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  1. I have certainly slagged bands off before, undoubtedly. But if I go and see a band I might turn to a friend and say ‘what do you think of this lot, I don’t rate them’ or I might give an honest opinion if they ask me what I think of the performance. What I don’t do is walk around the venue tapping people on the shoulder saying ‘this lot are stinky poo’! it just seems unduly negative, even if that was not your intention. As far as the individual collaborators go, I’m not sure that they have the same expectations they would have if they had worked on a project in a more normal situation. These things either work or they don’t. And if they don’t, I would imagine that most people would just shrug their shoulders and think ‘well at least I had the chance to do something and work with some other musicians, even if it didn't turn out that great’. I don't think that our expectations of these types of collaborations are that high in the first place for, but at least we can appreciate that they are trying...
  2. I have no idea if it is awful or not as I haven't bothered to listen to it. But if the OP does think it is that bad, then why bother to start a thread about it?? Very negative and not very cool. As you say, a lot of musos are stuff like this to make up for not being able to play together normally. If you don't like one of these collaborations, then move on and find one that you do - there's plenty to choose from at the moment...
  3. There hasn't been too many props for the amazing Whitney Houston, who provided some of the most stellar (and best known) vocal performances of all time. This is a tribute to her performed (I believe, on the day that she died) by another of the great vocalists . Two amazing talents with tragic ends.
  4. TV / film production companies and the Chippendales are covered in the same way that you are, they need a specific gender to cover a particular role. If you are worried then I would consider advertising for someone who can sing in a 'convincing tenor range and deliver authentic versions of... (pick three of the most masculine sounding artists that you cover)'. I have played in pub bands with good female singers who did reasonable versions of AC/DC covers, etc but it was never something that I would have accepted in bands playing at a higher level. No matter how good the singers are, you are never going to find a girl who can authentically sound like Meat Loaf singing any more than you are going to find a bloke who can sing like Stevie Nicks. Then add to that the antipathy that agents seem to think that some audiences have to girls singing rock music. To be fair, this isn't as bad as it used to be, but it does still exist in some places and if your band is a business then you do have to take it into consideration (or start doing a load of Fleetwood Mac covers)...
  5. No mate, you are exactly right. One of the more perceptive posts I have ever seen on BC. We have reached the point where technology exceeds need and requires to artificially create a demand that doesn't exist. For example, do we need driverless cars? But the technology is there and there is money to be made, so there will be a massive push for it to happen. Meanwhile we are accelerating a disposable culture to facilitate these unnecessary advances. I am obviously in favour of meaningful scientific / technological advances. But too often things are being pushed on us, not because they improve our life, but because it is a way of selling unnecessary products to us.
  6. That's the American built, top of the range EB Musicman Sterling or EB Musicman Stingray (i.e. the ones that the pros use).
  7. The one the Prof is referring to is the full-fat American version. There is also a 2006 Stingray in the For Sale section, going for a bit less than a grand.
  8. I had one about 12 years or so ago (bought for £650 from eBay if I remember correctly). I never got on with it and moved it on quite quickly.
  9. While that is undoubtedly true, I'm not sure that means that the bass player in that band is overrated (or underrated for that matter) I think that Cliff might be a slightly more accomplished bass player, but that is essentially correct. Both are playing simple lines, which are exactly what is required for those two stadium filing rock bands.
  10. I think that is a pretty fair price for the current market. I've just paid a fair bit less for an earlier model, but that's partly because it isn't mint and partly because I got it off a mate. I was talking to a guy online who was selling a 96 without the mutes for £1k, after reducing it from £1,200 and was wondering why people weren't biting his hand off! I've also seen people trying to sell them for a lot more unrealistic prices as well. You have to say that Loz getting an 87 two band (a more collectable model) for £1k is a very good deal.
  11. He's kinda right, but he makes it sound like the original was only good for funk whereas it was used by loads of guys in rock bands, etc. The Stingray is a very unique, aggressive sounding instrument. It doesn't have loads of different sounds, but what it does have works for most genres. If you want that typical MM sound then go for the single humbucker version. The HH seems to be trying to be more versatile, which is great if that is what you need.
  12. peteb

    Stingray HH

    A nice version of a great Alan Spenner line. The original would probably have been played on a Wal, but the SR5 sounds great.
  13. peteb

    Stingray HH

    I love the sound of them, but I do have the same issue with the G string as well
  14. Sorry for the long link...! I have one box in the gigbag that I actually take out for gigs and another on my desk at home.
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-Duracell-9V-Industrial-PROCELL-Alkaline-Batteries-Smoke-Alarm-LR22-MN1604-BLOC/113707992641?epid=9032157047&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item1a79864641:g:rzQAAOSw32lY0nAA&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkAgU0umhwUTmgTFbE5cu7zfLzqGgP6VCouLVsERdqNSMXWquzW8FbJ9EZ8RT2qj017oWIhbCviPb62cgfGk7ESSzROJ0PuerrLbLLDzlvvYR4jjfW%2BZ6a%2BgWSJtZmDncbDifiSr267J006N2%2F%2FSOzmP%2Fgdsv6V1kEKVzJhNlMCCvScjPunBIhLLFfkI9optzCAs376BduorIvNz4jxmjAs9Z1euU%2B2%2BcAsaczY9PctEfJ8f8qQFEl2xC8BNR5PL0a1Ev2uVlzwui3pp0h%2FRwFkAUTD%2FRl%2BicRv54vkzo3jCJ1X3U9iJpeQ8pgu1q04YBixh6pfI0sHoYrU6yQQFb9zzte2x2DV5jolR5ZKmsXCkmDdVTb7SuConXHOxrAFJ6lqe6Flag%2FW%2F6LFssAa8zAMu3oi87wJbu42iIU3Ev4BwcPWa0k1Itv%2FFH%2BFmrGkoNNRxh%2FlQP31JhrinpsiviHrGAC2iM5g25bJLADmY0Jk0prXuLXhMezW1NjeQVaXaogi3pmwOqc8cyo30SlZKLyyXn6xeq%2B3iccUwDcemfE%2FrPHoT0AzRpj9yvDDEdhSr3VrHbo5KKXpsUiX3U5Jtbr%2B%2BQ6u72OqNbnfsr7OqPA2ikXvtYYdu%2BzbCawSD7ftFP7pzC9aY8oMi0BKEFX%2BrK9TnmmfFT5xgbULpW%2BUkpTR4ArjFfXBuA7uX99g83liinr65M%2BE1XlB0TthccsyeEBYEg6hZ9x1y9YQggBU%2FHJZ52ZYWCtJAWd7fNnfkoiUgCe0XhodtNHCwrw%2FZFbisgxuw%3D%3D|cksum%3A11370799264147d6fa20ddb0459a8684336bd551ecde|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
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