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  1. I thoroughly recommend Nick aka GrammeFriday for a friendly and smooth sale with a fair price. Great packaging too and prompt delivery booking and despatch as soon as I paid. Yeh, that was the only blot on his copybook, he made me PAY for the bass! Oh well. Despite his tears as he told me of his farewells to his stunning Fender Am Performer PJ in a body hugging mid blue satin number ( the bass, not Nick, though that’s his business ) he deemed me enthusiastic enough to appreciate his now former lover, I mean bass. Thanks again Nick and I’ll look out for your future offerings. Keep safe you lot. Quent
  2. Just handed over my bass to Pat aka Patrikmarky via a guitar stand outside the house for social distancing. Dead easy sale made simple by Pat’s no nonsense comms. Pronto payment once he decided to go for it and kept me informed. Some people don’t and leave you hangin but not this Bass Dude from Narfak ! Thanks again mate and rock that Fender for me as I go deaf with home playing instead ! Yeeharr! Good luck with your gigs when they restart. Cheers, Quent
  3. Swap idea now on Hold because I have an interested buyer currently. Will update you.
  4. Hi Mr Wielder, Can you tell me the nut width and year of manufacture please? Thinking of a straight swap with my 2016 Fender Deluxe Active Jazz V MIM which is currently up for sale at £595 page 3+ to 4 as I write Sunday 10th May. Reduced from £725 initially so fair to you to suggest a straight swap I reckon. I now have an American Elite Jazz V hence me selling or trading for something pretty different. Cheers, Quent Oh, I can remove the sticker blocks of course and would clean the board , they flip off cleanly though they absolutely stay put and don’t affect playability at all. Mine comes with a Fender gig bag. Can you include similar with yours?
  5. **** NOW £ 575 *** but only near offers. I’ll remove soon, no more offer price drops folks. Enjoy your weekends. May the Bass be with you !! 🤘 🤓
  6. Thanks my friend. Alternatively new ones are available from Fender for £1049 currently. Bank Holiday GAS anybody?! 🤪 You know you deserve it !!
  7. This bass is now £394 under GAKs price for this still current Fender. £575 is a great price so don’t miss out. Make me a close offer and it’s all yours. Brilliant noiseless pickups. Jazz for all genres of music. Have a good weekend keeping safe. Cheers. Quent.
  8. OH! Chuffin 2015 advert ! 🙄
  9. Hi, have you got those photos mate? If decent enough and typical length for a bass I could pick it up and pass you the £30. I’m far end of Foxhall Road Ips, beyond the Golf pub. Cheers
  10. ** Bass and Babicz bridge videos added before photos ** In a very dark Navy Metallic finish this hardly used 2015 Fender Active P Bass Special ( MIM ) is absolutely mint. They were made 2005-2016 and are Active Only , with a lovely skunk striped Jazz neck as standard , hence P Bass Special ( PJ too ). Bought new in May 2016 it has only had occasional home playing time. The Noiseless PJ pickups are awesome and I ended up getting an American Deluxe P which took priority. I had the bridge replaced professionally with a Gold Babicz bridge which completes the look of the bass and improves the sound of the bass , see Video below. I’m in Ipswich so I use guitarlodge.co.uk nearby in Felixstowe where Steve Barratt does fantastic work. ( see invoice in photos ). I had this done soon after getting the bass so I’m going to pay for that now by selling. Oh well. Can’t let it go unplayed. The guilt has finally got to me. I include Euro Sender fully insured delivery , a soft gig bag with tons of bubble protection and each end in a good outer box. The butt end strap button will be in the bag pocket, D’Addario Nickel Rounds slightly loosened etc. There’s the tag and minor paperwork too ( see photo ) Here is the official info and Spec followed by pics. ( Remember to tap the first one so they all pop up enlarged). Clean as a whistle too and I’ve oiled the fret board and polished smoother than in pics , just with grain up and down with a fine grade polishing cloth. Frets good and shiny with no wear. If you want to make a close offer that’s OK but I’ll not drop much. Rather leave on it here for ages until someone appreciates it. Here we go then..........ask away if you need to. Oh, also got 2016 Fender Deluxe Active Jazz V MIM Surf Pearl on here too. Bump for that tomorrow morning. Cheers all and keep safe. Description and Spec Fender offers the stylish and thunderous Deluxe Series Active Precision Bass Special guitar. This huge-sounding hybrid model features an alder body with a single-ply beveled gold vinyl pickguard and a maple Jazz Bass guitar neck (modern C shape) with a 20-fret, 9.5"-radius rosewood or maple fingerboard. Aboard are a standard alnico split single-coil Precision Bass pickup (middle) and a dual-coil ceramic Noiseless Jazz Bass pickup with nickel-plated pole pieces (bridge) with pan pot switching. Controls are master volume, pan and three-band active EQ with treble boost/cut (+/- 10 db at 8kHz, a shift in the cut frequency, and about a 2dB slope per octave), mid boost/cut (+10dB, -15dB at 500Hz, and a wide band slope) and bass boost/cut (+/- 12db at 40Hz, with a 4dB slope per octave). Other features include chrome hardware, American Vintage Precision Bass bridge, side-mounted jack and deluxe gig bag. Body Body Material: Alder Body Finish: Polyester Body Shape: Precision Bass Neck Oiled late April 2020. Neck Material: Maple Neck Finish: Satin Urethane Neck Shape: Modern "C" Scale Length: 34" (864 mm) Fingerboard: Rosewood Fingerboard Radius: 9.5" (241 mm) Number of Frets: 20 Shiny too! Fret Size: Medium Jumbo String Nut: Synthetic Bone Nut Width: 1.5" (38.1 mm) Position Inlays: Black or White Dot Neck Plate: 4-Bolt Standard Electronics Active Only. Bridge Pickup: Dual-Coil Ceramic Noiseless Jazz Bass with Nickel-Plated Pole Pieces Middle Pickup: Vintage-Style Alnico Split Single-Coil Precision Bass Controls: Master Volume, Pan Control, Three-Band Active EQ with Treble Boost/Cut, Bass Boost/Cut and Mid Boost/Cut Pickup Switching: Pan Pot Pickup Configuration: PJ Hardware Bridge: Upgraded to Gold BABICZ FCH ( Full Contact Hardware ) Professionally fitted at the Guitar Lodge, Felixstowe . See photo invoice. Hardware Finish: Chrome Tuning Machines: Standard Open-Gear Pickguard: 1-Ply Beveled Gold Vinyl Control Knobs: Knurled Flat-Top Demo videos courtesy Guto Bass and Babicz. He Starts playing at 2:50 and runs through most tones. Headphones needed. Love this guy.
  11. Here’s my Beautiful 2016 hardly used Fender MIMexico Deluxe Active Jazz V bass which is still a current model. Now with excellent condition Fender gig bag . Typical current price new is £969 at GAK so now selling £394 under that , and £1049 on Fender’s site. Grab a bargain price soon before I withdraw the bass from Basschat. This bass is in excellent condition apart from one tiny body paint chip under the neck pocket , see pics but it’s out of sight and just the Size of a sugar granule. When I got it in Jan 2019 from GGuitar Glasgow there was no adjustment left to lower the action so I’ve shimmed it , full pocket, with a Stewmac maple shim. See pics. Worked a treat and screws just nipped up properly, not over tightened ( thread and gloss finish protection). I’m selling because I was so impressed.......I’ve since bought a preowned Am Elite Jazz V so this is for sale now. Brilliant pickups and totally Noiseless as intended. The EQ is plenty powerful and versatile. Brand new Fender guard from WD Music still has the film on. Hardly used D’Addario nickel rounds 130-45. Gigbag is ** Now upgraded to a good Fender Gigbag ** for delivery protection and I’m a good packer. Will use Euro Sender as per recommended by Basschat site. Weighs 4.4 kg , 9lbs 12 oz. Alder body, lovely paint job, Pau Ferro fretboard with my Adhesive blocks on it but I’ll peel them off if you wish. They don’t leave adhesive behind and I’ll oil/clean the fingerboard afterwards even though it has a very clean board anyway and was last oiled 6 months ago before being stickerised. They don’t affect playability at all. NO neck dive at all , very well balanced when standing for gigging. The strap buttons are old black Schaller which it came with and worked for me and my straps. I can put some Fender ones on from another bass. Just let me know. Here are the Spec and Description with pics below. The one on a counter ( back view ) are the ones GGuitar sent me. 2 stock Fender photos at the end. Any queries fire away as a reply below will help others , and if interested please PM me. Good luck and Keep Safe you lot ! Full Description Alder Body The Deluxe Jazz Bass V has an alder body, delivering a strong, full-bodied sound with beefy mids and excellent lows. The wood offers sizzling highs with an incredible sustain, combined with the semi-hollow design produces an improved tele sound. The 5-saddle HiMass bridge improves the sustain and resonance of each note, enhancing the basses attack to create a powerful tone that’s full of personality. The bass also features vintage style, black plastic control knobs, a black pickguard, nickel/chrome hardware, and a surf pearl finish to show of the woods figuring. Maple Neck and Pau Ferro Fingerboard The basses maple neck contributes some tightness and cut the overall tonality, creating an edge of sizzle in the highs and bright characteristics. The pau ferro fingerboard helps to fur up the maple's tone, giving it a little warmth and sweetness to produce sparkling highs and thick lows. The maple/pau ferro combination creates an open mid-range with a snappy attack, while its modern “C” shape offers a comfortable play, and its 12” radius and 20 medium jumbo frets provide a familiar feel. Vintage Noiseless Jazz Bass Pickups The Fender Jazz Bass features a pair of Vintage Noisless Jazz Bass pickups positioned in the bridge and middle positions, producing incredible growls and a powerful sonic personality. The bright, full tones of the pickups cut through the mix easily, allowing the bass to be heard clearly while retaining its punch and low end. Also featuring active/passive switching, the Deluxe bass can access both vintage and modern voices, while its 3-band EQ allows control over the treble, mids, and bass. Resonant Synthetic Bone Nut Featuring a carefully fitted synthetic bone nut the Deluxe Jazz Bass delivers an increased resonance and brighter tonality. When compared to traditional plastic and Tusq materials used to construct guitar nuts, synthetic bone improves the vibration transfer between the string and tuning machines without dampening the tone. Specifications Body & Bridge Body:Alder Bridge:5-Saddle Fender HiMass Scale:34" Construction:Bolt-On Finish:Surf Pearl Neck & Fingerboard Neck:Maple Profile:“C” Fingerboard:Pau Ferro Radius:12” Frets:20 Medium Jumbo Inlays:White Pearloid Inlays Nut:Synthetic Bone Width at Nut:1 7/8 inch , 47.6mm Electronics & Hardware Bridge Pickup:Dual Coil Noiseless Jazz Middle Pickup:Dual Coil Noiseless Jazz Controls:Volume/Pan Control/3-Band EQ Machine Heads:Deluxe Cast/Sealed Locking w/ Vintage Style Button Knobs:Vintage Style Black Plastic Pickguard:3-Ply Black/White/Black Hardware:Nickle/Chrome My photos except photo 10 is at GGuitar Glasgow before I took delivery. Bottom 2 are Stock pics.
  12. Hi, re Courier vs No Courier, If it were a really cheap bass say £150 then a , say, £30 courier charge would make me think twice about paying for the delivery but anything over £200 the £30 is a small proportion of the cost and the variation in prices for the same kind and age of bass is easily 20% on Basschat sales so you could just bite the bullet and say “ Oh well, even with the £30 delivery it’s still a reasonable price.” ORRRRRRRRRR, only buy a bass with free delivery and if you’re selling just say Delivery at Buyers Cost in your advert. Again, unless it’s a rubbish bass, somebody out there will be able to afford the delivery easily. You’d only be narrowing your market of potential buyers slightly but asking them to pay delivery. Including Delivery is certainly not in the majority of adverts. Hope that helps in some way. Keep safe. Quent.
  13. Ayup. Just sold my Yammy BB1025X to Dandelion and he was an excellent communicator keeping me up to date as to whether he could buy it. Paid me pronto and I highly recommend Kev to all you bassists. A pleasure to deal with. Quent
  14. Hi Silvia, thanks very much for that helpful link to a previous thread. I’ve read it now and jotted down some makes and their performance qualities so I’ll look them up. Saves others chipping in to help but duplicating the recent thread , much as I would have appreciated it. Great. Thanks again and I hope you and Basschatters are keeping safe. Quent
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