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  1. As seen in a thread started today on the Specials, Horace Panter is currently rocking a Made in Japan Jazz in venues nationwide. I have one too and am equally proud of it. So yes, scratching its origin out is ridiculous! good luck with the sale...
  2. Two thirds - Neville Staple is not present, but Horace is. They’ve redone ‘lunatics’ for the new CD. Have just found a good short interview with him (below) that states the Jazz he uses is a Japanese made one with Seymour Duncan’s.
  3. Saw them last night in Bournemouth on the first UK tour date and would highly recommend. Last saw them in 1980 supporting Dave Edmunds... a lot of water under the bridge since then. Horace is one of three originals with Terry Hall and Lynval Golding, so was obviously told to get upfront - not that he ever stopped moving in the old days. He looked not unlike Norman Watt Roy’s younger brother in a denim shirt and slacks, playing a shiny new white Jazz (swopped for a black one with dark pearloid pick guard for one number, presumably to retune as it was hot.) A 90 minute set but no chat to speak of so plenty of songs. All they had to do was drop a first album classic and the place went up! Horace’s playing on the early stuff is so much more sparse and, to my mind, more effective. What a player, though, he still has it. Tour is sold out, but I got 2 tix that afternoon on Facebook from people who couldn’t go. Definitely worth it! New album has its moments too...
  4. Have you considered the elf and safety implications?😁
  5. Mark sold me a pedal and the transaction was quick easy and courteous. 10/10 and then some!
  6. There’s a wig available on another thread that might assist... 😁
  7. I wrote for a national rock mag a decade and a half ago, and was bending the editor’s ear about a feature on Budgie. I spent time on the road with them and turned in a piece, only to have it rejected. ‘I thought this was a band worth writing about...boring!’ said the editor. A paragraph in the middle of the feature concerned a support tour with Ozzy Osbourne, when he would use their dressing room to have a sly puff and hide from Sharon. I cut and pasted this to make it paragraph two and re-sent the piece, otherwise as was. Back came the immediate response: ‘Great! Why didn’t you write it like this before...?’ 😂 PS Happy birthday Burke
  8. Gave me a couple of unwanted leads, for which many thanks!
  9. Bought a bass from Paddy. He is a total gent, and is unreservedly recommended!
  10. Graham Gouldman is an endorsee but I haven't seen him use his much.
  11. On my yearlong trip round the world, CCR songs were the ones I heard played live in small venues most. By bands, at least. Solo singers...believe it or not, Cat Stevens!
  12. I would like them please! Pm incoming..
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