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  1. Definitely give a 3/4 DB a go. There’s no alternative if you want to play authentic Bluegrass IMO. I made a fairly easy transition from DB to bass guitar so going the other way way will be fine. Have fun if you get one and DB Bluegrass is a blast.
  2. Advice needed. Last night at band practice my Terror (old model) stopped working. Initially I briefly lost sound for a brief period and then it came back but the main light was fading and then getting brighter until it went out. Luckily we had TE that I could use. I tried the Terror again later and it briefly worked before stopping again. The amp was not overly hot and the fan was working. Does this sound familiar to anyone and any advice to get it working again would be appreciated. I have emailed Orange this morning but I’m an inpatient sod. Paddy.
  3. EBay have made it difficult to put an advert on without ‘best offer’ automatically being included! I got a motorcycle part at a great price last week - my first cheeky offer was accepted 😎
  4. Why not buy quality used flats from Basschat?
  5. I love it but Idles can do no wrong in my book!!!!
  6. I use iRig with AmpliTube which I think you can use with a Android phone. I use it with my iPad mini and it’s a great way for silent/portable practice.
  7. I recently purchased one of these and can’t believe what a great bass it is. I’ve bought and sold several p basses trying them out (normally play jazz) and trying to find one I like, this bass ticked all the boxes for me. GLWTS.
  8. Occasionally get good price off eBay and all the gauge sizes are on there as well.
  9. The whole between pickup and neck. There is a thread about someone making them but the link lead nowhere.
  10. Does anyone know where I can buy a thumb rest with one hole that can be attached to the hole on the pick guard? I’ve done the usual internet search and like the Zero Mod style but not the price. The thumb rest needs to be black or clear. Paddy.
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