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  1. Mickeyboro

    Music aster spares needed

    Wher would my pal get hold of a tone knob and pot (current one has broken shaft) for a 70s Fender Musicmaster? Thanks all...
  2. Mickeyboro

    Drummer dilemma

    I play in a club band where the material is nearly all 60s/70s classics. Not much for a bass player to chew on, but regular work. Recently we have been playing everything a shade too fast. The effect is cumulative, so that by the second set some songs are ridiculously speedy (ever heard the Ramones doing Spirit in the Sky?)... i have remarked on this in rehearsal, and last night after the third song I had a word with the drummer to rein it back a bit. At the end of the evening he confronted me, clearly very angry, and told me I had wrecked the show for him and that this should never be discussed at a gig. The tempos had improved but he managed to miss some cues, etc, so my comment had some effect, even if his confidence was shot. So how do I approach this at the next rehearsal? How do you work with a drummer with that attitude, or is he being reasonable...?
  3. Mickeyboro

    How was your gig last night?

    Funnily, in my gig on Friday the guitarist dried in Sweet Home Alabama. I stepped up and finished the first verse for him. Ironically, I have told the band I wanted to sing lead on the song in the past but was overruled 'unless you have a load of mates in the crowd'... I told them where they could stick that!!
  4. Mickeyboro

    New Fender MIM Player series replaces Standard

    Many are called...❤️
  5. God only knows... Why!?
  6. Mickeyboro


    Countryman. Best value and you won’t want or need to upgrade.
  7. Mickeyboro

    For Those Looking For A Gigging Band

    I empathise with Blue, as someone in a band that plays stuff for money, and am very glad he posts topics like this that glean a lot of different responses. For sure there are those who play purely for fun, and that's the other end of the spectrum. But there are enough truths in that original checklist to help anyone doing the 'internet band dating' thing. Talking of that, I got my current gig on personal recommendation. In the previous year, six start-ups failed - I left three, three left me - which has made me think that there's still no substitute for making connections in real life.
  8. Mickeyboro

    The Selector - Biggest Weekend Squier Content

    Saw spinoff band from Selecter back in the day when they split into 2; can't remember their name but they we're good. ( Just googled - the People). Founder member Neol Davies is a really interesting fella with a book in him. A shame his group has been taken from him. And, slightly off topic, Dexys post-split band the Bureau were fantastic and better than what Rowland's lot became.
  9. Mickeyboro

    Quit my band, and no new plans to gig...

    What a sweetie!
  10. Nothing shameful about Buggling it up!😈
  11. Mickeyboro

    Auditions in Hell

    Comedy gold, Jack! Kudos to you fir keeping a straight face!
  12. Mickeyboro

    How was your gig last night?

    In all seriousness my predecessor was sacked because he went missing when gear got loaded/unloaded. It's how some people are... Edit: oh, and to be fair he refused to wear band 'uniform' and do backing vocals!
  13. Mickeyboro

    How was your gig last night?

    If i did that I’d be sacked for not helping break down and hump the PA and lights!
  14. Mickeyboro

    Chowny CHB-2 Neck dive

    No trouble with mine - I use a comfort strapp.