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  1. Update: My thumb is still intact. The amp is back from the dead. And I am indebted to my BassChatter brethren and sistren for the support, love and good humour.
  2. I was doing an outdoor gig with power surges. In addition, this late 1990s amp was still rocking (and then NOT rocking) its original fuse.
  3. Thanks everyone for being so helpful and nice about this. I have my flathead screwdriver and (dramatic pause) I'm going in.
  4. Hello BassChatters, I’ve blown a fuse but can’t get to it. The amp has a power input module with an attached fuse box. I’ve had a go at trying to access the fuse that’s bereft of life. But I’m mindful to not force it open. There’s probably a simple knack for negotiating a module like this that’ll make me feel like a right eejit. With that in mind, please be gentle with me. Thanks for your time and patience.
  5. Edit: Sold! EMG J-Set black 4-string active bass pickups (old style, require soldering). Condition is "Used". But still beautiful in a 'rewards of time' type of manner. This is a used set of EMG J-Set pickups from around the 1990s. They have been installed in my Jazz Bass for the past decade and, unsurprisingly, some dust and/or wear is evident as seen in photos. The set includes wiring, battery connector, 2 volume pots, a tone pot and an output jack (EMG type). The accompanying stock loom is fully wired and, to quote a phrase that our American cousins like to brandish, "ready to go". Mind you, with hindsight, that's also a title of a Republica song. In any case, the phrase is apt for these fine pickups. There are some people who reckon that the older EMGs have 'more mojo' and 'sound better'. In my humble opinion, EMGs are very consistent and these pickups sounded great in situ regardless of their age and/or vintage advantage. I'd happily have kept these pickups my Jazz Bass of choice but, in these very weird times, I had to sell this instrument quite recently and returned it to stock. As a result, this fine set is now superfluous to demands. They're great pickups and the fact that Robert Trujillo has just 'silvered them up' to create his signature set speaks volumes. From Motown to Metal, you'll be well covered with this set. The dust is included with the sale but, for reasons of postage ease, the battery is not. Delivery is Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class or Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class.
  6. I have a set of vintage EMG J pickups (pre-solderless pots/jack) that I'd like to trade for a Dimarzio Model J Set (or its Schaller equivalent) or Ultra Js. I LOVE these EMGs. And they're great and dynamic. But I just fancy seeing how my bass sounds passive and happen to really like Dimarzio Model J and Ultra J pickups. I'll happily trade my whole EMG J Set (including all the pots and jack) with your Dimarzio equivalent. Go on. Reply. You know you want to.
  7. PS They're active pickups. And, should you wish to pair it with an EMG Jazz Bass pickup - the 'Original J' will be a fine companion for what you've got.
  8. They are EMG Original P pickups. It's only in the last decade or so that they've increased their model options. These are largely colour coded (Gold=Alnico/Silver=Ceramic) now. Original Recipe EMG pickups are lovely all the same.
  9. She's been chasing the Jamerson sound for years!
  10. Strewblack, I like the way you think. It's very clear that we share DNA. And Flake is absolutely gorgeous.
  11. Hello BT Profile Family, Here is mine. My dog approves.
  12. SOLD Nordstrand Power Blade Precision Bass Pickup The unfeasibly nice Andy Irvine referred to these pickups as being filled with fosters and vinegar. And he's right. They're in-your-face yet deliver a strong fundamental. If you want a prominent sound without a tinny clank-infused high-end - these will do nicely. I sadly do not have the mounting screws for this set but that's reflected in the price. Happy to send these to the happy buyer for the extra cost of P&P.
  13. Dimarzio Ultra Jazz Bridge Pickup DP149 Black To put it simply, this is a great Jazz Bass Pickup. It's features side-by-side magnets which make it humbucking yet its articulation levels deliver a Jaco-like burp and quack as a good Jazz Bass Pickup should. Basically, you get a dynamic single-coil attack without all the hum and mucky-muck. Ideal for a PJ bass! Sadowsky have been using variations on the Ultra Jazz pickups for years and it'll get you into Marcus territory with ease. I still have a Dimarzio Ultra Jazz set on another bass and had these set aside for a future PJ project that never got off the ground. A Jazz Bass Pickup on Steroids is what this be. And with a lot more midrange than our cousins at TalkBass hint at. I'll happily send these to the lucky buyer for the cost of P&P.
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