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  1. I believe from comments in these forums that the Phil Jones gear is more modern sounding than what has been recommended in the thread. This is probably due the use of multiple small drivers.
  2. Played a private party last night. Audience got up and danced after just a couple of numbers, we were asked to stay on longer than we were booked for but in fairness to the DJ we played an additional turn later in the night instead. Nice comments from the party attendees - bonus.
  3. My set up is a Barefaced Two10 with either an Ashdown RM420 or Retroglide 800. Great flexibility and I've had some nice comments on the sound at gigs.
  4. naxos10

    NBD woes

    Great result. Replaced or repaired?
  5. If you are interested in trying a few I have 34", 30.5", 30" basses plus acoustic and live just outside Lichfield.
  6. A Hofner Ignition Violin bass should be around the weight you are looking at hooky.
  7. Purchased an Ashdown stool from Chris item arrived safely and on the day indicated prior to me receiving the unit. He even included a suggestion for getting it by Mrs Naxos (a secret never to be told). Top man, thanks Chris.
  8. Just met up with Clawhammer and purchased a Hofner HCT 500/2 from him. Had a great conversation regarding our musical histories and preferences. Nice guy, buy with confidence. Thanks John.
  9. Glad there's been a positive outcome ead.
  10. We are going to have a go at Blondie's One Way or Another. It's the first time we have looked at one of there songs.
  11. As a covers band playing 60's to 2000's music our 45 minute set list comprises of around 16 songs.
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