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  1. Just arrived, Only had 20 mins on it (have a proper play later). I play in a post rock/sludge drop C type band. Determined to find a sound that will fit 😃
  2. Just got me a sy1 to pass the time until practice again. Dang it's proper fun 😃
  3. Not overly sure, I'll have a messure when home. It's not sbig as you think it'll be. For comparison on my little pedaltrain.
  4. Looking at pictures I never thought it was that big 😮 massive!
  5. The 66 with led clipping 👌 I miss my old 66...the new ones don't have clipping options
  6. Final drops. £130 Tight (£115 less than new) £50 clone
  7. The fredrick Russian is fantastic... My favourite 3 knob version. Bargain
  8. The bass on all future of the left's albums are banging in the mix 👌
  9. Dang.... Had my hopes up 😄
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