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  1. I saw this on Youtube and i think it was slightly over the top,saying a Gibson dealer was selling fake Gibsons when in reality they were never advertising them as Gibson guitars,i suspect they get alot of guitars traded in Its the people who try to pass them off as the real deal that need to brought to task.
  2. Just bought a pickup off Geoff,very speedy dispatch and just as described,many thanks.
  3. Ordered an Audio interface to do some recording and decided to go for next delivery, so bought 8 sets of acoustic guitar strings that where on offer to get price up to next day delivery,got email saying delivery was on its way! Rather small package covered in wet paint?containing >...........One set of strings Doh!
  4. Nasty,i wouldnt of thought glass like that which is used the household would shatter like that either,here's to a speedy recovery.
  5. i ha ve one branded Rocktronics and it looks like harley benton thomann do one for £26.
  6. i bought a couple of CD's the seller sent me tracking number,they were dropped at post office 14th of this month according to tracking havent moved since,our post has been erratic maybe every couple of days to be fair i suppose some area's are worse than others and im in no eush to receive them .
  7. Here are mine: Squier E series japan. Encore Vintage standard. Tanglewood SG Farida Tequila club Applause AE128
  8. I have a Fernandes "The Revival" bass,lovely neck and solid wood its a good bass.
  9. dont know if this helps its a pic of cavity of my old SB black n gold.
  10. I bought one great little unit, although last night whilst I was playing along to some youtube tunes I noticed that if I turn the mix knob past halfway it drops out but comes back in if I keep turning it towards full on.
  11. that UK reminds me of this one with john wetton playing an old Ibanez roadster rs800
  12. I have a Vintage V4 great bass,great bass fit and finish is great QC is good on these solid neck Wilkinson parts and secondhand can be had very cheap,also I had a revelation jazz bass for the money that thing sounded great and im no big fan of jazz basses,i think I had to mess with setup on the revelation but the vintage was perfect very low action an no buzz very good fret work.
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