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  1. My scales aren’t particularly accurate but comes in around 9lbs
  2. got to go, cash offers only
  3. Bank holiday price drop £700
  4. No love for this German beauty?
  5. Tentatively considering parting with this 1999 Warwick FNA, excellent condition no scratches/dings, beautiful wenge neck with wenge fretboard, SD pickup and preamp (with adjustable trim pots on the circuit board) controls - volume (push/pull for ‘slap’ contour), treble, mid, bass. Gold hardware with minimal tarnishing from use. If it does sell I’m not after any trades as could do with the cash. Currently I don’t have a bag/case for it as I use a ‘twin’ gigbag, however I can get a decent gigbag for it. not looking for trades as need cash however if anyone is wanting to upgrade from a sire V7/P7 in sunburst with rosewood fretboard I may entertain a partial trade now comes with gigbag
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. These are great basses and sadly discontinued too soon! I’ve a ‘94 fretted identical to this and throughout the years it’s the only bass I’ll never let go! GLWS
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