casady bridge hands down). The two pickups can be used separately or together; the neck varies from Rickenbacker to Rivoli, while the bridge pickup adds a more percussive, modern bite. The finish is that of a luxury bass, and the balance on the strap is good with no neck dive. I bought this to use with my folk-rock band, and it certainly looks and sounds the part. Really wish I could bond with it, but I am too comfortable with my Fenders. Comes with an almost-fitting gig bag that works fine for transport. Specification list Number of Strings: 4 Body Type: Hollowbody Scale Length: 34" Body Construction: Double cutaway Body Wood: Maple Body Top: Maple Carved Top: Yes Pickguard: Yes Neck Construction: 1-piece neck Neck Joint: Set neck Neck Wood: Maple Fingerboard Material: Rosewood Fingerboard Inlays: Dot Number of Frets: 20 Bridge: Stoptail Bridge: Tune-O-Matic Hardware: Chrome Number of Pickups: 2 Bridge Pickup Type: Humbucker Neck Pickup Type: Humbucker Controls: Tone and Volume Controls: Selector Switch
  5. If your fingers knot up after trying this bass line, fear not - you could very well be entitled to compensation for personal Ian Dury!😁
  6. Spoke with a friend today who owns the Thunderbird RG used with Rainbow. Anyone renember it? Extra pickup!
  7. Then there’s Love And Affection. Joan Armatrading’s drummer has to double on Sax for just that one song!😁
  8. I have a recently acquired a Sandberg Electra VM4. Astounding value and build quality... hard to know how they make a profit on it!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Did anyone mention Brexit?😈
  11. You’re getting about a bit, old chap. Can I claim my fiver by identifying you as Dominic Cummings?😂😷
  12. Man’s fated-from-the-start comeback in 1983 We played two sold-out nights at the Marquee on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th May 1983. Both nights were recorded but only the first was filmed. I have no idea who put this deal together but Robin Greatrex must have been involved because his label, Picasso Records, put out the live album. I’m sorry if I’m a little vague on such matters but I’m allergic to administration, which I – in pursuit of artistic purity unsullied by commercial considerations – find somewhat beneath me. Which is why, today, I’m a demi-semi-pauper. So, the best you can expect from me is generalisation, assumption and educated guesswork, recalled in marijuana-induced stupor. We decided to call the album ‘Friday 13th’, because that was the date of the recording. Friday 13th, if you believe in such things, is supposed to be an unlucky day, but we, as a band, were rational men, empiricist in method and sceptical in outlook, so, far from succumbing to superstition, we set out to challenge it. We decided to make this the unluckiest album ever released so that when it sold millions we could establish a bulwark of rationalism in an irrational world and laugh in the face of mumbo jumbo. The original idea for the album cover was an upside-down horseshoe, leaking bad luck all over a caricature of the band, standing below. But we faltered because we had to face a blatantly obvious fact – we needed all the luck we could get, so why risk it? But we kept the album title. The resulting video had several TV showings – don’t ask me to name the channels – and was eventually released, imaginatively entitled by an unseen hand, as Bananas. The video itself was flawed by circumstances beyond our control. The stage at the Marquee was about four-feet high, so the first row of the standing crowd, could comfortably lean on it. Among them, at centre-stage, was a young lad, stripped to the waist. He was obviously into bodybuilding because he had a well-defined, muscular torso and iron-pumped biceps. He was totally lost in the music and determined to dance, but, hemmed in by an elbow-to-elbow crowd, he, somewhat restricted, was forced to do it on the spot, exposing those in his immediate vicinity to the clear and present danger of suffering collateral damage. So far, so good. But about halfway through the show he climbed up on some poor bastard’s shoulders and continued his manic dance. Onstage, we couldn’t help but notice him but he was no trouble, just another fan going ape-stinky poo. Only when we saw the video did we realise he was directly in the line of the main camera, dominating any long shot of the whole stage. So, from head on, we looked as if we were providing musical backing for a male stripper. Still, all you could accuse him of was enthusiasm. Swept away by our music, he was in the zone, and, given that’s exactly where we wanted him and the rest of the audience to be, we could hardly complain, could we? It isn’t as if he set out to flip up the video, he was just an innocent gyrator who happened to stand in the wrong place. The bastard! The British tour that followed the Marquee gigs was a cracker. As in Germany, we sold-out substantial gigs. The ‘Friday 13th’ album was released but only the usual suspects – bless their little hearts – bought it. Still, on balance, the reformation was a success. There was still a demand which we were ready and able to supply and we were making a few bob. We decided to persevere. Well, you might as well as not.
  13. The name just sounds like rhyming slang to me... For what I can't say. Bart? Richie? Blair?
  14. I really enjoyed mine, but somehow under stage lights the fret markings did not stand out and I got lost! After it happened twice in succession I moved it on. Never realised how much I looked down...
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