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  1. Cool looking pedal, is it 12v? Pretty big?
  2. I like that dudes YouTube vids, those buzz basses sound great.... Love to try one.
  3. Should have said, I've tried Dunlop and newtone 115 sets... Neither had that roto punch for me
  4. I play Drop C with a 4 string P ,I've always used Rotosound 110-50 sets.....love the sound and feel of rotosound, I've tried many other brands over the years but keep coming back.... Lately I've been wanting to play harder but with 110 gauge it's a little to clacky. Anyone recommend a 115 set the sounds similar to Rotos?.... As roto don't do rounds in 115 🤷‍♂️
  5. Probably why it's so cut down in price I'd imagine?
  6. These don't need much explanation ......they Both sound the absolute tits.The flavour of the b7k is a bit more for me. Darkglass vintage deluxe V2. great condition with box etc £160 posted now £150 Darkglass Alpha Omicron. Great condition boxed.. £110 posted SOLD PENDING Open to trades on either or both, on drives/preamps TC flashback V1. Great condition no box..... Ideally I'd like to do a straight trade on a flashback mini, or £65 posted
  7. Wise choice. I've been trying to get hold of one of these again but I think valeton have discontinued it?
  8. Sweet!.... I um'd and arrr'd over this head, it was on the pmt site for quite a while at over £500. Bargain what you paid.
  9. That tremond is intriguing, does it sound like a good rat with a blend or does it have its own flavour?
  10. Super bargain 😮 They had this head at a old practice room we used to use, sounded excellent.
  11. Very happy with my little set up now, does all I need
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