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  1. Normski

    Sadowsky SA 200

    I also own one of these & yes please believe the hype they are amazing. Cameron is a top bloke & a top seller! GLWTS mate.
  2. Normski

    Jeff Andrews R. I. P.

    Extremely sad news. He was an extremely accomplished player to say the least! Shocking!
  3. Gorgeous! Late 80s early 90s Stingrays are something else,amazing build era!
  4. Normski

    Bergantino forte

    Is it not spring yet? 🤔
  5. Normski

    Steely Dan!

    Hey put them in any genre (box) you want guys I saw them last night in Manchester &they were absolutely amazing! Great acoustics in the venue too!
  6. Normski

    Farewell to HMV

    I’ll look into it for you.
  7. Normski

    Farewell to HMV

    And I get to keep my DAY JOB!!!!!
  8. Normski

    Farewell to HMV

    Well as it happens I’ve had the pleasure to play with two of Corrine Bailey Rae’s drummers,Myke Wilson & Luke Flowers. Both are amazing guys to work with & their both based in Manchester.
  9. Normski

    Farewell to HMV

    Appreciate it Al! 🤞
  10. Normski

    Farewell to HMV

    We are all hopeful that there will someone who will buy HMV. It’s not over yet. In the meantime we are still trading & we’ve been told that we should remain optimistic. It’s not easy carrying on working under these circumstances but we live in hope. Please support us bass friends as we need it!
  11. Normski

    Farewell to HMV

    I actually work for HMV in the Preston store. Enough said!!!
  12. Normski

    American Fender Jazz Bass QMT

    What’s the difference between a QMT & a FMT?
  13. Normski

    Feedback for Spongebob

    Received a Jack Bruce biography today from Iain. Amazing guy to deal with & a credit to the Basschat community. Regards Norm