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  1. Yeah the carbon look is naff. But for the likes of me if the effects sound top notch..... Then the simpler to use the better
  2. Final price drop 😞 (rather keep it than go lower) £550!!
  3. Just seen zoom's new touch screen multi for guitar Looks quite cool and simple to use, hopefully a bass specific version coming? I'd guess it will be a lot better value than the others out there.
  4. A roasted neck in a passive P style would peak my interest.
  5. You need to boost the eq imo, treble nearly full, bass slightly rolled off full, volume quarter and gain just off quarter gives a lovely grit tube sound. Not too great at the highest gain settings... But everything else is fab. You certainly will not find better for 30 quid! Bargain
  6. I had that amp many moons ago when I was 16.made me happy then, big push buttons on top
  7. Arrived in the post Friday, had a practice not quite what I want. Sounds excellent for low gain, bit like a rc booster with more options Rave reviews here https://www.talkbass.com/threads/tc-electronic-spark-booster-underrated-champion-of-low-gain-overdrives.1234881/ Brand new with 2hrs use.... Put a couple of bits of pedal velcro underneath but I'll take of if wished. 40 quid posted Pics when home
  8. Needs gone now so willing to drop to £595! As in post I'm happy to securely package in original box if anyone wishes to sort out their own courier to collect.... Or pick up here and trial, or half way meet with vid demo...... For the price (£1450 new) and that its in Ex display condition im certain you won't find or play a better amp 🙂
  9. Pjb cabs are Not for me visually..... But boy I bet it sounds phenomenal
  10. I dont know if it has a slight taste of the darkglass head in the sound that they are using? ...... But for my ears this little dirt pedal sounds marvellous, obviously as much as you can take from a YouTube demo
  11. I always fancied trying a Hughes and Kettner QT600
  12. Shouldn't it be the Kelly Jones and jool's hootenanny? Think the guy has a resendency on his shows😄 ... I'm sure they dond need 2 8x10 cabs n god knows how many guitar cabs. All in all a dullish hootenanny for me Always nice to see Dave swift though
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