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  1. If you like higher action you'll be fine, TI's are very low tension. If you prefer a low action you're probably going to get a lot of fret buzz.
  2. This is because spb1 and spb2 SD pickups are sterile sounding, no character at all. I wouldn't say they're muddy, they are vintage voiced i.e not designed to have top end, so nothing sacrificed - this is how vintage voiced pickups are.
  3. Say hello to “Blondie”, she is a beauty. Curvy, sexy and ever so naughty. 1996 Cort Precision with a cream alder body, off white pickguard and amber tinted solid one piece maple neck. I believe this bass was made in the Samick factory (Korea/Indonesia), very well built. Neck is dead straight, minimal fret wear. Has a Ki0gon wireless harness and original late 1970s DiMarzio PAF pickups (the ones the DiMarzio Model P are based on). In overall very good condition for a 25 year old bass, does have marks, scratches and dings, commensurate with age. Weighs a lightweight 7.1lbs, 1.75”/44mm nut (same as Fender 50s Roadworn). Fitted with Ernie Ball Slinky roundwound strings. £220 (sale only, no trades). Buyer can arrange their own courier, I will package the bass very well.
  4. The player series are very good basses. If you like the classic Fender P bass tone you won't be disappointed. What colour did @uncle psychosis go for?
  5. Strings are the BIGGEST part of the sound of any stringed instrument.
  6. You want Fender pure nickel 7150, vintage tone right out the box (a la old rounds) and high tension.
  7. Followed by The Jam. My brother in arms.
  8. D'Addario are the only brand who do half wounds. Pressure wounds are pretty much the same, just under a different name. Therefore will sound the same as half wounds. For a string which sounds in-between rounds and flats you want pure nickels.
  9. This is superb advice for any beginner or more experienced player's alike. 😀
  10. DiMarzio model P. Will give you want you're looking for. 😎
  11. Not really, only the neck and body is stock, has DiMarzio ultra jazz pups, hipshot tuners, upgraded electrics, and bridge. Old Chrome's too. Don't expect a stock SX to sound anything like this one! There's a rig rundown vid on YouTube with the band, check it out.
  12. Fenders use 63mm necks, Squiers are 64mm. So 64.5mm pocket on a Squier body I wouldn't say is wider than usual.
  13. I dug my little epiphone eb0 out the other day, forgot how nice the neck is to play on it. The mudbucker pickup is notoriously low output on the epi, so thought I'd wire the pickup to the jack to increase output (a little) and add some high end. I've read wiring the pickup to jack makes the high end rather harsh. So I thought if I added a capacitor or resistor to the 'ground' wire between pickup and jack would that (A) work? and (B) make any actual difference to tame the harsh high end?
  14. Good luck trying to file down stainless steel. 🤣
  15. Death from above 1979 at the Kentish Town Forum about a decade ago. Awesome but crazy loud.
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