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  1. 4 string 2+2 roundwound set. 105 gauge I think. No idea of brand - off of a new Gretsch.
  2. Ta for all the posts guys. I pulled the trigger on a red (walnut) one at PMT last night. I've ordered some flats for it (I'm used to nylon coated strings) and I'll get it set up as soon as.
  3. The black one's actually £340 at PMT. Where did you buy yours?
  4. Had a rush of GAS in my local PMT the other day. At a smidge under £300 possibly worth a punt. Any love?
  5. A very absorbing and informed post and one of my favourite Jaco/Joni tracks, where I'll maintain he did his best work. If you haven't already done so check out Joni's Shadows and Light featuring a band to die for.
  6. ...and it's all in the fingers...😁
  7. As good as I've seen him. One duff song for me. The sound was awesome. New 'Mike Rutherford' stage right; Jonas Reingold. For most of the gig he seemed a competent bass/guitar player 'til he let rip towards the end. Awesome! Beautiful Ricky with THAT sound too. Great night.
  8. Tonight featuring every pseuds fave band - Foals.
  9. For all my yap I've been persuaded by a friend to go tonight. That song's one of my favourites.
  10. I think everyone at these gigs are fans?
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