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  1. Here's my jaguar nice playing bass few little finish marks but plays and sounds great.
  2. i have used fine wire wool on a few of my bass necks and it does the job without removing much finish.
  3. If it has the tug bar and dot inlays should be the short scale EB3 epiphone i have the same version custom shop epiphone i put an Artec in mine and i kinda like it.
  4. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/epiphone-bass/1424305735
  5. hey i have just seen this one on gumtree this is the shortscake EB3 Epiphone Bass | in Darvel, East Ayrshire | Gumtree
  6. they did a short scale Epiphone EB3,i have one and i used to use it at band practise because it fit in the boot of my car easy. i fitted the Artec mudbucker and it has the thump if needed.
  7. Still has serial/model number on it.
  8. Congratulations 👏 nice bass. Saw that one for sale, was tempted to buy that to go with my Avon Grabber,I bought recently.
  9. I was a big Metallica fan from my back in my schooldays(im 50 now),and loved all the Cliff era and i remember buying the $5.98 EP when Jason joined and the bass sounded great,i bought and justice... on vinyl and it sounded terrible on my system back then. I kind of went off them to a degree after that i just couldnt listen to it,i loved master of the puppets but as a follow up and with a bass player you knew could do the business that mix was shocking.
  10. stu_g


    I bought this recently good basses.
  11. i have a squier silver series precision,very nice bass. I changed pickup on mine and i must say i really like it and cant see me selling it anytime. pricewise i paid £100 for mine a few years back ,i have seen them going for around £275-£350 whether they actually sell for that im not sure. i owned a JV and an eighties E serial fender japan P and to me the silver series are very alike as they would be made in the same factory.
  12. http://Janes Addiction Just Because Live - YouTube
  13. I had one years ago,was not a bad bass had that Gibson sound & quirkiness about it. I paid £200 for it back in the 90s
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