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  1. I’ve decided to change this 5 pot preamp , good as it is and working perfectly without any background noise or hum. No passive/active switch just the Pre engaged only. NOTE that the B M Treb are FIXED at 1.25 inch centres / 31.75mm. Works with both active and passive pickups, see EMG link below. Usually comes with 2 tall knobs and 3 shorter ( BMTreb) from EMG. As this was already standard in my Schecter ( with other knobs ) I do happen to have some EMG knobs from other basses but it’s a 3 tall, 2 short set so you can improvise. eg 2 Short for Vol and Blend or one tall for the Mids. What ever. Vol Blend Treb Mids Bass I’ll change it for something else giving a wider range of frequency changes for the bass mids and treble. It came as standard in my 2012 Schecter Damien Elite 5 along with two passive EMG MM5HZ humbuckers ( not for sale ).The photos include a shot of the installation in my Schecter. Removed by Steve at the excellent Guitarlodge.co.uk , Felixstowe. The battery leads have been snipped as you’ll see in the photos. I’ve kept my nice metal Schecter knobs but can include the 3 tall EMG knobs and Two short ones, black plastic with brass insert shown, allen key too. The pots turn really smoothly with a nice resistance and going to the centre detent is strangely orgasmic. Best not to go there mid song ! £60 includes UK postage. Run on 9v in my bass but apparently can be 18v and EMG recommend that if you play particularly hard for some reason. Links below for EMG description then second link for more detail, frequency graphs and installation guide ( no good asking me ! ). Hope you’re all keeping well. Cheers. Quent https://www.emgpickups.com/b64eq-sys.html https://www.emgpickups.com/pub/media/Mageants/b/3/b30_b64_controls_b245.pdf
  2. Thanks for the quick payment and very well packed pickup Nigel. Great job and good price for the Seymour Duncan SJ5-3 neck pup. Very easy and fast comms so deal with Berserker with confidence, despite his scary name ! Cheers. Quent
  3. Awesome bass and beautiful finish with the binding and contoured flame maple top. Brilliant value , I have one too and the GTB ( White with black binding ). Yes, M2000 very versatile ( and I like my L2000 too! ) GLWTS.
  4. Quent

    Feedback for Cetera

    Just sold EMG preamp to Gary. So easy to deal with when selling or buying with quick payment and great fast easy going comms. Top guy ! 👍
  5. These are currently £30 new on the EMG website. Less than 4 years old this came from a custom wired EMG preamp in my bass so I know it is in perfect working order but the whole 5 pot system didn’t suit my taste so I’ve had it all replaced. I’ve included a photo of the pot within the 5 pot system so you can see it’s position between Vol Pot and the EQ board, but I have now sold the other 4 pots. Please NOTE : This pot is specifically for use with EMG Active X Series pickups. It’s a B106rD tone pot , 25k. I’ll add the EMG website link to it below. B106rD VLPF pot, Variable Low Pass Filter. https://www.emgpickups.com/active-tone-vlpf.html https://www.emgpickups.com/pub/media/Mageants/V/L/VLPF_0230-0168B.pdf Comes with usual brass inserted EMG knob and one push fit / solderless connecting dual wire , shown in photo , ready to compliment an existing system. £15 includes delivery. Cheers. Quent
  6. Quent

    Ghost Rider

    An easy, quick and enjoyable exchange of experiences and gear photos with Anth whilst buying his BigMuff Nano pedal. Great packing and a generous 1st Class delivery. Even though he’s a Drummer at heart I do think you can trust this man ! 😃 Obviously his Bass experience has rounded his character ! ( As in knocking off the very rough edges! I could go on..........) I can thoroughly recommend Ghost Rider Anth to deal with. Thanks again !
  7. Ha! Not as bad as my spelling thow. 5 attempts to pass Eng Lang O Level from 1969 to 71 but as I say , they were notoriously difficult papers those years. Got a pass in the end, to get rid of me I think. GLWTS
  8. Walshy , your speelink’s Trrebible ! 😄
  9. These 5 pots have just come out of my Jackson Kelly Marie which has EMG 40DCX ACTIVE pickups. All upgraded before I bought it recently. Bass is 4 years old so this lot are less than that. The connections are all push fit Solderless. Can be a 4 pot (£35) Vol Vol Bass Treble if you do not use the Active Tone control which is for EMG X series pickups only. ( £35 without the Tone Pot) ( £15 for the Active Tone control on it’s own inc Del ). I’ve labelled the EMG pots in my photos but it’s for active pickups and VOL VOL ( B122rH right hand ) an EMG BTS Control of two pots BASS B100 has the board with two selector switches for altering the higher frequencies of the TREBLE pot B170 . There’s a final Active Tone Control B106 25K VLPF which is specifically ( according to the EMG parts site ) for EMGs X Series active pickups. Whoever chose this set up could have put a 5 pot BQS system in ( which I’ve just had Pro fitted ) but they chose bass treble tone for some reason. It didn’t do it for me, hence the change but it does work perfectly. 5 EMG knobs with brass inserts included , 6mm. I might have to sell the Active Tone pot B106rD VLPF ( Variable Low Pass Filter) separately but the £45 includes delivery in the UK and the 5 tall knobs. EMG info states The VLPF simply attenuates high frequencies to suit your required tone . I know the whole system works having played it. Couple of photos of it in the cavity before extraction for what it’s worth. On EMG site the BTS 2 pot is around £70 and the Active Tone VLPF B106 is £30 ( corrected ) and you’re getting yer Vols and the knobs are a rip off if you try to get them. Allen key provided. So the £60 inc delivery UK is very good value. EMG links below. Volume Pots B122 https://www.bestbassgear.com/wiring-diagrams/EMG-Volume-Wiring.pdf Active Tone Control VLPF B106 https://www.emgpickups.com/active-tone-vlpf.html BTS Control pots Bass B100 and Treble B170 https://www.emgpickups.com/pub/media/Mageants/b/t/bts_control_0230-0207re.pdf Cheers all. Quent
  10. Great bass and value for this “As New “ inc postage. Well worth it. I got mine exactly the same from Andos except mine is a jet black Ebony fingerboard. Version 2 like this with the upgraded pickups I see ( easier to control than than version 1 pickups but they’re fun too - still got my Sire V7 Jazza ) rolled and bound edges look and feel good too. Pre amp gives you a massive range of tones and the Tone control works in Active mode too. Passive mode gives tons of scope too. PJs are so versatile. You can even wear them in bed......or down the pub. Good Luck Selling it !
  11. Alternatively , for fun, you can now bid for my cabs elsewhere, Ends 1pm Tues. Cheers, Quent
  12. 1. Hey HAYZNUT I’ve PMd back to you. Sign in to see it. 👍 2. Thanks Wombat. Yeh , great all round cabs and fairly neutral speakers so they show off your bass’s character to the full. 3. Enjoy your Monday drinks you lot ! 🤪
  13. Now SOLD elsewhere . Third Price drop , NOW £240. WILL NOW SELL £120 EACH . New rig photo at end. ( Cabs only for sale ) Both cabs in excellent working and physical condition , never gigged and haven’t left the house for the 4 years since I got them. You can see from the photos they are tip top and super clean. 2 as new Neutrik Speakon to Speakon cables. I can drive an hour from Ipswich to meet for hand over or you collect from here provided paid for in advance only , in both cases. So Cambridge or Brentwood meet up for example. I won’t post these. If both sold together I’ll drive as far as A1 Peterborough Servs or M25 South Mimms Servs but £250 in advance to do that. Alternatively I’m happy to deliver to you once you’ve paid by Paypal within an hour or so of Ipswich. Social distancing of course and at £250 for my fuel. Great value for such top condition and very little use compared to battered and hard driven ones around for £100 each. Here’s the TC site specification 2x12 inch and 2X10 inch with Tweeter in both. https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.html?modelCode=HE017 Please let me know if the link doesn’t work for whatever reason. 👍 Both 8 ohm 250W with Eminence speakers and a Tweeter. Just 15.5kg each ( as spec sheet last photo ) and has superb large metal inset handles. No damage to the tough Tolex coverings or metal corners and feet all perfect and have only sat on carpet or another cab.Only very minimal bruising of the Tolex covering here and there but no tears from trying different combos and vertical arrangements in my room. Hardly used as I have another BC210 which I’ll keep and that’s enough for home. I’m keeping my BH500 TC Head because it’s so versatile, as are the cabs responding for all sorts of music. Very responsive for gentle playing as well as hard rock. No tweeter control, just adjust highs at your amp. ( TC BH500 amp has it’s own Tweeter control where you just turn it off.) First photos BC210 with the yellow card in pic. Then BC212. Cheers and hope you’re all looking forward to some freedom and a beer at the pub YES!! 😃. Quent.
  14. You get 4 pots with this Tone Pump too. I sold one without pots for £70 early in March and as these are very sort after ( by some ) I think £100 is a fair starting price. Good luck.
  15. Rich just bought my Yamaha BB1024 Caramel and it was both an easy and enjoyable transaction with a prompt payment and a good phone chat too! Very easy going and knowledgable guy so deal with confidence. Thanks again Rich. Enjoy. Quent
  16. Ah, hard luck BC, another will come along soon enough. Sold in under 2 hours. Good luck and keep well. Quent
  17. So am I EJ ! I might keep it ! ( 😄 ) You guys are right of course ( thanks ) these are terrific basses for build and the sheer excellence of tone and with the punch too. I’m a big fan of active EQs but when the tone pot is this effective it brings out the best from the Yamaha passive pups which have more than enough output.
  18. Tiz indeed Tom, thanks and only 9lb 1oz. Ideal for old gits like us!
  19. Hi all. Up for grabs is my near perfect Yamaha BB1024 in a sweet glossy finish which shows off the beautiful grain on it’s body. Only weighs 4.1kg 9lbs 1oz. Selling to make room for an incoming heavier ........BB1024! Different colour. You only live once. Everyone should have one or at least try one of these outstanding passive basses which have very powerful clear PJ pickups with Vol , 3 way pickup switch and a tone pot which gives a huge range of tones. Loads of good demos on Youtube. Serial No HQM193022 so it was made in June 2010 but has obviously not had much play (see close ups of frets ). I’ve owned it since 2017 and taken good care of it so it’s super clean and set up ready to play and had a full fretboard oil last year and a lesser oiling/ clean last week when I gave the frets a farewell polish. The photos make the board look a bit dry in places but it isn’t. Lovely subtle striped rosewood, see pics. 40mm nickel silver nut , as per fret material. Has a set of DR Lo Beams from last summer strung through body ( see 45 deg loading and special shaped / reversible brass saddles on the steel plate ). No case with this but don’t worry I’ll pack and pad very well in a coffin type bass box and pad that inside a large outer bass box. Super comfortable satin finish neck but a nice gloss on the headstock face. The only superficial imperfections are just that, there’s no damage at all to the bass and all electronics work perfectly. One tiny dink rear of body shown with Biro but it’s on a darker grain line , not even worth a drop fill. Headstock edge on shoulder near E tuner has two small dark spots within the grain by the looks. Not photographable ( I tried) are very faint signs from playing ( not swirls, more like squiggles ) below G string , twixt P pup and neck, just below, still a full gloss finish. That’s all. She’s a beauty. Good luck trying to get it and I can include a black pickguard I got from Yamaha in London which looks great to me just stuck on with those gummy removable sticker dots ( can include a few) so let me know if you want that too. ( see one pic ). All the best and enjoy the Great Jail Break on April 12th ! 🍻 😃 Yamaha BB1024 Specs Construction Bolt-On Scale Length 34'' (863.6mm) Fingerboard Rosewood Radius 10" (250mm) Frets 21 Medium - Nickel Silver Nut 40mm - Nickel Silver Neck 56.3mm at 12th fret. Body Alder 3 piece with Maple Spline Joints. Neck - 5 piece Maple/ Nato ( mahogany) Bridge Vintage Plus ( Steel plate, Angled Brass Saddles for point string contact but reversible for normal saddle top contact if preferred.) 45 degree Through Body stringing. String spacing at bridge 19mm. Pickups Neck: Split Blade (Alnico V), Bridge: Single Blade (Ceramic) Pickup Switch 3 position Toggle Switch, Bridge / Both / Neck Controls Master Volume, Powerful Master Tone. Spline Jointed 3-Piece Body: Three-piece bodies are joined together using spline joints between the center and side slabs. Made of hard maple the splines deliver richer body resonance that comes close to that of a one-piece body.
  20. Quent


    Bought Gilly’s Minty Green Yamaha BB1024X this week and it was a very good deal all round. Easy comms, great packing, quick delivery , bass exactly as described and some enjoyable banter and shared bass buying experiences! Thanks again Gilly, it’s been a pleasure. Quent
  21. Quent

    Feedback for Cetera

    Gary is a great guy to deal with , very fast payment and easy concise comms with a healthy dose of good banter, much needed in these times! You can buy or sell with confidence with Cetera. Quent
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