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  1. spectoremg

    Nick Rhodes - sequencer player

    I agree with this wholeheartedly as long as he's being credited as a keyboard player. I'd be embarrassed to be lacking so much, but those are my standards and not Nick's. I'm staggered that Korg would ask him to do endorsements. Anyway I'm a bass player just like Adam Clayton but without the endorsements.
  2. FB ad - Nick Rhodes wanted for DD tribute. Is there any evidence of him actually playing a keyboard live? The bendy notes in Save A Prayer don't count.
  3. spectoremg

    Nik Kershaw ft Mark King.

    Sounds like pretty run of the mill MK to me. Good track but needs rerecording with the 80's sucked out of it. This was just before L42's World Machine which was excellent.
  4. Drummer threads that start with 'he's the salt of the earth but...' He ain't being paid for that.
  5. spectoremg

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Find some stuff about waking up in the morning. Then progress to marital breakdown....
  6. spectoremg

    Jacob Collier Changing the rules of Music!!!

    I see The Opinion Police are back in force.
  7. spectoremg

    Jacob Collier Changing the rules of Music!!!

    I lasted 5 mins into the BBC4 show. Pretentious twoddle. And mate, instead of leaping between your keyboards for effect, why not put your synth ON your piano?
  8. spectoremg

    Jacob Collier Changing the rules of Music!!!

    Quincy Jones former legend.
  9. spectoremg

    Never seen these before

  10. spectoremg

    Hold the front page. Guitarist apologises!

    In other news Donald Trump says he's wrong about Mexicans.
  11. spectoremg

    Latest 'Yes' live album

    Is the remix worth it? I've always been disappointed with the woolly sound of the original.
  12. spectoremg

    Ex Mark King amp

  13. spectoremg

    Albums you've really tried to love...

    Yep, and I'll raise you a anything by Rush after Signals ('82).
  14. spectoremg

    Latest 'Yes' live album

    The first album I heard was Fragile and to this day I love every last note of it and play it often. I love Steve's playing right up to the bit where he steps onto a stage and starts widdling. Sadly cos they've made ten million live albums there are plenty of examples. The trouble with later Rabin albums is they used studios with 256 channel desks, and used every one of them. Phil Spector's mushy wall of sound ☹️