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  1. Yes the FR800 is very versatile, I've use an Ampeg SVP Pro preamp, Trace Elliot GP11 and a Mesa Subway preamp pedal and they all sound brilliant!
  2. I've got the same PA system and can vouch for everything you say, the sound is always crystal clear through those FR800's and I've not heard a cleaner sounding sub as the LF1400, when I stick my bass through FoH it always sounds massive. Good luck with the sale mate!
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Thanks mate, that's really useful info, love the look of your set-ups too, a rig for every occasion!
  5. Jazzyvee - so have you used the 4ohm output of the Synq into your Big Twin as that is a 4ohm cab? you couldn't use the bridged 8ohm into that could you? Looking at the specs am I right in thinking the 2 4ohm outputs are about 500 watts each?
  6. Excellent, thanks guys, much appreciated!
  7. Cheers Phil, A PA amp is an option that I've not seriously looked into as yet, I'll have a look at what's available. I did spot an Engl E1030, 500 Watts 1U amp, but they are expensive compared to the PA amp option.
  8. I've recently purchased a Trace GP11 pre amp which I'm planning to use with my BF FR800 cabs on occasion, but it got me thinking about using the GP11 with a class D power amp into my BF Six10, has anyone any experience of using a class D (preferably a 1U) power amp? if so any recommendations?
  9. FS Aguilar Tone Hammer pre amp pedal, in good condition, includes power supply. Can post for £5 This preamp/direct box is so strong and powerful it could only be called the "Tone Hammer"! Based on the respected OBP-3 preamp, the Aguilar ToneHammer Preamp/Direct Box Effects Pedal features fully sweepable midrange frequencies in addition to bass and treble controls. With the Tone Hammer's pristine D.I. you are set for the studio or the stage. To give this tone shaping unit the ultimate flexibility we are introducing our proprietary Adaptive Gain Shaping circuitry (AGS). AGS allows the player to kick in an additional gain structure and EQ with the "stomp" of a button. You can now go from modern slap sounds to vintage or overdriven. 18 volt operation gives the The Aguilar ToneHammer Preamp/Direct Box Effects Pedal plenty of headroom to reproduce the most dynamic playing style. Separate Gain and Master controls allow you to dial in just the right gain structure for any instrument. The Aguilar ToneHammer Preamp/Direct Box Effects Pedal is the essential preamp/direct box for every bassist's tool box.
  10. This brilliant little pedal isn't getting the use it deserves so I've decided to move it on. It's extremely versatile, nice distortion too, it's very good condition, doesn't include a power supply because I always used phantom from the desk so never bought one! can post for a £5 in UK Bass D.I. Furious, growling bass tone is here! You've never seen a stomp box as useful or necessary as the new MXR Bass D.I.+. Here's what it offers all in one box! A gritty, fully controllable DISTORTION channel, to explode your tone! A smart NOISE GATE with an adjustable SmartGate sensitivity trigger, to remove unwanted hiss and hum, with no sacrifice of tone. A COLOUR switch for a quick preset EQ contour that immediately places your bass tone in the sweet spot of the mix. A BALANCED D.I. for a solid 'direct to PA' or direct injection to the board signal path! What else? Switch the BASS D.I. off and you get clean bypass, but the unit's own Clean channel features the COLOUR switch for some extra turbocharged tone and with separate onboard BASS, MID and TREBLE controls for quick tweaks! And with three power options available battery, AC power supply or Phantom Power from your mixer, the MXR BASS D.I.+ is certainly a bass stomp box to be reckoned with.
  11. I have reluctantly decided to move on my beloved Mesa Prodigy 4:88 as I need some cash to finance other stuff, you know how it is Would consider a trade for a Barefaced Super Compact or BB2 and cash my way. The amp has been recently serviced and is fitted with a brand new set of Electro Harmonix KT88's (only fitted yesterday so have not been gigged) it comes with the Mesa footswitch and a Spider hard case which the amp fits into perfectly for protection. This thing sounds fantastic and offers a large variety of tones , it is plenty loud and lightweight compared to any other full valve amp. Don't really want to courier this so pick up would be preferred, I'm based in Leeds and willing to travel around 50 miles to meet if necessary. All the spec info can be found here - http://www.mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/bass/prodigy--strategy-tube-bass-amp-series/bass-prodigy-four-88/index.html
  12. I have a brand new in the box Zoom R16 multitrack recorder for sale or possible trade for a bass preamp. Includes a 16gb memory card, it's a versatile piece of kit, can record 8 simultaneous tracks in 24 bit and 48khz, brilliant for recording your band, has 2 built in mics for very quick n easy recordings at rehearsals etc it can be a multitracker, a USB interface or a controller for your DAW. This is brand new, unwanted gift (I already have one) would cost around £300 to buy, grab yourself a bargain!
  13. Cheers Lloyd, this amp really is mint, can't fault it
  14. I have an Orange Terror Bass 1000 which to be quite frank is too powerful for what I need, (who would've thought you can have too many watts?!!!) I love the OTB amps and this one sounds great through my Barefaced Six10, but the cab is so efficient that I just don't need this kind of power, also I'm thinking of getting a BF Two10 for smaller gigs and wouldn't really want to subject it to 1000 watts! So ideally I'm looking for a straight swap for an Orange TB 500 watt version or I may consider trading for something else but I'm not sure what, but would need to be in the 500 watt range. The amp is in excellent condition, I've gigged it about 10 times, no issues whatsoever, includes Orange carry bag. Would sell £350 inc. UK shipping (£325 collected from Leeds area)
  15. Due to an investment in a rather splendid Barefaced Six10 I have to reluctantly sell my Barefaced Big Baby 2 (3rd Gen) I've owned it from new, had it about a year or so and has always done me proud. It's in very good condition, I have touched up a couple of minor scratches but nothing serious. The only pic I have at the moment is this one but will upload some more close up shots over the weekend. [attachment=255081:mesa bf (2).jpg] I'm based in Leeds, pick up is preferred but can ship in UK for about £25 Cheers
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