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  1. Hi, I need (for esthetic reasons) to replace silver knobs for black ones in several musicman preamps. I´ve done it, but as most chinese cheap knobs are for 6 mm pot shafts the outcome are not the best. Have anybody did that? There are some from Seymour duncan that do the trick, but they don´t sold separately. There are some pricey ernie ball (the telecaster ones), harley benton, etc. Any ideas? Thank you!
  2. I bought a Barefaced cab from Rich, everything went fine and I strongly recommend him as a seller.
  3. Hi, another one here to step on the Helix path. I don´t know if this will go better in the Amps section. I´m about to buy an Helix Lt or stomp. My current rig its a Genzler MG and a Barefaced Supertwin. I´m thinking about buying a Barefaced Big baby 2, to go full range, as supposedly its better for emulation purposes. Don´t interested in the FR800, as I think the Genzler its transparent enough and I dont mind carry the extra leads. My question, anyone here had experience using an Helix with a Super twin and a Big baby? I´m just the kind of guy who always had the tweeter off, but I´m wondering if having one will improve my sound. Thank you!
  4. I´ve just bought a bass from Chris. No complaint at all, I will definitely deal with him again! Safe drive guaranteed.
  5. Hola Andrés, ya estamos todos
  6. Cool, thank guys! It looked different but not ultra-cheapo chinese one.
  7. Hi, Another thread asking about a presumably fake Fender Precision USA 2003. I bought it in a pawn shop, without case. The things that make me worry about it: - Bad decal placement in the "i" of Made in USA. - Body with satin finish, made of 4 pieces (not 2). - Jack not switchcraft brand. - Bad solder connections. - Thin neck plate, cheapish looking hardware. I had some USA P´s in the past, but being a EBMM guy, I´m not really sure with this one. Should I return it? Thank you!
  8. New feedback topic for Andrey. I bought him a Sterling bass. We had some problems with the courier but at the end the bass arrived safe and sound. I strongly recommend Andrey, top bloke. I strongly NOT recommend using GLS, worst courier ever! Thanks mate!
  9. I had the chance of play one of these with a Barefaced Four 10, now its my favourite valve amp! Amazing sound and really light. GLWS
  10. I´ve just bought a Barefaced Super Twin from Matthew. I can´t find enough words to recommend him!
  11. rebo213

    Kev's Feedback

    I bought Kev´s Darkglass 900, fast shipping, best seller in town!
  12. I´ve had also an Steve Harris, and a couple Stingrays that weights over 5 kg. But the heavier was an unfinished project: I bought a plexiglass Precision body this summer, and to my surprise it was over 4 kg., just the body! I´m sure if I had finished it problably weighed more than 6 kg.
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