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  1. What a colour 😮... That looks awesome, cracking price n all 👍
  2. danbowskill

    NPD BDI 21

    I did these relatively easy mods to mine a few years back, greatly improved it.
  3. danbowskill


    Just read reviews comparing it to the sparkledrive.... If so ace, I love the SD as a low gain
  4. danbowskill


    Looks interesting. Is it Tube screamer based? Please update when you have had a "in the mix" blast 👍
  5. Just put a fresh set of flats on it (rounds included)
  6. No... Kinda wish I did. Great idea. The neck is screwed in normal like most basses, it's nice n tight😉
  7. Thanks for the offer, but not really wanting class D.
  8. My Matt freeman P has the greatest neck(for me) I've come across... Chunky bat type with 9.5 radius.... Feels bang on for my big hands
  9. I've recently put together this absolute gorgeous P bass.... Neck is 2 weeks old (cost £300), fender Roasted maple. Lovely and straight,clean frets no sharp edges.. Modern C that plays like a dream. Fret board has gloss finish but rear is satin.new black Wilkinson vintage tuners.and black graphtech nut. The neck holes didn't line up perfectly with the body holes, so I filled and re drilled new heel holes.doesnt effect anything about the bass at all..... Just being transparent. Decent northwest G alder p body ( couple of light scratches). New gotoh 201 Bridge, kiorgan wiring harness. Tonerider trp 1 pups (my absolute fave pickups). Fender neck plate. Comes with matt black pick guard and bwb. Fairly new roto's rounds on it This plays and punches like the best of them. Not Heavy, around 9lbs at a guess? Pictures don't sell this bass, it's the best looking bass I've had f sure. But having 2 P's seems silly tbh (my other P will never sell). So if anyone fancies a trade up? Ideally a jazz type bass, ibanez ATK 810/800 anything really that's 4 string non fret less or short scale...... Preferably black/natural and maple neck. Also consider 2u amp.. Gk rb700 etc. Prefer meet up, but postings not outta the question. Better pics later.
  10. That bass looks fantastic black on brown
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Biggest size is 0.65....shame as nice n cheap
  13. Does that work ok? Never tried.... Is it a bit tricky angling the slots down towards the head?
  14. No. I'm wanting to buy a new fender Roasted maple neck, but the nut that's fitted comes with guide slits only and needs filing (very odd for a replacement neck I think). My gauge strings are 110-50
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