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  1. Grangur

    Whole Body Transplant !

    Changing the body is certainly going to change the voice. Apart from the inevitable discussion about tone form wood, the fit of the pocket will be different. As will pickup and bridge placement, even if it's only small. Another thing to think of is the balance of the weight of the neck and body. If you get a lighter body, will the neck balance on the strap in the same way?
  2. Grangur

    Wiring help please.

    Good to see BC at its best again.
  3. Grangur

    Elwray Infinga 4 Bass - Reviews

    Others remaining on the list are: @TrevorR - Staines, Middx @Bridgehouse - Peterborough, Leicester/Nottinghamshire @Geek99 - Coalville, Leicester @honza992 - Nottingham @Vinny - Wales Who would like it next after @BreadBin ?
  4. Grangur

    Best Wood for bass guitar

    No offence guys. It was back in 2007. So I've had time. All I wanted to do was a stark reminder that this is a mixed community. Please be careful there are others here who may be going through different experiences.
  5. Grangur

    Best Wood for bass guitar

    My brother used the upstairs banister. And @FinnDave , for your info, he used a mains extension lead, not a rope. See, even desperate people can be resourceful.
  6. Grangur

    Knobs for unusual shaft

    Bearing in mind the ancient pots and the chances that they could well be naff, I'd replace them.
  7. Grangur

    Elwray Infinga 4 Bass - Reviews

    Yes, that is good English. That does make sense. You're very welcome.
  8. Grangur

    Elwray Infinga 4 Bass - Reviews

    Tim has just dropped the bass off here as planned. Tomorrow it will be going south to @BreadBin
  9. Grangur

    Best Wood for bass guitar

    also... how do you evaluate the tonal effect on the music that comes from the musician having positive mental attitude, coming from playing a bass that the musician believes to be the dogs do-dars?
  10. Grangur

    Best Wood for bass guitar

    Never got that; "Les Paul". Surely "Les" is plural, where "Paul" is singular. So shouldn't it be "La Paul" or "Le Paul" as Paul is masculine? Where's @Dad3353 ? he'll know, he's a French expert.
  11. Grangur

    How to darken an acoustics top???

    Even changing the varnish will change the resonance of the sound box. So there's a real danger that your opinion of the tone of the instrument may be different when you've finished. Not saying you won't like it, but it could change.
  12. Grangur

    Best Wood for bass guitar

    In the "tonewood" discussion, I recon the neck is more likely to resonate more than the body as it's slimmer and more prone to bend, so with a carbon fibre neck, is the type of body wood, maybe imaterial? Have to agree with @BassTractor, the fit of the neck pocket is probably more important than all of this. I'm sure over the years many an instrument has been built of top-quality materials, to give a very average result through not getting the fit of the neck and other fine details right. But that's just my opinion. Good luck with the build, and I mean that.
  13. Grangur

    Elwray Infinga 4 Bass - Reviews

    Boris won't ever go to Liverpool cos they have a ferry and a tunnel. So no chance of building a bridge there.
  14. Grangur

    Elwray Infinga 4 Bass - Reviews

    Ok, it seems I'll have the bass for the drive down from Bristol to Exeter on Wednesday late afternoon/evening. So I can go to either of these gents: @fiatcoupe432 - Kingsbridge, Devon @BreadBin - Trowbridge, Wilts Who would like it first? I can be in either Exeter or Trowbridge at about 18:00
  15. Grangur

    Elwray Infinga 4 Bass - Reviews

    Ahh, you must mean Liverpool.