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  1. The B3n isn't better, but its different. @Al Krow did a comparison some time back.
  2. A twist in the neck will cause the truss rod to not work correctly. Don't force the TR. If you do, there's a fair chance you'll break the rod or do other damage in the process. I've fixed a few necks, some worse than yours. Yes that neck is very fixable. It simply needs to be clamped in the right way and heat applied to the neck will help it get back in shape. Take it to a tech who knows what they're doing and it'll be fine.
  3. In the commercial world re-stocking or returns handling fees aren't unusual, but not where consumers are concerned. I can understand the reseller's frustration when he's ordered in an item especially on the request of a customer, only to have this, possibly obscure, item returned. But that's the risk they open themselves to when they start up a retail business.
  4. I notice he's careful to never show in the pictures, the edge where the bandsaw ripped through the body. So maybe that's not so pretty? Don't think I'll be buying it simply to find out.
  5. Hey @RoverT welcome to BC from sunny Bishops Stortford.
  6. I measured the position of the spilt-coil on both once. Yes, they're in the same position.
  7. I find air guitars can be flexible and can change octave with amazing mind-control wireless switching.
  8. I have a Beatles Bass book with some great transcription of the foot bass drum transcribed into the bass line. I would have expected a book to be right, but this too has your hand moving so fast up and down the neck you'd get friction burns.
  9. I'm no expert on tabs, but in my experience tabs that have you rushing up and down the neck are generally wrong. Bass lines are written by bass players, playing what is easy (for them) and feels "right" to them at the time. Few will have been written as an athletic dexterity test. One finger per fret is, btw, a good starting policy to make life easy. But like all these things, it's not compulsory to be kept to at all times. When it works, do it. When it's not helping, then move your hand a bit. 1FpF is all good most of the time, but at the "first position"; at the bottom of the neck, it can be tough to stretch. So don't wreck your hands by doing it all the time.
  10. Hi Ant, good luck with your learning journey. It looks like when you're playing you're moving your fretting hand around a lot. There's a way to avoid this, making it quicker and very much easier. You need to look into what we call "One finger per fret". If you watch this vid you'll see how Scott keeps his hand stillm but has each finger covering each of 4 frets at the same time. When you've watched you may also like to go to www.scottsbasslessons.com and book into a 14 day trial. There are 100s of hours of lessons on there. It's also a lot cheaper than 1-2-1 lessons, to get you started, if you actually stay with him that is.
  11. Welcome to BC, @BassBeginnerGuy. I'm not a fan of Ibanez myself, but I've had some and there's nothing wrong with them. @hooky_lowdown is right about strings. I'm sure on my journey I've changed too many bases when a change of strings would have been a better solution. Fret buzz is generally caused by 1 of 2 things: the neck needs more relief - you've got it too straight with the truss rod too tight, or you've got a fret that's either worn and low, or fret is high. You can check the leveling of the frets if you use the side of a credit card. Lay the side across 3 frets at a time and see if it rocks. As others have said, you could do with trying other basses and a visit to a bass-tech. @SubsonicSimpleton is right; see if you can meet with another BassChatter. You can try their basses and they can look at the set up of yours.
  12. TBH, when I bought a One10, Alex assured me it would hold it's own for a gig. @Happy Jack was telling me that for giging he's been known to have a small Barefaced sitting on a large cab. Not that the large cab was actually plugged in, he just felt the small Barefaced would look too insignificant. So the large cab simply made the rig look good.
  13. For a light weight cab, it's also worth looking at Barefaced Bass. They get a lot of love here. I once had a "BigOne"; their 115. It was light, yet bulletproof as far as it's power handling is concerned. They don't currently do a 115, but you could ask Alex if he can make one, if 15" is important to you. https://barefacedbass.com/
  14. Prince ordered one like this shortly before he passed on. If you can't take too much of Scott's preamble, cut to 2:00.
  15. I just looked at another of the videos by Hugh Richardson. He gives an elaborate description of the technique; involving twisting the whole of the forearm. He's clearly never watched a video of his own playing, because he doesn't actually do that when he's playing. It too has irritating cuts in the video action mid sentence, but hey...
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