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  1. Fair point, I'd have settled for a reliable drummer.
  2. An off topic plug for a mate's band - taking Ric nepotism too far 😂
  3. In fairness I made the original accusation. I saw IIRC a John Burns version with all the edges smoothed out at a guitar show in Brum years ago and it looked gorgeous.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1970s-Kay-Vintage-Short-Scale-Bass/254347166892?hash=item3b3845c4ac:g:WBUAAOSwDStda8Y5
  5. Surely the former four legged chair?
  6. And the now standard different coloured control knobs. This for me is new territory.
  7. I also have a morbid curiosity and watched a bit of it and you're right, a truly tragic spectacle, I doubt they're even in the mix.
  8. Fragile cos its the first one i heard. The Yes Album if I'd heard that first.
  9. I underrate it too - $h1te!
  10. Did you know that the fair folk of Madeira claim the invention of?
  11. I wanted to be a drummer until I was introduced to a gatefold Fragile featuring this pic. Awesome player, cool guy and a Revox B77. Game over.
  12. Conversely Geddy Lee has never written or played a bad note. His best work was obviously done on a Fender 😂
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