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  1. Agreed. Their Blue oil finish isn't oil at all its a spirit stain and a lacquer. I hate acronyms too. They are hardly an aide-memoir either. If you can remember the letters you can't recall what they hell they stand for.
  2. No, you're confusing them with another make.
  3. Many thanks @Pseudonym, @warwickhunt. Good point there. Hadn't thought of that one. I had found the "of course" one, but that's clearly not relevant to this. Thanks again.
  4. Hi there, I've had a few Warwick basses, but I've seen a term creep into their description that I don't know. It's "OFC". Do any of the other Warwick fans here know about this?
  5. I've had this issue on other bridges too. It's weird. What I did to sort it was go back to basics. The position of the saddles, in relation to each other, should be in a diagonal line going from the G being the shortest string length the the E being the longest; with the saddle closest to the end. Set the line to do exactly this. Don't worry about the intonation at this stage. Then re-tune the bass to the open strings. Then intonate and "hey presto" it all works. Sometimes I think what happens is we start with tuning the open string with the saddle in a wrong position and then no amount of adjustment will do it. I can't explain the science, except it has worked for me on a few basses.
  6. Both cabs are amazing in quality and performance IMHO. The rest is subjective.
  7. This is a padded cover in good condition. Similar to Roqsolid, but this is by a company called "Mushroom". All in good condition, with slot in the top for the handle to be used. Can be posted at cost.
  8. Exactly! My MP is parachuted in from another part of the country, and simply votes on party lines. No interest in constituents at all. And she's a new MP; replacing another MP who was exactly the same! Democracy!?! It's a dictatorship by another name.
  9. EU & China have recently announced a trade a trade deal. If WTO is so great, why did they bother? UK international trade Everything you might want to know about the UK's trade with the EU - Full Fact But it's wrong to say that all non-EU trade was done on WTO terms. Through the EU we had over 140 international trade agreements. Most trade was done through these. As a past leader of the WTO has said; UK has chosen to go from Premier League to 4th Division. As far a Thomann is concerned - If Thomann can't get a carrier to take your Yamaha bass from Germany to UK, then your changing to a Ibanez or Fender still leaves them with the same problem to get it to you. Germany can still get them. It's UK that has chosen to go to 4th Division.
  10. Not all goods coming into the UK are consumer goods. You need to think about the wider picture. My employer, a electrical equipment manufacturer based in Leeds, buys components from China and the East, but they get shipped in, in containers from the EU. The other issue is many UK manufacturers and suppliers of UK made/grown goods will be depending on EU carriers coming to UK to take their goods over to Europe - this is because carriers don't only take goods one way. They bring goods and collect British goods to take back with them to make the trip worth doing. Sure you can buy a different brand of tea. Have you tried finding an alternative source of electronic assemblies that needs to be of a given design and size as well as fitting a budget?
  11. This will also include items coming from around the world that may come VIA the EU, not always FROM the EU. UK based manufacturers may not have a great number of options available when buying components. In short, the UK has shrunk it's access to the world's market, not expanded it as promised.
  12. Yes, saw it yesterday. It's SO, so sad.. The faster this thing falls, the faster we might get something sensible going on. PS. anyone got TABs for "Ode to Joy" ?
  13. Why not use the ferry company our lot took out a contact with? You know.. the one with no boats
  14. Totally agree. This "deal" is a rush-job. BJ was banking on a deal with Trump, until Biden put a wrecking ball in the mix for them. So the past month has seen BJ on his knees for a deal, any deal!
  15. I'd go for a decent replacement/alternative neck. I've had/played a few cheap fretless basses and found them to have "interesting" undulations on the fingerboard, which does have an influence in the mwaa in the tone. There's clearly more to a fretless neck than simply a standard neck with frets ripped out.
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