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  1. Hi upright players. Would anyone like a rubber mute, it’s one of those heavy lumps of rubber. I am just asking postage cost of £3. I no longer play UB and the mute just sits on a window ledge gathering dust. Paddy.
  2. For sale is my Flea signature Fender Road Worn Jazz. Pick up only as I do not have packing box and material. I could meet within an hour of my home address. Original apart from 1 volume/tone pot that failed and expertly replaced by KiOgon so now has a solderless loom, the bass is also shielded. Comes with original Fender bag in great condition.
  3. Thanks John for 51 p bass loom. Great service. Paddy
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. DR Lo-Riders 45-100. On my bass for approx 4hrs. Cut for Squier 50s with 2 wraps around peg. Price includes UK postage.
  6. So band practice last night. I got in early to rehearsal room and tweaked some things up and some things down and my sound is already better. I will continue to chase my sound but I am happier. Onwards and upwards. Cheers Chatters x
  7. Thanks all. Food for thought. I should’ve explained that I only use the dapper for the chorus effect and this is just one song. Also I tend to only use one effect at a time. Another thing that I haven’t really thought about until now is that I am expecting the same sound I hear on a YouTube clip advertising or reviewing an effect. Thanks all for putting some thought into my question. Paddy.
  8. I will take a picture later
  9. I use power source similar to this.
  10. It’s when playing solo and then obviously worse when in the bandmix. I will I’ll keep tinkering. It’s difficult at band practice because we are there to practice songs not for me to faff about with my sound.
  11. Good morning Basschatters, I confess to be a pedal newbie and have build up a small pedal board after trial and error of what I think is useful in my band. When I use my pedal through a small practice amp at home or headphones my effects sound great and just how I would like them to sound in a band setting. My problem happens once I put my board through my TB500 and Barefaced super compact in a band practice. The effects seem to loose some of their effect/rawness that I am looking for. I can hear a difference when engaging the pedals but they don’t have oomph I am looking for. Any advice?
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