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  1. DIY Ramp (of sorts)

    Hey cool. Does it work well for you? If the pups are lower than you're used to, have you thought of raising them?
  2. There's space for a couple of turns of insulation tape round the battery. What bothers me is what will happen if the metal battery case shorts out some of the other contacts on a pot. If you don't have insulation tape, Sellotape or masking tape will be better than nowt.
  3. And you both live near Brum... Any chance of a meet up? On a side-note, it might only be me, but I'm also not a great fan of metal-case batteries rattling around in a box of electronic connections, with no insulation round the battery case. This is where something like an off-cut from an old cycle inner-tube would come in handy, or you could wrap it in a few turns of insulation tape.
  4. Hamer Scarab Bass (Gumtree/London)

    The most telling words in the description, I would have said are, "very rare". If it was good there would have been more of them. For £800 you too can re-live those glorious days of your youth...
  5. There may be a few reasons why your luthier can't get the action any lower. The fact he hasn't told you what his reason is on your bass might indicate he's either: 1 - Not interested in working on your bass. 2 - Not much good at communicating. 3 - Lacks skills. Problems that can limit how low the action can go can include: 1 - The nut being high - solution: file the slots. 2 - The bridge won't adjust low enough - solution - shim the neck. 3 - Lowering the action further causes fret rattle. This can be because the tops of the frets are uneven (as discussed earlier in this thread) - solution level the frets. 4 - Truss-rod problems meaning the relief can't be set low enough. Solution - work to address this issue, which may mean major work. We can't really say a lot more about this without seeing the bass. A Yamaha bass should be pretty well made, for a mass-produced production line item made by people who've been trained to do the job to meet a need of the factory to work to a defined specification level. The problem with any bass made in these conditions is nobody who made your bass is actually a luthier. Wood is wood. Yamaha may buy good wood but wood moves in the process of drying out and aging and a visit to a good luthier may be needed from time to time. This is especially true if the bass you picked up is a "Friday night" item from the production line. As I said in an earlier post; taking it to an experienced Basschatter, who knows basses might be a good start. Here's the thread with a list:
  6. Deleted as I posted without looking at the pics properly.
  7. Sibelius vs. Harmony Assistant.

    FWIW the only software I've used for scores is Musescore. It seems to do everything I want and the printed sheets look good and easy to read. The newer version also does TAB for those who want that. All the pages in the following thread were done in Musescore.
  8. Well @Greg.Bassman it seems we're getting closer. So it's fingers, slap and tapping. Normal gauge round-wound strings and low action. Don't know where you're located, but maybe a fellow BCer can take a look at your bass and see if they can set it for a low action for you? There's a thread in the Repairs section with a register of BCers happy to do that.
  9. Can strings suddenly die?

    I once had a set of Elixirs that seemed to go dead on me very quick after fitting them. Very disappointed. Wrote to Elixir. They trusted me and they sent me a new set. During the time I was waiting for said strings to arrive, the strings got their life back and I felt a fraud for complaining. Never had a problem since.
  10. The sample videos are: 1 - Mark King Bass Solo 2 - Slap bass demo 3 - Sly & Family Stone from BBC "The Story of Funk". This vid features Larry Graham. Aside of this I'm interested in your recommendation of TI Flats. I like flats. I've been playing Chromes, but might well try the TI Flats. Many thanks.
  11. rattly truss rod (I think)

    Elephant ear: me too. The other thing to look at is uneven frets, if it's the strings rattling as you play.
  12. Receipt for second hand buy

    On the other side of this, over the last 8 years, more than 45 basses have passed through my hands. If I had a receipts for each purchase and was burgled, I could claim they were all stolen. Who's going to prove some had been moved on? The insurance cover has to be down to trust in some respects.
  13. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    GAS, for me has always been a distraction thing. Constantly looking for something to do up and improve and find that "great sound" that will make me a great bassist. This journey has ment I've had over 45 basses in 8 years. The fact is, the more I stick to the same old favourites, and play that same few basses, the more the love for those grows. I'd love to get down to 1 bass and really love that 1 sound. (With a stand-by, of course!)
  14. Hello. These are light weight. Are these 34" scale?
  15. Professional refinish

    What do you call high? I've finished a few and, to be honest, for all the time involved; stripping, sanding, spraying, drying, spraying, cleaning up ect, £100 would be a really cheap price just for spraying without any taking the bass apart or reassembly. For a pro-shop you can add the commercial overheads and 20% VAT. A refin isn't going to be cheap.