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  1. There's a red one on eBay currently. Looking at the position of the P pickup, I'm thinking it's screaming out for a big chrome mudbucker next to the neck.
  2. I know the Guild is a different beast to the DeArmond, but what are people's thoughts on the JetStar bass, shape, colours (I like them in green, purple or black)? I love the 60s styling, and general uniqueness of these. 🤩
  3. Sometimes new basses have slightly high frets, this is because they're not seated properly. If you get a screwdriver with a softish rubber handle, not the solid plastic kind. Use the heel of the screwdriver and press down on the high frets they often become seated properly and no fret buzz.
  4. I didn't know this, thanks for the heads up.
  5. Does anyone know if Harley Benton necks are interchangeable? I'm thinking of getting a pb50 and replacing the maple neck (as I'm not a fan of maple necks) with a pb20, has anyone tried this before?
  6. Fender 7150 sound warm straight out the packed, the output is lower than nickel plated rounds, I have some 7150's on my short scale precision, at the lower tension they sound dark, not so much warm anymore. 😎
  7. TI and Chrome's are very different to LaBellas, it's a preference of tone; as LaBella is old skool, i.e. thumpy, lacking a little definition (compared to 'modern' or 'hybrid' flats like Chrome's). TI's and Chrome's are more defined in the mids, and not as thumpy.
  8. The stock pickups are known to be fairly hot, being alnico, they should have decent low end, so I agree a height adjustment may be required to taste.
  9. Nothing needs upgrading on the Squier other than maybe the tuners. To improve it no end - have the fingerboard rolled, will feel and play much better! 👍
  10. This was our sound check piece for a while 😆
  11. I have D'Addario flatwounds on my epiphone eb0, sound and feel fab.
  12. D'Addario Chromes ECB81S flatwound short scale strings, 45-100 guage. Cut for Fender 4-inline headstock, only had a little over 10 hrs use so still very fresh. £28 posted.
  13. Brand New HB P neck, just been lemon oiled. No sharp fret ends, truss rod all working. Has a gorgeous symmetrical grain to reverse, light satin finish. 64mm heel. £39 + postage
  14. Why don't you get the squire and take it to a luthier and have them make the neck to your spec and refinish it?
  15. Thomastik JF344 flatwounds 43-100 gauge. Cut for a Fender 4 in line headstock. Got these recently, in very good condition. SOLD
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. Have you got a cage for all that Peavey gear? Because that lot is a gang of beasts!!! 🤩
  18. It's the same one featured in the book, look at the wood grain.
  19. A bit of trivia, the song Hero's is about Visconti and a backing singer he was seeing at the time.
  20. Folks who like super bright round wounds are the ones who change strings most regularly, flatwounds if wiped down now and again, or never if you thats your thing can just let it be. Flatwounds get better with age!
  21. The great James Jamerson played only one set of flatwounds, never changed them. He did alright!?!? 🤣
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