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  1. Grangur

    Truss Rod - Straight Neck

    What Andy means is clockwise, when looking down the neck from the headstock end.
  2. This may well help @PJ-Bassist, but if the guitarist is exclusively a tabs player, discussing the chord changes might not mean anything to the guitarist. I got ditched from a band a while back. I think what did it was my response to a guitarists question. He asked another Richard in the band, "Richard, how do you play a Diminished chord?" I, being a Richard, answered, "same as Major, but with a flattened 7th." He didn't mean that. He simply played by knowing his finger shapes. Whoops!!
  3. When they're about to start, it could be interesting to announce to the band, "OK, let's make this a 1-4-5 12 bar blues starting on G", and see what their response is. It's not impossible that the guitarist is simply rolling out his riffs he plays at home and hasn't a clue what he's playing really... but then again, I might be wrong?
  4. Grangur

    Jazz/Stingray pickup

    What are you wanting to achieve by doing this? If what you're wanting is hum-cancelling. Jess Loueiro have a set of jazz pups with "spilt coils designed to keep the clarity and dynamics of a single coil but without the hum associated. Lead wires with 4 connectors that allow to use the coils in parallel or in series to get a thicker sound (P-bass® sound)." http://jlguitars.eu/shop/index.php?id_product=26&controller=product&id_lang=4 If you want a single one for the bridge, drop me a PM. I've got one in front of me now. It's brand new and never been fitted.
  5. Grangur

    Feedback for TOM1946

    Tom bought a pickguard from me. He's a real gent, as we all know already. It all went very easily and I'll be delighted to buy/sell/trade with Tom any time. Many thanks Tom Happy Christmas to you and all the family!
  6. In the body, I think the most important thing is the fit of the neck in the pocket. Comfort is important as is "how it makes you feel". If you feel good about it, it will affect your own mood. But I don't see how a slab of material 300x450mm and 45mm thick is going to resonate that much. Especially if you're looking for a difference by having burl wood tops 10mm thick. There has to be more chance of resonation variance in a piece of wood 550x40x25mm. I like through necks. I think this is the ultimate in having a good neck/pocket join. So the resonance can carry down and it might affect the body length a bit. But strings, pickups and positioning of the pups is important. Interested, @noise_art to hear about your like of bolt-on necks adding attack? I guess this because it may cause the strength in the note to die quicker immediately after the string is plucked, maybe? @Marcoelwray, I have played about with bridges on some basses and changing from a plastic nut on a Warwicks to the brass Just-a-Nut 3 and I did find these made a small difference. But then when changing the Warwick nuts, this has been when the side tabs were broken - so not good nuts.
  7. Bargain price for a lovely bass, but alas, fretless is a dream for me too. I have a similar fretless that I should face reality and move on too.
  8. This is a "breath of fresh air" @noise_art, @Marcoelwray. So many folk go on about the tone-wood in the body. Surely, isn't there more chance of the neck wood having a variance in the resonance?
  9. Love the sound of the Corvette, @noise_art. What strings are you using? Love the groove too. Your playing is cool. Many thanks
  10. Grangur

    warwick thread

    Hi @Marcoelwray, I apologise unreservedly. Very embarrassed. You aren't an idiot. I know you're better than that. I'm an idiot for jumping in with both feet.
  11. Grangur

    warwick thread

    Sorry, @Marcoelwray but I don't like that video. He starts by using 400 grit on 1 fret. Doing it on 1 fret will cause that fret to be lower than the others. If you're going to use 400 grit, you should use this on a levelling beam and level all the frets at the same time. Also, 400 grit is too harsh for getting rid of dirt - so is wire wool. The way he used the sanding block is AWFUL!!! You can see in the video, he's also sanding the fingerboard at the same time. But he's not sanding with the grain. He's sanding across the grain - no wonder the wood looks awful. When he's finished block-sanding the frets he says "you can really see the difference". Yes, you can. Those frets are lower than the others! He then uses the Sidol. But he doesn't mask the wood. This is why the fretboard has all the white stuff in the grain of the wood. Using masking tape, prevents this. Sorry Marco, I would never let that idiot near any bass of mine. Edit: Sorry for the harsh comments, but watching that video made me cringe!
  12. Grangur

    warwick thread

    I use these for wood, but often use them, wrapped round with fine grit (1000 - 2500) paper. The sponge molds to the curves in the wood more than a cork block. If I need to clean up the wood between frets I use a sharp blade and scrape the wood. Then I polish the frets with Crimson Guitars' Fret rubbers. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161779971122
  13. Grangur

    warwick thread

    All good here too. We're all wanting the same thing. Somehow a nice satin looks more stylish than high-gloss. I'm sure sanding to a really fine finish increases the glossiness of the finish. Sometimes I don't even sand, but use a blade and scrape the surface to get a good smooth finish.
  14. Grangur

    warwick thread

    I agree, @Marcoelwray, I don't like the really shiney finish some people get when finishing Warwicks with lacquer. But, I too have worked on a few Warwicks and I'd say the finish that @dyerseve has is about the same finish as I've had. I sand to about 1500 grit and use Boiled Linseed Oil, which I wipe off and buff up, then use beeswax to finish. I don't get a gloss finish, but there is a silk-sheen to some of them. The actual finish is dependent on the type of wood. Ash stays very matt, yet Bubinga, Maple and Ovangkol get a bit of a sheen.
  15. Hi @naxos10, regret to say someone has beaten you to it. If it falls through, (unlikely) you're next in line. Cheers