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  1. Three very good albums, but for me World Machine is the one where Level 42 went stratospheric.
  2. Never thought of it that way but it's a good point.
  3. We've been here before Mr Warning, all Ramones is $h1te.
  4. Neither Fish Nor Flesh - massively successful first album pop star rebels against the music industry. Stupid twunt.
  5. My beef with Wind and Wuthering is that Your Own Special Way got included and Inside and Out didn't.
  6. Nothing on Wind and Wuthering?! I don't think you like Genesis much.
  7. And Then There Were Three, presumably with Invisible Touch a close 2nd?
  8. Dark Side is their best album, you might think it's Wish, but you're mistaken 😁
  9. Wasn't Rick put on a wage cos Roger felt he wasn't contributing creatively?
  10. It was Carol Kaye in her time off from Motown reunions.
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