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  1. I will be the first, others will no doubt follow in saying the best P bass pickup being a Fender custom shop 62. It will give you the perfect P bass tone. Team it with a @KiOgon loom and you'll have a great passive bass. 😎
  2. A big muff is not the same as an overdrive pedal, a big muff will thicken the sound, and with flats is too much low end so you lose articulation and starts to get muddy. You want to get the crunch of an overdrive - this works well with flats.
  3. I've seen Squier branded straps, they do exist. 😁
  4. Half rounds and groundwounds make noise when you run your fingers over them. Roundwounds of any kind = finger noise Flatwounds = no finger noise These are your options!
  5. @Bassassin as you replied to my post to pete.young about possible Kay basses (acquired brand name established in 1969) being made by Teisco (closed in 1967), are you saying there are Kay basses made by Teisco brand. I simply said 'no', are you saying there were?
  6. Nope, but eaten there many times. 🍝
  7. Kay's were generally made in Taiwan, and in the 70s/80s. I find it sad that people widely advertise Kay's as being made in Japan or dating from the 60s. Just not true. 😥
  8. I've sent many basses via ParcelForce, not had a problem. But make sure you package the bass very well, bubble wrap, strong cardboard box etc. Hermes are ok, I've had a few things lost or damaged, or take weeks to arrive with them.
  9. Terrible idea. If someone is struggling, forcing lessons on them is going to make them less interested in continuing. I would be!
  10. Some companies put out faux job ads to basically see who's out there. I hate when they do this, but it happens.
  11. Looks like Fender prices will be going up (again)!
  12. Low tension Labella's? But if you change tension, you'll change the sound, and although the Toneriders are the right pickup for a solid vintage tone, a lower tension won't sound the same as the studio jazz you played.
  13. I had an old milestone 3 from late 90s, had a plywood body, weighed over 9lbs. 😪
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