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  1. Nice bass, may i ask who is said local tech and where in South wales he/ she is based?
  2. Hello all For sale i have a bunch of various bass guitar parts, bodies, necks and bridges. each Item has P+P included in the price. If you would like any more images please feel free to ask along with any questions. Cheers!! 1. Fully loaded Squier P bass body in Blue. Includes pickups, bridge and electronics, slap on a neck and your good to go. In good condition, few marks but nothing major. SOLD 2. Fernandes Jazz bass body. I believe this is from the eighties but not too sure. In good condition, a few marks and scratches but structurally sound. ON HOLD 3. Mighty Mite jazz bass neck with fender decal. A really nice replacement neck including hardware as pictured, vintage tint finish. SOLD 4. No name jazz bass neck with binding and block inlays. maple neck rosewood fingerboard. SOLD 5. Hipshot Kickass 4 string bridge. Like new, bought for a build but never used. Includes screws and allen key. SOLD 6. Babicz Full contact bridge. again like new, not really used. included screws and allen key. SOLD
  3. Can anyone recommend a tech in the South Wales area who would be able to fix the neck??
  4. Cheers Grangur, Yeah i thought applying heat to the neck would help. I'll defiantly look to get it to a tech, the job is outside my skill set to fettle lol. Thanks again!!
  5. Yeah that's the one, I messaged the seller but he insists that the neck was fine before it was sent to me. He then had the nerve to suggest I had caused the twist when I removed the strings to look at it. Ta
  6. Hello all. So i recently acquired a Yamaha RBX765a 5 stringer, however when it arrived I noticed that the neck had a substantial bow in it. No big deal i thought, I've a little bit of experience with setting my own basses over the years, so i broke out the Allen keys and started adjusting the truss rod. I found the rod itself stiff but it did turn, however no matter how much i turn the rod in either direction there was no noticeable difference. this has lead me to believe that the truss rod has possibly snapped. on further investigation I have found the the neck has a noticeable twist at the head-stock end. As it stands the bass is unplayable. the question I have now, is the neck fixable? if so, how would I go about doing so, or should i look to have a new neck made. Any advice, feedback or help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Gang!!! Sorry for the rubbish pictures
  7. Thanks, its just a small band sticker which can easily be removed. Cheers.
  8. Hi all For Sale/ Trade I have my trusty Lakland 55-01 string bass. I've owned this bass for the past 5/6 years and it has done me proud but the time has come for me to move it on as I'm finding my wrists can't cope with the 35" scale and 19mm string spacing as much any more. The the bass is in great condition, it has been my main bass for those past years so it does have an few marks on it but nothing major. I have added a pickguard to it which you can been se in the images. its not a perfect fit but from a distance looks fine. Here is a link to the lakland website for specs: https://www.lakland.com/product/skyline-series-55-01/ Included in the sale is a new set of Ernie Ball Super long scale strings. SOLD!!! Trade wise, SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!!! Any questions please feel free to ask!!!
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