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  1. naxos10

    Venue v Practice Room

    No you are not alone, our studio practice room also causes sound problems, boominess, havoc with the vocals etc...
  2. naxos10

    A boring P build.. or is it?

    What's the possibility of ageing the white scratch plate to more of a buttercream colour?
  3. naxos10

    A boring P build.. or is it?

    Yep, and I think I'll be reduced to tears
  4. naxos10

    A boring P build.. or is it?

    I like the pass to spend money. I use what's mines mine and what's hers is mine principle. Seems to work so far
  5. naxos10

    A boring P build.. or is it?

    Sounds good although I did wonder if this is the one you are building for the wife
  6. naxos10

    A boring P build.. or is it?

    Starting to look very nice
  7. naxos10

    I... I don’t know.. I er...

    Be afraid, be very afraid.....
  8. naxos10

    Finished Pics! A build for our own Len_derby

    A worthy award Andy - well done.
  9. naxos10

    Luthiery is not yet dead

    I wonder if it was on the soiled or delicates setting when it gave the sh*te sound.
  10. naxos10

    Laney Rb6

    There are two Ashdown combo's in the classifieds that are worth looking at. When you say local to you where are you based?
  11. naxos10

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    I have 4, but work on the principal that since they are all short scale it only counts as 2. Working on T-bay's mathematical formula of the number of bases you should have is n + 1 where n=the number you currently have there is plenty of scope left. PS: I also apply the same calculation to push bikes.
  12. naxos10

    Why no love for Laney?

    That Lego cab is class. Just think you could take it to a gig in a lightweight plastic tub, assemble, play, disassemble and take it home. Just think of all the configurations you could build a cab for every occasion. Maybe a new concept here - must contact Laney.
  13. naxos10

    Feedback for Linus27

    Pecently purchased a Smoothound wireless system from Michael. It was well packed and promptly delivered (even with a hiccup with the courier, he also through in a few extra bits and a 'quick operating guide' to make using it easier for me to use when I received it (well I am over 21). The transaction was very smooth with excellent communication. I would certainly recommend him to anyone. Many Thanks, Alan
  14. naxos10

    Next project..hmmm..?

    Make your own Rikenfaker but one that sounds good.