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  1. I had an OLP MM2 - two pickup Stingray clone - and anchored on the neck pickup. Easy for a P player like me…
  2. How much Motown did she actually do? The three songs I suffered on Radio 2 were all obviously new pastiches… The Supremes were the first headlining band I saw - admittedly just post-Ross, in 1973.
  3. Just bumping this great opportunity. Think Steeleye with mire drugs, the Airplane with less!
  4. He - Martyn S, that is - is still around and still reliable! Deal with confidence. RIP MB1, however…❤️🎸
  5. He is actually a humble chap. He came to the dressing room (tent) of a friend of mine, Deke Leonard, to get a single signed - Man’s Sudden Life - that he’d bought as a teenager. Unusual for a bill-topper, I was impressed.
  6. I remember seeing them supporting the Who in the 90s. ‘They’ll never amount to anything’ I confidently told my wife 😂
  7. The band I am leaving (see below) have two shows at Whitby Regatta. Payment is £120 for the (identical) pair, but I was offered accommodation for the Friday-Sunday which might well still be part of the deal if wanted. The band have CD and Spotify so not too difficult to learn; they are in Steeleye Span/Fairport/Waterboys mould and do originals and rocked up folk tunes. If this appeals, PM me ASAP!
  8. Yeah, a long way from the Rover’s Return… 😁
  9. Christchurch! Feel free to PM me your number for a chat.
  10. I am bowing out on friendly terms and looking to help them out by finding my replacement. Five-piece, covers and originals, specially popular on the festival circuit. I have been with them four years and enjoyed it. Contact me for further details.
  11. One of these reluctant bassists … we all know one
  12. Its when he switches to guitar that i have reservations… the regular six-stringers are certainly no bassists!
  13. NOW SOLD Before the introduction of the Sterling by Musicman range, OLP (Officially Licensed Product) briefly produced the MM22 bass - effectively an active budget Stingray with two humbuckers. Many OLPs have been modified to be active – this one was designed and built that way in the early 2000s. The MM22 was made in Korea, unlike its brand predecessors, and was good enough for Sterling Ball to reportedly say: ‘OLP quality was all over the board much to my disapointment… why do you think I cancelled the deal? The irony is that the last batch were made in Korea at a higher price point due to the Sub leaving the markiet and they were truly great... too good, but too late.’ My pristine example is finished in a metallic flecked grey/gold – very hard to describe but very attractive on stage. Also unlike earlier OLPs, it has a three-band EQ and five-position switching, which opens up many possibilities. On a physical level, having a second humbucker also lets habitual Fender players like me anchor their thumb, something I could never do on the three Stingrays I have previously owned. Switching options: 1. Bridge humbucker 2. Inner coils (both) 3. Both pickups 4. Outer coils (both) 5. Neck humbucker So the tonal options range from the bridge pickup’s anticipated Stingray tone through a hollow Gibson EB type sound through Bongo to Jazz (great for slap) and finally a P-like thump at the neck. If that’s not versatile... Hardware-wise, the metalwork is certainly as good as MIM Fender. The MM22 has a basswood body but also has contours, as per the ‘real thing’. But the real star of the show is the fast and very playable neck, 42mm at the nut. It has an attractive flame in it but is also lacquered – I never liked the painted US Sub neck nor did I get on with the oiled EBMM necks, so this scored with me. To cut a long story short, if you buy this you get a Stingray-esque bass for considerably less than Squier money. Its been cleaned, set up and re-strung with d’Addarios, ready to rock or funk as appropriate. Here’s a video demontrating a similar example, plus photos of the actual bass. Thanks for reading! STOP PRESS: PRICE REDUCTION TO £249
  14. Micro cube and UBass - does the job for me too!
  15. Money for nothing, pig for free? 🐷
  16. If Rhonda is indisposed will there be a bass Depp? 😂
  17. I could see Hello Hopeville livening up the cheese and wine evenings…
  18. It is a Grade 2 listed building and retains many original features. The former chapel is now the Owners lounge. A good social programme including coffee mornings, music nights, cheese and wine evenings, quiz nights, summer barbeques and special events. The Hobbies Room affords a place for like-minded people to meet for a game of scrabble, Bridge or jigsaw making. New Owners are accepted over 60 years of age. So would you like me to negotiate a discount for you, Keith!😂
  19. Played at a Bournemouth retirement complex- a first for me - and delighted to find that musical appreciation doesn’t fade with age. The Otis Jay Blues Band enjoyed celebrating the jubilee with like minded folk … I reckon we will be back!
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