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  1. naxos10

    NBD ACG Finn bass 32" scale

    Nice one ead, a 'quite interesting' bass😁
  2. naxos10

    Trading down to a combo - advice appreciated

    Have a look at the Ashdown heads, I think Loz has a RM500 in the classifieds, there may even be a RM800 from memory (but then again my memory is not that good😁).
  3. naxos10

    NOBD (new old bass day)

    Damn, Somerset is just a little to far to go😁
  4. naxos10

    NOBD (new old bass day)

    Nice job, and some good looking turntables in the first picture as well.
  5. naxos10

    Most popular roundwound material

    +1 for Davo's comment.
  6. naxos10

    Bass for a 6 year old.

    Mine is an upgraded HB Short Scale fitted with Delano pickups, a decent bridge and modified to give the option of stringing through the body plus other finishing mods. Plays well above it's price.
  7. naxos10

    Small wireless guitar system

    Dave have you played with the 'built in' cable length settings on the Smoothound? these do make a difference to the sound.
  8. naxos10

    How Many Straps Have You Got?

    Oops 9 straps and only 4 basses.
  9. naxos10

    Small wireless guitar system

    Glad you gone Smoothound Dave, I did the same and found know problems. Got a spare short lead if you are interested.
  10. naxos10

    Bass for a 6 year old.

    You could look at the Harley Benton Short scale P bass at about £80. Probably good for upgrading at a later date as well.
  11. naxos10

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome Tony. Nice choice of bass.
  12. Well done for signing up Stub, I'm sure you will enjoy the experience. If you need any help leading up to the gig let me know (I live in Staffordshire as well).
  13. naxos10

    More Wood!

    If the wood came from a church then it's going to make one holy bass. Alternatively if it's from a pub/club it will be a great Bass (think beer) and will be well brewed.
  14. naxos10

    Medium scale 32 inch which strings

    +1 for Newtone strings which I have on all my short scale basses (30.5").
  15. naxos10

    NBD - Status S2... it’s here 😎

    Waiting in anticipation for the piccies😎