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  1. Grangur

    Sorted (thanks) - Covers Band Needed

    Not that I can help, but is this a wedding? a pub? Private party?
  2. Grangur

    ZOOM B3 - SOLD

    If we edit posts it looks like we had an argument. For the record, we didn't. All's good here. @binkybongo is a great guy... or so we believe, to the best of our knowledge. ...except @ped 's Mum. She knows this for a fact and has demonstrable evidence to back up this claim... clearly.
  3. Grangur

    ZOOM B3 - SOLD

    At the time the marketing company wrote that it would have been illegal to say that under UK law. It's illegal in the UK to say anything is "the best", "most advanced" etc, because if you can't quantify it then it's misleading. This is why Carlsberg, famously say "Probably the best.." Have a bump for a great, really versatile pedal. I like mine. I use the tuner on it all the time. GLWTS
  4. Grangur

    Squierly Benton

    Yes, I'll give it a shot. If you send the whole bass I'll make sure it's fully stable when you get it back. I'd be very disappointed if you got it back and found it really needed another week in the clamp.
  5. Grangur

    Squierly Benton

    Hi @Bassmingo Sorry if what I posted is a bit harsh but almost any neck can be rescued. Wood is wood. If required you can steam it and make it soft and pliable and curve if into exotic shapes. This is how bent-wood chairs are made. In the case of your neck, the worst case scenario could be if the wood has bent so far that the truss rod is bent. In which case, yoy could take the fret-board off and replace the TR. The question then, If course, is is this worth doing on a £150 bass. If you want further help do post here again.
  6. My guess is you could do it yourself, @A.G.E.N.T.E.. You can buy a fingerboard blank and steam the old F.B. off. There are vids on YouTube that show how to do it. Stick the new one on and use a radius sanding block to shape the new board. There are plenty of experienced guys here who can give guidance. Just start a thread in the "Build diaries" sectionand it will soon get attention from the right quarters.
  7. Now there's a bass that will give that sound. This was my first bass. It's a short, short-scale. They were made in a small factory in Dartford. The body is ply and the neck is beach; made for Vox by the Ercol furniture factory, If memory serves. The amp connection is via a co-axial socket on the bass, which can be seen by the volume knobs. The pickups were very crude hand windings. Yes, it's has it's short comings, but it will give *that* sound.
  8. Agreed; I'm not a fan of Badass either.
  9. I do up basses. One I had was a Warwick with a wenge fingerboard. The frets were worn out and the strings had been well ground into the wood of the neck. I guess this is what would happen to your fretless. Why not remove the fingerboard and fit a new ebony board? This would also give you the opportunity to put the side dots in the right place: in the fret-wire positions.
  10. Why pay money for a down-grade?
  11. Grangur

    Squierly Benton

    I've straightened a few necks and never failed. Also, the first step to levelling frets is to get a slotted straight edge and check the wood part of the neck is totally flat. If the wood isn't flat the frets will, naturally be at different heights. You can send me the neck and I'll be happy to give it a go. If it fails you'll only have lost the cost of postage. If it works, you'll have a good neck. It's your choice. But what do I know? I'm not on TB so I must be an idiot.
  12. Grangur

    Squierly Benton

    Hey @Bassmingo, I've got an identical bass, that had exactly the same problem. I hope you still have the neck, as the headstock is distinctive with a black finish. All you need to do is loosen the truss rod and clamp it in a reverse curve position. Leave it like that for a few weeks, then re-assemble the bass. I did this clamping with some wood blocks, a long spirit level and a G-clamp. It takes time, but worth doing.
  13. Grangur


    Welcome to the forum @jonpain
  14. Grangur

    I was away, now I've returned.

    Hey @Bassmingo, welcome back home.
  15. Grangur

    Warwick Corvette $$ 5 String (German)

    I know this bass well from when @Al Krow had it. It's really good. It has a great range of tones, strong output and in great condition. @vmaxblues, you might like to tell folk where you are. Also, does it have a gig bag?