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  1. My no1 Stained ash body, sanded Matt Freeman neck, hipshot hardware, tonerider Trp1 pups and a kiorgan loom... Sounds piano like 👌
  2. Space Trem gone. Trade also for a nice p pickup for the "Andy's Pedals" Moonshine clone
  3. I bought these under the illusion ill record my bass and other stuff... To much hastle for my brain. Litterally ive only used it once to try. This is the newest version £80 posted or swap for a P pickup (custom shop 62, aguilar, Geezer etc).
  4. A couple of late night Drunk buys that i dont need 🤦‍♂️. Both are of great quality. JHS moonshine v2 clone... Litterally arrived today, a very cool take on a 808 https://www.jhspedals.info/moonshine I paid £75... Less than 1hrs use so £60 posted is more than fair. Next is the 5 cats Tremolo and booster. A fab tweakable trem, only had it a couple of weeks £65 posted Ill do both for £115 Posted Or happy to trade for a distortion
  5. Ive had a Vt bass sat in my pedal draw for yonks, thought id give a try as a always on sound with the B7k... 👌 I Should have tried this combo a long time back.
  6. I sold Paul my GK legacy head. A few hicups after delivery but all ended well. Trade with confidence 👌
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Andertons have a mint pre owned one for £645
  9. The tonerider trp is a fantastic pickup, get a kiorgan loom and still cheaper than a premium pup. Totally change the sound for the best
  10. Sold Baz my MBD 2. As always a credit to the basschat community, deal with absolute confidence 👌
  11. The Hyperdrive into the B3k.... Easily the best drive sound ive ever had (ive had so so many), they were totally made for each other.the hyperdrive just does something magic to the clean lows and with having just the mids driven... Alongside the darkglass makes it so articulate and punchy. The ashdown doesnt do much played alone.... But wow i highly recommended the two together . Now if someone in the DIY section could make me one in a smaller box version (without the silly vu meter) 👌
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