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  1. Keep coming back (again and again) to the VT bass. The heavy drive sounds are not to my tastes.... But their is a perfect clean/slight grit sweet spot that makes almost any amp sound perfect imo
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  3. Dang!..... And what a wife 😮,
  4. Nice!. Really looks the part imo I was going to buy a 7400 that was on ebay last night..... Literally nipped upstairs came back down and it sold 🤦‍♂️ They seem to be quite rare now, I really want to try one, gas itch. If you ever decide to sell ahem 😉
  5. It seems the best deals that pop up on basschat always seem to be up north 😞 Always miles away, great price
  6. Hi Ed, thanks for the reply 🙂 I've had loads of tube amps in the past (ampeg, orange, fender etc) and everytime I sell one and say to myself the weight is to much...... The allure of glowing glass drags me back 😄. I've seen a b stock peavey vb2 at a corking price, never tried/heard 1 before but looked good on paper. Sounds like the volume might be good then, the ad200 volume was good...... But god I hated the eq of it.
  7. When you say noisey when cranked how'd you mean, when turning knobs? Looks quite a interesting head 🙂
  8. I know it's a long shot, but has anyone played both here? I've read all I can on the 2 and undivided which one to buy?? I play drop C pick playing using a P bass into a ampeg 6x10.playing heavy styles of music I've had lots of big weighty amps over the years(lots of valve, hybrid and solid states) but now I'm after a lightweight, not mega expensive neutral kind of amp (as why I'm looking at these 2). Most of my tone will come from my vtdi mixed with the amps pre. Do either of these give the feel and thump (without starting a ab vs class D war) of a old school big tranny head? Cheers
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  10. Always fancied one of these and I have seen one for a decent price, anyone in these parts play thru them? Pro's /con's would be appreciated 🙂 Mainly what's the volume output like (ball park of the orange ad200 maybe)? ? I'd be playing it with a 6x10 cab. Many thanks
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  12. Hi there. Is there postage on this? Cheers
  13. This one passed through my hands before.... Quite tempted to buy it back? Amazing overdrive and this is a Cracking price.
  14. Has anyone come across one of these foot switches before? It's on my ashdown hyperdrive, it's playing up.... I have a spare 3pdt switch but not much clue to wire it? Does it need a bridge wire as the original has what looks like a connecting line? Cheers
  15. Me too. Didn't care for it at all, and the spb-2.... Just louder mud. don't think I'll ever switch from the tonerider in my P bass now, bloody love it
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