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  1. For sale is my lovely German 3/4 bass. I have owned this for 10 years and in that time it has served me very well playing everything from classical to jazz etc. It has had extensive work done to it whilst I've had it, including having the front off about 5 years ago by Laurence Dixon (Bass Place). He repaired a crack in the shoulder, added a new bass bar, improved any previous work as well as adding a new sound post, shaping the bridge, planing the fingerboard and giving the bass a setup. It has a set of Tomastik Bel Canto strings on it that have been used but still have life left in them. This bass got me into conservatoire and I played it for the first two years of my study before I decided I needed a change. It is very comfortable to play, with a warm, even tone. It is quite a light bass, so very comfortable to transport too. The bass is currently located near Bedfordshire but I can bring it to London too if needed. Please feel free to ask any questions. Many thanks, Sam
  2. For sale is my Boss SYB-5 Synth pedal. This is a great little pedal to create some amazing sounds on! I am only selling as I got a Pigtronix Mothership recently so this is just gathering dust. It is in good condition and everything works as it should. A could of cosmetic marks but nothing out of the ordinary. Happy to post of collection from Bedfordshire. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Best wishes, Sam
  3. For sale is my Bergantino HS210 400W Cab. This is a really beautiful, professional bit of kit. They retailed for over £800 when they came out! It is a fantastic cab and has always served me very well! It has been gigged a small amount but always used as a monitor in addition to PA support so it hasn't been overplayed, overdriven or peaked in any way. It is in fantastic condition and comes with an official Bergantino dust cover. I have used it with quite a few different heads (Aguilar, Mesa, GK etc.) but the one I settled with was the Mark Bass Ninja head that I am also selling (see other listings). I am only selling as I've recently bought a GR Bass cab and Aguilar head. I am based in Bedfordshire and ideally collection only but happy for you to arrange your own courier or meet in London Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Best wishes, Sam
  4. For sale is my trusty MarkBass Ninja 1000W amp head. Firstly this head is absolutely fantastic! It sounds amazing, has a huge tonal range, can power just about anything and if you'd like it fits inside a rucksack! I have owned this for quite a while and although it has been gigged a little bit, it has always remained in a flight case, been powered by a Furman (so there is no power damage) and has never been overdriven or played too loudly as it's always been a monitor with the addition of PA support. I mainly used it with a Bergantino Cab (which is also for sale) and it sounds wonderful. My reason for sale is purely because I recently bought a GR bass cab and Aguilar head. If you have any questions or would like to know anything at all, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you have Fender Bassman cab or head please get in touch. I am based in Bedfordshire and ideally collection only but happy for you to arrange your own courier or meet in London. PRICE DROP £375 Best wishes, Sam
  5. Hey folks, I have been offered a Tokai Jazz Sound - the neck is definitely original (Japanese) but not sure about the body - the serial printed on the neck plate is: CH051970. Any help at all here - what do you think?
  6. Hi Chris, I'd like to buy this case please - I'll message you now! Best wishes, Sam
  7. Are you interested in trades for other cabs at all? best wishes, sam
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Is this still available please?? And do you have any pictures? Best wishes, Sam
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