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  1. Hi Adam, most of us start as luckers - nothing wrong with that. Welcome. 😀
  2. Rare set of new old stock Fender 9050L Flatwound strings (45-95 guage) from late 90s / early 00s. These are brand new (unused) strings in packet and paper sleeves. Highly regarded flatwound strings, many prefer the sound and feel of these to the newer fender flats with coloured ball ends. They're medium / high tension, not as floppy as TI's, and not as high tension as Rotosound flats. They have green silks at both ends and brass ball ends, not coloured ends. £26 posted.
  3. I think this is a manufacturing thing, in the same way Japanese specs are slightly different from Western (i.e Europe and US), especially when it comes to Fender's. I have japanese pickups which are slightly bigger (wider), which don't directly fit into "standard" P bass covers.
  4. The original bridge has a thicker base, making low action more difficult to achieve than the Wilkinson bridge, which has a lower profile base, and a more traditional look. The bass was customised to play in a Ska band, hence the two tone look.
  5. Pictures, or it never happened!
  6. Probably because the trebly bass is more audible to Joe Public then deep bassy low-end. As bassists our ears are more tuned in or have a low-end bias than those in the audience.
  7. We used to sound check early, when there's a few people milling about. We have very long leads (which we only use for sound checking), and literally wonder about, around the space checking levels etc. We also had a great sound guy, which helped. Whenever we recorded live gigs and listen back to individual instruments, we always sounded rubbish, but somehow sounded decent in a live environment.
  8. +1 for the Behringer v-tone. That's all you need.
  9. This is pretty much exactly how I set up to get the best tone from them. 👍
  10. I don't think they are cut down for Mustang's. Full scale they're high tension, but on short scale they're more like medium.
  11. Fender flats sound great, specially on short scales. I changed the tuners on a Squier bronco, fitted fender flats, and wow, medium tension, lots of thump but still retaining articulation up and down the neck. I too like the old rounds tone, lots of low end thump, have you tried DR Sunbeams or Fender Pure Nickel's, both are fabulous for that vintage thump sound, even straight out of the packet?
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