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  1. Going by what you can see when watching the video linked from Lee's email; yes. As soon as you fret a string or strings the note plays. It also continues to play for the duration thst it it is fretted for. You can see this in the section where a chord is fretted and held down, while single notes are also played.
  2. Hi all, I have an email from Leroy Young of Fret-Trax: Hi there, Thanks for forwarding this link. Feel free to post any portion of the following to interested parties. I appreciate the comments and the questions (and I'm happy to answer them) but a critical issue on this forum might be lack of availability. We are only approved for sales/shipments in the US at this time due to not having the CE mark. Our plan is to certainly have a world-wide product with pluck detect, open strings, velocity, etc. But, that is months away. I initially designed FretTraX without right hand pluck detect to avoid certain cost and complexity issues and to focus on a niche performance market – those who would use FretTraX when they do their solo work. Even lacking open-string MIDI triggering (admittedly a big issue to me overall), we were overwhelmed with orders from artists who found the fully polyphonic performance and near-zero latency across the neck more than sufficient for their live performance, studio work, etc. Very few RFQs result in an artists finding 'no opens' to be a show stopper. In fact, a number of our FretTraX touring artists have ordered second and third FretTraX instruments ‘just in case’. The technology supports double stops (in fact, FretTraX is fully polyphonic (up to 6 notes) across 24 frets on 4, 5 and 6 string basses) without resorting to split frets or 'different signals' down any of the strings. And, as you can see at the end of this (mostly FretTraX guitar) video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDUhFjw9SIw you can do some interesting things with two hands on two separate parts of the neck. Thanks again for the forward! Best regards, Lee Young InnProcess Technologies LLC www.facebook.com/frettrax Nashville TN
  3. Don't think this has been seen here, but apologies if it has. This is an interesting tool, some folk might find useful.
  4. I would go for dark veneers, with a small insert of a lighter colour to show on the top of the neck; as the dots on a fretted neck aren't in the right place for a fretless neck. As for the grain; you won't get veneer from anywhere with the grain going from front to back of the veneer, it would crumble us as soon as you look at it. Before you de-fret the neck, make sure you're able to drop the saddles on the bridge about 2mm. If you can't, then you'll need to rout the bridge lower, or raise the neck higher in the pocket. Also, you need to file the nut slots lower - so the strings are almost touching the fingerboard. You also need to make sure the fingerboard is really flat. With a fretted neck you can have variations in the wood level as it's the tops of the frets that matter. In a fretless neck the whole of the fingerboard is the top of the frets. If it was me, I'd replace the fingerboard with ebony and get it seriously flat, but maybe I'm OCD. Good luck.
  5. Grangur

    BreadBin Feedback

    Brendon bought an Encore short-scale from me for his daughter. Well... that was the story anyway! All went well. He's really good to deal with. Good comms and a pleasure all round. Thanks mate! Richard
  6. And what's Hugh Laurie doing wearing Jimmy Tarbuck's teeth!?!
  7. TBH, if my assessment of what Scott needs is correct, mostly what he needs is advice on strategy for his business model. Scott is unquestionably good on the playing and education side. The paid-for lesson content is the best I've seen. What appears to be failing is customer retention. To do this he needs to have hooks to tie folk in. I'm not so sure that this is a full time job. Yet he may have more in mind for this than I'm seeing.
  8. In the SBL forum, they used to have an ap with a map showing where folk live. Relatively few were in the UK. Most are in the USA. Yet the coverage was all over the world.
  9. Going by the fact that Scott emailed me direct with this ad, and he doesn't really know what field of work I'm in. I doubt there's an agency involved yet. Scott is very much a down to earth guy who will be thinking about what he needs in a person and thinking, "Of all my database of 1,xxx,xxx, it's very possible the right person is in that list. So his first action is cobble together what he sees as a good, "hip business" job description, and get it out there. The wording is not what some folk are used to reading in a job ad, but I've seen worse. @musicbassman, no, I don't think it's hit its potential. It's a music school. Like a driving school, there are always more youngsters coming up. Where it went wrong is certain things happened that p*$sed people off and they went away. When that happens and friendships go, others drop off. I see it here in BC. Characters of old have gone. I drop away too sometimes. "It's not what it was", is what goes through your head. What he will struggle to get back are all the "old bass hands" who were there to improve, but having "done SBL" finding new ones will be tough. The trouble he faces is when new members join, they find the "vibrant Campus" is dead. There's hardly any discussion going on. All the "Unread content" threads are other folks "practise logs". (Yes, they have a section where members keep a thread which is their own practise log.) The quietness turns folk off and they quit after their 14 day trial... I guess. I could write tons more, but Scott may see this and he's not paying me for this consultancy!! :D
  10. Tbh, his asking for KPIs is probably only a matter of, if he's paying good money, he needs to see a strategy and believe in the ability of the person. What the person says and does needs to make sense to him. I'm also sure it would be a hands-on role. It's not a big organisation.
  11. Knowing how Scott's business has evolved I can see that creating this role is a good move for him. In the early days everything was new and exciting and to be on the site. The community was good fun. There was always discussion going on an making friends was easy. There were Monthly "Challenge" competitions going on. Between myself and one of the mods we were answering all the tech questions, most of which were often pretty basic, but it was exciting and Scott was packing in more and more members. This, I guess is how the million members comes about. As it got busier, things changed. A few key people who were active in the community started to disappear. I dropped out too as things happened I wasn't happy with. I went back recently and the discussion forum is now dead. You can almost see the tumbleweed. If the business is to survive Scott needs to do something to relaunch it. Relaunching isn't as easy as the initial launch and very possibly Scott needs someone with marketing and sales experience to see how to boost it again and see where it all went wrong. Good luck to him. It was good and it would be good to see it buzz again.
  12. Fair point. I do think that on Ebay you get top price for it.
  13. I got mailed this. It reads to me like Scott is looking for someone to take the business on and drive it forward in an aggressive marketing style, leaving Scott to have more family life, make videos and play bass. It's not going to be an easy gig to fill.
  14. To get mwahh the set up for the nut on a fretless needs to be pretty low. If you fret at the 3rd "fret" the space under the string at the 1st will be low enough to hold a piece of paper there. This isn't, of course, set in stone, and mine is a Warwick Just-a-nut, so I have the advantage of it being adjustable, rather than done with a file. But of yours is high, it's worth starting there.. Also on a fretless, to get a consistent mwahh right down the neck, it's important to have a very flat/uniform fingerboard. Undulations, no matter how slight, don't go well.
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