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  1. You could try RS Components (Radio Spares to us older gents), CPC or Farnell. All are electronic component suppliers and have internet sites. RS Components do have regional outlets.
  2. How about a variable voltage output to cover 12/18v pedals and wireless systems.? but I would accept that this may be a step to far when trying to to keep the footprint size down.
  3. The Rutles - Not sure if they were in print but there is a DVD and CD.
  4. There's a good selection of Laney, Markbass and Ampeg heads in the classifieds around 500W+, match these with one of the Barefaced cabs in the same threads and you'll have a good rig for well under your £1k budget.
  5. Happy NBD. All the best with the learning. If you need any help at any time there are plenty of people on this site that will give you good advice and assistance.
  6. Have a look at Newtone Strings Diamond and Platinum series. You can specify Nickel or steel, round or hexagonal core. You should find a option to suit. UK made as well.
  7. naxos10

    Combo help

    There's a couple of heads from Markbas and Laney plus lightweight cabs from Barefaced, Markbass and EBS in the classifieds that could fit the bill.
  8. I practice in our spare bedroom and find that a Vox Pathfinder Bass 10 is more than enough. It has an auxillary input and also a headphone socket. If I need anymore there's my Promethian combo with 10" speaker (not found the need to use this one yet).
  9. Have you engaged with it yet Frank?😁
  10. I use a Snark S-1 which has the fixed clip and display. It's always attached to the head stock as it's so small,. It responds well but, I don't have a 5'er so can't comment on it's performance on the B string.
  11. A good diary and whatsapp is the way we keep track of everything and everyone.
  12. I use Ashdown with my Two10, either an RM420 or Retroglide 800, and have also used Markbass (250 Blackline) which sounded good.
  13. Hi Roger, How are the short scales cut - 4 in line, 3 + 1, 2 + 2?
  14. This is how we play it, right or wrong I do not know😁 Paint It Black.pdf
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