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  1. Hmmm.. Tech 21 vt di Eqd disaster transpoter Ehx sovtek deluxe (such a perfect fuzz) Xotic bb preamp Tu2 tuner. I'd be happy with that all day every day
  2. Looks excellent man, way better than a 2u
  3. Be awesome.... If it didn't have a ad200 eq on it πŸ˜…
  4. Pretty much new awesome hotone mini Bluetooth modler. The effects on this are crazy good... It has the b7k amongst many other ace bass and guitar pedals, solid metal case and easy peasy to load from your phone also free multiple new effects are added each month. https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/guitar-pedals/multi-fx-units/hotone-xtomp-mini-pedal I'm only using fuzz in my band so its surplus. Price is posted
  5. danbowskill


    That sounds like my logic πŸ˜„...... I think it's a little bit lighter than the svt CL, feels easier to lift
  6. danbowskill


    Hell yeah, P basses are made for valve imo
  7. danbowskill


    After quiting on heavy all valve heads.... Here I am again πŸ˜„. Just scored the Nexus tube head from labam of the parish. Don't know why this head isn't more popular with big amp uses? It's bloody wonderful sounding! Punchy as hell with any sound you like from a crystal clear bell type tone to massive filth and everything in between..... So much easy to use eq options, it feels very solid and well built (good quality to it). Not many demos or reviews for this head? There was a good write up from Dan (dood on basschat) https://www.guitarinteractivemagazine.com/issues/issue-11/reviews/laney-nexus-tube-head-and-nx810-cabinet/but that's it. Having had a fair few top brand valve heads(svt, Ad200, superbassman) .... This should be right up there with them imo..... Actually way above the Ad200 😜 Designed and built in the uk n all. Practice this Friday will be the real test( but a 400w 8kt88 iron sledge i don't think it needs no test)... but so far at loud garage levels it makes me smile more than my Fender SB did 😊
  8. I'll bare that in mind, if I do sell I'm very happy to post though.
  9. Hopefully someone comes up trumps, so Just a trade for a little bit...... But if something pops up it will change.
  10. You mean this 1? http://www.valeton.net/html/en/index.php?ac=article&at=read&did=348 It's a good price at around Β£80 if just for home jams. I've had a few valeton pedals that have felt great quality and sounded ace
  11. Definitely don't want to do this as its probably the best amp I've owned ( and I've owned many top amps). But I can't afford 2 amps Ive just joined a established doom/stoner rock band that are incredibly loud! (one guitarist has 2 4x12 cabs) and although the handbox amp performs excellent volume(its loud, like trace Watts) wise for pretty much any live band..... I just need a bit more extra juice for the 8x10. Id wager this is probably one of the lightest non digital amps going? (pure transistor thump) with 3 preamp valves that actually do something.... Its the closest I've got to an all valve sound with any none full tube amp, the core sound is simply awesome! Very warm and puchy sounding, it may not have a mid knob but this has lots of mids in the natural sound of the amp that feel bang on the money eq wise. If you wanted to boost the mids (perfect amount when flat eqd imo) just lower bass n treble a touch...... Always punchy anywhere. And with the option of overdrive and bright boost the R400 is very versatile.I think there is a build wait on these from Poland atm? This is the new version, only 6 months old and never been gigged ( only rehearsal)....... Its immaculate, for full disclosure one of the caps in it failed(can happen in any amp) but was swiftly sorted by handbox and is 100%perfect now. If anyone wants to go lighter than their valve head without the comprimise of sound this is it. Any 300w valve head would be good, ...SVT, MARSHALL VBA, LANEY NEXUS etc (no orange though as don't dig em) not too fused about cosmetic condition as long as it works fine, also consider a SVT PRO4, or svt preamp with powerful amp. Any trial welcome or a halfway meet with a video demo to show all is A OK.happy to post but doubt many would want to post their valve head. A few links. The new price to buy this version is quite a bit more expensive now than is suggested at the start of the basschat thread BTW so I think my trade price is fair. But happy to adjust towards the right amp if needed https://www.talkbass.com/threads/the-handbox-amplification-thread.1218706/ http://www.handbox.pl/R-400-MINI-HEAD-p142.html
  12. Cheers Dan, as a side note Dan(Deedee) was a absolute star in helping me with things 😊 another awesome member here..... As to why I love basschat. Cheers
  13. Amp is back to perfect as new condition again😊. A simple component failure ( can happen on any amp I guess) My tech sent the board off to leszek who quickly sorted it and returned for free. back to blissful sounds again
  14. This is all kinds of lush😍
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