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  1. If you do your research and find a good and experienced person to do the refret, there's nothing to worry about. Also a refret will add value. Change anything else might devalue your bass, but a refret does the opposite.
  2. Alternatively get a Harley Benton PB50, they really are very well made (I'd say bulletproof), and the stock pickup is very good, better than the Seymour Duncan 51 pickup imho. Then have someone who relics guitars to reshape the headstock and have the neck amber gloss tinted, and the fretboard edges rolled. Have them fit gotoh tuners and better electrics, maybe a traditional 2 saddle bridge (if you like). The Harley Benton is only around 110 euros, so you have lots to spend on making it look exactly how you want, and high quality upgrades. The neck is the only big difference between the Squier CV and the Harley Benton. The Squier is more modern sized, where as the HB has the original fat neck.
  3. You could buy a new one, or they often come up for sale here or on eBay. 😀
  4. Neil White from Canadian rock band The Carps played a Squier Bronco, all stock AFAIK. When they toured outside north America, instead of shipping his bronco(s) over, he'd just buy a new one in whichever country they were in.
  5. Get a used Squier classic vibe (around 200-300 euros), then get someone who relics guitars/basses to relic the squier, get them to upgrade the electrics and machine heads (should be around 500-600 euros), which is within your budget.
  6. I like Lightening Bolt also. Around the same kinda time as DFA1979, believe they later inspired drum and bass bands including The Carps, which are a lot more poppy.
  7. I've been told the glue is old dried PVA, which seems to be water resistant. I think lighter fluid might be the way to go. I was also thinking white spirit, but will try lighter fluid first. 👍
  8. I don't think hand gel or mayonnaise will remove this glue, it's super stubborn. 😪
  9. I picked up a bass body from a mate, it was covered in some kind of wrap, been on the bass a fair few years I guess. Anyway, I managed to remove the wrap but the glue residue I'm finding impossible to remove. I tried some window cleaner which works pretty well normally, did nothing. Next I sprayed WD-40 on, left it for almost an hour to soak in, that did nothing also. This glue which is in patches seems super stubborn. The body has a poly finish, so any ideas how to remove this stubborn glue, nail polish remover, white spirit maybe?
  10. Hipster hangouts in Shoreditch??? 😉
  11. Don't think they made the 63 model in the 90s. 🤔
  12. It's a HB, it'll be relatively heavy.
  13. I had a body resprayed in candy apple green almost three years ago at a local car body shop, included a couple clear coats and polish. Cost me £80, did the prep myself, excellent finish. I was just offering my advice for actually having a body sprayed at a car body shop.
  14. Ibanez GSR200 in Pearl White. Excellent used condition. Everything in perfect working order, truss rod etc. Straight rosewood neck, virtually no fret wear. Well balanced, lightweight bass with Ibanez Phat II active electronics, and high mass bridge. The “lines” on some of the pics is light glare, there’s no lines on the bass itself. £130 plus £20 postage (with current lockdown conditions its postage only, will be well packed).
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