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  1. I've just laughed so much all my ribs have broken.
  2. No compilations, live albums or obscure twaddle. Don'ts: The Lamb - 1st half much better than the 2nd. Physical Graffiti - brilliant, but around a quarter of it is old outtakes - bit of a swizz. Songs in the Key of Life - always found it a bit flabby - lingering play outs for instance. The White Album - George Martin was right, they should have made it a single album. Revolution No.9 - WTF? Do's: Quadrophenia - Just about and the final side, Bell Boy to Love etc is the best bit.
  3. I can't wait for the updated version with final chapter. Any time soon please.
  4. Donning my favourite Genesis geek outfit... if they'd have included Steve Hackett's* Inside and Out and excluded Mike Rutherford's* Your Own Special Way it would have been better. *No Charterhouse mafia band politics happening there was there.
  5. Can't agree more re Genesis, A Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering are two of their best albums.
  6. IMO preferring Wish You Were Here to Dark Side is pure pretentiousness, Dark Side is a masterpiece.
  7. Fragile is awesome! All 'new' proggers are standing on the shoulders of giants.
  8. Wow, eight pages of I like this but I don't like that...What we now need is a P v J thread 🙄😁
  9. I had a long overdue listen to this today. IMO it's a rock masterpiece. Every track is excellent. The title track is sublime. That gorgeous flanged bass. What a band. Phil at his peak. Superb.
  10. Thanks for your advice, it's taken me in a different direction which is exactly what I needed.
  11. Could you explain that to a numpty with pics please?
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