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  1. Much as I enjoy the series, I found this rather undistinguished...
  2. Contribution to this great thread from a man who impersonates JO for a living... https://fb.watch/2Y0a2v1Ae1/ Edit: his tone and pickup settings are in the comments.
  3. I deny knowing either of you. And how did you know it was in Staines-on-Thames?😂
  4. I was recognised at a Sunday morning boot sale by a punter at the previous night’s gig. Embarrassingly I was wearing the same outfit...😁
  5. I wouldn’t argue with the sainted Francis... a musical God! Werent you involved in Sonja’s memoirs?
  6. Hi Mike! Think they were called Sisyphus before she joined. They are very much a going concern, have been for several post-hiatus years, and I believe their bass player may be resident here?
  7. A fully illustrated 172-page printed documentary of ‘House Parties, Hustlers and the Blues life’. As new condition. Published in US 2019. Having visited Clarksdale in 2016, I can say that this book gives the authentic flavour of the blues as it has survived and thrived in the Deep South. Many of the bars and artists I experienced are featured. Probably the next best thing to being there! Author Roger Stolle owns Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art, a blues store in Clarksdale, Mississippi, as well as his own music and tourism marketing service. He is a Blues Revue magazine columnist, WROX radio deejay, XM/Sirius radio correspondent, Ground Zero Blues Club music coordinator and Juke Joint Festival cofounder. Award-winning photographer Lou Bopp has photographed a majority of the most significant Mississippi blues musicians in recent years.
  8. Interviewed him three times and found him very humble and communicative. He saw 9-11 unfold from his apartment window which as you’d expect affected him profoundly. A big Anglophile. Great guitarist too!
  9. Interviewed him for a DVD. Nice chap, witty with it. My questions were cut out and his answers left in!
  10. It’s down to scale preference really. I had an EB-3L and don’t feel it gave me more options than a single pickup EB-0 would. For blues-rock it was great though!
  11. I think you mean the stepson of Dave Gilmour?
  12. Mickeyboro

    MB1 Feedback

    Another book deal, another smooth snd pleasurable transaction. This fella is a credit to Basschat!
  13. Remembering Deke on his birthday! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0639j15
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