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  1. Cruel To Be Kind - Will Birch Just published 416-page hardback on the most famous bass player to come out of pub- rock. Pages of exclusive info from the man himself, as gathered together by Kursaal Flyers drummer and Ian Dury biographer Will Birch. Brand new. RRP £20, selling for £15 inc postage (which will be considerable, given its size). Paypal FnF preferred.
  2. I always thought you were a Fruit Loop, Keith...
  3. I found this preferable to the 1x15 of the range, and reckoned it would be a good-value buy in the second hand market if a touch overpriced initially. My review was tweaked to read more favourably as the mag I wrote for was keen to keep in with the advertisers. Which is why I don’t review for them any more... 😩 How much did you get it for, if it’s not a rude question?
  4. Saw BC on their second gig ever at the Rainbow. Caught them as I had missed Free. They were so loud I walked out at the end and was nearly run over by a bus, so discombobulated was I... Good show though. And they did The Stealer!
  5. Not doom mongering, free speech. Long may that reign on this board...
  6. The 102 served me well for several years in a four piece function band. Never needed to go through the pa and liked the monitor shape directing the sound up. Only got rid as it was a centimetre too big to manoeuvre into my Toyota Avensis boot.
  7. ^^^^ and this was an out-take! Preferred this era when they played pop music jazzily rather than going up their own fundament...
  8. The man with the ultimate personalised numberplate made a special journey to conclude our deal. Mr BA55ACE, I salute you!
  9. Mickeyboro

    Dubs Feedback.

    Ben literally drove miles out of his way to do the deal, with his noisy offspring in the baby seat! Dedication gets no better... one of the good guys. (And a good Dad, I am sure😇)
  10. Fortunately for my bank account I have no idea who Rex Brown is!😇
  11. @yorks5stringer So it was you that told her to ‘break a leg’, Keith? 😆
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