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  1. Yes, used one's go for sub £150. A lot of bass for little money.
  2. Your word, and yes your posts are pointless. Why use ten words when you can use a hundred?!?
  3. Seems like a split p with a different casing, and costing more than a split p. Well done the DiMarzio marketing department. 😉
  4. The Yammie is a PJ, the OP is talking about a jazz bass. There are however plenty of decent Yamaha basses with jazz pickups (bbn etc), as well as G&L tribute series - all sub £250 used, all as good if not better than the Farida. So plenty of decent jazz basses available sub £250!
  5. For £250 secondhand, a Squier CV jazz, a Vintage VJ74 reissued, Squier VM jazz or a Relevation RJB67 to name a few, all can be had for less then £250 used and as good if not better than the Farida. Would the Farida or any of the others listed be better, that's totally subjective. The jazz will give you a different sound to the Spector, again, would that be better, that's upto you, some may say yes, some no.
  6. I'm pretty sure more pb50's would sell in Surf Green than Fiesta Red, Dakota Red although not strictly 50s would look better. 😉
  7. Definitely a departure from their early stuff, which I like, often crops up when I play shuffle on my phone. Almost like they got together with a techno producer and this was the result.
  8. I think that was for a new colour, which is why there's the original Sunburst, and subsequent Fiesta Red.
  9. Don't put another guitar pup in it, for tuners Wilkinson do some decent and reasonably priced one's. Else I've found the tuners on a full sized Squier with the same covered backs will fit with a small amount of fettling. These pop up used especially on eBay a lot. For pickup this is a drop in replacement... https://www.homeoftone.co.uk/blogs/news/new-squier-bronco-bass-upgrade-kit
  10. How did you get the neck to fit, afaik Squier necks are 64mm at heel and Vintage bodies take 62mm at heel necks? Looks lovely. 😀
  11. The link I guess is for the "Fedner" text, how did you get the "Prescription Bass" - was this from the same seller?
  12. That's still amazing, every 70s jazz I've ever played, fender or otherwise were all boat anchors.
  13. Wow, for a 70s jazz copy that is amazing. 😊
  14. If you have a TC Electronic combo, and you like the sound, why not get a TC Electronic head for the Peavey cab? You'll get a similar sound from both setups that way, plus can use the same tone print settings. 😀
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