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  1. Sorry to raise an old post! What ever happened to this bass? Did anyone find out if it was genuine or not? I think I may have just been offered it!
  2. Here's a picture of the pots too!
  3. Yeah it's definitely been modified beyond the original in a very big way! I'm mainly interested if anyone thinks the body and neck are original! Thank you for all the replies so far!
  4. Hi folks, I have been offered this bass and I am wondering if it is an authentic 1962 Fender P? I have attached pictures. It all seems period correct (apart from wrong label and refinished hardware, added pickup and all that jazz) but I'm not an expert on these things. Been modded like crazy but I don't mind. Serial is 74510. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Best wishes, Sam
  5. Hi, Are these still available? I'm very interested if so! Best wishes, Sam
  6. Hi Is this still for sale? I'm very interested! Also is it one of the new devices or old with the uneven bottom? Many thanks, Sam
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