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  1. paddy109

    Interface Reccomdations

    I use iRig (£5 EBay) and AmpliTube (free download) for practising at home - I can access all the songs on my iPad.
  2. paddy109

    What do you play at sound check?

    Brexit (at Tiffany’s).
  3. paddy109

    Bands you think were better before they got big

    Mystery Train with Bills slapping - sublime!
  4. paddy109

    Backpack bag for 1x10inch cab?

    Close! Box of wine 😎
  5. paddy109

    Backpack bag for 1x10inch cab?

    Canon bag (in original post) is probably autocorrect Cajon bag?
  6. paddy109

    Backpack bag for 1x10inch cab?

    When I was looking for a bag for my 110 Wizzy I found a stage lighting padded bag on eBay. It was slightly oversize but fitted all the sundries I needed as well.
  7. paddy109

    REM at the BBC last night

    Yep, I would complain about the cost but still go.
  8. paddy109

    Big Muff nano

    Big Muff Nano, in great condition - a couple of scratches near the pots where I stupidly used a white pen to mark position and I’ve attempted to remove (should’ve left well alone). Only used at home and studio. Price includes UK postage. Paddy.
  9. paddy109

    REM at the BBC last night

    It was great. I live in hope that they will get together for a money making tour!
  10. paddy109

    Bands with Two Bass Players

    The Melvins
  11. paddy109

    Feedback for Groove Harder

    Received two as described pedals today from Brian Great comms and super speedy dispatch. Amazing.
  12. paddy109

    Swing Explained In Two Minutes

    I was fixated on watching your avatar dancing in time with the music!
  13. paddy109

    Barefaced post-sales support

    Brilliant, enjoy your gig!
  14. paddy109

    Barefaced post-sales support

    Totally agree, they were amazing when I had a problem.
  15. I was going to post the same!!!!!