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  1. Purchased a Korg Pitchblack from Neil. Excellent communication, prompt delivery and excellent communication. Thanks Neil.
  2. Wilmslow Audio are good. I have built their BBC LS3/5a equivalents and have partly built a pair of their floorstanders. I might be open to discussion on the LS3/5a if you are interested Si600. We did a comparison between 3 sets of speakers at HiFi Wigwam hifi show a few years back, my 'LS3/5a, a pair of BBC LS3.5a and a pair of Rogers 149's. It was an interesting exercise as each had their positives over the other but there were no negatives.
  3. Don't forget to let us know how you get on with it😁
  4. Andy purchased a gig bag for his short scale bass from me. Excellent transaction with excellent communication and fast payment. A pleasure to deal with - Thanks Andy.
  5. I saw it and found it interesting as I had never seen how a fixed neck was built.
  6. Just purchased a TC Electronic Spectradrive from Jim. Great condition and excellently packed (he wife welcomed the tin for storing homemade cakes). Very prompt delivery and excellent communication - a true gent.
  7. What BassAdder27 says but also consider Barefaced cabs for lightweight and portability.
  8. Nor me☹️ I am not a Keith either😁
  9. That is very nice Bobthedog👍
  10. To keep your volume levels when unplugging the bass, or for leaving the bass going to the bar and not getting any feedback problems thus again leaving your volume intact for the second half of the set😁
  11. Newtone Nickel -see my full answer in your other thread😁
  12. I have Newtone Platinum nickel round core 50-110's on my basses and they work extremely well in giving each string the tone you would expect. Tension is spot on.
  13. naxos10

    funkle's feedback

    Purchased a Mono strap off Pete, excellent communication with prompt despatch and delivery. Many thanks Pete.
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