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  1. Grangur

    Joe Hubbard Warwick signature

    He found it was too heavy.
  2. Grangur


    Hi Tania, Welcome to Basschat Another supporter here for buying "used" instruments. In the UK the shops don't carry a great selection of basses unless you want Fender, Squier, Epiphone or Yamaha. So, we too find we need to actually buy gear to get to try them out properly. You can lose a lot of money buying and selling basses to find what suits you. Personally, I don't like the tone from a Fender Rumble 15. To my ears the sound is quite "electronic". I would suggest you go for something with more power if you can. More power generally gives a better sound and will give you what you need to play with others, rather than waste money on something that won't meet all your needs. Finally, if you find something in the UK that you want to buy, you can post a thread here asking someone to go and try it out for you to make sure it's a good-buy. It then may still not be to your liking, but there's less chance there will be a problem with it. It might help folk advise you more if you tell us what music you like and would like to play. Good luck Richard Edit: as a lover of Flea. You might find a good bass to look at will be one with a good high-output bridge pickup. So, maybe something like a Musicman copy, or a jazz, as you say. You might also like Hartke amps. Victor Wooten uses Hartke for a lot of slap-bass.
  3. Grangur

    Anyone a member of Scotts Bass Academy?

    Very true. If all you want is to ask others for TABs and know just enough to busk your way through a few covers and, then SBL isn't the place for you. TABs is something that simply doesn't get a mention on SBL.
  4. Grangur

    Modding an Already-Modded P Bass...

    Another fan of Jess Louerio here. His pups are fantastic and great value too. I just bought a split coil bridge pup to o with my Clasic P bass pup.
  5. Grangur

    Bronco bass vintage tone?

    That's why I suggested the Firebird. It's a hand wound guitar pup. He does neck, bridge an mid versions and will custom wind if you're looking for a specific sound. But as I don't even deserve a response don't know why I'm bothering.
  6. Grangur

    Super glue in truss rod help?

    There are some folk who live in terror of their world exploding if the truss rod setting is changed.
  7. Pleased to hear it's come to some resolution. Legally, as I understand it, if you were a business, you would be assumed to have good knowledge on the matter of what you sell. As a private individual, anyone buying from you is in a situation of "buyer beware". So the bottom line is you, the seller are not liable. They bought it. They probably sold it and now they're looking to you to hold their responsibility, as if you were a professional supplier to a business.
  8. Grangur

    Bronco bass vintage tone?

    How about a JL Firebird? http://jlguitars.eu/shop/index.php?id_category=14&controller=category&id_lang=4
  9. With the standard settings, if you post on a thread you automatically start following it.... this is OK and understandable, because you must have had some interest in it. If I change this, on the thread to stop following, the thread shows that I'm not following, but I still get new posts flagged in my Notifications... weird that.
  10. To take off nibs, use the back of the sand paper.
  11. That is certainly a serious red colour. You'll be sure to get noticed with that. Looking good.
  12. Grangur

    Where does this wire go?

    That's what I'd do; just tuck it to one side, so it won't touch anything.
  13. I did once see: "Fender Roadworn bass for sale. Mint condition..." I did laugh.
  14. Supported. Good luck guys in getting the scammer nailed to the wall.
  15. Grangur

    Where does this wire go?

    The wires you mention that have another wire within them are screened wires. This is where the signal wire (often called the "Hot" wire) is surrounded by a netting of wire strands, and then all encased in another sleeve. These are generally used for wiring to the pups or the jack socket. The main core is the hot wire, the screen is used as earth. The screen also acts to reduce interference in the signal. It does sound like the bridge and tail are earthed. So, unless something isn't working, I wouldn't worry about the stray wire. The only other thing I can think of is, if the cover to the compartment is metal, or foil lined, it could be intended to link to the cover.