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  1. naxos10


    With the number of courses available at universities now a Coffee Degree is probably being brewed at this minute
  2. naxos10

    End of an Era

    Sorry to hear the bands coming to an end. Hope the surgery goes well.
  3. naxos10

    NAD - All the Ashdowns a boy needs?

    Is that all 3 into 1 cab - amazing
  4. naxos10

    NBD - ACG TKO Modern 4 string

    Very nice bass there eude
  5. naxos10

    Bass options for a 4yr old!

    What about an Ashbory.
  6. Al Krow said: Is there any known therapy available, that's been demonstrated to work? I don't know of any therapy but if 'er indoors gets a whiff of the purchase of another bass guitar she hits me round the head with the four I have. After that I really don't want to go through the same process again. It seems to have worked, would be any help if I sent her up to you Al Krow?
  7. naxos10

    Ibanez Promethean P3110 - any good

    I have the P3110 which I use as a practice amp and on open mike nights. It is great, flexible tone controls, switchable tweeter, aux in and headphone out an can be used with an extension cab. Lightweight to boot.
  8. naxos10

    Downloads or a physical product?

    Always prefer a hard copy as you feel you are actually getting something for your money. Normally transfer the cd to my high-def portable player for private listening.
  9. naxos10

    Spector fans!?!

    had and NS94 and an original Legend 5, excellent basses and remarkable players - but heavy
  10. Are we on day 10 now? Have withdrawal symptoms set in?
  11. naxos10

    The best bass builder.

    I would say that having has a guitar voted the best 5 string bu the British bass press (BGM) and with the variety of builds he can offer ACG have to be up there.
  12. naxos10

    Manual for Dave Hall VT1 Pro Bass Drive

    I've got the VT1 Spitfire so the manual should be the same. Drop me a PM with your email address and I'll send you a pdf, or post a hard copy if preferred.