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  1. i am pretty sure it is a Kay made by Cort in korea
  2. I saw your one,same year as well! Good luck also,never know maybe someone needs a matching pair.
  3. I have an AH300SMX that I have owned from new I really need to get it fixed.
  4. My 79 Roadster RS900 and my 1980 Blazer bass.
  5. stu_g

    Ampeg cabs

    I had a 1510 I used for years,I loved that cab,great sound.
  6. Andertons has a fretless in stock looks nice! https://www.andertons.co.uk/second-hand/second-hand-guild-fretless-bass-b301a-f
  7. stu_g

    Dynacord BS412

    i had one built to last,i read somewhere Phil Lynott used to use them.
  8. Not sure about that one the V4 vintage white i have, was already set up really well no faults at all is a great bass. plus my v4 was made in Vietnam i think, i dont know where the pro shop are made but i would probably look elsewhere or just buy the basic model? as they are well setup and manufactured anyway my V4 has no neck pocket gaps everything fits perfect and it was setup with a lovely action put a lot of companies to shame.
  9. i have tried a few different bridges, my favourite was the fender vintage threaded saddle BBOT,but my fernandes the revival has a badass my latest bitsa has a fender Hi mass my squier silver series has a fender vintage bridge my old hondo professional has a vintage fender bridge these are all p basses and they all sound good to me . though i will say the fender hi mass for £30 is a nice bridge and im very happy with ,the bitsa which will be my gigging bass whenever gigging comes back around.
  10. I normally use wire wool,only takes off a small amount of finish.
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