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  1. I watched it again too. Excellent stuff. What a bunch of players!
  2. I'm no expert here but is there an angle/reason for the price hikes?
  3. That cheeky and knowledgeable little tinker Howard Goodall once proposed the blues music started in Birmingham, England. 'Woke up dis mornin' loike...'
  4. We have the Beatles and the Wurzels. Argument is futile.
  5. The sound person needs a kick in the cnut/spheres*. *Delete as appropriate.
  6. Actually no, when people think of Genesis these days they think Phil Collins. The money men would insist on his involvement. Phil Collins: drums, drum programming. Sorted.
  7. It'd have to be Phil to make it marketable.
  8. That bit caught my eye too. Clearly not a a pet free home though, their croc's had a chew on it.
  9. This is something I've never considered but now you mention it I reckon there's a decent album in them. Phil could maybe make the drum tracks from samples?
  10. Well said. Gabriel isn't interested. Collins can't drum and has to sit down at his gigs. Rutherford's happy with the low pressure Mechanics. Banks I think would be interested. Hackett would snap their arms off. A reunion of the classic line up is therefore impossible.
  11. I've listened to a couple of recordings from that tour and they sound great.
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