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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most of the bands you listed above can be grouped under a 'Rock' banner. Therefore you would be looking for a "Rock" bass, and the obvious choice would be a P bass. There, wasn't so hard to point (the younger you) in the right direction. Had you or anyone else said they were into jazz fusion, a P bass wouldn't be the obvious choice. So, any bass will do mentality is totally wrong.
  2. Check out the Acoustic (brand) forum's, where experts, including engineers who actually made them can answer questions you may have. I've owned a couple of old Acoustic amp heads and they are far, far, far louder than equivalent modern watts.
  3. Yes, when I started learning bass it was because I wanted to play/sound like Hooky and Krist Novoselic, so I knew the sound I wanted from the getgo.
  4. Same here, I needed a well built bass, lightweight, well balanced, decent sounding and inexpensive... Yamaha, with D'Addario half rounds, ticks all the boxes for me. 😎 I used to own ten basses, I've finally whittled it down to just one.
  5. I use baby wipes for all cleaning, bass, house, whatever. 😎
  6. Sounds like a loose wire/connection somewhere. Check every solder joint. When you tap the poles with a screwdriver on your other basses, do they sound 'tinny' also?
  7. If a person wanting to play punk, doesn't tell you, and you suggest a Squier bronco (which is an excellent starter bass) or a jazz with 'vintage' voiced pick-ups and flats, they're not going to get the right sound they want. This is why I believe knowing what type of music they want to play is justified.
  8. You need to set a budget, people's version of "cheap" or not much money differs (alot!). Also, knowing the kind of music they want to play is also important. Then people can suggest the best bass, including string choice. By simplifying the question, what's the best or good cheap bass won't give you the best or even right answer.
  9. Would be easy to paint the headstock, just saying. 😉
  10. I wouldn't have the Gear4music LA bass on your list. The Harley Benton brand is far better, and the Harley Benton pb50 is the best new bass sub £100 on the market! Any Yamaha rbx are also excellent.
  11. Having a bit of a late spring clean, so have a job lot of precision parts all listed below. Everything is sold as one lot, so please don’t ask if I will split. All items are used, and ideal for a parts build or project. £50 for everything, plus £10 P&P to mainland UK only. - RokSak padded (10mm) gig bag in black - Burns London leather strap (50s style) - Wilkinson WPB alnico pickups, including wired loom from Vintage V4 reissue - x3 pickguards - all are 3 ply (two white, one cream + white thumbrest) - Fully loaded neck chunky 50s style with ESP transfer (this is NOT an ESP neck was originally unbranded) - Fully loaded neck Rockwood by Hohner - Encore E83 pickups - Squire Bronco machine heads and ferrules - x2 full size Alpha pots (brand new) - Several sets of knobs (speed dials etc)
  12. Budget kits are utter rubbish, I'd save your money. @Cuzzie is right, mighty mite and allparts are the best around at the lower price point.
  13. So, what you're saying is you brought standard length strings, put them on a through-body and they were too short. And you didn't buy longer length strings (for through-bodies) because? Or did I miss something?
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