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  1. DR Lo-Riders 45-100. On my bass for approx 4hrs. Cut for Squier 50s with 2 wraps around peg. Price includes UK postage.
  2. So band practice last night. I got in early to rehearsal room and tweaked some things up and some things down and my sound is already better. I will continue to chase my sound but I am happier. Onwards and upwards. Cheers Chatters x
  3. Thanks all. Food for thought. I should’ve explained that I only use the dapper for the chorus effect and this is just one song. Also I tend to only use one effect at a time. Another thing that I haven’t really thought about until now is that I am expecting the same sound I hear on a YouTube clip advertising or reviewing an effect. Thanks all for putting some thought into my question. Paddy.
  4. I will take a picture later
  5. I use power source similar to this.
  6. It’s when playing solo and then obviously worse when in the bandmix. I will I’ll keep tinkering. It’s difficult at band practice because we are there to practice songs not for me to faff about with my sound.
  7. Good morning Basschatters, I confess to be a pedal newbie and have build up a small pedal board after trial and error of what I think is useful in my band. When I use my pedal through a small practice amp at home or headphones my effects sound great and just how I would like them to sound in a band setting. My problem happens once I put my board through my TB500 and Barefaced super compact in a band practice. The effects seem to loose some of their effect/rawness that I am looking for. I can hear a difference when engaging the pedals but they don’t have oomph I am looking for. Any advice?
  8. Do a little bit of research in the band if there is anything to read online. Showing interest and enthusiasm will work wonders. Good luck.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. paddy109


    Byron bought a pedal. Fast payment and great comms. Thanks
  11. Cusack Screamer Fuzz in fantastic condition. Original box and instructions. Price includes UK postage.
  12. Given I couldn’t but what I wanted off the shelf I decided to DIY. I purchased vinyl car wrap in Matt black for less than £5 and below is the result. For a first attempt I am pleased. It’s not perfect and I learnt a couple of things I will do different next time such as use a scalpel instead of stanley blades. I have enough wrap to do again at least twice.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Not completely sure, the bass is two tone sunburst. Black, Tort or Pearl?
  15. I tied EBay before writing the post. No Results apart from custom US orders that aren’t to my taste.
  16. I would like to replace my white pickguard but struggling to find one. I want an exact fit as I do not want to drill extra screw holes. Has anyone replaced and can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  17. I am intrigued but could you post a picture?
  18. Thanks. I would like the option of sometimes using headphones but mostly withought.
  19. Can people recommend a budget combo for playing at home. I love buying used equipment so looking for a 2nd hander. I am building a wooden/insulated bass cave in the garden. The family are banishing me from the house! Ideally I would like to have music in and headphone out. Paddy.
  20. BDi21 V-Tone. Excellent Condition with box and instructions. Price includes UK postage.
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