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  1. 10.5 kg ......nothing for a full fat head
  2. Hi Al. I was going to order it from Handbox , but was intercepted by Dan ( member DeeDee of this parish) who had just received his brand new r400 but due to personal circumstances was unable to play it....... So he offered it me ( it's brand new). So i can't answer questions about ordering etc ( sure wateroftyne could help there?). I really don't want to gush too much about this amp( hard not to, trust me) ,as I have with previous amps on here in the past, only to discover niggles with them. In the mix this is AMAZING,I can hear every note fantastically...most amps I've had I've always had some sort of preamp pedal ( VT bass,tone hammer etc) as a safety net valve esq sound......but my VT seriously adds no improvements to this amp whatsoever ( much nicer o natural)its a proper plug in and play head. Compared to the tte 800 amp they have a similar valve like thump feel but the r400 has super clarity and is mighty nice in the upper mid's.....the main thing that let the markbass down was the lack of good mid's. If I can get hold of a decent video recorder I'll try and do a snippet of rehearsals to show how it cuts in a fairly heavy band. If anyone has the chance to try this head do it! I am right in love with it 🙂
  3. Nice traditional big transformer power with a few tuuubes. I was certainly concerned about no mid's..... But with the contour down it has bucket loads, and it all feels the right frequencys....... Such a tube sounding head. Hard to explain without playing one. I friggin love it 🙂 More talk here
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Sooo happy with my new sound now.
  6. Just bought a Handbox amp from Dan. Incredibly well packed and perfectly delivered. Super easy deal....one of them wonderful basschaters we should all trade with. Thank you
  7. Well it landed 🙂 Stone me this thing is glorious as glorious gets. My main 2 doubts with getting one lay in the volume and mid's I could get out of it( I like mid's ,and volume)....... As others have said,I need not have worried, very loud,crisp, punchy with globs of mids .can't get over how light it is for a solid state iron head.the quality of build certainly shines here. Look forward to testing it in the mix. Thanks for shedding some light on Handbox amps wateroftyne 🙂 would never have one otherwise. Very happy bunny.
  8. Got all excited....until I saw the "not keen to post" bit 😞 Great price
  9. Silly price,gigged one of these many a moons ago with a 2x10 extension cab ... .it was a superb rig
  10. DeeDee (Dan) has kindly parted ways with his new r400. I'll report back on how it is through the Ampeg cab, heavy/alt music in a loud band with a p bass pick played......looking forward to how it takes with my different drive pedals Cannot friggin wait :-):-)
  11. Bargain,one of the best ovdrives out there imo
  12. What's the easiest way of ordering a r400? Think I'm going to give it a bash. I'm playing Drop C through a Ampeg 610 cab .... Heavy (ish) music., Is the volume output quite good on these
  13. Super amp for those who use preamp pedals ( sansamp etc) . Used one for a couple of years, heaps of beef! And a cracker of a price
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