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  1. He demonstrates the spirit of this pedal beautifully (alongside all his many other fine Tech 21 demos).
  2. Is the SG Bass short or long scale? I've always wondered whether that impacted on neck dive or not.
  3. There is some neck dive. Not as bad as the long scale Epiphone EB3 basses. I found that a wide suede strap dealt with the problem a bit. But, inherently, there is some dive.
  4. EB3/SG Copy from Bass Bass Centre's 'Bass Collection' Range 'The Blues Bass' Manufactured in Korea in 2011, this is a well made EB3 copy from The Bass Centre's excellent 'Bass Collection' range. It was released as 'Blues Bass' model about 9 years ago and only had a limited run. It's Medium Scale (32") and currently sports flatwound strings. The Mudbucker & Mini Humbucker pickups balance with each other much better than the units on an actual EB3. And the Medium Scale is a great compromise between the short scale setup of the original and the long scale versions that Epiphone currently manufacturers. Features a set neck and comfortable action. The bass doesn't have a case but it's available for collection OR I can pack it away in a box if someone needs to have the instrument shipped. The quality of this bass is superior to the Epiphone EB3s I've played and it really delivers that Jack Bruce/Andy Frasier vibe. £185 is cheap as chips as well. Grab yourself a bargain.
  5. Is it a Jazz? Is it a R**k? Is it a P? Is it a Sandberg? It's SuperBass. Well, a Volante as it happens. FIrstly it's a Retrovibe. Designed by Bass Guru/Genius/Force-of-Nature David Konig in Bath. And built to his exacting specifications in India. This is a classy instrument. This is from the first run of instruments that Retrovibe oversaw just prior to Chowny's involvement. The attention to detail is fantastic. As is the setup. The body is alder. The neck, which feels like a good Jazz Bazz offering, is maple with lovely block inlays and binding. Thanks to the 4000 series inspired upper horn, there's more mass to this instrument's body and that means more tone. Or, at the very least, it does to my ears. The machine heads are Wilkinson apart from the Hipshot Extender that I added for the E string which offers Drop D & C with a flick of a lever. The bridge offers top-load or string-thru options the neck is super straight with a truss rod that operates as it should. The weight comes in at 9.6 pounds. The bass's original pickups were good but I added a set of Delano pickups and it really made the instrument come alive. As I haven't got a case for this bass, collection would be preferred but I'm happy to entertain shipping in case the new owner is based far away from the capital. Love this bass. A recent emergency operation on my dog Molly, however, has forced its sale. This is most definitely a reluctant parting.
  6. Duncan Quarter Pounder Precision Bass Pickup SPB3 Fat. Punchy. Authoritative. Loooooong Lead. Grab a bargain
  7. Made by the fine folk at Eternal Guitars/Hot Rod Pickups on the South Coast, this was a custom order that we creatively called the 'Semi Thumper'. Wound to a grunt-infused yet articulate sweet spot of 11k, this is a wonderful pickup that delivers oomph without sacrificing midrange and sensitivity. It's everything that a P Pickup should be and manufactured lovingly by hand in Chichester. I LOVE this pickup and only selling it as the bass it was originally residing in had to be sold to cover scarily high vet bills. Bad times call for painful measures. The covers in the photo are relic'd but a fresh pair will given with the sale. The pickup has long leads and has only been installed on one bass.
  8. 1. It's a Nordstrand 2. It's a J Blade 3. It sounds brilliant. If you fancy livening up your 'meh' sounding PJ set up or just fancy adding a more in-yer-face bridge pickup to your jazz bass - this is it.
  9. A great top-loading AND string through bridge. Three screw installation. And it's got grooved saddles which means Variable String Spacing. Yay! Here's what Fender have to say about it. Fender American Deluxe/American Series bass bridge in chrome finish. This bridge is a direct replacement for many 2000s model American Series and American Deluxe Basses, and is also a bolt-on replacement for string-through 2-saddle bridges used on USA/Japan Telecaster bass and 50's P Bass. Replacement allows for more precise intonation adjustment and better tone transfer. Features heavy plate design with stainless steel multi-grooved saddles. Makes a fantastic upgrade for owners of the Fender Mark Hoppus V1 & V2 basses. Or, to be honest, for a lighter yet alternative to the 3 screw High Mass Fender bridges. These go for silly money online and are tricky to fine in the UK. SOLD!
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