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  1. My favourite non digital amp. I gigged one of a couple of years. Wonderful sound. GLWTS
  2. Forgot to mention that the preamp has a passive bi pass by pulling the volume knob up. Perfect if the battery fails. This preamp is wired for 18 volts but could be re wired for 9 volts.
  3. Thank you for your kind words. It is indeed a very transparent and punchy preamp with a very natural eq. https://bass-elektronik.de/products/noll-onboard-eq-tcm-3-pm-b-2024
  4. I am currently working on changing the preamp in my Warrior bass and will have this weekend a NOLL TCM 3 PM (B 2024) preamp. It has 4 knobs. Volume, blend, Stacked bass / treble and Stacked mid / mid frequency. Comes with knobs, special input socket, two battery clips. It is a complete wiring loom. Just connect the pickups and play. description from Web... ONBOARD PREAMP TCM 3 PM A compact three-band equalizer, the encapsulated version of the module allows variable and easy-to-install mounting and provides reliable electrical insulation. Bass, mids and treble can be raised and lowered 15dB by potentiometer with center click. As a special feature, the TCM 3PM has a concentric center control with a selectable frequency range between 280Hz and 1.5KHz. The EQ is powered by a 9V battery. In order to process particularly large dynamic ranges distortion-free, two 9V batteries can be used in series. The TCM 3PM can be combined with all passive and active magnetic pickups. In combination with our MixPot piezo can be combined with magnetic pickups. The integrated impedance converter of the TCM 3PM converts the high-impedance pickup signal into a low-impedance output signal so that no capacitive height losses occur due to instrument cables. Prices without buttons. The electronics are completely pre-wired. ONBOARD PREAMP TCM 3 PM The NOLL TCM 3 PM is a compact equalizer that provides easy and space-saving installation. The secure insulation of the sealed equalizer perfectly protects other electrical components. Bass, midrange and treble controls are center-detented and allow 15dB of boost and cut with a gentle slope of 6dB per octave which results in a natural and true sound. The top feature of the TCM 3 PM is a parametric midrange control with adjustable frequency range from 280Hz to 1.5KHz. The equalizer is powered by a 9-volt battery, adding an additional 9-volt battery (18V) to ensure more headroom and longer battery life. The NOLL TCM 3 PM onboard preamp can be combined with both active and passive pickups. All units are prewired with high flexible cables, delivery contents all pots, jack and battery clip; and all knobs.
  5. I traded my P bass for Ovis Warrior. We exchanged basses in good faith and it went without any problems. I can recommend dealing with Ovi as my exchange was fantastic... Thanks for the Warrior it sounds wonderful.
  6. I've just done a trade with Ovialem1. We shipped a bass to each other in good faith. Both basses arrived on time and in perfect condition. He is a great guy and I recommend him 100%.
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