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  1. We're overdue a post on both so I thought I'd combine them for absolutely no reason.
  2. Fair bit from the White Album there. I'm not surprised.
  3. He's building them for MDP's new custom shop range.
  4. I used to have a set of Roland PK-5 pedals. Really cool feature of those was the battery option - 6 x AA behind a panel on the rear.
  5. They also do a midi only set without the onboard synth which is the cheaper option. These go for @ £800 IIRC.
  6. That's a very long set 😁 but a template for things to avoid.
  7. The Crumar are also expensive.
  8. I think you've done a great job and IMO built exactly what's required of bass pedals instead of the over engineered and expensive Taurus III.
  9. Hi John, I thought this might interest you, purely as a curio, Crumar Bassman. Simple on board synth and the facility to change patches.
  10. Interesting colour scheme on that Rocket.
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