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  1. "legacy".. .. Little bit GK isn't it 😉
  2. Awesome sounding Pedal based on the Ampeg v4b. Having owned a few Ampeg valve heads this little thing really pulls off the feel live, I prefer it over the Vt bass.... Feels more organic . Great condition £90 posted or trade for a Aftershock
  3. you cant buy them anymore ....wish i never sold mine as they sound spot on like a oc2. great price
  4. price drop £75 each or both for 140 Any trades considered
  5. dang did i miss? if it didnt sell ill have it please
  6. I do to....... And these pair 😉
  7. You should build small batches and sell mate,..... I'd buy. That Rocket Bass and traynor👌
  8. Just bought a anodised gaurd from nick, great basschater to deal with 👍
  9. Great price on the fuzzmo. Bloomin excellent fuzz imo
  10. Your pedals look ace 💪
  11. Just got this wicked pedal from here. Sounds bloomin ace into my amp and other pedals.. But I use a B7k always on and with that one pedal its not quite there 🤷‍♂️. So up it goes and the endless quest resumes. £95 posted As always I'm happy to trade... Mainly overdrive or distortions 👍 Rafferty Fuzz orius, a fantastic and unique fuzz that's based off of the jako acoustic360 amps fuzz section. It can go from a nice creamy muff esq sound right through to squelchy synth,it makes the higher notes sing. I really like this 1 but my main fuzz sound for the band is a green Russian.. Wasted for home use, needs to shine. £80 posted
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