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  1. Needs a jazz loom VVT or VBT and PJ pickups. I have a P pickup removed from my 2005 Japanese Fender P bass, and a Roswell alnico jazz bridge pickup - which I can include, can discuss if interested.
  2. SX basses along with pretty much most budget basses often have misalignment with pickup poles. Obviously the bridge is slightly off, but it doesn't affect the sound or output.
  3. There is, but one size doesn't fit all. I always adjust and set up my basses to what feels right to me, and I'd advise anyone else do the same. As mentioned, adjust the height of each saddle with a small Allen key so the string is at a height over the fret board that is right for you. Then you need to intonate each string which is done by turning each screw at the back of the bridge, once the string is in tune, then press down at the 12th fret, then adjust the saddle a little forward or backward until the string is in tune both open and at the 12th fret. Then you're done. 😃
  4. Very reasonable price, if it wasn't in black (I've had too many black basses) I'd be all over this. 😎
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Antoria's were made at Fujigen Gakki. The factory also made Greco, Ibanez, Jason, Mann, Penco, Univox, Yamaha, Kent, Hohner branded guitars and basses.
  7. That's pretty much how I run my Rumble. 👍
  8. OMG, for peeps like me who love the relic look, this bass is frecking gorgeous. 😍😍😍😍😍
  9. The Rumble amp is very bass heavy, especially in Vintage mode. But the Mustang and Rumble are a match made in heaven. 👍
  10. Roswell JBA Vintage Alnico V Jazz pickups, with glossy black removable covers, £20 + £5 P&P.
  11. Glad you like the Gretsch. Out of interest how heavy is yours?
  12. Because the machine head pegs are tiny. Try and bend high tension flats around them!
  13. If you want bells and whistles go Sire, if you want a straight forward great bass go Yamaha. Simple. 😁
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