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  1. its a lot of money for what it is,i just cant see how anyone would pay that i will stick to my Ibanez roadster RS900.
  2. Phil Lynott.I remember getting my first fender usa precision in the late 80s,it was a 1977 in natural cost me £200 got it home stuck it through my sessionette BASS 100 and there was the sound I had been looking for, never forget it. don't know if it had rotosounds on it mind,but I do remember buying some Steve Harris rotosounds at the London guitar show in circa 1987.
  3. very nice bass,reminds me of my old 70s precision ,though I imagine yours hasn't got a big neck pocket gap being Japanese lol!
  4. I used a boss cs2 for years swore by it but after I joined my latest band I found it a bit noisy so I just do without now but I did like the punch of a compressor.
  5. I have a fretless jazz deluxe, ive just sold a bass,so potentially I could buy it. the perfect pairing a fretted and a fretless. but my wife has specifically banned me from buying gear,i will hold strong for now!
  6. I put one on one of my precisions,the way I see it is if you don't like it, get a pickguard without holes and you will never know there are holes beneath the scratchplate.
  7. I reported it too, this morning when I saw it,also I would like to know how it works when reporting fakes as some seem to stay up a fair while anyone know?
  8. us getting ready for a charity gig in dover for our sadly departed drummer.
  9. looks a nice amp,i have a Workingmans 12 not a bad little amp.
  10. I have a broken one also on my lodestone I just changed it for a generic metal one which hasn't seem to have made it sound any worse.
  11. I have had a bb614 ,bb424x and a bb1000s I liked them all,the 614 had a different neck profile to the 424 I preferred the 614 neck was really comfortable to play,just felt right to me. I still own the bb1000s as I always wanted a neck thru bb and it does sound great and sits nicely in my little collection of 80s Japanese basses mine is a 1985.
  12. i was on holiday last year stayed in Montreux,we visited the little queen museum inside the casino there was originally there recording studio,had Freddie's stage outfits and memorabilia plus a stingray don't know if it was john's actual one but it looked the part.
  13. thin lizzy had 3 members whisky in the jar era
  14. I have one with the solid paint finishes made in Czech republic,i think mine has a spector tonepump preamp with EMG pickups its nice to play. I think the headstock is over engineered in my humble opinion.
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