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  1. You'll need to measure the distance between the string space at the bridge. Full size bass are 19mm, but a short scale will be smaller (probably around 16 or 17mm). Then you'll need to find a 4 saddle bridge with string spacing of that size.
  2. I've used wd40 to remove a logo from a headstock before, though the logo didn't have a clear coat over it. Worked really well, or as mentioned white spirit would also do the job. 👍
  3. The EB Cobalt's are fairly new. These are nothing like the standard EB flats.
  4. You may want to try Ernie Ball Cobalt strings or D'Addario Chrome's. Both are brighter sounding flats and sound great. There are two types of flatwounds available today, old school flats (which are the typical thumpy, dull sounding flats), and hybrid flats (which have the thump, but are brighter sounding and more articulate).
  5. Sometimes you get a set of strings which have a dud string, it's mostly the E string (which sounds duller or less life than the other strings). I've had it with rounds as well as flats. You might be able to give the E string some life by snapping it against the fretboard, lift the string up and let it snap against the fretboard - being flats it won't damage the frets or fretboard, but may loosen some residue or something causing the string to sound dull.
  6. You've done a very decent job there. I know the tech for ZZ Top vinyl wrapped a few of their back up basses to look like the heavily roadworn original 50s single coil p bass.
  7. Excellent work, thanks for sharing the pictures, bass looks gorgeous now. 👍
  8. What bass and amp are you using? Pedal-wise Darkglass Microtubes, you can't go wrong. 👍
  9. Probably a "Kay" bass, they pop up a lot on fleabay.
  10. The first JVs were replicas / based on the 57 and 62 basses, so I'd look up the original specs for these.
  11. In that case I might be interested in a 4 string. 😁
  12. To clarify, the necks have no truss rod(s) in, or do they?
  13. I reckon the pots were initially wired for a guitar from what I read from @Dan Dare link. Then put into a jazz bass control plate. Damn it. 😥
  14. Why will turning one pickup off affect the other? The wiring is the same as the diagram above, except the blue wires are wired to the middle lugs instead of the outside (left) lugs on both volume pots.
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