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  1. LOL... you're right! It was someone else... It's official. I've lost it. :D
  2. Oh.... am I mistaken? I'm thinking of a bubinga 5 string Warwick. It had seriously worn frets and a corroded bridge.... wrong person maybe?
  3. It's ages ago now, but I did buy a Warwick 5 string from Owen. It was in an awful state. I loved it. It was great fun doing it up and getting it back to it's former glory. I also knew it was like that before we made the journey. He was completely honest. Mrs G and I went to Norwich and met Owen and the family. Really good guy to deal with. I have no hesitation about buying or selling with Owen again.
  4. Another life-time member of SBL here. For those who've seen Scott's YouTube content from the last few years and been turned right off; I'm with you completely. Scott's drivel he keeps spouting in those vids is awful, but when you get into the serious paid-for content from Scott and the other tutors in the "SBL academy" its very different. Another tutor I've been to for lessons was Rufus Philpot. I had a series of 1-to-1 Skype lessons from him in the USA. I picked up a few points in these, but over all he's too advanced for me to gain much from. He has loads of knowledge but he goes at such a rate I wasn't able to get too much from him, and at £90 for 45mins, he wasn't cheap. SBL is fantastic value for money and the content is massive. You can also go at your own speed.
  5. From what you say it sounds like the bridge, nut, frets and neck setup may all need attention. This needs to be looked at holistically. For us to be able to give any guidance over the internet we need more pictures. A start could be to use the edge of a credit card, sitting across 3 frets at a time, all down the neck, to check how level the frets are. Yet this also has little benefit if you don't have the gear to be able to level the frets. Over all, this sounds like a visit to a tech or luthier would be a good idea. (When the Covid19 situation gets better).
  6. A Hand-wound dual-coil jazz bridge pickup. A set of tuning heads Various bass fettling goodies (tools), that have been used once. Warwick Streamer Fretless - always dreaming of getting into fretless, but it still hasn't really got anywhere, so it's almost unused.
  7. It did cross my mind. I'll think on it and PM you.
  8. I've got one in a draw somewhere. It's a Bill Lawrence P-46 pickup. https://www.wildepickups.com/products/p-46 It's pretty cool and is good for 4 or 5 strings. The price isn't too silly too.
  9. I might be able to help you with "used" one that you can move on if it doesn't work for you.
  10. Then go for fixing casters to the bottom of the One10 and find a way to attach a handle - so the One10 becomes the base of the trolley and all the other gear sits on top - like a bag the aircrew use. I'd look at lifting the pull-up handle from an old suitcase and go from there.
  11. Why not make find a way to secure the whole lot to one of these? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Yaheetech-Aluminium-Foldable-Industrial-Warehouse/dp/B01N9K7KQR?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_4 Or buy casters for the bottom of the One10 and attach a handle?
  12. Well the answer could easily be Sister Rosetta Tharp. She's certainly better than many others I've heard from the era. https://laughingsquid.com/sister-rosetta-tharpe-godmother-of-rock/
  13. If we're talking about a month's time, or there abouts. I can do the London-Stansted/Cambridge/Milton Keynes-ish to Bristol-ish leg. Maybe Bath.
  14. Hi @Zengineer, you say you're a newbie. Maybe, before you rush into getting frets put on the bass, you should keep it a while longer. Play another, fretted bass, for some months or years and then re-visit the Wal. Commercially you won't regret having it fretted, but will it be right for you? Incidentally, if you're having it fretted, I'd be inclined to ask The Gallery, if they can fret it without the frets going through the sides of the neck - as the fretting is done on Warwick basses. If any one can, I guess the Gallery can do this. Good luck on your Bass journey.
  15. Yet I've never understood the attraction to paint finish, where 1 bass looks exactly the same as any other of that description. Add to that a bolt-on neck that's a loose fit in the body; giving a muffled sound to the notes to my ears. Give me a good Warwick any day. Each to their own.
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