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  1. Hi Andy, that’s fine to use my Sire V7 description, no probs. Great price here with delivery you guys and it’s in really great nick as per photos and a beautiful bass. I was so impressed I got a P7 as couldn’t justify having 2 fretted Sires. (Though I do have a white V7 fretless fiver ! Gorgeous too.) Cheers, Quent
  2. Thanks Ebenezer geezer. Yep, priced to sell and can’t lose anymore. Free UK Delivery. Stonking bass and very versatile. Cheers.
  3. Following up mp3 sound samples issue, they open on my Mac via iTunes but not my iPad. hope this helps others open them OK. Cheers.
  4. Great bass carl, i'm surprised it hasn't sold yet at this price. By the way, the mp3 sound files are saying unavailable on them as I view on my iPad. Wonder if others have this issue? Maybe just me?GLWT sale.
  5. Hi everyone, Hope you’re all keeping well. Selling my perfect 2018 Sire V7 First Gen Marcus Miller 5 String due to lack of playing time on it mainly due to my Sire P7 fiver and Sire V7 5 fretless ( amongst other tasty bass distractions). Bought this new Dec 2018 and it has a 6 month old set of D’Addario nickel roundwounds on it. The allen keys are included and Free UK delivery and it really is in Mint Condition . Alder Body, dark rosewood fretboard with a lovely ivory binding to it. Perfect working order too. Neck set almost straight B is 2mm off 12th fret ( fretted at 1st ) and G 1.6 ish and there’s plenty of play either way left for the saddle heights for you to adjust. 9lbs 15oz, 4.5kg. OK for a Fiver but not lightweight. Gave it a polish and just a little Nomad A1 fretboard oil today ( a clean really, I oiled it fully in July) and only a quick fret polishing needed for them to shine so it will get to you sparkling. Great basses these in passive or active and the Tone control actually works whilst in Active so with the Mids having a frequency sweep control as well you’re spoilt for choice. No swirling on the bass anywhere , no dents or owt, no nuffink! Not even a case! It didn’t come with one. I’ll pack it in it’s Marcus Miller box and that will be inside a larger box well padded. Couldn’t fault it when it arrived and that’s how it still is. Enjoy the pics. Notice the nice wavy maple grain on the neck towards the body. I like it anyway. Here are the Specs and photos. PM me to buy it, very fair Black Wednesday price is £325 with free UK delivery so I’ll wait for that thank you because it’s Mint. Cheers all and I sincerely wish you well. Quent. Specifications: Body Material – North American Alder Weight - 9lb 15oz / 4.5kg Typical for a 5 String but no lightweight. Body Shape – New Marcus Miller Jazz Type Neck Material – 1 Piece Hard Maple with two graphite rods. Neck Shape – C-Shape Scale – 34” Fingerboard – Dark Rosewood with Ivory coloured Binding. Fingerboard Radius – 9.5” Frets – Medium Small, 20 Frets String Nut – /5 String: Natural Bone @ 46mm width Inlays – White Pearloid Block Neck Joint – 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate Pickups – Marcus Miller Super Jazz Single Coil. Alnico 5 magnets Electronics – Pre Amp is an 18v Marcus Heritage 3 system. Controls Volume/Tone (Stacked Pot) Tone control also works alongside the EQ Pickup Blend Treble Mid/Mid Frequency Sweep (Stacked Pot) Bass, Mini Toggle (Active/Passive) Bridge Marcus Big Mass 1. Through Body. String Spacing @ Bridge – 5 String: 18mm 6 month old set of D’Addario EXL170 45-130. Not used much. Hardware Finish – Chrome Pickguard – Tortoiseshell on 3 ply White/Black/White
  6. Hi guys, I have recently replaced the full Pre Amp system in my Warwick Thumb 4 Dirty Blonde Ltd Ed 2006 so the old one is up for grabs. Bought the bass on Basschat a year ago ( Dec). 3 Pots Push Pull ( Pre amp or Not ) on the dual Vol/Blend 500k, Mids 100k pot, then Dual Treb Bass 100k each with pull up for MM single coil Although the pre amp works fine and is Silent when not engaged ( Push Pull) I thought it a bit too hissy when the Pre Amp is engaged ( MEC Gold label Active pickups P and MM ) but I’ve since found out that is actually normal on some basses ( even though I have a few basses I must have been lucky re active noise ) so a Noise Gate is all that’s needed to keep the bass at bay when not playing. The new replacement is identical apart from a couple of part number changes on circuit diagram as you’ll see below. So my brand spanking new MEC M60057 one from Warwick and Pro fitted has the same lively hiss when engaged but at least I have a future proofed system in my lovely bass. I’m no Techy so please check out the diagrams and photos and PM me if you’re interested. Check my Feedback and I have been using this Preamp in the bass for nearly a year so it’s working as it should ( to quote my Luthier). Luthier Steve said the Jack Socket is the only thing that has an issue, the jack will be slightly loose in it but I used it for a year and had no problem. Steve removed the preamp with a resale in mind for me so the leads are all there and there are some plug in type connections. No knobs as they’re on my bass. That’s all I know so don’t ask me about compatibility as I had a like for like replacement. Cheers fellas and I hope you’re keeping safe. ( The Vaccines sounds familiar as a band name ). All the best. Quent
  7. Just bought a 2002 ESP LTD Dlx J-1004 from Michael at a good price especially considering theJohn East Uni Pre mod, metal nut and Detuner. Well packed and quickly despatched with great comms. Friendly and very good of Mike to honour the Detuner offered, much appreciated. Thanks again and WIELD that Bass man !! Quent
  8. I thoroughly recommend Nick aka GrammeFriday for a friendly and smooth sale with a fair price. Great packaging too and prompt delivery booking and despatch as soon as I paid. Yeh, that was the only blot on his copybook, he made me PAY for the bass! Oh well. Despite his tears as he told me of his farewells to his stunning Fender Am Performer PJ in a body hugging mid blue satin number ( the bass, not Nick, though that’s his business ) he deemed me enthusiastic enough to appreciate his now former lover, I mean bass. Thanks again Nick and I’ll look out for your future offerings. Keep safe you lot. Quent
  9. Just handed over my bass to Pat aka Patrikmarky via a guitar stand outside the house for social distancing. Dead easy sale made simple by Pat’s no nonsense comms. Pronto payment once he decided to go for it and kept me informed. Some people don’t and leave you hangin but not this Bass Dude from Narfak ! Thanks again mate and rock that Fender for me as I go deaf with home playing instead ! Yeeharr! Good luck with your gigs when they restart. Cheers, Quent
  10. Swap idea now on Hold because I have an interested buyer currently. Will update you.
  11. Hi Mr Wielder, Can you tell me the nut width and year of manufacture please? Thinking of a straight swap with my 2016 Fender Deluxe Active Jazz V MIM which is currently up for sale at £595 page 3+ to 4 as I write Sunday 10th May. Reduced from £725 initially so fair to you to suggest a straight swap I reckon. I now have an American Elite Jazz V hence me selling or trading for something pretty different. Cheers, Quent Oh, I can remove the sticker blocks of course and would clean the board , they flip off cleanly though they absolutely stay put and don’t affect playability at all. Mine comes with a Fender gig bag. Can you include similar with yours?
  12. **** NOW £ 575 *** but only near offers. I’ll remove soon, no more offer price drops folks. Enjoy your weekends. May the Bass be with you !! 🤘 🤓
  13. Thanks my friend. Alternatively new ones are available from Fender for £1049 currently. Bank Holiday GAS anybody?! 🤪 You know you deserve it !!
  14. This bass is now £394 under GAKs price for this still current Fender. £575 is a great price so don’t miss out. Make me a close offer and it’s all yours. Brilliant noiseless pickups. Jazz for all genres of music. Have a good weekend keeping safe. Cheers. Quent.
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