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  1. I did put a comment in (deleted?) that transitioning to originals can cause the writers to get a bit up themselves. It would certainly change the balance of power in some people’s eyes. I know we’re not talking about recording/releasing, but the Zombies weathered an early crisis when singer Colin Blunstone took the bus to the studio to see songwriter Rod Argent parking his Aston Martin...(car may differ) 😬
  2. You are the Green Manalishi and I claim my fiver!
  3. At a Cream reunion gig in 2005 people started to take cameraphone photos of me! I turned to see Ringo, Paul and wives plus Tom Hanks in a private box!
  4. I used an Elf and two Barefaced 10s on Saturday in a medium sized venue and it did well, if about to run out of headroom. And the sound was Trace-y to my ears.
  5. And didn’t turn around, I assume?😈
  6. New material from the vaults of the much-missed maestro. This copy is new and has never been played. UK postage included!
  7. Mickeyboro

    Tonight's gig

    View from the stage at my gig!
  8. We have to live with this. If the vaccine is effective and enough people get jabbed we will pull through. This is the only time I have agreed 100% with Boris. Take the precautions that make you happy but give others their lives back!
  9. In which case he has improved it! Here is his take. http://justbackdated.blogspot.com/2021/06/strat-charismatic-life-times-of-tony.html?m=1
  10. Interesting, Michael. I guess you are coming from the Lindisfarne angle. I read the unedited original before Chris Charlesworth was brought in. Hopefully CC has turned it into something readable!
  11. With you on that, sir. Unlistenable!
  12. Did a deal with Colin, and confirm he is a pro of the old school! Recommended.
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