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  1. You called, Sir? Hello. Hmm this looks interesting. The popular thought here of "sweating" the wood is what I'd try. The idea of the soldering iron I've never had success with. I use a household steam iron. Not certain if this will work though. Sweating works when the grain fibees are bent in, this has been hit with a sharp, curved object like a metal tube. The edge gas cut the fibres. Also, as someone else has said, you would damage the lacquered finish. The lacquer also has a colour to it. So rattle-can clear lacquer won't be able to do a great job. Wax, as suggested by @Reggaebassis good for cracks and such, but once you have pushed it in here, theres not much for the wax to hold on to. With regards to matching the colour, you use the wax by melting it in your hands and different colour waxes can be blended. So colour is no problem. But it probably won't hold. The best solution IMHO would be an epoxy-type hard filler and a good colourist would be able to fill it and replicate the grain in the stain used to make it almost invisible. I would search locally for a furniture finishers or French polishers. They will be best equipped to deal with it. If you simply want a cheap solution, then I'd simply use a thick superglue epoxy, but that instrument deserves better.
  2. Thought this article may be of interest to the BC collective https://www.gov.uk/government/news/musical-instrument-firms-to-pay-millions-after-breaking-competition-law
  3. With a nut width of 1.7" or 45mm that would be the same as a Warwick Corvette $$ 5er. I know someone on here who had one....
  4. @ClassicVibes & @thegummy, it really all depends on where and how this was bought. If he bought it after seeing it in the flesh then, under UK Law, legally it's "buyer beware". It's down to the buyer to take a look and satisfy yourself that you know what you're buying. If it was an internet sale, then it's something that should be in the description. But after 12months + are you really thinking he stands a chance of complaining to the seller through EBay? Sorry guys, but after a year it's a bit late now.
  5. Not in a band, but I play folk tunes, "popular" music and classical music from sight reading, on my 4 string basses. All tunes; not basslines. (Why am I here? I've obviously got the wrong instrument!) But I love the bass tone.
  6. What's dodgy? So he saw it with 2 different pups and he liked and bought it. Nothing dodgy in that. Ok so he didn't notice the pups. If you sell a car, do you go round with each buyer and point out the stone chips?
  7. I had an ESP LTD 5 string. It had a great, really narrow neck. Pretty cheap too. https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/right-handed-bass-guitar/esp-ltd-b-5e-natural-satin-5-string-bass-guitar?gclid=CjwKCAjw_-D3BRBIEiwAjVMy7GOV2mkx4Hx4vm9msyiESTTeNfepUT81UWL2vtqOyTccWuw5tyMidRoCP38QAvD_BwE
  8. OK, so the bass has pups from 2 different makers. I doubt that will exactly be responsible for the inability of the OP to get on with fretless. Pups don't make *that* much difference to how it plays, providing that they actually work. After all, the chances are, the replacement pup is almost certainly going to be an upgrade. So, get on and play it, or sell it.
  9. If you have the pup in a bass and have played a string in the bass, with or or without a nut, if it worked, then you're pretty safe in saying the pup works. You can't say much more about the pup until you have a nut and the bass is set up. Yet, as you're stripping it for parts, I guess what you have is a working pup of unknown origin.
  10. That would look really cool. If you use spirit stains they still let you see the wood grain. You can get them from "Chestnut Finishes" or Hampshire Sheen". Mark Saban-Smith does some useful videos on YouTube about finishing. He does it on turned bowls, but the principle is the same.
  11. This is looking good. Just 1 question; if there isn't an ugly routed channel in the body between the pup routs and the control cavity, why have a pickguuard covering so much of the wood?
  12. For £70 I'd like to think you've got a real bargain. I'd love to be in your position. It looks great. (And I'm a Warwick fan)
  13. I bought a neck from @Raslee. All went predictably easily. Every thing was good. I would look forward to dealing with Lee again anytime.
  14. In fairness to Geoff Chalmers, when I joined SBL when it started, Geoff was already doing his own site: https://courses.discoverdoublebass.com/courses
  15. Hey @Raslee, I'd like to take the Tanglewood neck please. PM incoming
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