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  1. My 1971 had the upgrade when I bought it in 81. Would love to know the action it saw in its first ten years.
  2. Ooh! I saw a Linda on her only (?) UK tour that year …fantastic backing band.
  3. Wow, Paddy! ❤️ Good luck with the sale…
  4. Back of the headstock reminiscent of my Guild 301! Good luck with the sale…
  5. should have asked the name of your band while I was at it!
  6. Whats the bass? I have an OLP active which is the business!
  7. Still can’t spy a smile, Keith…
  8. In 2005 he told me this... Ibanez made them for me. I used to use Gibson Thunderbirds: had some stolen and I went to Gibson and said I’d like some, I’ll pay costs and that. I’d used them for so long I’ve had them given me before and I didn’t particularly want them given me but Ibanez were really keen – we’ll build anything for you! Don’t ask me what pickups are on it, I’ve got other ones as well and I was very immersed with the other pickups. This one isn’t active. The other is a standard colour but it’s in the catalogue - they wanted to get a picture of this in their catalogue, actually. It used to be the Iceman, or something I don’t really know. I just picked it and they said you can have it.
  9. Had an Ibanez Tbird copy made in Aston Villa colours IIRC
  10. I thought it would be free, man…😂
  11. Glad the Precision is still doing it for you, mate! Long may it do so.
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