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  1. I am thinking of swapping my two HD112 cabs for a lightweight Berg 212. I was holding out for a HDN212, but I missed out on a couple of CN212 cans at Bass Direct recently and I am beginning to regret it. I did have an AE212 before, which I really liked, even if I prefer the HDs (but not that much in it really). I don't suppose you can say how the CN212 compares to the HD or HDN (or even the AE) cabs??
  2. Can I ask what Berg cab are you using?
  3. Different times mate! I am currently playing in a couple of original bands; a pub covers band and a tribute band (or possibly two). As far as I’m concerned, these days they are all playing to completely different markets. I would have no intention playing a standard pub gig with either the tribute or the originals bands. The strange thing is that the same punter might go and see all of these bands, but with different expectations for each – the covers band for free in a pub for a beer and a singalong on a Saturday night, expecting to pay to see the tribute band in a club for a night out where they know what to expect or pay (probably less) to hear original material in a rock club to discover something that they hadn’t heard before.
  4. Rest well Dusty and thanks for all the music...
  5. Funnily enough, they seem to be pretty popular with everyone who’s worked with them. We (at least the Escape original band incarnation) were in a studio near Wolves a couple of weeks ago and the girl running the place was talking about how Magnum record / rehearse there and that she would tell Tony Clarkin that we had been when he was due in the following week. Certainly, Tony has been positive when talking about us and they sent one of their crew to say hello / check us out at an early rehearsal and then worked with us to make sure that our artwork wouldn’t have any potential copyright issues. I can’t fault them for that. We were supposed to play a bike rally somewhere near you last year before the first lockdown hit us. If the band is still going next year, I will let you know if we make up there!
  6. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what's happening with the tribute. There are a couple of related projects (same or similar personnel) that have taken precedent recently and a key member has left. We will see what happens when we reconvene next year. If you’re interested, check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/storytellersnight or the website https://www.storytellers-night.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR08AUqjH33KQ5QXWf2uYW5bStYhT41cAS67N8CC9-gBmjvoB-2IKaHrsQk
  7. I play in a Magnum tribute that makes no attempt at all to look like the original band. We do get the sound pretty close, but there is no attempt to play things like solos, etc note for note. However, a lot of Magnum fans like us and we have got positive feedback from the main band. I think that the main thing is to capture the spirit of the band you are doing the tribute to.
  8. I know Rob - he's a good lad and about a foot shorter than the real Lemmy...! Apart from that he's got the look spot on...
  9. I had one of the early jazz bass models, which I did a lot of gigs with. It had had a slightly longer (34.5”?) scale that I thought was a great idea and gave it a really nice feel. It did come with a cheap bridge that I swapped out straight away, but a really well made bass that was great to play with a superb neck. The trouble was that somehow, I could never quite get it to sound how quite I wanted, despite changing pickups and installing an East preamp circuit, etc. I ended up moving it on and eventually getting an Xotic jazz that played just as well but sounded far better. Still, the Mayones was a great bass if you liked that sound.
  10. Good idea! They've had to cancel. I've been asked to learn the set as they will probably need a dep for a couple of gigs in two weeks time!
  11. Just had to turn down my first gig of the year! Just got a call @ 3:30pm from a guy I’ve been talking to about doing a band with next year, asking if I could do a last minute dep for a Led Zeppelin tribute. I would have had to finish work pretty early, jump in the shower, load the car up and drive two hours to the gig. If it had been a straight blues rock gig, I would have happily busked it.But I think that it’s a bit too much of a push for a Zepp tribute with an audience who will know every song backwards. As much as I love Zeppelin and know the catalogue, I don’t really know that many of the parts (at least all the way through). I’ve asked him to send me a setlist so I can have a listen for any deps he might need in the future. A shame though…
  12. Actually, that P bass you've linked to does look great and at about £670 or so (probably nearer to £850 by the time you go through the rigmarole you have to import from Europe these days), it still looks pretty reasonable!
  13. My missus is a Catering Manager at a chain of nursing homes. She has got them to use their entertainment budget to put on acoustic gigs out in the car park of some of the homes and then getting several of our friends to play to entertain the residents.
  14. Yes, I sold an AVRI57 with the intention of looking for one of these until I got the opportunity to buy back my old 70s P bass! I don't think that you will get a better Fender P bass than the recent Am Stds unless you go vintage (and that is always hit & miss). I wasn't bowled over by the only Limelight that I've evr played, but Lakland obviously make really good passive P & J basses (in fact one of the best jazz basses I've ever played was a US Lakland).
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