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  1. I have a broken one also on my lodestone I just changed it for a generic metal one which hasn't seem to have made it sound any worse.
  2. I have had a bb614 ,bb424x and a bb1000s I liked them all,the 614 had a different neck profile to the 424 I preferred the 614 neck was really comfortable to play,just felt right to me. I still own the bb1000s as I always wanted a neck thru bb and it does sound great and sits nicely in my little collection of 80s Japanese basses mine is a 1985.
  3. i was on holiday last year stayed in Montreux,we visited the little queen museum inside the casino there was originally there recording studio,had Freddie's stage outfits and memorabilia plus a stingray don't know if it was john's actual one but it looked the part.
  4. thin lizzy had 3 members whisky in the jar era
  5. I have one with the solid paint finishes made in Czech republic,i think mine has a spector tonepump preamp with EMG pickups its nice to play. I think the headstock is over engineered in my humble opinion.
  6. robin trower- bridge of sighs
  7. that is an attitude special,i had one years back ,good bass but don't think I would pay that for one,the pickups aren't dimarzio in these ones.
  8. I have a vintage v4 in vintage white great bass, I have owned many precisions and the v4 is great for the money mines got quite a chunky solid neck, really low action and just feels nice and solid no gaps in the neck pocket very well put together frets are good and I really like the Wilkinson tuners.
  9. I only know of that website from when I bought an Ibanez soundgear, that came in an early 70s fender case so I was searching around to find how old it was.
  10. http://www.guitarhq.com/fender.html#cases
  11. here's my hondo professional,good solid bass, I took my bridge cover off and have been playing it a lot lately, its got a Seymour Duncan spb1 fitted.
  12. I have the white/maple V4 mines agood weight and a really nice bass
  13. is that the harp restrung in Folkestone?
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