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  1. For sale is my immaculate 2021 Lakland Skyline 44-64 Custom PJ Ice Blue Metallic. It's a limited edition finish and is stunning. It has a lovely low action and weighs in at 9lbs 9oz (doesn't feel like it on the strap). It didn't come with a gigbag but I have a Fender deluxe gig bag if you want this. Specs: BodyAsh NeckFlat-Sawn Rock Maple Fingerboard Maple Scale34" Frets20 NutDerlin Nut Width1.5" PickupsLakland Hybrid Split "P" Neck Single Coil "J" Bridge ControlsTwo Volumes, Tone BridgeLakland Dual Access TunersHipshot Ultralites. Expensive MOT forced sale. It is pickup only and I am happy to meet up within an hour of my postcode.
  2. I watched The Chats and Idles last night. Chats were very entertaining and played their setlist rapid fire with Aussie Punk attitude. Idles were on fire and Joe Talbot had the crowd eating out of his hand. My only issue was the amount of crowd surfing making it difficult to enjoy being at the font - I was kicked in the side of the head and my eye.
  3. Mike answered my ad for a ‘mega cheap bass’ which is now my sons first bass. He even delivered the bass to my home. Thanks again Mike - Buddy is dead chuffed.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Mono Betty short strap. Hardly any signs of wear. Price includes UK postage. Ideally would like to swap for the long version.
  6. Yes I sure am. Are you a Basschat member or just looking to sus me out?
  7. That is the same experience I had in the 80's early 90's. I still have friends that have gone every year (when not a fallow year) since and still love it. The magic stopped shining for me when the clientele changed. I am writing this whilst on the ferry to IOW Festival!!! I don't expect this to be amazing but I will enjoy what's on offer.
  8. Wal bought a pedal board from me. Payment sent immediately and great communication. Thank you.
  9. Just stumbled across this and wasn’t aware you are a member on Basschat. Watched and loved your Suspicious Minds on YouTube a number of times!
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