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  1. Anyone tried this...... Black Country Customs by Laney. The Custard Factory Bass Compressor Pedal.
  2. Or.......... why do you have a White feather duster coming out of your trousers. 😂
  3. Halfords? Looks like an old car bulb.
  4. That's the one... Very tatty.😡
  5. After a little interweb search I found out the amp had been previously sold for £499 from Rich Tone. Even at £499 it will need around £180 spent on quality valves.
  6. After a call to Andertons this morning the amp is going back for a complete refund. The amp I have has made in China on the back. The amp was supplied with the wrong valves. It came with ECC83 valves not ECC833 that is clearly written on the amp it self. The bass specialist said they tested it and it "worked" so they were not prepared to sort out a new set of valves even though it .. 1. Had the wrong input valves. 2. The KT88 power tubes would not bias correctly and were worn out. 3. The driver tubes 2x ECC82 were very noisy and worn made in China cheap valves. The amp also came in a large box with very little internal packaging. In fact it consists of four 1m strips of brown packing paper... Yes paper for a valve amp........ Crazy. So my hunt goes on....
  7. Sorry.... I have high jacked this thread. Very sorry again.
  8. Looks like they are not ringing back today. The wait goes on.
  9. I'm considering returning it, keeping it with a part refund / supply of valves or buying a new one.
  10. Still waiting for Andertons to ring back.
  11. Mint my donkey... There are numerous dings and cuts to the tolex. It's been gigged and used regularly.
  12. I luckily have 20 years of experience with using valve hi-fi amps so I've learnt my lessons the hard way.... Always check a valve amp when you receive it. I've now switched it on and the kt88 valves will not bias correctly... They work but sound under powered and the amp hums. It will cost around £180 for a new set of valves. Suddenly it seems like an expensive second hand amp.
  13. Valves are...... 2x ECC832 2x ECC82 2x KT88 Judging by the serial number it was made in China in 2013. Must be an early example. They now have a different valve set up in the latest version. I don't think they even turned it on.
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