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  1. I thought my last bottle of Tesco Taste The Difference white tasted...different 😧
  2. Mojo and Classic Rock seem so predictable, rehashing the same old staples. I do feel Record Collector try harder, largely cos they have a stuffy/nerdy image to counteract. Disclosure: I do half a dozen reviews a year for them.
  3. John helped me out with a speaker problem. Put himself out when he had no need to. Thanks, mate!
  4. Audley was with the excellent Cry of Love IIRC
  5. Thanks Pete, will investigate. A year since I saw you at Salisbury... time flies! Hope all is well.
  6. Doesn’t sound miles away from the Pretenders origInal. Credit to the late Pete Farndon...
  7. Le Chat Bleu? Ze plot thickens... 🐈
  8. I love Warren Zevon, but am massively bored with Werewolves. As far as radio goes, it’s the only track people like Johnnie Walker (his producers, more like) think he ever did. I remember buying a Sony Walkman in New York in 1981, picking up a tape of Excitable Boy in a secondhand record shop and walking the streets in a daze. Amazed I wasn’t mugged, run over or both. He really got into my head. A fan from then on, but took a while to recover from a mauling given me in person when I interviewed him for Classic Rock magazine. I quickly found out you have to be seriously warped and wounded to write stinky poo like that... A-hoooooo!
  9. The latest 10 issues of BGM, all in complete and unmolested form. £10 including UK postage. Cover stars include Flea, Roger Glover, Fieldy, Steve Harris, Victor Wooten, Sheehan, Dirnt, etc...
  10. Mickeyboro


    Did a deal with Charlie. All went exceptionally smoothly, and he is a top bloke. He has a nose for good gear, so keep an eye on him and deal with confidence. You might get lucky like I did!😆
  11. Unfortunately the link wont work for me... Thanks for the interest though!🙏
  12. Got my small PA out yesterday for an occasional outing and found a problem with one of the cabs. One of the input jacks seemed to have sheared off (right hand, first pic) and the left hand one would not work. Any help as to what I need to replace the offending item and where I can get it would be much appreciated! Thanks...
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