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  1. paddy109

    Feedback for Steve Browning

    Received pickups from Steve today. Great comms and super speedy delivery. Top man.
  2. I might be wrong but I think you would struggle to find an A in a similar material to the D&G of the Rs4000. Does the A sound too metallic/harsh when slapped? It might be easier to change the whole set eg Innovations. I suggested this as this was the route I took from the Rs4000’s. Its an expensive undertaking though.
  3. paddy109

    Feedback for Shambo

    Just bought a p bass from Andy who’s a really nice guy with a proper beard! Pleasure to do business with and all comms dealt with in a swift manner. Cheers Andy.
  4. paddy109

    How quiet can they be? (500+ watt amps)

    I have a TB500 and Super Compact and can happily play at home at low volume with a good tone and not bother the wife (I’ve just asked her btw and she agreed!)
  5. paddy109

    Bass that has the "P" cut through but with a slim neck?

    Would the black p and maple jazz neck being sold by eubassix suit your needs?
  6. paddy109

    Your first tune.

    Hey Porter on the double bass.
  7. Lovely. I wish I was in such good condition - we are nearly the same age! GLWTS
  8. paddy109

    My Band in Prog magazine + Video

    Fantastic. Your bass sounds bloody great.
  9. paddy109

    Fender Flea Jazz SOLD

    Good price! GLWTSTW’end.
  10. paddy109

    Fender Flea Jazz Bass RW

    They do turn up quite often on Basschat! I think there was one very recently advertised.
  11. paddy109

    Fender Flea Jazz Bass RW

    I absolutely love mine - but haven’t owned masses of other basses to compare it to. Its a colour that I wouldn’t have considered previously but I couldn’t stop looking at one on the ‘for sale’ thread. The reviews are good and they appear to hold their value.
  12. paddy109

    Feedback for kingforaday

    Matt bought a pedal from me. Great guy to do business with. Paddy.
  13. paddy109

    Favourite bass colour

    I love the colour of my Flea Jazz - shell pink! If anyone had suggested this colour a few years ago I would have been 🤮. Funny how tastes change.
  14. paddy109

    Very small cab - options?

    I can recommend the EA Wizzy - small, lightweight and great for DB. Brilliant little handle that doubles as a tilt back for the cab.
  15. Nano Bass Muff PI Slightly scruffy front panel where I put white dots as markers and then tried to remove them (lesson learnt!) This pedal has hardly been used, includes original packaging and leaflets. Price includes postage. Paddy.