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  1. Just read the thread above this 'new joyo compressor' a mxr clone apparently, might be wort a look. I use the Spectrocomp (it's incorporated in my Spectradrive pedal) and it is an easy to use device and as said previously it is a doddle to change the toneprints.
  2. I must admit I've never come across that brand, sorry.
  3. While looking at the online suppliers there is a lot of kit on long delivery, everything from pedals to PA equipment.
  4. Until recently 3 of my short scales were strung with 50 - 110 gauge roundwound strings and they sounded spot on. 2 of these are ACG basses which came factory fitted with this gauge. I have now fitted the 2 pbass short scales with 40 - 90 gauge flats can hear and here a difference in the harmonic content, while the tension is similar to the roundwounds.
  5. With the Rotosounds give them a while to 'break in' especially the E and A strings (I have based this comment on my use of the short scale versions).
  6. Just bought a PA system off James. Excellent communication, product as described (probably better) and on top of that we were able to meet locally which saved me a drive down to Malvern/Worcester - much appreciated that. He is an excellent guy to deal with and an shining light for the Basschat community. Many thanks James.
  7. Would suggest going for short scale strings but people do utilise long scale ones. Long scale will likely mean you will be winding the thick section of string onto the tuner which can cause the winding to break.
  8. Purchased a Harley Benton Powerbank from Jack, nice easy transaction and great communication.
  9. Just off the cuff, would bike frame protection patches do the job? If you think they would then let me know what size patch you are looking for and I'll see what I have😁
  10. A nice solution to mains power. I have used the myvolts ripchord 5v to 9v converter which works well but these are costlier so it's nice to come across a lower priced option.
  11. You could look at the Headrush 108 and 112 8" and 12" frfr. They seem reasonably popular.
  12. I am happy to help, I live just outside Lichfield, Staffordshire so could cover anywhere from Coventry to Cheshire (Holmes Chapel'ish).
  13. You could also try Northwest Guitars site.
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