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  1. Mickeyboro

    Summer of 69? Drop D?

    All Right Now!
  2. Mickeyboro

    Bass Guitar Magazine website.

    That's a yes, then...
  3. Mickeyboro

    Summer of 69? Drop D?

    I am underwhelmed playing this in any tuning. Yet it goes down a storm. Why?!
  4. Mickeyboro

    Bass Players in the Late 60s

    The late great Jimmy, yeah - though I suspect he was with Stone the Crows at this time. Died at only 59...three years younger than I am now. Oh for a tenth of his bass/vocal talent.
  5. Mickeyboro

    Steely Dan UK tour 2019!!

    In 1974 they cancelled on me! Caught them in 2000 but it wasn't the same. I may wait till 2026...
  6. Mickeyboro


    Respectfully disagree with most of those examples. Listen to Mr Big on Free Live and come back to me...
  7. Mickeyboro

    Joining another band...staying in first?

    Hello - OP again. My main worry is telling band one I won't be available as much... I hope. They build their social lives round the band and any withdrawal/unavailability is already frowned upon. I can see it all getting a bit sticky! Guess the other alternative is to use the threat of another band to make this one more satisfying, eg changes in repertoire etc.
  8. Mickeyboro

    Bass Guitar Magazine and Bass Player to merge

    The gear reviews in any instrument mag are inevitably geared towards the advertisers. And what can you really say about 70 per cent of the stuff which is a minor variation on existing product? A case in point: were Guitar magazine really going to criticise the new Fender MIM range when they featured (and doubtless funded) the impressive origami-style cover? And by the way did you know Guitar (pka Guitar & Bass) has just been sold to the Singaporean owners of Rolling Stone? Neither did I, and I am only a flipping contributor of 12 years standing ...
  9. Mickeyboro

    Play with a Man Utd legend!

    Bah! I was in a jam this week with Phil Harding off Time Team. I dont know where they dug him up from....😁
  10. Mickeyboro

    Aretha Franklin wasn't the queen of soul.

    Pointless thread...
  11. Mickeyboro

    Joining another band...staying in first?

    This is all good stuff, thank you. Looks like it comes down to telling band two that I am already in a band, and hope that doesn't put them off. More trickily, band one may well say 'if we're not your one and only, you're out'. Which would be a shame as they have and are likely to have more gigs...
  12. I have been in a club band for a year but am getting bored with the very 'white' pop fare on offer and the limits that are put on my participation. Considering joining another, bluesier band to scratch my musical itch. But the first band has definite bookings through 2019, so don't want to lose the regular work. Questions: Has anyone done this and successfully stayed in their first band? If so, did you tell the second band you intended to split your availability? Or did you run the two in parallel until you were certain...then hung in with band one after all?
  13. Mickeyboro

    Too old for rock and roll

    Blimey Mike - didn't realise you were ancient as well as fretless... 😈
  14. Mickeyboro

    Nick Rhodes - sequencer player

    I am sure he is laughing all the way to the bank! Any rate, orthodox musicianship is overrated. Ask Eno...
  15. Mickeyboro


    I totally understand that. If anyone wants to stop by and try it (Bournemouth), or arrange to meet - I travel regularly - just let me know.