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  1. Note to Bluewine... it’s Shaw Taylor (just saving you a right hook to the jaw😂). Have a good one. It’ll be interesting to have two blues ladies in competition!
  2. I wondered why he now plays a headless Status!😂👏
  3. Countryman is excellent- best £100 I ever spent! Don’t see the point of metal strings; persevered with rubberised ones and never looked back.
  4. Do I recognise that headstock? Edit: Hang on, I sold you an Elektra!😂
  5. Your next amp needs to be gigging standard so keep the EBS for now.
  6. Tell me where I said it’s a hoax? Two of my children have had it! if you do a LFT before meeting people you are not risking their health. If you want to live in fear, that’s your choice. Please don’t label me as ‘not bothered’.
  7. I am not disputing the effects it can have, just suggesting the [email protected] that some authorities/experts are spouting causes fear. We all make our own decisions. I, as a twice jabbed and boosted pensioner, am going to behave sensibly but take my chances.
  8. Our drummer pulled out of Sunday’s gig. We are doing it without him.
  9. Exactly my feelings and experience at Southampton yesterday. Dont think they will reschedule - or indeed continue. Glad I saw them in the 70s.
  10. Its no more life-threatening now than it was a week ago...
  11. Southampton Guildhall. I think they were just pumping too much sound into the room. Great album though!
  12. Pretty damn good! Shame their live sound was so iffy on this tour, esp in bass department.
  13. This is informative on the tragedy. http://kilburnwesthampstead.blogspot.com/2019/10/the-tragedy-at-olive-road.html I can recall Andy Fraser saying what a great player and influence Binky was when I interviewed him.
  14. I interviewed Gary Moore not long after he sold it and was told he would terminate the chat should it be mentioned ...
  15. Dag nabbit! My timing is very poor for a bass player...😬 Thanks and best wishes Pete!
  16. Enjoyed the clips on Facebook. Would love to be in a band like this!
  17. Re Alan Hull: I thought there was a telling comment from Ray Jackson about only the songwriter making enough money that crosses over with another thread on the forum… That said, hats off to Rod Clements - the bassist, no less - for penning the breakthrough single!
  18. Nice to see you back, says this 66 year old. You’ve been missed!
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