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  1. Recently received this awesome overdrive ( had the older version twice before)....one of my all time favourites. Just got my eyes on something else atm. £110 posted to Yee door
  2. Haha...yeah sure is, just couldn't stand the graphics anymore
  3. I've played a few BB clones......there is something in the original they just can't cop imo? Maybe better quality components? I was dubious getting the xotic as I wasn't blown away by the clones I tried......... The original is way better imo, lush classic
  4. Amazing overdrive. Amazing price! No brainer 🙂
  5. It was the 410 I was on about in regards to 4ohm bit.
  6. Not to dissimilar to the mxr m80. Prefer my VT bass though so it's gone up in the for sale section now
  7. Ideally I'd love the 410 ( I only want a 1 cab solution) but they only do 8 or 2 ohms...my amp goes down to 4. I've messaged Alex. I'm not overly fussed about the high clank ( my amp can find a lot of that) but a bit more clarrity over the 610cl would be nice
  8. Thinking about splashing out on one of these down the line . I mainly play through Ampeg 8x10 or 6x10 ( what I'm used to).... Any user users opinions on it that it might reproduce a nice sealed 810 vibe?? Cheersthe weight is the selling point for me
  9. Just bought this brand new hotone b station this Tuesday. Sounds great , reminds me of the mxr m80 ( but with headphone output). Just prefer my VT bass for home. Ideally looking to trade for a fuzz .....pref a cog effects Tarkin or ehx green reissue. W.h.y ....happy to make £ adjustment from me for owt. Or sell £57 posted This is pretty much brand new.
  10. I'm after a cog effects knightfall 66 again, if anyone fancied a trade for a good condition xotic BB bass preamp? Pics up later
  11. Anyone tried one of these pedals yet? Picked one up for £57 to use for silent practice https://www.hotoneaudio.com/products/Performer/Preamp___D_I/2016/1109/177.html
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