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  1. Grangur

    The Funk Theory according to Bean9seventy

    Give it a a go, if you like. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". Good luck.
  2. Grangur

    Triggers Broom Bass

    Shame about the uneven body, @JohnR I see no reason, though, why it can't go through a drum-sander thicknesser and have a new top put on it if necessary. Or maybe that's too much messing about? But it's not like all this isn't beyond the scope of Wal. Maybe they just wanted to sell another body.
  3. Grangur

    The Funk Theory according to Bean9seventy

    Hmm... this thread had taken me 2 steps further to the conclusion that this forum has lost a lot of what it had going for it. Have a good life.
  4. Grangur

    Triggers Broom Bass

    Nice @JohnR, is the replacement body still a Wal, or from another source?
  5. Grangur

    Triggers Broom Bass

    Does anyone here have a bass like Trigg's broom? With folk changing necks and bodies, pickups and such, has anyone ever changed the neck and body etc over a period of time and still consider it as the "same bass" they've had for years? How much can you change on a bass and still think of it as being the same bass?
  6. Grangur

    Do you name your basses?

    Now why didn't I ever work out how to do that with our phone when I was that age? MAN I feel OLD!!
  7. Grangur

    warwick thread

    Lovely bass, @Fionn. You're not itching to remove the frets by any chance, are you?
  8. Grangur

    Where can I get Warwick Blue finish?

    I'll be thinking it over.
  9. Grangur

    Where can I get Warwick Blue finish?

    That's a thought. I also have a mate who's a professional sprayer of wood and furniture. So he could be a good guy to know. He'd also do a great job. Even though it would cost. But the finish would be far better than any rattle-can job... if I do it.
  10. Grangur

    warwick thread

    Mrs G says "No! The wear is part of it's charm." I tend to agree.
  11. Hi, I'm thinking of restoring a blue Corvette. If it's to stay blue then I need a translucent blue that isn't gloss. Any ideas anyone?
  12. Grangur

    warwick thread

    I find this interesting. I have a Corvette that's "roadworn". I love the fact that it looks like it's been around. Strangley, other's don't seem to like it so much. Yet I think of my having these basses as my being only a "custodian"; I am the current owner. I'm not the first. I won't be the last. We simply have them for a part of the time of their journey through life. Genuine marks are simply evidence of their journey and life experience. Having said all that, due to the views of others, I have considered stripping this down and restoring it.
  13. Grangur

    Do you name your basses?

    My Bro in L names his cellos and get his pupils to name their instruments. So, @ChrisLovatt, you're not entirely alone. I do call my maple Streamer "The Blonde one", but the others are: "fretless" fretless Streamer "Corvette" Corvette Standard "Double-Buck" Corvette $$ and "Bubinga" Bubinga Corvette.
  14. Grangur

    Natural relic bargain or damp wet dog!

    A PB500 went on eBay for $399.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/GRECO-Spacy-Sound-PB500-P-Bass-Guitar-Japan-Vintage-1980/233088120356?hash=item3645227624:g:fuEAAOSwMflcNq~8 That one would appear to have been slightly exposed to moisture more than the PB500. So, I'd be sceptical about how flat the neck would be. If it's <£100 I'd enjoy giving it a clean up. But not worth paying to ship from Japan, if that's the case. IMHO. Someone will be along in a minute, who'll be telling us it's worth £1000s.
  15. Grangur

    Elixir strings

    They have a texture to them, unlike flats of course, but they're not abrasive on your fingers. I too find they last for years without going flat. If you're looking for a real "zing" of new round-wounds, they might not be up your street,