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  1. FWIW I'm with @Dan Dare on this. Find another PJ. At least you should get a PJ and find out if this is really what you find hits all the buttons. Also, check if the p pup on your current bass is in the same position as tbe neck pup on a pj. I suspect that on a pj its closer to the neck.
  2. @lownote12 smaller drum kits? Poorer/quieter drumskin technology? Actually it was the 100w that I had. I used it to power a Barefaced BigOne too. That put out some serious volume. I know technically speaking it's not powerful enough for a large cab, but it worked.
  3. Recommended Luthiers

    And re-written for the new site software: In a rough North -----> South order: Alan Cringean 07754 502 366 http://www.acguitars.co.uk Moffat Joe & Dave 07896759715, 07918646359 Austin Guitar Shop [email protected] Blyth Dave Wilson 07951 710626 http://www.dwilsonguitars.com Haltwhistle Chris and Laurence 01228 590591 http;//www.overwater.co.uk Carlisle Nigel Stockbridge 01748 824700 http://www.nigelsguitarworkshop.co.uk Richmond, N Yorks Steve Suggitt 01723 859176 http://www.chapelguitars.com West Ayton, Nr Scarborough Jim Fleeting 01765 607761 07792 457 741 http://www.guitarrepairman.co.uk Ripon, N Yorks Phil Hartley 01204 592373 http://www.guitarsetup.co.uk/ Bolton Steve Robinson 07776 434987 http://www.manchesterguitartech.co.uk Manchester Keith Bennion 0151 647 3268 http://www.kgb-music.co.uk Birkenhead Jack Ellis 07706 828122 http://jacksinstrumentservices.com Salford Ged Green 0161 4289098 http://www.gedgreen.co.uk Manchester Jon Shuker (Shuker Bass) 0114 2582555, 07901 896021 http://www.shukerguitars.co.uk Sheffield Dan 01159 784403 http://www.themusicinn.co.uk Nottingham Colin Staples 01159 417955 http://www.davemann.co.uk Nottingham Nigel Roberts 01530 454945 http://www.leicestershire-luthier.co.uk Thringstone, Nr Loughborough The Guitar Workshop 01530 267324 http://www.theguitarworkshop.co.uk Ibstock, Leicestershire Howard Smith 01162 706862 http://www.howardsmith.co.uk/ Leicester Ian Hancock - 01733 565099 Peterborough Jon Haire - 01733 348661 Peterborough Duncan Wales - 01354 652231 http://www.organicguitars.co.uk Peterborough Rob Williams - 01686 689120 http://www.robwilliamsguitars.co.uk Newtown Powys John Diggins 0121 7735711 http://www.jaydeeguitars.co.uk Birmingham Andy Guyton 01986 896689 http://www.guytonguitars.com/ Bungay Suffolk Paul 01604 460848 http://www.arrowheadguitars.co.uk Northampton Pete Allen 01926 499012 http://www.guitartechnicalservices.co.uk Warwick Colin Fulton 07913 797193 Glemham, Suffolk Kim Seabourne 07974294681 http://www.bassurgery.com Worcester Andy Viccars http://www.andyviccarscustom.co.uk Milton Keynes Robbie McDade 07915 075077 http://www.rimcustombasses.co.uk Luton Dave Dearnly 02920 462953 Cardiff Mark Percy 07956 611811 / 07804 289794 http://www.markpercy.co.uk London N19 Dave Wild 0208 3407766 http://www.wildguitars.com/guitars.htm London N6 The Bass Gallery 0207 2675258 http://www.thebassgallery.com London NW1 Chris McIntyre 07764747450 http://mcintyreguitars.com Unit 228, Blenheim Court, Blenheim Grove, London SE15 Bill Puplett 0208 9541965 [email protected] London Harrow Paul Herman 0208 9731441 http://www.guitarexperience.co.uk London Hampton Wick Andrew Scrimshaw 07941 434650 http://mbwebs.co.uk/scrim/ London Martin Phelps 0208 6809747 http://www.martinphelpsmusic.com/ Croydon Feline Guitars 0208 6809131 http://www.felineguitars.com Croydon Simon Law 07786 563214 Swindon Eltham Jones 07971 240296 http://www.edgeguitarservices.co.uk/index.htm Bristol Oli Foxen 07884 371559 http://ampstack.wordpress.com Bristol Jonny Kincade 01179 243279 http://www.kinkadeguitars.co.uk Bristol Frank Aust 01179 603589 Bristol Tom Waghorn & Dave MacLean (Waghorn Guitars) 01179 272111 http://waghornguitars.com/ Bristol BS1 4AJ The Guitar Klinic 01761 419199 http://www.guitarclinic.co.uk Midsomer Norton Mike Walsh 01376 500820 http://www.zootbass.co.uk Witham Barry Palmer 01279 432900 http://www.giggear.co.uk Harlow Bob Johnson 01702 558890 http://www.legraguitars.co.uk Leigh-on-Sea Mike Seal 07906 354339 Northfleet Tom Anfield 0845 2268175 http://www.ukguitars.com/ Ripley Joe White 01252 520911 http://www.jwhite-guitarworkshops.co.uk Farnborough Ben Fleetcroft 01483 427444 http://fleetcroftguitars.com/ Godalming Martin Sims 07768 401186 http://www.simscustom.com Ashford, Kent Ben Crowe 01963 364101, 07799 003701 http://www.crimsonguitars.com Henstridge Nick Benjamin 01273 480907 http://www.benjaminguitars.co.uk Lewes Bernie Goodfellow 01273 220055 http://www.gbguitars.co.uk Brighton Graham Wheeler 01903 893029 Worthing New Ireland Section Chris Larkin +353 66 713 9330 http://www.chrislarkinguitars.com Co.Kerry Germany section Rüdiger Ziesemann +49 2151/736496 http://www.bassline-bass.de Krefeld Australian Section Brian West (+618) 8231 8588 http://www.fretco.com.au Adelaide Tim Wright (+618) 8398 5551 http://www.wrightguitars.com.au MT BARKER (Acoustic & Electric guitars)
  4. Had one of these. They are pretty "bullet-proof" and have enough output for a small gig. There is a multi-position switch knob which selects between a good number of output tones. So, it's a good versatile piece of kit.
  5. Collection in person

    When selling on Ebay, it's never good news that the buyer only has to tell ebay that it never arrived and the money gets sent refunded. Something I've noticed more and more is, if I'm buying or selling it seems everyone seems to think it's my job to either deliver or collect. Somehow I always seem to find folk who won't go out of their way to make it happen.
  6. With all large companies, amazing response or adequate can all come down to which Customer Services person opens your email. Staff changes happen, instructions from above can also change things too. Also, one person can be thrilled at getting quick response at them sending out a new volume knob. Another, hearing that, can be disappointed when they don't jump to send out a new replacement bass. "Life is like a box of chocolates."
  7. Feedback for Twanger

    I sold my Squier VM Fretless to Andy. He's a good guy to deal with. Everything went smoothly. He confirmed delivery and all good. Many thanks Andy.
  8. Fair point, depends on how many of a particular instrument they sell. Truth is, the split in the neck would be easy to fix. Not that I'm saying you should have to.
  9. Maybe some folk sell stuff on eBay that they'd rather not put on the sales floor? With both neck and body faulty, I'm wondering if this situation could come about by building a composite bass of parts from multiple faulty basses? Put on eBay to get their stock cleaned up. Not that a good reputable company like this supplier would EVER dream of doing this, naturally.
  10. 5 String Advice?

    For an example of the playing difference between a 4 and a 5, go and play a 2 octave G Major scale on a 4 string. Start using the G on the E string and go up 2 octaves. To do this you will then end on the G at the 12th fret on the G string. If you do this same on a 5 string bass, you can, of course use the same E string G. As an alternative you could use the 8th fret on the B string. A is the 10th fret on the B and then drop to the E string for the next 3 notes etc. You can complete the entire 2 octave scale between the 8th and 12th frets. So, provided you like the attack tone of these notes for the song you're playing, most of what we play on a 4 string bass can be played between the 7th to 12th frets on a 5 string.
  11. Fake Fender on ebay

    Seldom would a genuine Fender have nice grain like that showing through the sprayed finish. So, unrealistically good for a Fender.
  12. Fender Jazz skunk stripe repair

    He should be able to do it himself.
  13. Vintage Instruments: Quality or Psychosomatics?

    Can we please see your reference material that substantiates this claim?
  14. Fender Jazz skunk stripe repair

    Unless the skunk stripe looks a dogs dinner, I'd imagine this is simply a small amount of movement in the wood that's happened due to poor seasoning of the wood at the time of manufacture. There's a danger here of making it worse by digging it out and trying to do more than is needed. Simply sand down the wood in the back of the neck to make it all smooth. Use coarse paper to start and work down to really fine grit, to get it really smooth. Don't use a sanding block, use the sheet in your hand, so you end up with a shape that's good to the touch - not that you should be changing the shape to any great extent. When you've sanded it, re-finish with lacquer. Job done.