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  1. A Hofner Ignition Violin bass should be around the weight you are looking at hooky.
  2. Purchased an Ashdown stool from Chris item arrived safely and on the day indicated prior to me receiving the unit. He even included a suggestion for getting it by Mrs Naxos (a secret never to be told). Top man, thanks Chris.
  3. Just met up with Clawhammer and purchased a Hofner HCT 500/2 from him. Had a great conversation regarding our musical histories and preferences. Nice guy, buy with confidence. Thanks John.
  4. Glad there's been a positive outcome ead.
  5. We are going to have a go at Blondie's One Way or Another. It's the first time we have looked at one of there songs.
  6. As a covers band playing 60's to 2000's music our 45 minute set list comprises of around 16 songs.
  7. I like the look of determination on Julia's face in the wheeled vehicle photo and there's a cheeky over the shoulder (model style) smile on her face in the above post. Just gorgeous Andy. I hope everything goes well for her and the family.
  8. Good choice there crazydancer. Hit the classifieds if you find you need greater wattage in the future.
  9. A very nice bass there Simon, welcome to the ACG owners club.
  10. Keep the gear for the meantime CyberBass you can always move it on later. I hope everything goes well as you recover further.
  11. I hope you do not mind me downloading this to use wal4string? it is a song I have been thinking would be good to have a go at for while. Unfortunately I think your grandson will have the playing edge on me. Thanks again.
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