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  1. naxos10

    What Strings Are Doing it For You?

    Another Newtone user here, I have them fitted on all my short scale basses. I tend to go for the Platinum nickels with a round core, but you could always talk to them as the customer service is excellent.
  2. naxos10

    Strap with some grip

    Got a few straps you could try if your any where near Lichfield, Staffs.
  3. Good summation +1.
  4. naxos10

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    Wear a 'Marigold' glove over that hand😀
  5. My short scale basses have a reasonably tight feel but it's not massive over a 34" scale. A different choice of strings can change the feel, have a chat with Newtone strings see if they can do something for you or if you get the Mustang and its around 30" scale I could lend you a set to try the difference.
  6. naxos10

    Been here before...going on a hiatus?

    Great recovery Andy.
  7. naxos10

    Lead through the strap?

    I have also used the Velcro cable tie on my cables, the type with a slot for the cable to pass through. Push the tie to the bass end of the and then thread the tie through the ladder of your guitar strap. Holds just as well and offers the cable some float.
  8. naxos10


    Fusion have got the Funksion' gig bags at £19.18 plus postage until Cyber Monday. Only 18 left. https://www.fusion-bags.com/collections/black-friday-cyber-monday-sale
  9. Good news on it's arrival - Excellent bass.
  10. naxos10

    ACG Fretless 5

    Being modest there, it's a stunning bass.
  11. naxos10

    ACG Fretless 5

    you are certainly building up a stunning bass collection Mr Bridgehouse.
  12. Good choice Dave. Hopefully Chris will have the strap attachments back in stock shortly.
  13. naxos10

    Insecurity? Pah. Incoming NBD

    Good choice Bridgehouse.
  14. naxos10

    Decent quality strap for MIJ P

    If it's material agree with the Comfort strap, if you do consider leather try the Levy's DMP1.