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  1. Nice looking rig there Lozz.
  2. Bas recently purchased a Zoom pedal from me, first class comms and prompt payment. As always a true Basschatter, thanks Bas.
  3. Got Newtone 50-110 Platinum on mine but always thought about trying their Diamond ones on there one day.
  4. If you hit Tamworth I could pick it up, but where would the next drop off point be? Down the M6, M1 or M5, living centrally means I could travel down all three.
  5. I would think that the construction of flats, wider wrap, would possibly prevent the use of flats for through body stringing (have a look at the photo's in the 'flat wound string close ups' thread in 'General Discussion' and imagine how the string would look when bent at 90 deg).😀
  6. Interesting article, thanks uk_lefty.
  7. Excellent video portraying an excellent and innovative band. I need to get the vinyl back out😁
  8. 'Meanwhile, can anyone explain what "a linear approach" is, as mentioned in the title of Mr Willis' book? easy words only please.' Toneknob, have a look at the Phil Mann lockdown video's on the Ashdown site. He talks about the linear approach, cycle of fourths and other processes. I think there are 4 videos in total covering fretboard progressions.
  9. Have a bass with switchable Active/Passive modes and use a pedal if required. My ACG is fitted with a John East pre-amp with this option and I use a Dave Hall VT1 just to 'warm' the sound if required. Generally meets all the requirements I need especially a battery fail.
  10. I've been bombarded with the emails as well together with the offer of $50 off but that still makes the cost high for something that has such a time commitment. I will admit that the course would probably improve my playing though.
  11. I use Newtone 50-110 nickel roundwound strings on all my short scale bases. They suit the scale length and provide a tension that allows precise control of the note played with fingers (soft to hard depending upon the song being played).
  12. I've got a Pioneer PL12D in need of some tlc if someone is interested. I still have my 90's gear: Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck (1992) Meridian 200 CD player Croft pre and power amp Rega Alya speakers
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