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  1. Congrats re your birthday and new bass, but should we now be calling you Sarah4string?
  2. Muse - Live at Rome Olympic Stadium on Sky Arts
  3. Happy Birthday (to a fellow Cannockian🙂) Sarah.
  4. Good result with the exception of the one you ordered. Could keep the refurbished one as a spare.
  5. Well done Sarah, I hope everything goes well for you.
  6. Hi Bruce, Sad to hear about your problems and I can empathise with the deafness and tinnitus you suffer. In line with the comments made by Dad3353 (including his ones on gardening😁) you will find that there is plenty to amuse you on here and probably even more you could comment on based on your experience. All I would say is stay positive and do anything that takes your fancy - not a cure all but could re-focus your energy and enjoyment for the future. Alan
  7. Another finger rest purchaser here. Easy transaction just told him what was required and it was delivered a few days later. Excellent device Mark and now fitted. Many thanks.
  8. I like the way you've applied battery power to the Wonderlove ped👍
  9. Would this option be any help ped? Not a battery in the unit but powered from a powerbank. MyVolts
  10. How about a Spector Legend 4: Spector Legend 4 Classic SA Walnut Burl Stuart Spector Design Bass Guitars: EMG :: For sale, on offer, UK, Bass Direct, Warwick, US, London, Manchester, Birmingham, bass player
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