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  1. i am supposed to be driving to cornwall next week and i just noticed a pool of oil under my car when i parked it ,i could sell some gear but i dont think im going to have time to sort it all out,the missus will not be amused she is a nurse and has really been looking forward to this trip,hopefully i can get it sorted in a few days,im gonna sell my gear due to never using it all and i dont want to shift amps next time i move just to put them in a cupboard again.
  2. thanks to happy jack! sent me some 80s p bass pickups for the corking price of £3 postage and packaging,fitted to the bass today and sounding great cant wait for my next band practise! a true gent thanks again Stuart
  3. SCratchplate looks a bit white in the photo but it is actually gold
  4. Fender deluxe jazz fretless USA 2009 SCN pickups,hipshot USA tuners in Montego black with gold scratchplate condition wise the bass is in really good condition no marks in paintwork or neck might be some light marks on scratchplate comes with fender moulded hard case its a lovely bass but sadly i dont use it as im in a punk band and fretless is not our thing Located in Ramsgate Kent.(bass could be picked up from basingstoke or cornwall will be in basingstoke around 19th and Bude from 20th of this month) i would be open to exchanges but need at least £500 cash as part of any deal. i am a fan of japanese 80s basses though. have some more basses coming up for sale soon.
  5. WHen i bought my Ashdown rootmaster head the bloke had a five string one of those, i have to say it was nice to play and sounded good i do wonder if they where made by the same factory who did the squier classic vibe basses abit like when fender had squier and fender both made in japan.
  6. I remember buying the $5.98 EP when Newsted had joined and i love the bass sound on that and it was all recorded and mixed in 5 days or something. bought justice for all and i was so dissapointed in the mix it sounded so lame to me,i think they must have disappeared up there own bums when they mixed that one.
  7. i have the same head is it loud enough to gig i havent had a chance to try mine at volume?
  8. yeah the one on the right is a 1979 RS900 it weighs 12 pound but its a great sounding bass
  9. a couple of mine.
  10. yeah thats an encore,i have an encore body upstairs in that very shade of red.
  11. i have a Farida tequila club,can pick them up quite cheap i think they where made in same factory as squier classic vibes,i have had a few tele's but i love the sound of the farida
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