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  1. I saw this band on YouTube the other day. Pensioner on guitar who was the spit of Steve Howe and four people I didn't recognise. They were even calling themselves Yes!
  2. No-one steals from Steve Hackett... have you ever listened to Marillion?
  3. Which is why you hear Sex On Fire so much. Don't let punters pick your setlist.
  4. No modified Queen songs used for adverts.
  5. Yes don't release a compilation/live/orchestral album.
  6. I have a Minitaur/12 Step set up - changing patches using a laptop which is a bit of a faff. You can change them on the Minitaur but you don't have any visual indication of which one's selected.
  7. That valid point's been made before. They accidentally had Courtney Pine on once doing what I'd call a jazz fusion piece which was great. The quality also took a nosedive when they moved it out of London.
  8. Reposted from FB.
  9. The Beeb love to cling on to old crap, Steve Wright's still on R2 FFS! This is the outfit that broadcast a Savile tribute when they had a good idea the poop was about to hit the fan.
  10. Jools Holland's contract must be carved into granite and form the top layer of the DG's desk. I can think of no other reason why this is still on the telly.
  11. I see the season of goodwill has extended beyond Christmas 😂
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