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  1. Two Gold Lion ECC81 / B739 Two Gold Pin JJ ECC83S Only had approximately 100 hours use from new. Bought from Hotrox late last year for £110 Offered at less than half price. £50 UK posted.
  2. It is. I live about 10 miles away but unfortunately at that weight it's a no no from me.
  3. Heads up if you want an Ashdown bargain.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Really love my Silver Burst with Pyramid Gold Flats and MaMa pickup. A versatile bass with lots of thump.
  6. spyder

    obbm's feedback

    Dave bought a speaker cab from me. The transaction was perfect. Great communication and very quick payment. Many thanks.
  7. With much regret I have to sell a beloved fretless bass. It’s a Carvin BB75P Bunny Brunel Signature 5 String Fretless. 18 volt electronics with John East preamp. Lower three Knobs are...... (1) stacked treble ( Pull for treble boost ) / bass. (2) parametric mid. (3) passive tone control. The top three knobs are...... (1) pan pot for piezo - humbuckers. (2) pan pot for bridge pickup - neck pickup. (3) master volume. ( push / pull for active or passive ) Piezo bridge fitted. Two Seymour Duncan Humbuckers. Offset markers. Fret inlays. String-through-body. Strap Lok system. Fitted original case. Thomastik strings fitted as per picture. Strap is included. Weight is approx 4.3kg on Kitchen scales. Never gigged, only used at the studio or at home. Sorry no personal collection due to Covid risk.
  8. Pick, fingers and thumb. The Jack Casady Bass really likes pick and thumb best followed by a little finger action. 1mm green plastic pick.
  9. Great cab in great condition. Comes with cover. Very reluctant sale.
  10. For sale Nux bass preamp. 1 month old perfect condition. Latest software. Boxed. 8 IRs loaded. Good drive setting with blend. Easy to use software editor on PC or Mac. Great headphone out. £90 UK posted.
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