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  1. Thanks, its just a small band sticker which can easily be removed. Cheers.
  2. Hi all For Sale/ Trade I have my trusty Lakland 55-01 string bass. I've owned this bass for the past 5/6 years and it has done me proud but the time has come for me to move it on as I'm finding my wrists can't cope with the 35" scale and 19mm string spacing as much any more. The the bass is in great condition, it has been my main bass for those past years so it does have an few marks on it but nothing major. I have added a pickguard to it which you can been se in the images. its not a perfect fit but from a distance looks fine. Here is a link to the lakland website for specs: https://www.lakland.com/product/skyline-series-55-01/ Included in the sale is a new set of Ernie Ball Super long scale strings. SOLD!!! Trade wise, SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!!! Any questions please feel free to ask!!!
  3. Hello, For sale I have a Peavey Milestone 1 Jazz bass in I believe Daphne Blue(?). Bought this bass on whim a couple of months ago and have no real use for it. Its in used condition with a few marks on the body, but structurally the bass is sound. SOLD Any questions please feel free to ask. Cheers
  4. Hello all For Sale/ Trade I have two Jazz bass style bodies that I have acquired over the past few years that I had intended to use for various projects etc. The first is a vintage white(?) Fender Jazz bass deluxe body from around 2015. In general good condition, alder body wood. Price : 80 pound plus 10 pound for P+P Next up is a black Jazz body, I think its fender but cant be sure. again in good condition, just needs a bit of a clean. I think again its and alder body Price: 50 pound plus 10 for P+P I'm also open to trades, specifically looking for a P Bass style body, ideally fender or Squier, alder body wood if possible, in black or maybe white. Any questions please feel free to ask. Cheers.
  5. Ah well maths was never my strong point lol. Thanks for clearing that up TRBboy
  6. My Bathroom scales told me 0.9 pounds, which roughly translates to around 5kg
  7. Another Final Price Drop. 500 pound including p+p ORIGINAL TUNERS HAVE BEEN PUT BACK ON.
  8. FINAL PRICE DROP bump. 550 including P+P before this goes on eBay
  9. PRICE DROP now 575 including P+P
  10. Greeting all, Up for sale if my Yamaha BB735a 5 string in nearly new condition. Bought this bass back in October last year if memory serves me correctly, and as much as I Love Yamaha BB basses I just can seem to gel with this one, so its being put up on the block. As mentioned the bass is in really good condition, I've only played it mainly at home and a couple of band practice sessions. Also included in the sale will a gig bag. ORIGINAL TUNERS HAVE BEEN PUT BACK on. Hipshots no longer included in the sale. SOLD!!! I would be open to trades but only 4 stringers really. Cheers all, any questions, please feel free to ask.
  11. Hey Cameron J, I've had my BB735a for a few months now, totally agree with your review of the bass, I was wondering how you found the balance of the bass when playing on a strap? I've found that the headstock tends to want to pull down slightly, which is not uncommon with bb basses. Contemplating replacing the tuners with some hipshot ultralites to help balance it out. Cheers bud
  12. The clearout continues. [u][b]BOTH SOLD[/b][/u] Two Fender bass necks up for grabs, an Aerodyne jazz neck and a Standard MIM P bass neck. The First, an Aerodyne Jazz neck, I bought this from The Stratosphere Shop off eBay a year or so ago for a build that never got off the ground. I believe the neck is from a 2006 MIJ Aerodyne jazz but don't quote me on that.The neck itself is in good shape, the truss rod works fine and has minimal fret wear. there are a few dings here and there but nothing that effects the play-ability of the neck itself. The neck has a string tree and Gotoh tuners installed, themselves cost me around £50 when I bought them. [attachment=252866:7D__7318.JPG] Next up I have a MIM P bass neck with maple fret board. Bought from Andertons earlier this year, its in mint condition, never been used, just been sat in its box. The neck comes loaded with some generic Fender style tuners. [attachment=252867:7D__7311.JPG] I do have more images of each neck available so if your interested drop me a message with your email address and I'll pop them over to you. Thanks for looking!!
  13. Hey gang, sorry been in work all day, first chance to really reply to you all who have sent Pm's. The ATT Plus M has now sold, the BB is still available however I am waiting to hear back from a potential buyer. Cheers!! [u][b]NOTE: BB ON HOLD PENDING PAYMENT[/b][/u]
  14. Hey All Having a massive clear out of gear due to not playing much at the moment. Up for sale here I have Two Yamaha P type basses, a ATT Plus M and a BB300/400 hybrid. First up the ATT Plus M, [u][b]SOLD[/b][/u] Second up is a BB300/400 bitsa. This bass consists of a BB400 body and a BB300 neck. Again this one isnt getting used so its up for sale. Made in Japan during the 80's, not sure which year tho, does the P Bass thing really well. There is some cosmetic damage to the front face of the head stock and the tuners are not the original Yamaha ones, Fender style replacements Price for this one £80 including P+P [u][b]SOLD[/b][/u] Both basses will be shipped in boxes, well packaged. I do have more images of both basses so please feel free to message me with any questions etc Cheers!!
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Both basses have now sold, thanks for the interest guys!! Cheers!!
  17. Laklands BOTH SOLD Greetings all, Up for sale I have two Lakland 5 Stringers. I'm not gigging as much these days, so i Have decided to thin the herd a bit and give you wonderful people a chance to own one (or both ;-)) of these fantastic instruments. First up I have a Skyline JO5 in teal(?) green. I have modded this bass with Bartolini pickups, I believe they are classic Barts if memory serves me correctly, and an Audere three band eq. I still have the original pickups and wiring loom which I will include in the sale. The bass is in great condition, I've never gigged this one personally, and have only played it a number of times in the bedroom. The bass will be shipped in a hardcase which will be included in the price. Next up is a Skyline 55-01 in Natural finish with a rosewood board. I've got two of these, one in black and the natural, don't need two and I'm keeping the black one, so this one is up for grabs. This one I have gigged two three times as a change to my black one, I just prefer my black 55-01 to this one. Again the bass is in great nick and has been well looked after. This one doesnt come with a case but will be well packaged for shipping. Trades? not really looking for any at the mo, but could be sorly tempted with a Yamaha BB1024x in black for the JO5, or a BB424x in black for the 55-01 So here they are, if you have any questions please feel free to ask Cheers!!
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