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  1. Wall hangers are a great idea and been considering....the only problem being.....the wife will know how many I've got..... 😳
  2. Echo the above comment.... I've got two, which live in the van.....due to current situation, were (will return to being) my gigging basses when allows. Cannot fault them and well worth the money!
  3. Just brought some bass player magazines from Ed. Really great experience, arrived very quickly, well packaged and as good as new condition! Thanks very much Ed, appreciate it.
  4. Recently brought a Jazz bass wiring loom (with plate and knobs) from John. Absolutely first class service and a pleasure to deal with. The loom is fantastic and I highly recommend them! Thanks very much John!
  5. Andy Pearson, previously 'The Beat', now with 'The Selector'. Tone of his Precision basses is absolutely perfect and sits beautifully in the mix, nailing the groove. Personally, use the 'Swing bass', stainless steel 40 - 100 gauge on my Precisions; complement each other perfectly!
  6. Just brought a great fretless Jazz from Dougie. Fantastic chap to deal with - all perfectly as described, extremely well packaged and very prompt with communication/delivery. Highly recommend. Thanks very much!
  7. Thanks very much for your hospitality yesterday Jack. Can highly recommend Jack as a saler - all as perfectly described and throughly pleasant buying experience. Thanks again.
  8. Hi Marvin, Realise your last post was a while ago; I'm departing S.Devon band - The Sea Monkeys. More details on Lemonrock, ticking over on around 30 - 40 gigs year. Cheers!
  9. Hi Cliff, I've just had a quick look at the Samson website, I think (??) it'll be screen printed on the back of the amp section of the combo. I had the 12" combo quite a few years ago, which was made in the States, before manufacturing went to China. I suppose the easiest way might be to go off the age of the combo? Not sure if that helps?!?!? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Just out of curiosity; is this the older American manufactured model, or more recent Chinese produced? Thanks.
  11. Fantastic head. I'm lucky enough to have had mine for around 15 years now - wouldn't part with it for all the tea in China! Good luck with the sale.
  12. Hi Gareth, Thought this one would have gone now?! I'm lucky enough to have a TE hexavalve head - amazing!!! Would have thought pretty much the same sort of calibre of sound/tone. Good luck with your sale.
  13. Hi, fantastic bass and a sneaky feeling I may have owned this one a few years ago. If so, I used it for recording the majority of the time, but did gig with it for around two years, for the odd few numbers in the set. It spent most of its time in a well 'used' Hiscox case to avoid damaging the Pedulla case, whilst sat in the van. If it is the one, it is a wonderful instrument and sure whoever tries it will love it! Good luck!
  14. Number of reasons I never leave home without one...I've had the misfortune of my valve head having one of the KT88's go mid gig.....'Don't panic!!!!' It was just a case of get the Sansamp out of the case and run a XLR to the desk and straight back in. The EQ, etc. is fantastic and certainly thickens up your sound; really puts the 'meat on the bones.' With one of the projects I play with, I never take my head or cab and just go straight to desk with a the monitor in front of me doing the work and personally, think it sounds great. When I've used it for recording, the tone hasn't needed much tweaking during the final mix.....it's an all round winner in my view! If not for you, they always hold their price pretty well when looking to sale.
  15. Jazzman2477


    Hello, As in my mid-forties now, this is the first time I've actually been 'active' on an internet forum.....Ok, I've just come out of my cave!!!!! Finding I could spend quite a bit of my day looking around here!! Been an active semi-pro for a number of years, currently using a 1996 Musicman Stingray and a couple of early 1990's Jazz basses, as well as 'Betsy' my German 40 year old double bass. Using two SWR 'Golight' 2x10's - depending on size of gig, EBS 350 head, or Trace Elliot Hexavalve head (absolutely stunning amplifier!!!!). Also use a Hartke 'Kickback' 12 combo for 'Betsy' or rehearsals. Will no doubt be researching more into the site.....cheers!!!
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