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  1. How do You guys feel about tapered B-strings? I use my B-string much above the 5:th fret, often even close to the 24:th. Mostly they seem to have strange overtone and intonation problems. T:H
  2. Sorry, there's no topic. It should be: using ring finger for plucking.
  3. There seems to be widely accepted consensus about this, it's index and middle fingers, never ring finger. Thumb is now accepted for plucking too, ten years ago it was only for slapping. I started to play the bass (45 years ago) using index, middle and ring fingers. Later I involved my pinky and thumb too. My middle finger is much longer than index and ring which are much closer in lenght. If I must play quick triplets, 16th notes or something like that, I tend to use alternating index and ring. I remember reading (one of my great heroes) Nate Watts discovered the power of his ring finger after having an accident with his middle finger and not been able to use it for a while. Your thoughts?
  4. To my experience (pro over 40 years) it really doesn’t matter much at all. Some basses are ”snappier”, some ”punchier”, some ”warmer” etc, regardless if the pickups are positioned half an inch south or north. You might hear the difference between 60`s and 70`s bridge PU placement when listening Your Instrument carefully alone at home. When playing in a noisy club or stadium You are often lucky to hear it at all. Even when You hear it recorded in a studio, sometimes it is so heavily eq`d , compressed and destroyed in the mix to lack all the detail and dynamics so it really doesn’t matter if there is a bridge pickup at all.
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