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  1. This is the problem.... How to try them. I can only afford second hand so I have to buy and sell it on if I don't get on with it.
  2. Oh ... Cab update. Barefaced. TC RS212. Fearless F112. The list gets bigger. 😒
  3. I've narrowed it down to either a Barefaced or TC RS212 cab. Now the hunt begins.
  4. Used Ernie Ball cobalt flats cut 2+2 for Jack Casady Bass. 45-100 9 months old. £12 including UK postage.
  5. They look great, unfortunately they cost to much for a non working house husband.😭
  6. I really want this cab but no money for a few weeks. 😡
  7. Flattley Bass Ivy Fuzz with blend control. Fuzz goes from smooth and mellow to sharp and pinched. The blend knob is a welcome to dial in your bass sound. It is very versatile pedal. Can be used with battery. Price included UK postage. Cost £209 at Manson in Exeter. The Bass poison Ivy is an analogue bass guitar fuzz pedal with true bypass. This pedal has a germanium transistor fitted in order to give it a warm vintage fuzz tone. It has a special paint finish in a 1590 BB and it takes a standard 9v power suppy. The blend knob allows you to go from a full wet signal to a full dry signal which allows you to dial in your required amount of oomph. This pedal has plenty in the tank and can give the bass guitar some subtle fuzz tones but still give you a nasty growl when you need it. SPECIFICATION DETAILS Fx Power Supply 9VDC Adaptor (Sold Separately) Fx Weight 355g Fx Effect Fuzz Fx Controls Volume, Attack, Blend, Fuzz Fx Connectors 1x 1/4″ jack Input, 1x 1/4″ jack Output, DC In
  8. I have my eye on that Fearless 112.
  9. Congratulations, I have the same bass. Does it sound good through the Barefaced cab?
  10. Thank you. The 1x15 could be just the right cab.
  11. Again not tried before, might be worth a punt.
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