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  1. Bought this new from GAK 3 weeks ago. A fantastic super tweakable tube like overdrive. Just not needed atm. https://www.ehx.com/products/nano-battalion/ Couple of light maks on a knob or 2 where i swapped them, but all in all its puka. All boxed with power pack etc. £75 posted. Happy to hear trades (looking for a mxr filter)
  2. And now the super symmetryhttp://www.demon-fx.com/index.php?c=show&id=49 They gonna rip off the complete line? One copy is naughty.... But this 🙀
  3. I don't know why they bothered with the blend on the MXR m85 ? makes it sound very odd to me with it ingaged, huge with nice juicy lows when 100% wet though 🤷‍♂️.
  4. Excellent condition B3k. If anyone didnt fully dig the original then give the V2 a try, the mid switch makes it a totally new kind of beast.its way better than the original imo.it did have velcro stuck underneath so might show where it was stuck... But bar that 👌 I will be buying another of these down the line... Just have my eye on something atm. £138 posted.now £125!
  5. Sometimes its great to experiment with more than 1 preamp into a amp..... A VT bass into the B7k is stupendous.
  6. Its horses for courses really 🤷‍♂️. Im not found of either type circuit full on (like a rat or muff for that). Both would need some blend at full tilt. The Ehx would cut better in the mix maxed but the B3k has a better sound.
  7. Just got one, it sounds great, and perfect for boosting the B3k..... A bit like a more tweakable bb preamp.
  8. Pretty much Brand new.. . I popped them on my bass but preferred a different set i purchased (so 1hrs use max) . They sound great, nice loud n punchy. £34 posted
  9. I litterally only bought this to compare out of curiosity. Its sounds ace! So if someone wants a b7ku on a budget thats 90%there 👍 Practically new bar 2hrs use. Cheapest i can find now with duty/postage is £89 So £65 PPostedwithout the wait from China is fair
  10. Absolutely minty fresh X7 up for trade, sounds fantastic and very smart at seperating lows/low mids from High/High mids. If anyone fancies a trade for their Alpha Omega or Vintage ultra? 👍. Or £180 posted
  11. If money isnt a massive problem id get the original
  12. If the ultra is the same sounding as a B7k then the Demonfx is a little different. .not loads but its not Darkglass
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