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  1. I use a Barefaced Two10 (with my RM500) which would give a vertical 210 arrangement but not at £ 400 unless 2nd hand.
  2. Good to hear that one courier can pick up and deliver successfully. TNT deliver regularly to the bike shop I frequent and I can say they seem to be pretty reliable on a long term basis.
  3. Another recommendation here for Newtone strings. I have them fitted to 3 of my short scale basses (only 3 because the 4th is a Hofner Club😀).
  4. If anyone is interested, Ashdown have a RM800 Evo (not the ii) for £399 in their B-stock section. Regarding a bag, I'm thinking about a Gator G-Mixerbag 1212 which may be just big enough to take my RM500 head.
  5. Happy Birthday, great T-Shirt.
  6. Mine seems to have increased in intensity for no apparent reason. I wondered if it was due to the colder temperatures we are experiencing but Covid could be an explanation (although I believe I had Covid back in March and isolated according to the instructions from the 111 medical line no confirmation).
  7. What do you call a bunch of bass players - A raft😁
  8. I liked it Stew although being from a prog rock music background in my teens I was expecting a keyboard or acoustic guitar break about a third in. Excellent musicianship by the way and well worth the consultancy fee.
  9. I have a pre-production RM500 but have only been able to play it at bedroom level through my Barefaced Two10. Sounded extremely good with a solid sound. I have'nt had chance to really see what it can do so can't wait to give it a real try out.
  10. Welcome Eloo. Don't worry about the gear you have just play😁
  11. Welcome Philip, we hope you enjoy the forums (by the way I am now curtseying in recognition of your goodself😊).
  12. I own a HB Shorty and it is very good and ripe for upgrading if you wish to.
  13. People of course could just buy British and save the hassle!
  14. Glad you found out that the wood should look like that rather than there being a problem. I know the colour in photographs is not always accurate but I like the look of that fretboard finish.
  15. I would add the Vox Pathfinder Bass 10 as being a good compact and convenient practice amp.
  16. I picked up a Getaria GWS-8 2.4ghz wireless system off Amazon. It is doing the job so far and I am getting around 4 hrs use before the transmitter battery is fully discharged. No noticeable latency although they quote <12ms (then again I'm only 3ft away from the receiver) put I don't go through a pedalboard. I purchased to use at home (and hopefully at rehearsal) in order to get rid of the cables (small room at home and the gear arrangement at the studio), so one test down one to go. Cost of these was under £40 so I've got the sister in law to buy me a second set for Christmas as a backup.
  17. Another thumbs up here for Newtone strings I have them fitted to all my short scale basses. Solely use their Platinum type, both round and hexagonal cores , in 50/70/90/110 gauge. The hex cores are slightly brighter and fractionally stiffer.
  18. PMT look to have an Ashdown Retroglide 800 at £275 pair this with a Barefaced cab like The Big One and you can choose the tone the like for any venue. Light and easy to carry and made in the UK to boot.
  19. I use a Tascam GB 10. It's loaded with the set list plus new songs. You can balance the output of the guitar against the recorded songs as well as adjusting the input. It has a lot more features as mentioned in the thread above but is handy as you can run it off batteries, the mains and I am currently powering it from a 7800mAh powerbank. It's a highly versatile and compact device.
  20. Just picked up a cab from Dan meeting him at a mutual destination. The transaction as well as the communication has been first class throughout. It was good to meet Dan, the cab was as you described, and it was nice chat although only brief. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. Many thanks.
  21. Nice looking rig there Lozz.
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